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An exclusive interview with EDDIE WILSON, The “King of Exits” and Co-Founder of THE ASPIRE TOUR

Eddie Wilson is a businessman who is known as the “King of Exits.” He has owned over 125 companies and exited over 120 of them successfully. His current private equity firm Collective Influence has significant holdings as well. Of those holdings, the Private Equity firm owns – Think Realty, American Association of Private Lenders, Apticode, FitCon, Tax Free Crypto, Because Coffee, The Power Room, Money Is…and about 10 other companies.

He is also known for creating an operating system that manages the growth of his companies systematically allowing him the greatest odds for success. His operating system is known as the Empire Operating System. With all of his success in his 40s he has turned his efforts to humanitarian non-profit activities with his foundation Impact Others. 

In this episode, you will learn:

-Exactly what an Exit Strategy means and why you absolutely have to have one when you start a business

-How Eddie become so proficient in exit strategies to earn him the title of the King of Exits

-How to grow and scale your business without working 7 days

-Advice for new entrepreneurs. What are the musts they should do and what are the common pitfalls they should look to avoid?

-How do you find the best employees and what traits do you look for when hiring?

The Aspire Tour – How these new tours are taking the country by storm. Inspire your growth Financially, Professionally, Personally.  May 17 in Miami from 7 til 7pm.  Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary, Marcus Lemonis from The Profit TV Show, Alex Rodriguez, Gary V and others. July 20 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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