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Amazing Business Radio features customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken who interviews leading business professionals and other customer experience experts. Each guest shares tips and insights on how to succeed in business. The bright business minds featured on Amazing Business Radio come from all over the world and include viral video stars, corporate CEOs, bestselling authors, thought leaders, and many other inspiring personalities. The show covers a variety of topics related to customer service and customer experience and will provide answers that listeners need to know in order to take their success to the next level. Amazing Business Radio airs every week on, itunes, Soundcloud, and other platforms and channels.

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    -      You don’t need to have an out-of-the-ordinary or “exceptional” background to do exceptional things in business and your life.

    -      Business has the potential to be the most powerful force for good in the world. It begins with companies truly caring about their people.

    -      The most important thing for any business is to develop a sustainable business model in which people feel valued.

    -      Many businesses make the mistake of only caring about numbers. Leaders instead should care about their people, making them the number one priority.

    -      Create a work environment where people feel safe and valued. Give them hope for the future. That will make them feel engaged and give them the desire to contribute.

    -      A leader’s job should be to help the people they have the privilege of leading grow and develop in line with the company’s vision.

    -      Customers ultimately benefit from the good treatment of employees. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of their customers.

    -      Find ways to make work fun. Fun is an excellent motivator that increases employee engagement and productivity.

    -      The way employees are treated at work affects their behavior outside of work. Therefore, it is a leader’s responsibility to take the best care of the people within their stewardship. This has the potential to make the entire world a better place.

    -      For more from Bob Chapman, check out his appearance on Shep’s TV show, Be Amazing or Go Home.


    “Business could be the most powerful force for good in the world if we simply cared about the people we have the privilege of leading.”


    Bob Chapman is the Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller. He developed management practices known as “Truly Human Leadership” and co-wrote Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family.

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    Top Takeaways:

    -      The economy has evolved over time from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy, then to a service economy and finally to an experience economy, where the experience a customer has is the most valuable component.

    -      Service and experience are two different but related things. Service is what you as the company do. Experience is the customer’s time and perception of the interaction and relationship that occurs through that service.

    -      Experience goes beyond the product being sold to customers. A good example of this is Starbucks. They are able to sell coffee at a premium because of the ambience, environment, and relationship they create for and with their customers.

    -      Customization and personalization are key components in staging an experience. Customers today want to spend less time with goods and services, but will spend more time with events and places that engage them with a personalized and memorable experience.

    -      Today, every business must compete against the smartphone for customers’ attention. It allows customers to instantly disengage from a place, product or service.

    -      People are consuming experiences today in smaller chunks, which can be referred to as the miniaturization of consumption. People may not take large vacations, but they do seek out and take “mini-vacations” that last just an hour—or two or three. It may be in the form of a fun afternoon at an escape room or even spending time in a coffee shop.

    -      Experiences are inherently personal and differentiated. Challenge yourself to constantly see things anew through the lens of the customer. This ensures you’re delivering the best possible experience all around.


    “Time is the currency of experiences. If you get people to spend more time with you, they will spend more money with you.”


    Jim Gilmore is co-founder of Strategic Horizons LLP. He has authored and co-authored several books, has been published in many leading business publications, co-edits Markets of One and teaches/lectures at several colleges and universities.

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  • Top Takeaways:-      The economy has evolved over time from an agrarian...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Matt Gillin. They discuss the secrets of driving customer loyalty and a good customer experience (CX). Here’s a hint: it’s all in providing a secure, personalized, and frictionless channel of communication.

    Top Takeaways:

    -      The biggest challenge facing business today is how to more effectively engage and connect with customers. Companies must find innovative solutions if they hope to overcome this obstacle and find success.

    -      Every organization’s goal should be to get their customers to say, “Wow, thank you!” Customers expect this now more than ever before in addition to a more personalized experience.

    -      The best way to connect and engage with customers is through a channel that is personalized, on-demand, secure, and most importantly, frictionless. If your customer’s experience is not easy, they will not remain loyal to you or your brand.

    -      A technical advantage alone is not enough to satisfy and delight your customers. Make sure you invest in your core services and customer engagement. That is what will ensure a competitive advantage for your company.

    -      It can be difficult for businesses to make the shift to a better customer experience due to legacy systems, infrastructures, and thinking. Solutions must also be easy and frictionless.

    -      Information and the channel through which it is delivered must be relevant to customers. Customers resist technology and AI when it is not relevant, secure, or personalized to them.

    -      There must always be a human element to each relationship. Customers want to do business with companies that know them and that allow for effortless communication.

    -      The goal should always be to create a better connection with your customers. At the end of the day, that’s what drives a good CX and customer loyalty.


    “When you know your customers and maintain flowing, frictionless lines of communication, that’s when you win as an enterprise. That’s when customers stay.”


    Matt Gillin is the CEO and co-founder of Relay Network, a Gartner-designated “Cool Vendor” in CRM Customer Service and Support. He has over 20 years of experience as an active entrepreneur, pioneer and inventor.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a0889554-3634-11ea-9775-fbf43e71e33c/stripped_b2c6a7e4a79677b3bb66f9a6c1a3fa4c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3625753404.mp3 [size] => 28200960 [duration] => 1762.56 [uid] => CSN3625753404 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a0889554-3634-11ea-9775-fbf43e71e33c/id3/d32ae416f634370f1dc1af54e3f5b0e7.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76326 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Simple is Transformative in the Customer Experience Featuring Guest Matt Gillin.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => 2020-01-13T12:09:24.613-08:00 [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Matt Gillin. They discuss the secrets of...
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    Shep Hyken interviews David Meerman Scott. They discuss his new book, Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans, and strategies for businesses to turn their customers into fans and vice versa.

    Top Takeaways:

    -      Human beings naturally crave connection and the feeling of belonging. That’s where the concept of the “fandom” comes into play. Companies must figure out how they can utilize this to their advantage. Every organization is capable of developing fans.

    -      Companies can turn fans into customers by tapping into an already existing fanbase. For example, an auto insurance company found a fanbase for old cars and began catering to that market.

    -      Companies can also turn customers into fans. If you can find a way to connect to your customers on a deeper level, they will feel more connected to you and your business. This is where fandom begins.

    -      The neurology behind fandoms explains how and why they are so successful. The closer you are to people physically, the stronger the shared emotion. This is the secret to creating deep, authentic connections.

    -      Other factors can contribute to the creation of customer “fans” and a loyal fanbase, such as the exclusivity factor, subscription, and the ability to share on social platforms. These can all give customers the feeling of belonging and connection.

    -      Avoid creating an adversarial relationship with your customers. Remove barriers for your customers to access your content. For example, provide the free ebook first and later ask for the customer’s email, instead of the other way around. This will generate more interest and hotter leads—and create fans.

    -      Be passionate. Even if the person you’re interacting with doesn’t share your passion, they can feel it. Passion is infectious. Customers like doing business with people who are passionate.


    ·        “Fandom is all about a true human connection—a personal connection. It’s hard-wired into our brains as humans that we want to be part of a tribe, that we want to be together with like-minded people.”


    David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, advisor to emerging companies, VC strategic partner and bestselling author of 10 books, including Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews David Meerman Scott. They discuss his new...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Lindsay Pedersen. They discuss strategies for how brands can differentiate themselves by creating authentic, genuine connections with their customers.

    Top Takeaways:

    -      A brand is its customer experience, and vice versa. The brand and the experience are built on the relationship between a business and its customers.

    -      Advertising and marketing may attract new customers, but it’s rarely the real reason why customers like doing business with a brand. Customers like doing business with companies because of how those companies make them feel.

    -      Many companies focus too much on acquiring new customers rather than retaining the customers they already have.

    -      Every company should ask itself why it is in business. This question becomes especially important if the company keeps losing customers. Create an experience that reduces customer churn.

    -      You must differentiate yourself from your competitors. Be wary of doing this through your product alone; that method is too easy to copy. But if find a way to meet a unique need for your customers, you will find success.

    -      The most important question a company can ask itself is what emotional reward they want the customer to enjoy by choosing to do business with them. There is emotional value in the connection between a company and its customers, and brands must tap into that.

