About Mindful Performance

How do the brightest, most successful leaders in business deliver their best performances at work, at home, and all day long? Listen to Mindful Performance to hear how talented executives and thought leaders show up powerfully, professionally, and persuasively when the stakes are high and the impact is significant. Learn how you can deliver your own ovation-worthy performances as you build The Brand of You! Mindful Performance is designed for anyone in business who wants to go from mediocre to magnificent.Theresa Rose is a thought leader for the C-Suite, mindfulness and business management consultant, electrifying speaker, content crystallization coach, and standup comedian who inspires, entertains, and helps professionals implement a more mindful approach in all areas of their lives.Listen and receive a masterclass in mindfulness and how you can accelerate growth both professionally and personally by intentionally delivering unforgettable performances.

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Mindful Performances with Theresa Rose

Theresa Rose & C-Suite Radio

Mindful Performance Specialist ★ Keynote Speaker ★ Corporate Comedian ★ Emcee

I don't give speeches; I create experiences.

As a professional performer, my goal is to create an energizing, electrifying learning experience that makes your audience the stars. My hilarious, game-changing performances -- keynotes, breakouts, emcee services, training, facilitation, and corporate comedy -- offer powerful tools and techniques which accomplish four objectives:

> Increase sales and revenue
> Develop stronger leaders
> Create better connections
> Build healthier cultures

Side-splitting comedy, laugh-out-loud audience interactivity, and high-value, actionable strategies are cornerstones of my delivery style, and I bring massive doses of mojo to every event! Here are the current programs I offer:

* Creating True Connections in a World of Distraction and Disengagement
* Mind-blowing Leadership: Creating High Performance and​ Powerful, Profitable Results
* Sales Swipe-Rightability: How to Get to 'Yes' in a One-Click Economy
* The Power of the Pivot: Moving Through Change with Focus and Firepower

From being a five-year-old washcloth runner for my single mom's direct sales business to leading a Fortune 100 product development and marketing team responsible for more than a hundred million dollars of annual revenue, my varied work experiences as a leader, management consultant, and marketing professional have given me valuable insights on leadership, sales, team building, and moving through change.

Every client is different, and my consulting background has given me a holistic approach for every speaking engagement. I listen to my clients to understand their organizational pain points and event objectives to in order to create customized programs designed specifically to meet their needs.

►If you think I may be a perfect fit to help you and your team, feel free to give me a call at 952-960-7765 or email me at theresa (at) theresarose (dot) com. Thanks!