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Has your personal information ever been hacked?

There are towns across the world, where people still leave their keys in their car and keep their houses unlocked. However, for many of us in urban or suburban areas that would be unheard of. If we were to do that the likelihood of having our car or having items from our house stolen would increase or has happened. Until people felt the effects of these robberies they continued to leave things unlocked and didn’t prepare with cameras and security systems which became the norm after these types of attacks happened. It wasn’t until individuals experienced it that they felt they should do something about it.

In today’s world we have another growing issue that is similar to the past but different in how its done – cyber security. Many of us have received phishing emails and the stats say that almost 30% of them get opened1. These phishing emails can come in both personal and professional emails. Therefore, as a company the risk is increased because the data is expansive and includes more

than just an individuals information. Why does it take an attack for a leader to realize they need to spend the money before to prevent these attacks versus after. Mostly, it about the human element of feeling too powerful and big that anything would happen to their company. Secondly, they are not truly understanding the power of cyber security to actually keep their companies safe.

One of the stories I heard recently was how the Boomer generation is still all about interacting with humans and the millennials are about interacting with technology. There is a little truth in this statement but it is after all a generalization. As I work with folks who have experience and have been very successful, it is hard for them to wrap their head around how far technology has come and the fact that people who be stealing data. They get the concept but not the enormity of the issue. Unless they get hacked personally they really don’t understand the need for their companies. Large companies are still getting hacked and many times its because the leadership has decided that it won’t happen to them and the financials at the moment are more important than a potential risk. However, the potential risk is much larger than what they can truly understand. The younger folks on the other hard are unable to influence their leaders to make the change and connect with them from the human element and therein sometimes lies the issue.

Even when it comes to cybersecurity, it is all about people. The hackers are people who are preying on companies and individuals. They put phishing emails or hack into systems through individuals. Individuals who are part of companies that house lots of personally identifiable information for employees and customers. Each of our devices are becoming smarter and connect to each other in many ways that we may not even comprehend. These devices are going from our homes to work to public areas. In our home, each person that has a different device is being connected and will be able to “talk” even more. There are so many channels from which a hacker can now infiltrate and do what they need to do. It is a real problem and the leaders who think it won’t happen to them need to spend some time truly understanding what cybersecurity is all about and get the right products and safeguards in place for the benefit of their own career and their companies.

There are too many leaders sitting on their previous knowledge and not moving with the times. In our lifetimes, technology is changing at an exponential pace. If we want to be successful for 50, 60, 70 years (due to us living longer) we will have multiple lifetimes and will have to continue to learn and grow at each step. It’s not easy when you have been the best at what you do for years and now the world is changing around us. It takes times, motivation and the right guidance to change your mindset to be able to handle the new things happening in the world.

How are you protecting your personal and company security information?

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