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5 Questions to Ask About Your Life

While I try to play it cool, I always get a little twitchy when I’m asked to sit on the stump and answer deeply meaningful questions about my life.


I almost never feel like my answers are “good enough.”


Which, if I were coaching someone else, I’d gently point out as “you’re being ridiculous.”


Alas, we are our own worst critics, and I am no exception.


But I’m working on it…

5 Questions To Ask About Your Life (A Podcast)


Recently I was interviewed on The Theatre of You Podcast where I was asked 5 reflective questions about my life. 

Those questions lingered with me in the days and weeks after the interview, catalyzing FAR deeper insights about what I hold of value, and some additional work I’d like to do on myself.

Given the value I experienced, I thought you might want to ask these of yourself as well:

  1. Who or what did you want to be when you grew up?(16:01)*
  2. What were the 3 best days of your life?(26:09)
  3. What does life want from you?  (35:45)
  4. What are you most excited or curious about?(40:00)
  5. Imagine a world with…(fill in the blank)(47:09)

*Time stamp of when the question was asked in the podcast


You can check out my answers on The Theater of You podcast by clicking here.


Let me know what pearls of wisdom surface for you…




PS – If you’re interested in hearing the story about my $10,000 purple blazer, you can check out minute 11:20 on The Theatre of You Podcast

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