Stop Listening to 'Them'

Stop Listening to 'Them' 150 150 Connie Pheiff

There’s a lot of personal development that goes into achieving professional excellence, and the road to success is sometimes a bit harder for women. It’s not always harder, but the unfortunate truth is that for some of us, it does prove to be a bit more challenging. In order to achieve excellence, you have to acquire knowledge. Educating yourself and finding out what has worked for other successful women can be a good approach.


However, we often confuse honest advice or guidance, with unhelpful noise. Some people may tell you exactly what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing, or how you are ‘supposed’ to be acting. Others have probably even told you that you’re wasting your time, or have unrealistic goals. Once you stop listening to ‘them’, you will be on the road to excellence. Each person’s road to success is a unique experience. What worked for Bob or Brenda, may not work for you. So don’t put too much thought into other people telling you that, “You’re going about it all wrong”. On the other hand, it is good to take advice from strong successful woman, who understand that everyone’s situation is unique.

I know first-hand how much others can kill your ambition when they start giving their intrusive opinions about what you are striving for, or how you’re going about it. Sometimes, even a comment that is meant to lift you up can drag you down. They can create the illusion that your goals are farther away than they appear. At times all of that noise can seem like poison to your ambition, and sometimes it is. Most of the time people are just trying to look out for you, they have your best interest in mind. “What you’re trying sounds ambitious, but it’s never worked for anyone else. Why do you think you’re different?” They don’t realize that they’re actually bringing you down. You have to be the one to understand what is actually helping you and what is not.


Stop listening to ‘them’ and start listening to people that is not only successful in the business world, but also successful in helping other women achieve their goals. I have been named the Unstoppable DIVA for a reason. I continue to push myself and others to put your best self forward. If you want to be an Unstoppable DIVA, your best bet is to listen to the advice of someone who has already achieved that level of success.


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By Connie Pheiff, Unstoppable DIVA *

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