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2022 – Yet Many Companies Still Have Their Heads Up Their A$$

I recently spoke with a strong, experienced transportation safety expert who had just left his company. He is an alumnus of our High Performance Leadership Workshop™ and had been hoping to introduce the high-performance approach to his company’s new HR Director. Unfortunately, when we connected, I learned that, not only had he chosen to leave his current organization, but the new HR Director had also left weeks after starting.

His description of the company’s culture matches that of so many bright, talented people who are leaving their jobs – either for a new company or to do something on their own. It’s so widespread that this trend has now earned the name:  The Great Resignation.

A combination of things is driving this phenomenon that gained momentum with the advent of Covid19:


  1. Generational changes and expectations in the workplace (and a leadership approach that hasn’t kept pace)
  2. Rapidly changing technology and global competition
  3. A more stated and visible desire for flexibility and work/life integration
  4. More opportunities to CHOOSE a better organization in terms of culture and “fit”
  5. Corporations’ handling of the new normal and future of work.


The first four are just facts that the fifth factor can highly influence. Therefore, I’m continually shocked and confused that the experienced and bright leaders of many of these corporations still have their heads up their A$$.

With recruiting and retention such critical factors for growth and profitability, it seems that so many successful – yes, successful — organizations are not addressing the causes of this deeply concerning situation. Senior leaders say they are very concerned, but many are simply delegating to HR/Recruiters and complaining about the results vs. getting involved. And success is its own challenge. It causes complacency. Add rapid change that causes uncertainty, and the result is the old adage:  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


Ronald Reagan once said:If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”


Isn’t this enough heat to cause companies to re-evaluate their culture and values so that recruiting is focused on supporting growth versus replacing experienced talent?

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