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8 Powerful Book Marketing Lessons

1. Aim higher. Are you writing the book to just “have a book” or are you writing the book that your fans, subscribers, followers, clients, prospects, customers, and influencers want to read? The second one takes more careful thought and strategic action. But it will also skyrocket your book’s influence, impact, and income.

2. Act faster. How long have you been noodling on your book idea? According to surveys, 81% of people say they want to write a book but only a tiny fraction of a percentage take action on it. If you’re tired of years and years of wishing and you’re ready to start doing – now is your time.

3. Your book needs to FLOP. FLOP is an acronym for “Feature and Leverage Other People.” And you specifically need 3 groups of people to help propel your book’s sales – your endorsement posse, your contributor tribe, and your launch partners. Nothing great is ever achieved alone.

4. Books don’t sell themselves. Just like “good work should speak for itself” is a complete myth, good books don’t speak for themselves, either. You need to promote, market, catalyze, tease, tempt, help, and serve your readers in lots of ways – and your book is just one of those primary ways.

5. Offer value, invite engagement. Nobody likes to be talked at. But we all love to be talked with and listened to. Make your book marketing and promotion campaign more like a conversation and less like a data dump. Interact, interview, be radically generous, be radically helpful, seek to converse, and not to convince… and the sales will come flooding in.

6. Marketing your book = Marketing YOU. Don’t think about marketing your book as a one-off project. If you’ve written the right kind of book, it will serve and support your business for years to come and vice versa. In fact, the activities that you need to be doing to market the book are the same activities that you need to be doing to market your business!

7. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t fall into the trap of short-term thinking. Your book launch is the beginning – not the end – of your book marketing journey.

8. Focus is everything. If you make your book the focal point of your business, it will become the central driver of your high-payoff marketing, sales, and business development activities. Put massive goals in place and then create a game plan to take baby steps every single day. Rain or shine. Happy or sad. Feel like it or not. That’s the fast path to results.

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