    Quote: “Businesses don’t make money by impressing people with cool ads. They make money by attracting and retaining customers.” - Lindsay Pedersen

    Lindsay Pedersen is a brand strategist and owner of Ironclad Brand Strategy who recently authored Forging an Ironclad Brand: A Leader’s Guide. She has advised companies from burgeoning startups to national corporations.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/33c827b2-2b5e-11ea-983c-efa5e9a63ed8/stripped_b64c8452df44742b4d237ec784045c53.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9212322892.mp3 [size] => 29571866 [duration] => 1848.24 [uid] => CSN9212322892 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/33c827b2-2b5e-11ea-983c-efa5e9a63ed8/id3/d435e91a7cbda774ec32f68bc4272308.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75726 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Emotional Brand Experience Featuring Guest Lindsay Pedersen.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Lindsay Pedersen. They discuss strategies for how...
  • Array ( [id] => 7dbba09e-25b7-11ea-9a4a-0ff494a8ae31 [createdAt] => 2019-12-23T11:07:40.676-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-23T11:11:43.892-08:00 [title] => Strengthen Your Company’s Core Featuring Katie Mares [pubdate] => 2019-12-24T03:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/7dbba09e-25b7-11ea-9a4a-0ff494a8ae31/image/uploads_2F1577128027548-kj55mwigcqb-cf5e8f00e19f4f9ad4c4e4e8170cf816_2FKatie%2BMares%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Hold Yourself Accountable for Creating a Consistently Amazing Customer Experience [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Katie Mares. They discuss her C.O.R.E. Methodology and how it can improve the customer experience in addition to gender inequality in the customer service world.

    Top Takeways:

    -      In order for your organization to succeed, it must have a strong, solid core. The core is made up of your systems, your processes and most importantly, your people.

    -      Strengthen your organization’s core using the C.O.R.E. Methodology, which has four steps: create, operationalize, results and evaluate & evolve.

    -      Create: The first step is to create systems and processes that involve your entire team, creating greater total buy-in.

    -      Operationalize: Once you create your processes, you must operationalize them. It’s one thing to create something, but it’s another to actually follow through with it.

    -      Results: Monitor your results—as the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Give your customers a voice as a part of this step.

    -      Evaluate & Evolve: Customers and their expectations are constantly and rapidly changing. You must evaluate your progress by constantly asking how you can get better and evolve to keep up with changing demands.

    -      Companies need to be more aware of the purchasing power of the female consumer. More often than not, the shopping experience is designed and, in many industries, delivered by men, and yet women are the ones ultimately saying yes or no.

    -      Statistics show that women influence 90% of all household purchases, yet 85% of the world’s executives are still men while only 3% of creative directors are women.

    -      When something in the customer experience goes wrong, more often than not it’s due to lack of consistency. When expectations are unmet, it causes disappointment.

    -      Consistency and accountability are vital to an organization’s success. You must be accountable for your own actions if you hope to create a consistent experience.

    Quote: “Customer experience most often fails because we don’t do it consistently.” - Katie Mares

    Katie Mares, CTDP, MCATD, CPS is the Chief Inspiration Officer of Alkamey Group. She has over 15 years of experience in customer service and leadership.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/7dbba09e-25b7-11ea-9a4a-0ff494a8ae31/stripped_d4ca36f9cf7eb2c96c551c11560293bd.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5955411413.mp3 [size] => 27708604 [duration] => 1731.79 [uid] => CSN5955411413 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/7dbba09e-25b7-11ea-9a4a-0ff494a8ae31/id3/4a56b6fbe1f3358362073e41444396b9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76698 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Strengthen Your Company's Core Featuring Guest Katie Mares.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Katie Mares. They discuss her C.O.R.E. Methodology...
  • Array ( [id] => b0c0e5c2-204d-11ea-96a2-632ee9081229 [createdAt] => 2019-12-16T13:47:43.811-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-16T13:47:57.596-08:00 [title] => The Hospitality Mentality Featuring Rupesh Patel [pubdate] => 2019-12-17T03:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/b0c0e5c2-204d-11ea-96a2-632ee9081229/image/uploads_2F1576532753492-ak6joi6rn68-f9c1815219087f00ab6cf575ea329b22_2FRupesh%2BPatel%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Tips to Creating an Amazing Customer Service Experience in Hotels and Beyond [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Rupesh Patel. They discuss Rupesh’s “secret sauce” to creating an amazing guest experience across his hotels, and how those ideas can translate to the larger customer service world.

    Top Takeaways:
    • Don’t make the mistake of caring more about money than customer service. Focus on customer service and the money will follow.
    • The first step to creating an amazing experience is raising your brand standards. Define the standards for your business and focus on improving your operations to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.
    • Ask yourself what you can do to make your customers feel special and elevate the experience they have with you. Note: The answer doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to be effective.
    • Find ways to personalize your customers’ experience. Customization can go a long way toward satisfaction and amazement.
    • Providing good customer service can be some of your most powerful marketing.
    • Invest in your team members; make them feel important and like they’re part of the process. When building your team, find people who genuinely care and are willing to go above and beyond.
    • Reviews are hugely important for any and every business. Create a great experience first and foremost, but don’t expect that to be enough to encourage customers to write good reviews.

    Quote: “At the end of the day, how you make your team feel and how they feel about their job is huge.” - Rupesh Patel


    Rupesh Patel is a hotel owner/operator and the founder of www.SmartGuests.com. He has over 20 years of experience and has held titles such as entrepreneur, investor, business consultant and more.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/b0c0e5c2-204d-11ea-96a2-632ee9081229/stripped_77c25aa2c17ffba5014b79ce25581c4b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5291874952.mp3 [size] => 31224894 [duration] => 1951.56 [uid] => CSN5291874952 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/b0c0e5c2-204d-11ea-96a2-632ee9081229/id3/1ac60837a397e045c0bc147dfe67c329.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75948 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Hospitality Mentality Featuring Guest Rupesh Patel.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Rupesh Patel. They discuss Rupesh’s “secret sauce”...
  • Array ( [id] => d75e06f2-1872-11ea-a7eb-6b50cce4df28 [createdAt] => 2019-12-06T13:53:30.669-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-06T13:54:35.446-08:00 [title] => The Empathy Machine Featuring Joel Makhluf [pubdate] => 2019-12-10T03:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/d75e06f2-1872-11ea-a7eb-6b50cce4df28/image/uploads_2F1575669156277-e3ql38lnq2-c5bb6a7dea1e333f30cf62c458c2b796_2FJoel%2BMakhluf%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Using AI to Guide Employees Toward Better Customer Care [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Joel Makhluf. They discuss the need for more awareness and empathy among customer service agents and how AI and technology can provide that.

    Top Takeaways:
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool. When used correctly to support customer service representatives and call center agents, it can help humans be “more human.”
    • It’s important to identify the behaviors that annoy customers the most over the phone, whether it’s talking too fast or too slow, interrupting them, speaking in monotone, etc.
    • AI platforms now have the ability to search for and recognize the “empathy cue,” which occurs when a customer is in a heightened state of emotion and therefore needs more empathy from the agent.
    • Pay attention to the nonverbal cues your customers give you. It’s not just what they say, but how they say it that matters.
    • Because AI is able to handle many easy, basic calls, the calls that reach contact center workers tend to be more complicated and more stressful. This leads to agents experiencing cognitive overload and “compassion fatigue.”
    • AI technology and software can guide contact center agents through these pitfalls in real-time, empowering them to take better care of customers through empathy.
    • Identify your best-performing employees and mimic their behavior. Train the rest of your employees to that exemplary behavior. This will result in a more consistent customer experience.
    • Remember that everyone has bad days, even your top performers. Be there to empower and coach your employees through those bad days.
    • “Automation fatigue” is settling in across industries. There needs to be a balance between humans and AI. AI is great for handling simple tasks, but customers crave empathy when dealing with their most personal problems.

    “Model the behavior of your best employees and coach the rest of your employees to that behavior.” - Joel Makhluf


    Joel Makhluf is the Director of Demand Generation at Cogito, an artificial intelligence company that provides real-time conversational guidance and analytics.

     Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/d75e06f2-1872-11ea-a7eb-6b50cce4df28/stripped_dbfcf88bd7c61b22ab089cde0581e785.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1284482365.mp3 [size] => 16844800 [duration] => 1684.48 [uid] => CSN1284482365 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/d75e06f2-1872-11ea-a7eb-6b50cce4df28/id3/96b65ebb241e56a854da72cc776a0013.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76612 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Empathy Machine Featuring Guest Joel Makhluf.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Joel Makhluf. They discuss the need for...
  • Array ( [id] => 14c78fe4-1478-11ea-b67b-2fa8b61e04f3 [createdAt] => 2019-12-01T12:20:56.532-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-01T12:21:20.308-08:00 [title] => Elevate the Employee (and Customer) Experience Featuring Robert Glazer [pubdate] => 2019-12-03T03:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/14c78fe4-1478-11ea-b67b-2fa8b61e04f3/image/uploads_2F1575231372215-zzetbbcy8ni-c3adef0665af0a9dadc791ad4c012f95_2FRobert%2BGlazer%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Making a Lasting Impact on the People That Power Your Business [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Robert Glazer. They discuss his practice of employee “wish-granting,” common service mistakes businesses make and his book, Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others.

    Top Takeaways:

    -       Find ways to do something meaningful for your employees around the holidays—or anytime of year. Experiences often are better remembered and make a bigger impact than money.

    -       By investing in your employees, you are investing in the culture of your organization. With a strong culture, you will attract and keep the kind of employees you want.

    -       Customers will not love your company until your employees love your company. Focus your efforts on the employee experience and the customer experience will follow.

    -       “Capacity building” is the method by which individuals seek, acquire, and develop the skills and ability to consistently perform at a high level in pursuit of their innate potential.

    -       The four elements of capacity building are spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional. Focus on each of these elements individually and you will improve your entire being.

    -        “Spiritual” does not necessarily mean religious. In business, it’s about knowing who you are, what you want, and the standards by which you want to live each day. This is crucial to be a successful leader.

    -       Three common service mistakes even top businesses make are not establishing rapport with customers, over-responding to a single piece of feedback, and not offering customers full explanations.

    -       You don’t have to tackle 100% of change all at once. Tackle 1% every day, and soon you will see it add up into big, positive change.

    -       To sign up for Robert Glazer’s weekly newsletter that inspired his book, go to http://www.fridayfwd.com.


    “If you really want to impress people, listen to them. You will be amazed by how much they appreciate that.”


    Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners. He is a serial entrepreneur and author of Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/14c78fe4-1478-11ea-b67b-2fa8b61e04f3/stripped_ccdd7c8514f6618628f5e6d9a46934d6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9092918085.mp3 [size] => 29626200 [duration] => 1851.64 [uid] => CSN9092918085 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/14c78fe4-1478-11ea-b67b-2fa8b61e04f3/id3/525770661ebc76bb011a537d31534dce.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76590 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Elevate the Employee (and Customer) Experience.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Robert Glazer. They discuss his practice of...
  • Array ( [id] => dfd45e9e-0c9c-11ea-a0bb-77665c87eb50 [createdAt] => 2019-11-21T12:24:09.774-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-21T12:46:17.224-08:00 [title] => Get Thematic with Customer Feedback featuring Alyona Medelyan [pubdate] => 2019-11-26T03:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/dfd45e9e-0c9c-11ea-a0bb-77665c87eb50/image/uploads_2F1574367641575-8j5e91uy6jx-5374f6a17832db85b2aa417447761a1c_2FAlyona%2BMedelyan%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Alyona Medelyan. They discuss how natural language processing can help companies focus on the most important problems to drive up customer satisfaction. Sound a little technical? It is, but it’s fascinating. More important, it’s relevant. The future is here today! 

    Top Takeaways:

    • Natural language processing is an analytic tool that helps programs and AI (artificial intelligence) analyze and understand “everyday” language.  
    • Using natural language processing allows companies to understand what customers are saying in their own words, link it to NPS (Net Promotor Score) and, most importantly, identify the most important problems their customers are facing. 
    • Once companies have identified the problems that are most important to their customers, they can prioritize the order in which they fix them. Too often executives focus on things that matter less to customers rather than fixing the most pressing issues. 
    • More often than not, customer service is not the root of the problem. Broken processes are often the culprit for low NPS scores, while good customer service is the only thing that keeps those scores above 0. 
    • Surveys in general should be kept on the short side. However, they can be a little longer if you allow your customers to opt out of them and also offer them a way to share their thoughts and opinions freely. 
    • Above all, the most important thing is for companies to give customers the chance to explain what they like and don’t like in their own words. Open the channels of communication a little wider and you will reap the rewards. 


    “If you are running a business, think about how you get feedback from customers. Make sure you let customers explain in their own words what matters to them. - Alyona Medelyan 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/dfd45e9e-0c9c-11ea-a0bb-77665c87eb50/stripped_1bd1cabe4b1e28eab1c84074cdae8198.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5705538083.mp3 [size] => 17475135 [duration] => 1747.51 [uid] => CSN5705538083 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/dfd45e9e-0c9c-11ea-a0bb-77665c87eb50/id3/a7ab89c6d81fed088cdfa79f5c03d201.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75318 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Get Thematic with Customer Feedback.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Alyona Medelyan. They discuss how natural language processing can help...
  • Array ( [id] => 01e8c26a-07f0-11ea-a3e4-571b1a4cfdb1 [createdAt] => 2019-11-15T13:36:39.367-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-12-01T12:14:32.976-08:00 [title] => Will AI Kill the Customer Support Agent? Featuring Antony Brydon [pubdate] => 2019-11-19T02:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/01e8c26a-07f0-11ea-a3e4-571b1a4cfdb1/image/uploads_2F1573853683762-7k2e9dnaija-e8aaa12e957c0ffcef06ac577f800d3e_2FAntony%2BBrydon%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Antony Brydon. They discuss the role of automation in customer service, and how companies can best use it to improve their customers’ experience.

    Top Takeaways:

    • When companies switch to AI and other new automation technologies, more often than not it is the customers who suffer. Companies must make this switch without sacrificing the customer experience.
    • AI has the capacity to transform practically every job within the knowledge sector, especially customer service jobs. The key is making it work.
    • The shortcomings of AI include understanding customer intent and using creativity to solve problems. These are areas where people excel. Integrating the human touch into automated systems will allow the AI experience to improve dramatically.
    • Rather than AI supporting humans, humans must support and train AI so it gets better. Connecting automation to a network of human subject matter experts is a good way to start.
    • Technology is changing incredibly fast, so adaptability is key. Humans are good at adapting to new situations and can therefore help automated systems adapt to best serve the customer.
    • The future is conversational, meaning customers are choosing to connect with companies through more casual conversational channels like texting and instant messaging. AI needs to adapt to this.
    • Poor automated systems end up costing far more than efficient ones. The more a company invests in automation and AI, the better the experience will be all around.
    • Don’t associate automation with a poor customer experience. Contrary to popular belief, it is very possible to switch to AI and automated processes that improve the customer experience at the same time.


    “So much of a good experience comes down to the investment in that experience.” - Antony Brydon

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/01e8c26a-07f0-11ea-a3e4-571b1a4cfdb1/stripped_72fa77e80febacab4c0e3a49857bbcd5.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2498441936.mp3 [size] => 28262817 [duration] => 1766.43 [uid] => CSN2498441936 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/01e8c26a-07f0-11ea-a3e4-571b1a4cfdb1/id3/15b3493065fce67ef0ae606061ecb054.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75404 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Will AI Kill the Customer Support Agent.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Antony Brydon. They discuss the role of...
  • Array ( [id] => 707478da-0199-11ea-a4cd-3386b4b293cc [createdAt] => 2019-11-07T12:01:51.641-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-11-07T12:02:58.416-08:00 [title] => Create a Disney-Worth Customer Experience Dennis Snow [pubdate] => 2019-11-12T03:30:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/707478da-0199-11ea-a4cd-3386b4b293cc/image/uploads_2F1573156775948-5z9ch5g5ej4-9fd43a82cd762c2ddac70e413656ee70_2FDennis%2BSnow%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Dennis Snow. They discuss how to define an organization’s level of service and company culture by looking at examples from the Walt Disney World Company.

    Top Takeaways:

    There are two steps to defining your organization’s level of service. Step one is to ask yourself what you want your customers to say about their experience. Step two is to ask yourself what you can do to get your customers to say those things.

