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Can You Afford a Professional Coach?

Professional Coach

Can you afford a professional coach?’, is a good question. But the better question is, ‘How much are willing to spend on a lack of results?”

The classic HR joke goes as follows: 

The CEO and the head of HR have a conversation… “What’s the point of training our people?” The CEO asks. “They’ll just take what they learned and leave for another job.”

 “Maybe,” the HR person responds. “But what if we don’t train them—and they stay?”

Every company we know has someone who could benefit from a professional coach. Usually, a top performer that lacks the all-around tools that make their department or the company run smoothly. 


Maybe It’s You 

Evaluated your own all-around skills lately? When was the last time you got a promotion or a raise? Being the best at what you do will only get you so far. Even the most talented Academy Award® or Grammy Award® winner can get a reputation as being difficult to work with…and find themselves doing daytime quiz shows to pay their kids’ tuition. Maybe you should take a day this weekend and do an honest, face-to-face evaluation of yourself.


What’s the Cost To You and Your Company? 

How much is it costing you not to address the problem? If you’re that person we’re talking about, what’s the salary gap between what you earn now and what you could be earning if you were an all-around top performer and team player? Multiply those lost earnings by 20 years and we’re talking about the difference between a retirement villa in Spain or a cookie-cutter house in a Florida development. 


What’s Not Having a Professional Coach Costing Your Company?

What’s the quantifiable cost (medical, paid sick leave) of the stress a challenging top performer puts on other people in your organization? If you’re the CEO or that person’s C-Suite boss, how many sleepless nights did you have to try to decide whether to fire them or not? And what about the people you haven’t been able to recruit? How many other great hires have been warned not to work for that person or your company? What’s your company’s valuation number on Glassdoor? How many new clients did you lose because of that person’s insensitivity?


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