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Beyond the Surface: Unraveling the Root Causes Behind Entrepreneurs’ Top 10 Problems to Achieving $1M Growth

As an entrepreneur who’s journeyed from the initial spark of an idea to the tangible reality of a $250,000+ business, the path ahead to scaling up to $1 million is both exhilarating and daunting. The problems aren’t just challenges; they’re testaments to your resilience, passion and the depth of your commitment to your vision.

That being said, it’s important to go beyond the surface of your challenges as you want lasting change, and business scalability without losing yourself or your quality of life.

Yes, your business growth is a primary focus, but YOU matter too much to sacrifice yourself to a seemingly one-dimensional goal.

Let’s go beyond each of the top 10 problems you’re facing:

#10. Overcoming Fear of Failure

90% of CEOs fear failure, according to a 2018 Norwest Partners survey, and CEOs’ other fears are top rated as well. High percentages of CEOs fear being an imposter, making a wrong decision and taking risks.  These fears are intertwined and may be less tangible than more practical business requirements. Yet, the fears CEOs face inhibit their ability to achieve success. Some CEOs become paralyzed and stop their growth trajectory, while others race to success points beyond their capabilities in self-sabotaging ways.

The root issue: Fear is the root, so dealing with the fear head-on is required. CEOs cannot overcome, sweep away or business coach their way out of their fears. Business tools that involve dealing with fear are the key to creating lasting success. Getting to the core of who you are without any external impact is critical to peeling away the layers that have inhibited you for too long. Only then, can stop giving your power away to choose your right team members and attract your soul mate clients.

#9. Developing a Strategic Vision that Includes YOU

Crafting a clear, strategic vision that satisfies your personal desires while fulfilling your business goals for growth is a balancing act. Often CEOs leave themselves out of their strategic equation and more importantly, don’t tap into their internal compass as a guidance system. Ignoring this vital tool is a mistake that creates success that’s empty or throws you off your path of soul mission.

Developing a framework that effectively integrates intuitive practices with traditional business strategies is complex. This development includes creating processes and metrics that honor both aspects of your internal compass while demonstrating their impact on business growth and sustainability.

The root issue: Putting you, the CEO, front and center in your business strategy keeps your soul mission at the fore. When you’re out of alignment with your soul, you step out of flow, impacting your business activities as they range from mundane to constant struggles. Frustration, limits and challenges ensue when your mind, heart and will wreak havoc with each other. Understanding you at the core, your energetic signature and your pathway to success utilizing the power of the stars gives you clarity, satisfaction and success.

#8. Access to Resources and Networks

Similar to other entrepreneurs, finding access to resources and networks that support your unique approach to business can be difficult. This includes seeking out investors, advisors and communities that understand or are open to the value of combining intuition with business acumen. Pioneering a leadership style that is not yet widely adopted can be isolating. Finding peers or mentors who share similar values or have embarked on similar journeys can be challenging but is crucial for support and guidance.

The root issue: When you apply your intuitive knowing in your personal life and leave it out of your day-to-day business activities stretches you to the point you feel as if you’re skiing on two different planes. Eventually, you begin to pull apart too much. Your intuition has been patient long enough and is ready to give powerful insights and right direction. When you’re inviting your intuition into your business, you feel isolated when others can’t comprehend its importance. Spending time with like-minded people graces you with the potential to develop your intuition in practical ways for your business.

#7. Adapting to Market Changes

The pace at which market preferences and trends change is daunting. Staying ahead or even keeping up requires constant vigilance and the ability to pivot quickly, which is not always easy for a small business. Breaking into new markets or expanding in existing ones can be difficult if they’re already saturated or if competition is fierce. Differentiation and strategic positioning become crucial. The market is a living, breathing entity, which constantly evolves. Staying ahead, anticipating trends and adapting your strategies accordingly is a relentless challenge that demands not just insight but foresight.

The root issue: Pioneering change requires a boldness that depends on your ability to be unwavering in your commitment and passion for your mission and vision. The largest shift in leadership is here now and being on the leading edge requires using your intuition, aligning with your natural energies and using the cosmic power. Synthesizing these strategies with proven business tools puts you ahead of 95% of other businesses. When you reach for the stars with your roots firmly in place, you achieve lasting success.

#6. Building a Strong Team

As your business grows, your need for team grows in direct proportion. You can escape a portion of this team need with systems and automation, but invariably people are required. As your business growth demands change, you question how best to build the foundation to handle this growth. Are you better with team members or automation? What is the balance of each? How can you attract, hire and motivate team members to share your vision and become cohesive so you can leverage them as a unit? Every time you hire, you gamble – is this person going to help me grow or inhibit my growth?

Knowing how to attract, hire and motivate team has plagued leadership for ages. Statistics on attrition and lost income are astounding. Team turnover ranges between 15 – 31%, depending on the industry and lost income equates to $12,000 for every person who leaves. As a small business owner, you can’t afford these setbacks.

The root issue: Your ability to attract, hire and motivate team is based on your knowing exactly who you are as a leader and manager, who would be the best fit to align with your energy and that of your business. This is in addition to the skills set required. You must define clarity with amazing accuracy, while solidifying your core and reaching for your edges. This is next level and something only an extremely experienced intuitive leadership expert can perform with you.

