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Credibility, Trust and Thought Leadership – Discussing CPOP (Customer Point Of Pain)

Digital stalking isn’t just for dating. It happens in business every day at both the personal and corporate level.

What do you do when introduced to a person or a company, you head over to Google (or a few of you to Bing) in order to research the person/company you might want to do business with. Part of your research mission is to determine credibility and evaluate the potential “fit” between this individual or business. You scan the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), clicking deeper to look at sociial media profiles, articles and reviews.  As a professional or a business, you are on the receiving end of this research activity and need to worry about what Google and Bing have to say about you. What do they convey?

One framework that can be really useful in making sure that when you rank, your messaging is on-point, is CPOP (Customer Point Of Pain), and how that dovetails into credibility.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mitchell Levy an expert on credibility in marketing and sales where we discussed how knowing your CPOP and weaving it into your marketing communications can help with holistic SEO.

If credibility and controlling the Google SERP matters to you, I recommend the following video.

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