    When considering step one, narrow it down to three things you want your customers to say. This helps you focus in on what differentiates you from others.

    Your culture is defined by step two. Reinforce the behaviors that elicit the desired customer response. Your company culture is not what you say but what you do.

    Good company culture starts with the hiring process. Get to know your standout employees and find out what qualities contribute to their success within your organization. Then, hire individuals who are similarly hard-wired to succeed within your culture.

    Training begins during the hiring process. You must demonstrate your company’s values from the beginning, and that includes the hiring process.

    The first day of training should focus on company culture. Additionally, this training should never end.

    Identify behaviors that detract from the brand and culture you have worked so hard to craft. Be on the lookout for these and create processes that prevent them from happening.

    As a leader, never let a coachable moment pass you by. Seize opportunities to continually coach your employees toward improvement.

    Similarly, never let a moment of recognition go by. Give praise and credit where it’s due, and positively reinforce the behavior that defines your brand.

    Leaders must demonstrate and embody the values and culture they want to see throughout their organization. They must not only talk the talk but also walk the walk; leaders are the ultimate role model for company culture.

    “What people say is your brand; what your employees do is your culture.” - Dennis Snow


    Dennis Snow is a full-time speaker, trainer and consultant. He worked with the Walt Disney World Company for over 20 years, where he developed his passion for service excellence.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/707478da-0199-11ea-a4cd-3386b4b293cc/stripped_393b5acc8f8ac7c9162fdecc64fef1b7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3989750264.mp3 [size] => 21679856 [duration] => 1806.65 [uid] => CSN3989750264 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/707478da-0199-11ea-a4cd-3386b4b293cc/id3/f368fb0c5362f94f483e6fda13a9790b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76616 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Create a Disney-Worthy Customer Experience Featuring Guest Dennis Snow.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Dennis Snow. They discuss how to define...
  • Array ( [id] => 221f24c2-fb5a-11e9-bcd4-7b908df8717c [createdAt] => 2019-10-30T14:13:34.945-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-30T14:21:58.639-07:00 [title] => The Bottom Line of Customer Experience Featuring Augie Ray [pubdate] => 2019-11-05T03:30:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/221f24c2-fb5a-11e9-bcd4-7b908df8717c/image/uploads_2F1572469849375-1y154axqdny-47c7fa48679e11d08ac62c3eaf463d86_2FAugie%2BRay%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Creating a Customer Experience that Results in Financial Gain [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Augie Ray from Gartner. They discuss the importance of investing in the customer experience and how to build a CX that will benefit both customers and companies alike.

    The Interview with Augie Ray:

    • The emergence of new technology and the rise of social media have changed the way customers interact with brands, giving them more channels of communication than ever before. Brands need to pay attention to the entire customer experience across all channels to stay relevant and successful.
    • Simply acquiring new customers isn’t enough, especially if you experience high customer churn. Create an experience that focuses on retaining customers and building loyalty—and that experience is the result of not just what we say, but what we do.
    • There are two different definitions of customer experience, and they are two sides of the same coin.
    • From the customer’s perspective, CX is their accumulated experiences and perceptions about a brand through every interaction, both direct and indirect.
    • From a managerial perspective, CX is the discipline of understanding and reacting to customer interactions with the goal of meeting and exceeding expectations, creating loyalty and building advocacy.
    • As customer expectations rise, budgets for customer experience need to rise as well.
    • Data shows there is a positive relationship between customer satisfaction and financial gains for businesses. Prioritizing the customer experience benefits the top and bottom lines.
    • Both segments and personas are marketing tools that allow companies to group individuals together in a meaningful way. Segments demonstrate how customers are meaningful to a company, whereas personas flip the perspective and examine how a brand can be meaningful to customers.
    • To access the research that Augie quotes, listeners are invited to connect with him on LinkedIn and to subscribe to Gartner’s newsletter, “Smarter with Gartner.”


    “We are not what we say we are. We are the experience we provide to customers and what they say we are.”

    “When it comes to the customer experience, we have to look not just at what we say, but at what we do.”

    “When you succeed for the customer, you succeed for the brand as well.”


    Augie Ray is a Vice President Analyst at Gartner, a research and advisory firm. He covers customer experience for marketing and CX leaders and helps them launch and manage successful CX programs.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/221f24c2-fb5a-11e9-bcd4-7b908df8717c/stripped_c5fae35253c6d681e1f0dae35a677e53.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9310892195.mp3 [size] => 28856319 [duration] => 1803.52 [uid] => CSN9310892195 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/221f24c2-fb5a-11e9-bcd4-7b908df8717c/id3/a10f1c18f59135f13b6a086bf220c7dc.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77754 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Bottom Line of Customer Experience Featuring Guest Augie Ray.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Augie Ray from Gartner. They discuss the...
  • Array ( [id] => 4772f4b8-f5c6-11e9-b41c-3fb0354c8b3b [createdAt] => 2019-10-23T11:52:36.235-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-10-23T11:53:55.984-07:00 [title] => Companies with a Soul are the Future of Customer Experience Featuring Guest Blake Morgan [pubdate] => 2019-10-29T01:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4772f4b8-f5c6-11e9-b41c-3fb0354c8b3b/image/uploads_2F1571856605828-qlg6evvu0ee-2ab8252b39c15137a5ceb5e06c2eb103_2FBlake%2BMorgan%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Understanding Companies and Customers of the Future [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Blake Morgan. They discuss her new book, The Customer of the Future: 10 Guiding Principles for Winning Tomorrow’s Business, focusing on the psychological, technical, and experiential components of building a good customer experience.

    The Interview with Blake Morgan:

    • If you don’t get the simple stuff down, you will lose customers. The “basics” includes knowledge of your customers and their wants and needs. Above all, seek to make their lives easier rather than more difficult.
    • Psychological components of CX are the invisible pieces of your strategy. These include a CX mindset, company culture, and leadership development.
    • Everyone in a company, from executives to frontline employees, must have a CX mindset—an attitude of service and a desire to make their customers’ lives better.
    • There is a correlation between how employees feel at work and the quality of work that they do. Studies show that companies that invest in the employee experience are 4.2 times more profitable than companies that don’t.
    • Don’t leave training up to chance; it must be intentional and consistent. Leaders must understand company culture and what happens at every level of the organization. One person cannot turn a company around alone.
    • There is often a disconnect between technology and human connection. It’s rarely technology that is missing from a company; it’s human connection and a service mindset.
    • On an experiential level, design a friction-free customer experience, consider customer-focused marketing, and, above all, design and commit to a code of ethics. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced world of technology and AI.
    • The most important thing when thinking about the customer experience is simply to make others’ lives easier and better. This extends beyond customers to employees as well. In the end, the companies who “have a soul” in this way will be the ones that succeed.


    “Don’t make life harder on your customers to make it easier on your business.” - Blake Morgan


    Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker, customer experience futurist, and author of two customer experience books. Her latest is The Customer of the Future: 10 Guiding Principles for Winning Tomorrow’s Business.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4772f4b8-f5c6-11e9-b41c-3fb0354c8b3b/stripped_3c06dd52e97051f769ea1b3edb222ab5.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1997583448.mp3 [size] => 20064549 [duration] => 1672.05 [uid] => CSN1997583448 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4772f4b8-f5c6-11e9-b41c-3fb0354c8b3b/id3/82e7c042dbeb68867447da2b31e4782b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77488 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Companies with a Soul are the Future of Customer Experience Featuring Guest Blake Morgan.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Blake Morgan. They discuss her new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Maria Ross. They discuss her new book, The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success, why empathy creates a competitive advantage in business, and how companies can foster empathy from the inside out.

