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Crush Your Competition: The 5 Deadly Enemies and How to Obliterate Them in Business

Hello, fearless leaders and relentless entrepreneurs! Baz Porter here, the visionary behind R.A.M.S by Baz, where we dive deep into high-performance coaching to help you transcend the ordinary and crush your goals. Today, I’m serving up a heaping dose of reality with a side of no-nonsense tactics. Buckle up, because we’re about to dissect and obliterate the five deadly enemies standing between you and unparalleled business success.

1. The Biggest Competitor: You

Let’s start with the harsh truth: your biggest competition is staring back at you in the mirror. Your mindset, behavior, and tactics can be your greatest allies or your worst enemies.

The Mindset Menace

Many business owners sabotage themselves with negative thinking. You feel at a disadvantage, overwhelmed by the obstacles in your path. This mindset is your greatest foe. Remember, your mental blocks are often more formidable than any real-world competitor. The most successful entrepreneurs aren’t those with the best products but those with the strongest, most resilient minds.

Negotiating Against Yourself

How often do you say, “We could never charge those prices!” or “We have to discount because [insert lame excuse here].” Stop it! This self-negotiation weakens your pricing strategy, giving competitors a free pass to outshine you. Even the mightiest competitors have weaknesses. Your mission? Find and exploit them.

Too Busy to Think

If you’re too busy to think creatively, you’re on a fast track to mediocrity. Dr. Edward Kramer noted that a penny held close to the eye can block out the sun. Don’t let your problems become that penny. Fresh perspectives are crucial, and that’s why events like the SuperConference, mastermind sessions, and coaching conversations are essential. They’re your mental “shampoo,” washing away the grime of self-doubt and stagnation.

2. Direct Competition: The Copycats and Undercutters

Direct competitors are the ones selling the same products or services to the same market using similar methods. They’re the shadows lurking around every corner, ready to mimic your every move.

Price Wars and Ad Battles

Direct competitors can be a nightmare, especially if they can undercut your prices or outspend you on marketing. But here’s the kicker: you don’t have to play their game. Differentiate yourself. Change up your offerings, target a different market segment, or innovate your marketing methods. If you say, “We can’t do that,” you might as well quit now and get a job.

The Tesla Effect

Ever notice how every successful innovation spawns a horde of copycats? Tesla created a market for electric cars, and now look at all the imitators. Your success will inevitably attract followers. The solution? Stay ahead of the curve and keep evolving. Don’t just be a market player; be a market maker.

3. Indirect Competition: The Distractions

Indirect competition is everything else vying for your customers’ attention. And let’s face it, you’re up against some heavy hitters—think sexy ads, viral cat videos, and the latest Netflix binge.

The Attention Economy

Your customers have up to 1,440 minutes of attention each day, but much of that is spoken for. Meetings, meals, and sleep are non-negotiable. What you’re really competing for are the remaining 600 or so minutes. And trust me, there’s a lot of competition for those minutes.

Make Them Care

You start off as boring compared to a guy on a unicycle juggling flaming swords. So, what do you do? You force a mindset change. Make your plumbing service or financial advisory firm so compelling that it breaks through the noise. Be everywhere your customers are, and make them care about what you offer. Omnipresence is key.

4. Important But Not Urgent vs. Urgent But Not Important

Here’s where you need to sharpen your strategic thinking. Not all competition is created equal.

The Slow Burn

Some competition evolves slowly but can become significant over time. Think of it as a slow-burning fire. You need to prepare for these threats, even if they don’t seem urgent now. For example, A.I. might not be a direct threat to my consulting services today, but you bet your ass I’m keeping an eye on it and preparing for the day it is.

The Flash in the Pan

Other competitors might be urgent but not particularly important. Remember when everyone thought Netflix would kill traditional TV? It didn’t, but it did force the industry to evolve. Don’t get distracted by every new competitor that pops up. Focus on what truly matters.

5. Imagined Competition: The Monsters Under the Bed

Ah, the power of imagination. It can create terrifying monsters out of shadows. Many entrepreneurs waste time and energy worrying about threats that aren’t real.

The Scary Movie Syndrome

After a horror flick, even adults check under the bed for monsters. The same happens in business. You see a new competitor and suddenly panic, imagining the worst. But not all competition is as dangerous as it seems. Many threats never materialize or fail due to flawed business models.

Stay Grounded

Keep your head on straight. While it’s important to stay vigilant and prepared, don’t let imagined competition paralyze you. Focus on building strong relationships with your customers. That’s more crucial than anything a competitor might be doing.

Conclusion: Play Your Game, Play It Well

In the grand arena of business, your most formidable opponent is often yourself. Direct competitors will always be there, ready to undercut and outspend. Indirect competitors will constantly vie for your customers’ attention. Some threats will creep up slowly, while others will flash brightly and fade away. And many will be mere phantoms, figments of your imagination.

Swiftly and decisively dispatch these five types of competition by focusing on what you can control. Play your game the very best you can. Build those customer relationships, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve. Remember, it’s not just about outsmarting the competition; it’s about outsmarting yourself.

Until next time, stay bold, stay relentless, and keep kicking ass.

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