Every Business Struggles With This!



Everyone Has a Marketing Problem

Hands up if you’re a business owner concerned about the growth of your business?

Now keep your hand up if you’re struggling to put together a plan to grow in today’s digital economy?



If your hand’s still up, you’re not alone.

In fact you’re actually in good company. Surprisingly half of B2B companies are approaching digital without any strategy whatsoever.


Why Is No One Talking About This?

It’s the fact that almost EVERY single one of us is struggling to get up to speed with digital marketing.

Not even just the strategy part, like actually getting online.



Did you know, that only 64% of small businesses actually even have a website?

Not shitting you I heard this and had to look it up for myself (here) and it baffles me!

Could you imagine? Thats like Guttenberg inventing the printing press and the Catholic church saying, “nah we’re good. We’re gunna keep on hand writing the bible thanks.”


The internet is the biggest revolution in human communication technology and a ton of us are not taking advantage of it!

Before We Put 2020 in the Rearview

Before we put 2020 in the rearview and wave goodbye to the complexity of running a business during a global pandemic, there’s one lesson that stood out like a sore thumb…



We Need a Digital Roadmap

Thinking we will grow in today’s digital environment without a plan is like trying to drive from Dallas to Seattle without directions.

2020 offered a really interesting glimpse of what doing business in the future looks like. It’s completely digital.

We all need a game plan to amplify our success.

We’ve been dancing around this issue for a decade. How to leverage the internet to grow our business?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend to be the next Block Buster.


Let’s Netflix This Baby!

Having a plan to engage an audience, create awareness, and convert new business on digital platforms has now become mission critical for businesses moving forward.



And it’s about time we get after it.

Take Advantage of New Media!

Take advantage of new media.

Im gunna skip the part about the importance of having a website and assume YOU have one. Good job!

Now you need to get people to it…that’s where traffic come in.

Here’s the thing about traffic. You don’t create it. It already exists. That’s what the internet is.

Your job is to get peoples’ attention and convert traffic.


Publish Content Your Audience Actually Likes

There’s a number of ways of creating content to add value to the network your building .


Launch a Podcast: 

It’s not as hard as you think. We covered how to Start a Successful Podcast For Your Business  podcast in this article that outlines everything you will need to know to get started.



Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is’nt for the youngsters anymore. It’s a massive platform of people looking to discover informational content.



Take a look for yourself, heres an example of Patric Bet-David’s Valuetainment channel (home to 3 million subscribers) that creates content for entrepreneurs.


Get Active On Social Media

Over 80% of all content that gets consumed is discovered and shared on social media platforms.

So…share your content on them.


Consumers Can Access Anything Almost Anywhere

Consumers today expect to receive a B2C content experience.

Meaning they expect the content you produce to be for them, not your sales quota.

So just be sure to make your content personal, like-able, and shareable.

When consumers can consume limitless amounts of content on their own terms and devices, the battle for their attention is the new game.

Creating content they will actually like is the finish line.



Learn 5 ways C-Suite Media can help you publish content like a pro. Click here.

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