    The Interview with Maria Ross:

    • Authentic empathy can create a competitive advantage for companies and can reap huge rewards and bottom-line benefits. In an empathetic culture, employees are more innovative and productive, while customers are more loyal and result in more revenue and good press.
    • Empathy must be authentic for it to be effective. Avoid the “empathy veneer,” which is the mere illusion of empathy without the reality of it. Companies cannot pretend to be empathetic to reap the rewards that true empathy provides—if they try, it will backfire spectacularly.
    • For empathy to be believable on the outside, it must start and be built from the inside out—just like a good brand. This means hiring the right people, training them correctly and continually, rewarding them appropriately, and creating and preserving an internal culture that fosters empathy.
    • Set up internal processes and structures that support the culture of empathy you want to build and preserve. This includes rewards structures—appropriately incentivize the action and behavior that reflects the culture you’re trying to foster. You get the culture you endorse and reward.
    • Empathy can start now, and it can start with one individual. It won’t happen overnight, but rather through small steps that will result in big change.
    • There are five ways leaders and teams can take action now to create empathy:
    • Practice presence. You can’t be empathetic if you’re not present.
    • Listen more; stay humble. Focus on what you hear without being prescriptive.
    • Be curious. The most empathetic people are the ones who ask questions, especially why.
    • Cultivate confidence. You cannot be empathetic toward others if you are not empathetic toward yourself.
    • Create an environment of trust. You cannot have an empathetic workplace if everyone is living in fear.
    • It’s important to facilitate intergenerational understanding. Millennials and Gen Z’ers are some of the most diverse and empathetic people in the workforce. Differences between generations can cause friction and reduce productivity. Embrace communication and work to understand others’ experiences.


    “You get the culture you endorse and reward.” - Maria Ross


    Maria Ross is a brand strategist, speaker, and founder of brand consultancy Red Slice. She has authored multiple books, including her latest book, The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Maria Ross. They discuss her new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Laurie Guest. They discuss her recent book, The 10¢ Decision: How Small Change Pays Off Big, which focuses on small, simple things leaders and team members can do to enact big, positive changes in their customer service.

    The Interview with Laurie Guest:Business leaders don’t always need to spend a lot of time or energy to improve their customer experience. Small, simple changes can go a long way toward positively impacting customers.Consider your word choice when speaking with customers. For example, you should only say “sorry” in two scenarios: when you have made a mistake and when you want to authentically express empathy. Otherwise, find alternative language that will positively enhance the customer’s experience.Your body language also says a lot. Be aware not only of how you present yourself, but also of what your customers are communicating to you through their body language.One of the most important things for leaders to consider is packaging. How you put together and present the product or service you will influence your customers to buy more from you.Much of customer service comes down to common sense—be nice! You must constantly train to the concepts and cultures you want in your organization, even if it seems like it should be “common sense.”Every person’s level of common sense is different, and is based on five factors: the environment in which they were raised, the era in which they were born, their previous work culture, their personality, and their current work atmosphere.Take an integrated approach to customer service training. Your whole team and organization must approach it as a whole in order to see results and drive success.These concepts and more can be found in Laurie’s book, The 10¢ Decision: How Small Change Pays Off Big. Listeners who purchase the book from her website may use the code PODCAST to receive 20% their copy.Quote:

    “Business owners do not need to do radical, expensive things to impact their customers. Often they can make little changes to make a difference.” -Laurie Guest


    Laurie Guest, CSP is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and “go-to-resource” for customer service excellence. Her latest book is The 10¢ Decision: How Small Change Pays Off Big.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Laurie Guest. They discuss her recent book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Sam Lessin of Fin Analytics. They discuss the changing needs and expectations of customers, and how to keep customer service simple while delivering satisfaction.

    The Interview with Sam Lessin:The world is becoming more customer-centric, but not every company is keeping up. There must be more training and coaching present within contact centers and customer-facing roles.Measurement is everything. You can only change what you measure. You must measure and collect data across multiple areas of your business so you can understand which moments in the customer journey need review and repair.Executives are in danger of being too far removed from their customers’ journey. Data can help bridge this gap. The right data can help executives make the best decisions about how to create healthier relationships, improve workflow, and create better customer service.Consumers’ expectations of companies they do business with have never been higher, especially when it comes to communication and availability. Customers now expect companies to be as easy to reach as their friends are.Social customer care involves customers communicating with companies through social media channels. Companies need to be aware of the increased visibility that comes with these territories; it can be good, but it can also be a huge liability.Technology, systems, and processes will continue changing and getting more complicated. Keep it simple by remembering that it’s really about serving people well. Customers just want their questions answered and their problems solved quickly and easily; this has remained constant and will not change.Understand the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers and examine how customer service impacts it. Focus on this aspect more than any others.Customer service is not a separate department or something that only happens in contact centers. It is present throughout the entire customer journey. It drives value for your organization just as much as—if not more than—sales, marketing, product, etc.Quote:

     “Your customer service isn’t just a call center; it’s driving value for your organization.”- Sam Lessin


    Sam Lessin is the co-founder and co-CEO of Fin Analytics. Formerly, he was Product VP at Facebook and founded drop.io. He also writes a column for The Information.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/408ab086-e55a-11e9-9538-03d1d645855e/stripped_7c8a00fe10f8d7e8824b9a2420e10a21.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8547926989.mp3 [size] => 20897437 [duration] => 1741.45 [uid] => CSN8547926989 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/408ab086-e55a-11e9-9538-03d1d645855e/id3/b6d014d5d5b1862a918a90f3b57003fa.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77326 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Customer Service Drives Value Featuring Guest Sam Lessin.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Sam Lessin of Fin Analytics. They discuss...
  • Array ( [id] => 0e2d596a-e3b9-11e9-aaed-4f646827e61d [createdAt] => 2019-09-30T12:32:35.767-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-09-30T12:33:47.958-07:00 [title] => The Analytic Customer Experience Featuring Guest Tom Goodmanson [pubdate] => 2019-09-30T23:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/0e2d596a-e3b9-11e9-aaed-4f646827e61d/image/uploads_2F1569871937645-pdof0lftlpi-477565d72d95749c61c5f224e70bf74b_2FTom%2BGoodmanson%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How AI Can Support Human Customer Service [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Tom Goodmanson. They discuss trends in digital customer service, including hyper-personalization and fast, frictionless self-service.

    The Interview with Tom Goodmanson:The “CX revolution” is only just beginning. The trend across industries is toward elevating the customer experience. This has become critical for organizations to focus on, as 9 in 10 businesses say they’re competing primarily on the basis of customer experience.With all the recent advancements in technology, AI can provide more insights and support to the customer service world than ever before. Technology helps make contact centers smarter, faster, and better and paves the way for proactive customer service.Human interaction will never be entirely eliminated or replaced by AI. However, digital technologies can help support humans—both the reps serving customers and the customers themselves—by making processes easier, more efficient, and more frictionless. Data and analytics empower agents to engage customers in a way that brings humanity back into the equation.Customers’ expectations are higher than ever. These changing and growing expectations drive the biggest trends and most critical focus points for the future of CX. These focal points include hyper-personalization and fast, frictionless service.Hyper-personalization happens when you are able to collect and analyze enough data to get to a very deep understanding of the individual consumer. It allows for exceptional customer care.Find ways to provide your customers with fast and frictionless service. This starts by saving them time. Give your customers the ability to connect with you the way they want to, not the way you want them to.The Calabrio Customer Connect (C3) conference takes place on October 13-16, 2019 in San Antonio. The conference, where Shep will be a keynote speaker, focuses on the challenges of managing growing contact centers, solutions for increasing customer and employee engagement and voice-of-the-customer innovations happening in contact centers today. Learn more at Calabrio.com.Quote: 

    “At the end of the day when we build all this software to run and drive, we still believe in the humanization of the contact center. We think it needs to become even more human.” - Tom Goodmanson


    Tom Goodmanson is the President and CEO of Calabrio, a workforce optimization and management company. He has more than 20 years of experience leading fast-growing dynamic software and technology companies.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/0e2d596a-e3b9-11e9-aaed-4f646827e61d/stripped_108912d4cf0d6d658b539ccf7d8079e0.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4240471841.mp3 [size] => 23044702 [duration] => 1920.39 [uid] => CSN4240471841 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/0e2d596a-e3b9-11e9-aaed-4f646827e61d/id3/cef56007ef0dc3b7c4558c859670a1dd.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77730 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Analytic Customer Experience Featuring Guest Tom Goodmanson.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Tom Goodmanson. They discuss trends in digital...
  • Array ( [id] => 1f24fb6a-dbe4-11e9-b151-6f9a1c6f6907 [createdAt] => 2019-09-20T13:20:43.285-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-09-20T13:21:42.965-07:00 [title] => Customer Understanding Featuring Guest Annette Franz [pubdate] => 2019-09-23T23:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/1f24fb6a-dbe4-11e9-b151-6f9a1c6f6907/image/uploads_2F1569007455552-t4g5k52epp-e08ee80f73f6324e66aee534a7244b6b_2FAnnette%2BFranz%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => The Link Between the Employee Experience and the Customer Experience [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Annette Franz. They discuss her new book, Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of Your Business. They also talk about the crucial role the employee experience plays in the customer experience.