#5. Validating Intuition-Driven Decisions

In a business world that heavily favors data-driven decisions, one of the key challenges is gaining confidence in decisions that are significantly influenced by intuition. This includes convincing stakeholders, team members and yourself that your decisions are sound. You are the key component in this equation. When you’re certain of your intuitive knowing, others follow without question.

On one hand, you know without a doubt that the new era of leadership relies on a holistic approach and you know you belong on the leading edge, pioneering the change into the new era. On the other hand, you’re confused on how to rely on your intuition without reservation.

The root issue: You’ve negated your intuition for years or even decades, starting when you were younger, when adults told you your nudges and whispers weren’t real. No one did anything wrong, but these actions perpetuated a mind-only approach. Now, you impatiently seek external validation when you tap into your intuition. Relying on your intuition requires practice and spending time with those who have fully developed their own to demonstrate how it works without agenda or artifice.

#4. Achieving Work-Life Balance

The personal cost of running and growing a business can be high. Finding a sustainable work-life balance while being deeply invested in the success of the business is a personal challenge that affects overall well-being and the health of your business.

The societal expectation to balance family responsibilities with business ambitions can be particularly challenging. This might involve managing childcare, eldercare or household responsibilities alongside the demands of scaling a business, which can be both time-consuming and stressful.

With so many areas demanding attention from the business operations and strategy to juggling personal wants and needs, effectively managing your time and focusing on what truly matters relies on clarity beyond your mind’s capability.

The root issue: Your mind can’t make good decisions when you’re in growth mode. Your mind can only handle what’s familiar or previously experienced. The discomfort of continued growth throws your mind into a tail-spin and when this happens, your mind does everything to hold you back.

Your heart and soul are your go-to power points when your mind runs amuck. Tap into your heart and soul to beat the self-doubt and second-guessing. When you do, you’ll create a smooth rhythm in all areas of your life.

#3. Managing Cash Flow Uncertainties

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and managing it is more than just a financial challenge. It’s a delicate dance between investment in growth and ensuring operational stability, a dance where one misstep could spell disaster. You lay awake at night running numbers in your head and wince when you look at your bank balance. It’s frustrating when you see your account figures and measure them against your personal desires and business growth goals. You pay others first and often take the remaining monies, if there are any, at the end of the month.

You know about positive mindset and the Law of Attraction, but neither seems to work for you with any regularity. You talk yourself into a calm and abundant state when things are tight, but oftentimes, nothing manifests in your bank account. You dream, you wish, you hope, when in fact, these are not good strategies.

The root issue: Underlying your cash flow ups and downs are unconscious money blocks, ancestral lack and/or soul DNA poverty vows that inhibit your ability to maintain a consistent and healthy cash flow. Your money blocks require straight-on block removal, your ancestral lack needs energetic untangling and your soul DNA involves multi-dimensional clearance. This has to be done in tandem with any mindset, mantra, law of attraction activity, combined with solid practical profit-focused strategies.

#2. Balancing Quality and Scale

As you aim to grow, maintaining the high quality of products or services that your clients expect while scaling up operations is a delicate balance. The fear of compromising quality for quantity is real and pressing. Utilizing all of the savvy business tools available to you makes the difference between upper limit frustration and busting beyond all of them with confidence and ease. Weaving business acumen, your energetic signature and universal power is the leading edge to effectively navigate quality and scalability.

The root issue: You’re ignoring 80% of the resources available to you when you deny your intuition, your natural energy rhythms and the powerful forces lying in wait in the cosmic sphere. The Earth and her strong foundational impulses are also at your fingertips when you know how to use them.

#1. Allocating Resources for Growth

Deciding where to allocate limited resources for maximum impact is constantly on your mind. Whether it’s investing in marketing, new systems or hiring, each choice comes with significant implications for growth and sustainability. You continuously feel like you don’t have enough time, support or resources to realize your business goals.

The root issue: Compounding your allocation priorities are unconscious growth limits, in the forms of societal expectations, business culture ceilings and even familial conditioning. Your top limit has invisible boundaries you can’t strategize or decide your way through. Whatever you do, nothing seems to work. Overcoming these limits require soul-level potential expansion and deep foundational anchoring.

When reading these challenges, it’s not difficult to understand why entrepreneurs leave themselves behind when reaching for sustainable business growth. The range of these challenge runs across the entire terrain of business, so it’s not only required to be an expert of your offerings, you need to be a savvy business strategist too. And even with both of these strengths, it’s not enough. You also need to know yourself intimately as you grow your business. When your business grows, you transform and in order to keep up with both requires support. Support that has your best interests at heart, sees you at your core without any artifice and has no agenda other than to support YOU.

When you have your sights on being a leader of your industry, you also increase the pressure to expand exponentially, exacerbating these challenges ten-fold. Yet, it’s your birthright. It’s your birthright to be rich and powerful, make big impact and leave your legacy.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution for you that gets to the root causes of each challenge, holds your best interest at heart and provides business tools that are unique to you, your needs and your energies.

Yes. You guessed it. Look no further. Check out my stepping stone Rich and Powerful Leadership Academy to see if it’s a fit for you.

We’re creating rich and powerful leaders every day. One of them can be you.

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