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Empowering Change: Cathy Derksen Explores Women’s Impact in Business Landscape in Upcoming Keynote

Cathy Derksen, the visionary behind Inspired Tenacity, is driven by her passion to uplift women in her community and beyond. As the founder of her company, she has established herself as a renowned international speaker and an accomplished author, earning the top spot on the bestseller list ten times over. Through her captivating narratives, Cathy motivates readers to embrace audacity and pursue their loftiest ambitions. Moreover, she has developed a platform that empowers women to share their own inspiring tales through collaborative books. In her program, Cathy seamlessly guides aspiring authors from conceptualizing their chapters to becoming published bestsellers, making the journey simple yet exhilarating.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your anthology series, “Grit and Tenacity: Women Transforming Leadership in Business and Community?” 

The focus of my work is to support women in rediscovering their brilliance and to step into bigger possibilities in their life. My books give women the platform to share their wisdom and experience with the world. Women are stepping into leadership in ways that are creating a shift in the ways things are being done. This book spotlights the stories of women who have chosen to step up and step out in their own way. 

What motivated you to focus specifically on women’s leadership in this anthology series?

Leadership is a key way for women to create a new path for themselves and the people they lead. Spotlighting the progress and impact women have had in changing the norms in leadership builds awareness and encourages others to step up in different ways. 

What challenges do women face in the realms of business and community leadership, and how does your anthology shed light on these issues? It is very common for women to experience discrimination and limited opportunities in a male dominated system. They are also often frustrated with the systems and approaches used in a traditional model of business. The traditional focus of win-lose goes against the way many women naturally lean towards collaboration and mentorship to build a win-win-win experience. This book gives examples and strategies for stepping out of the traditional systems and building success with a new approach.

In your opinion, what are some of the key qualities that successful women leaders possess? Some of the key qualities that successful women leaders possess include creativity, curiosity, empathy, collaboration, big-picture focus, patience, as well as the courage and tenacity to stick to their values and dreams.  

What advice would you give to aspiring women leaders based on the insights gained from the contributors from your anthology? Don’t be afraid to do things your way. Embrace the courage and confidence to speak up and stand strong in your beliefs. Surround yourself with a community of people who lift you up and encourage you. If you can’t create the change you need to see in your current environment, step out and start something new. Focus on a model of leadership through collaboration and mentorship that lifts the people around you, rather than the old model of leadership that focuses on keeping others below you.

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