    The Interview with Annette Franz:Customer understanding is a cornerstone of a customer-centric culture. You must understand who your customers are, the experience they’re having, the problems they face, their goals, and how your business helps them achieve their goals.Communication is crucial in the customer experience. You must communicate openly and honestly with your customers, especially if you need to make changes and decisions that will affect their experience.Everything that affects the customer experience is related to the employee experience. Use the same tools to measure and map the employee experience as you do for the customer experience. Employees, after all, are “internal” customers, and what happens on the inside of an organization will be felt on the outside by external customers.It’s important to eliminate friction for both customers and employees. Be wary of making decisions that will eliminate friction only for customers, while creating more difficulties for employees. That friction, though not direct, will eventually be felt by the customers, too.Happy employees result in happy customers. If you treat your employees well, they, in turn, will treat your customers well. The result is a win-win for your business.Without customers, you have no business. But in order to have happy, loyal customers, you must treat your employees well. At the end of the day, your business focus should really be on the people that drive your business—both customers and employees alike.


    “Out of a great employee experience comes employee engagement, productivity, and quality. This translates to a great experience for customers.” - Annette Franz


    Annette Franz, CCXP, is founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., as well as an internationally recognized CX thought leader, coach, speaker, and author of Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of Your Business. Her website is cx-journey.com.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Annette Franz. They discuss her new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Paul Selby of ServiceNow. They discuss the evolution of customer service and customer needs in a digital world, and how companies can employ self-service and proactive service to meet customer demands.

    The Interview with Paul Selby:Self-service is all about empowering customers and giving them the ability to solve their own problems. This often allows resolutions to be reached faster, which makes the customers happy and eliminates extra work for customer support agents.Most of today's customer service is reactive instead of proactive. Proactive service is about being aware of you customer's world anticipating problems, and solving them before the customer has a chance to contact you. The goal is to be so good that no one ever has to call customer service.Even if the issues that arise are not your fault, you still need to provide your customers with access to you for support.Despite some customers’ and companies’ preference for AI and chatbots, voice-to-voice (as in, human-to-human) interface remains the fastest and most frictionless way to provide that support. Technology is not yet at a place where it can include and convey empathy in its responses.At the end of the day, customers drive every aspect of a business. Therefore, it is crucial that you focus on creating genuine, authentic connections with your customers.Customer service is a part of, and encompasses, all other departments. Make sure you train and empower all employees to deliver the best experience possible.Quote:

    “We’re always expecting more as human beings. Customer service will never go away; there will always be a need for it.” - Paul Selby


    Paul Selby is a product marketing director for Customer Service Management at ServiceNow.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/59ccef38-d4d3-11e9-84d2-83a137aee75a/stripped_4394f372e629ab4ca4aa26e6e1660bd6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8110519269.mp3 [size] => 19663308 [duration] => 1638.61 [uid] => CSN8110519269 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/59ccef38-d4d3-11e9-84d2-83a137aee75a/id3/e8d15b568721071ee020b7ea767ce042.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76164 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Customer Service Will Never Go Out of Style Featuring Guest Paul Selby.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Paul Selby of ServiceNow. They discuss the...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Steve Farber. They discuss how to implement love into every aspect of your business to drive customer success.

    The Interview with Steve Farber:Even if you love what you do, there will still be days that feel like work. You must do the necessary things you dislike in order to be able to do the things you love in your business. Doing only what you love is called retirement—but you don’t necessarily need to be retired to feel this way.Societally, we are unaccustomed to using the words “love” and “business” in the same sentence. Using the word “love” in relation to business raises the standards and expectations in a way that promotes positive growth. However, you shouldn’t use this verbiage if you don’t intend to follow through with it; if you talk the talk, you must also walk the walk.We want customers to love our products and services. If they don’t, we will have no competitive advantage. Achieving this starts on the inside with the company’s culture. You must first create an environment people love working in; do it right, and this love will be felt on the outside by the customer.A cultural focus can begin on any level of an organization and needs to happen on every level. However, you can’t create this as a leader if you don’t love it yourself first. You must love the environment you create so your employees will also love it—and then customers will feel that love too.To kickstart your cultural change, ask yourself the important questions, like what love looks like in business, why you love what you do, and how you can show it. Then ask those around you what you can do to demonstrate customer love and implement those new ideas. Many good ideas already exist within your organization. Ask the right questions so you can have the right internal conversations.Business, like love, is incredibly personal. This is the most important but also the most overlooked aspect of business.Quote:

    “As businesspeople, we want our customers to love what we do for them. If they don’t love the product or service, then we have no advantage at all.”  - Steve Farber


    Steve Farber is the president of Extreme Leadership Inc., a speaker and consultant, and the author of several books including Love is Just Damn Good Business and The Radical Leap.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Steve Farber. They discuss how to implement...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Peter Fader and Sarah Toms. They discuss their new book, The Customer Centricity Playbook, and the “Customer Centricity Manifesto,” which teaches individuals and organizations how to build a customer-centric culture.

    The Interview with Peter Fader & Sarah Toms:A key term is CLV, which stands for “customer lifetime value.” Taking this into account, it is almost always more profitable to retain existing customers versus acquiring new customers.There are high-, mid- and low-value customers. In your customer base, there are fewer high-value customers and losing them could drastically, negatively impact your business profits. There are more low- and mid- value customers. They are easier to acquire and losses don’t hurt your business as much.The paradox of customer centricity is that despite these facts, many companies still expend a lot of effort into acquiring and retaining the risky high-value customers rather than retaining the dependable low- and mid-value customers. Be careful with how you manage your customer base.Don’t prioritize price over customer experience. Focus your efforts into creating a valuable experience first and foremost, and you will find that a loyal and profitable customer base will follow.Wait to create loyalty programs until you learn more about your customer base, their spending habits, and their wants and needs. Also assess the kinds of customers you’re attracting from your marketing campaigns. Then build your loyalty program using this data.Most loyalty programs are really marketing programs. For instance, “Buy nine and the tenth one is free!” True loyalty involves an emotional connection.Customer heterogeneity refers to differences between customers. You must recognize these differences and not attempt to create a one-size-fits-all approach to use across your entire customer base. Celebrate the differences that elevate your customers above “average.”The Customer Centricity Manifesto consists of four major areas:Customer HeterogeneityCross-Functional Uses of CLVMetrics That Reflect Customer EquityClear Communications with External StakeholdersQuote:

    “Be careful with how you manage your customers. Make sure that you’re not accidentally firing your customers. That’s not what customer centricity is about.” – Sarah Toms


    Sarah Toms is the executive director and co-founder of Wharton Interactive. She works with The Women in Tech Summit and techgirlz.org to support women and girls in the technology field. Recently, she coauthored The Customer Centricity Playbook with Peter Fader.

    Peter Fader is a professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He is the author of Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage. Recently, he coauthored The Customer Centricity Playbook with Sarah Toms.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Peter Fader and Sarah Toms. They discuss...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Chris Bauserman. They discuss how emotions and personalization play a large role in the customer service and experience of today, and how we can use data analytics to harness that knowledge for improvement.

    The Interview with Chris Bauserman:The experience economy has changed dramatically over time. Today, who we choose to do business with has much more to do with emotion than with products, technology, or even price point. The companies that differentiate themselves through their service are the ones that stand out and succeed.What is the difference between customer service and customer experience? Customer service is part of the customer experience. Bad service can cause a customer to walk out on you and your company, but it’s not the only factor anymore. You must ensure as much as you can that the customer’s entire journey with you is a positive one.A customer may begin their journey with you in a variety of different ways. What matters most to them in the end is that you know them, have their best interests at heart, and resolve their issue quickly.There is a difference between multichannel and omnichannel. They both allow customers the choice of how they want to connect with you, but omnichannel allows for a seamless connection between platforms, which is a crucial element in creating a frictionless, convenient experience. The most important thing is making yourself available to customers on their terms.91% percent of consumers desire a frictionless, convenient experience, but less than a quarter of business focus on or provide that for their customers. This huge disconnect needs to be addressed. Design your customer journey in a way that is truly customer-centric.Be proactive as much as you can. It’s important to provide a fast and easy resolution to a problem, but it’s even better if you can avoid that problem altogether before it becomes an issue or the customer becomes aware of it.Contact centers are a wealth of information. AI and data analytics can help you measure and understand the emotions of the customers and employees to identify the root of common problems. From there, you can make changes and improve, creating a better experience for everyone involved.Quote:

     “Your customer experience is your product.” - Chris Bauserman


    Chris Bauserman is the VP of Product and Segment Marketing at NICE InContact. He has over 20 years of experience helping companies improve their customer service.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Chris Bauserman. They discuss how emotions and...
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    Shep Hyken interviews John Rossman. They discuss John’s new book, Think Like Amazon, and how to utilize the key factors that drive Amazon’s success. 

    The Interview with John Rossman:Innovation and success come from developing and committing to systems. Be deliberate in how you approach your work and have a “playbook” you can pull from for any situation. Even though your business may change, a consistent system will drive you to success.Identify the durable customer needs in your industry—the things customers will consistently desire and seek out from companies regardless of other changeable factors. For Amazon, these are low prices, large selection, and fast delivery. It’s helpful to phrase these needs as something like, “I can’t imagine a world where customers would want higher prices.”Once you develop a core set of beliefs about your customers and brand, allow these to act as “swim lanes.” Focus on innovation within those areas; some ideas will work and some won’t, but you will learn from your mistakes. This approach will serve you well over a long period of time.Most companies say they want to change, but very few companies are actually committed to following through with it. Change starts with being honest about who and what you are and whether or not you’re building for the future. Once you’ve done that, you can begin moving forward.Are you a “day one company” or a “day two company”? Day one companies focus on tomorrow; lean forward and look at each day as a chance to grow and improve for the future. Day two companies focus on today; they maintain the status quo and optimize for the short term rather than the long term. They’re often more concerned about money than the customer.A great way to drive change and innovation is to become customer-obsessed. When you’re obsessed, it drives you to do hard things on behalf of your customer. It can lead to more financial gain tomorrow.Be relentless in your approach to innovation. Most innovation comes from every day, operational work. If you approach that relentlessly and put in the hours necessary, you will become better and make a positive impact on your customers.Be willing to adopt change personally as well as professionally. Challenge your own internal status quo in addition to your company’s. This will help you go far.Quote:

    “When you’re obsessed, you’re willing to do  hard things on behalf of your customer. Building a true customer obsession is a great way to challenge your status quo.” - John Rossman


    John Rossman is the author of Think Like Amazon: 50 ½ Ideas to Become a Digital Leader. Formerly an executive at Amazon, he now heads Rossman Partners, a niche business advisory firm.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews John Rossman. They discuss John’s new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Jim Tincher. They discuss journey mapping and how it can be used to improve both the employee experience and the customer experience.

    The Interview with Jim Tincher:What is a journey map? A journey map is a graphic representation of every interaction a customer has with you and your business. Journey maps can be used as effective tools to drive change and improve the customer experience.It is important to make the journey map highly visual. This will help people remember the key points and takeaways, which will help drive the positive changes that are needed in your organization.Jan Carlzon coined the phrase “Moment of Truth,” which is any and every interaction the customer has with an organization that gives them the opportunity to form an impression. These points of contact can come in many varieties, and they all form part of the customer journey.One of the biggest touchpoints is actually Google, which allows customers to form an impression of your company before interacting with it directly. This is a good reminder that much of the customer journey may not directly involve your company, but it still forms an important part of the bigger picture.Before you begin journey mapping, there are five questions you should ask and answer:What’s the problem you want to solve?What’s the right journey for your customers/business?Who is the customer?How do you get customer feedback?Who is on your team?It’s crucial to obtain feedback and get your employees to listen to the customer. And once you get that feedback, you must do something with it. If you don’t, you will betray your customers’ trust and ruin the relationship.In addition to mapping the customer journey, it’s also advisable to map the employee journey. The employee journey behind the scenes has direct impact on the customer.Quote:

    “You can spend all your time focusing on the customers, but if you don’t enable (empower) your employees to create a great customer experience, it’s going to be a long road.” - Jim Tincher


    Jim Tincher is the founder and Mapper-In-Chief at Heart of the Customer. He co-authored the recent book How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer? Using Journey Mapping to Drive Customer-Focused Change.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Jim Tincher. They discuss journey mapping and...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Gothelf. They discuss how companies must build a culture around listening and responding to customer need.

    The Interview with Jeff Gothelf:Do work that has an impact on your customers. Don’t measure your work based on completion; measure it based on growth and the positive impact you can have on those around you—especially your customers.Leaders need to start managing product teams differently, putting the focus on the customer rather than on products and deadlines. If you build a customer-centric product, it will help you attract the best people and have the biggest impact on customers. This is the way to succeed in today’s world.Organization leaders must empower all employees—but especially those closest to the customer and in customer-facing roles—to make decisions that best impact the customer. The employees in customer-facing roles are going to have the best understanding of the customer’s experience—their wants, needs, problems, and potential solutions to those problems.Exemplary companies and technologies have universally raised customer expectations to a higher level. If you and your company don’t meet and exceed those expectations, you will lose customers to a company that does. Find out what your customers like about those exemplary companies, and incorporate some of their practices into your own business.Use the concept of “sense and respond” when delivering your customer service and experience. You must listen to your customers and use what you hear to actively and rapidly grow and change. The rate of change in all industries is faster than ever, and it happens continuously; if you fall behind, you’ll lose customers.Talk to your customers and listen to what they say. Have a real conversation with them instead of merely relying on surveys. This will help you understand them and get more qualitative data that will help you learn, grow, and succeed.Quote:

    “The faster you can build learning into the culture of your organization, the faster you can build the response mechanisms to adjust course to the wildly changing market conditions and customer expectations.” - Jeff Gothelf


    Jeff Gothelf works as a coach, consultant, and keynote speaker. He founded Sense & Respond Press and co-authored the books Lean UX and Sense & Respond.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/aa116604-b46c-11e9-8d9a-efc699b816bd/stripped_82771a84383235c21abd0dbc2f43019c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4024020007.mp3 [size] => 23243442 [duration] => 1936.95 [uid] => CSN4024020007 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/aa116604-b46c-11e9-8d9a-efc699b816bd/id3/cdbcc888ea8243619682fe405104273b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77730 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Sense and Respond Culture with Jeff Gothelf.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Gothelf. They discuss how companies must...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Josh Ginsberg. They discuss crisis management and why brand integrity is important to customers.

    The Interview with Josh Ginsberg:When a problem or crisis occurs, it’s essential for customers to see the company take action. However, that action must come from a place of authenticity. If a company has already established a track record of integrity when there is no crisis, it will be much easier for customers to trust they will fix a problem.There are three main components of crisis management. You must act quickly, you must be authentic, and you must communicate consistently.66% of all consumers say that transparency is the most important quality for a brand. That means communicating even when you’re at fault or don’t have answers, being honest in your communication, and being authentic in yourself and your brand.A crisis can have positive outcomes. If a crisis is handled well, it can increase the visibility and reputation of your brand. This, in turn, can lead to customer loyalty.Social media has changed the landscape of brand identity and customer relationships. The many platforms allow anyone and everyone to be an influencer and to spread information quickly.There is a fairly new expectation of companies and brands to tackle issues that may or may not be related to their product. Customers like and trust companies more that publicly take a stand on hot-button issues.Employees have similar expectations of their company’s brand identity and integrity. When employees’ values line up with their companies’, it results in higher employee retention. It’s in companies’ best interests to consider the things their employees value. Employees can be a brand’s best advocates.Quote:

    “It’s important for customers to see companies take action in a crisis. But that action has to be authentic.” - Josh Ginsberg


    Josh Ginsberg is the founder and CEO of Zignal Labs, a media analytics platform. Previously, he served as a senior public affairs executive for Fortune 500 companies and political campaigns.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Josh Ginsberg. They discuss crisis management and...
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    The Interview with John Brandt:

    There’s often a disconnect between organization leaders and customers. Leaders live in a “customer-free zone” where they don’t interact with customers on a daily basis and therefore don’t know what customers most desire. The most important factor to customers is that they feel heard and cared about by the company and its representatives.Get to know your customers. See your organization through their eyes, and take time to shop, work, and even live alongside them. Learn about their struggles and discover their biggest pain points. Then, devise a solution that eliminates multiple headaches for the customer at once. Make their lives more convenient. Sales follow convenience.Nincompoopery is not usually the fault of any individual; its roots often lie with the company or organization. Friction needs to be eliminated at the source and on a larger scale. This starts with training, defining values, and building culture on the inside, which creates a consistent experience for the customer on the outside.Build real, human connections with your customers. Relationships should go deeper than the transactional. This is where AI falls short. Customers still crave that person-to-person interaction.Another definition of a Moment of Truth is “when something happens that can dramatically change the arc of the relationship between you and the customer.” Relationships are formed in these moments, in moments of crisis—both in business and in life. These moments are when you learn who you can trust and who you cannot. Prove to your customers that they can trust you.One of the biggest gifts you can receive is a customer complaint. This is direct feedback from the customer about something that isn’t working in your organization. Use that feedback and do something with it. Make changes and improve.Everyone falls victim to nincompoopery, but you’re only truly a nincompoop if you make no effort to grow. Consistently analyze your own performance by looking through your customer’s eyes—always look for ways to improve. Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck in nincompoopery, and there’s no future for anyone there.


    “You can’t improve customer experience and value unless you go live with your customers. Go be a customer with your customers.”- John Brandt


    John R. Brandt is the author of Nincompoopery: Why Your Customers Hate You—and How to Fix It. He is also the CEO and founder of The MPI Group.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • The Interview with John Brandt:There’s often a disconnect between organization...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Cameron Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. They discuss Cameron’s customer service philosophies and his new book, Yes is the Answer! What is the Question?.

    The Interview with Cameron Mitchell:Be goal-oriented. Know the difference between working for a paycheck and working for your career.Define your company’s core values and culture first. Then, build the company for the people, by the people.Rather than putting the guests/customers first, put your employees first. This sets up a triangular relationship: you take care of your employees, your employees take care of your customers, and your customers take care of your company. This all stems from an internal people-first culture.Mitchell shared his company’s Five Pillars of Culture, which are in the form of questions. These questions must be answered with authority and conviction. They are as follows:What do we want to be?How do we define ourselves?What is our mission?What is your role?What is our goal?There should be an almost even split between cultural and fiscal responsibility, the scales tipped in favor of culture. The number one goal should be to maintain your company’s culture and values. Making a profit should be second to that. Never sacrifice your culture for the sake of profit.Your company will have many goals that come and go, but the one constant goal should be to be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today. This creates a culture of positive change within your organization. Stagnation is a death sentence.The phrase “yes is the answer; what’s the question?” creates an attitude of action. It motivates people to find creative solutions to problems rather than just saying “no.”Attaching an image, symbol, or picture to your company mantra can make for a powerful reminder. Implement and integrate this company-wide to ensure everyone is on the same page.Quote:

     “We take care of our people, our people take care of our guests, and our guests then take care of our company.” - Cameron Mitchell


    Cameron Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. He has enjoyed success as a lifelong entrepreneur, accomplished businessman, culinary expert, and nationally recognized restauranteur.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Cameron Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Cameron...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Michelle Hayward. They discuss how to create and cultivate the core values and culture that keep companies strong. 

    The Interview with Michelle Hayward:Michelle is a firm believer in the culture and values of a company. She shared the five most important tenets of company culture. They are:Intentionality – It is important to approach your work with intention every day. This helps you be bold, confident, and prepared. Intentional people know what’s expected of them and have a desire to answer questions, make deliberate choices, and move the conversation forward in a positive, productive way.Curiosity – Foster insatiable curiosity in your work. Curiosity allows for creativity, which creates growth. You never want to get to a place where you’re stagnant because there’s no curiosity. Curiosity helps you solve tough problems.Purity of Heart – In many lines of work, you will be given tough problems with strict deadlines. Even when caught in “the struggle,” it’s crucial to be pure of heart and be driven by the notion of service and the desire to help others.Agility – Nothing is ever predetermined, so there will always be a need to be agile. This means being able to “pivot” and adapt to every new challenge that arises.Freedom, Transparency, Accountability – The final tenet is three concepts in one. These three qualities allow for the creation of a platform where people own their work and are accountable for their decisions. This helps with employee engagement because it makes them feel involved and valued.It’s important to recognize a misalignment of values. Team action should be taken to try and rectify the issue, and during this time, everyone involved should remain open and willing to learn and pivot.Never stop learning. Always stay open to new information and lessons. Be willing to take risks with your clients. The reward will be worth it in the end.Be transparent with your clients. Your relationship with them will become a more productive partnership. When done right, values will cross over and positively affect the relationship.Quote:

    “Culture is steeped in values. Values shape behaviors.” - Michelle Hayward


    Michelle Hayward is the CEO of brand and growth consultancy Bluedog Design. She is a graduate of The Kellogg School of Management’s Chief Marketing Officer Program and Dartmouth’s Executive Women Entrepreneurship.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Michelle Hayward. They discuss how to create...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Adrian Swinscoe. They discuss his new book, Punk CX, and talk about how to apply punk sensibility to the customer service world.

    The Interview with Adrian Swinscoe:The speed of change is unceasingly fast, but true progress can be impeded by too much to quickly. Many organizations, in fact, make it difficult for their people to deliver good service. The punk movement, inherently, was born out of a desire to disrupt and simplify. That’s what needs to happen with customer service and experience.Customers notice small details and these have a huge impact on their overall experience. For example, let’s say a customer is enjoying everything about a restaurant, but when they go to the bathroom, it is horrifically dirty and smelly. That will affect their overall experience and enjoyment of the restaurant; they may wonder if the kitchen is as dirty as the bathroom, for instance. Make sure every detail is customer-ready.The customer experience is about more than just metrics, and metrics are not always the best way to measure whether or not the experience is a good one. For instance, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to measure being kind to someone or doing the right thing. But just because these things can’t be measured doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be done. And more often than not, this will have a greater effect upon the customer than anything else.Surveys can be helpful, but quite often they are problematic because they’re a selfish venture and don’t truly make the experience better for the customer. The “Six Deadly Sins of Surveys” are making your survey relevant to your company instead of the customer, lengthy surveys, delivering surveys at an inappropriate time, not giving your customers a true voice, not thanking your customers for their time and effort, and surveying your customers too much.There is a lack of real meaning in customer service and experience these days. Many representatives merely paint within the lines of customer service, rather than venturing outside the lines to provide truly exceptional customer service. In order to make a difference and provide an amazing customer experience, you must be willing to try new things—paint outside the lines of your CX.Quote:

    “Listen to your customers. People will say the most amazing things if you let them talk.” - Adrian Swinscoe


    Adrian Swinscoe is a best-selling author and Forbes contributor who has 20 years of experience growing and developing customer-focused companies. His latest book is entitled Punk CX.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions … and more:What is punk CX?How can I improve my customer service/CX?How do I conduct effective customer surveys?What will turn customers away from my business?How important are metrics to CX? 


    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/e98ab184-98f9-11e9-a3ad-1bfd994f92ee/stripped_8e429816f60fdd62cbc584e49fa793ea.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9821585603.mp3 [size] => 22294570 [duration] => 1857.88 [uid] => CSN9821585603 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/e98ab184-98f9-11e9-a3ad-1bfd994f92ee/id3/fd278edbde8418c7c8f2ba71c26216de.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78760 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Punk CX Featuring Guest Adrian Swinscoe.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Adrian Swinscoe. They discuss his new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Ford Blakely. They discuss pursuing your passion, creating convenience, and balancing technology with human connection. When faced with a problem, it’s important to approach it from the standpoint of convenience. How can you fix things to make them more convenient for your customers and employees?The concept of convenience has come more front and center over the past few years. This is largely due to two main factors. First, the review economy put control in the hands of consumers and allowed them to advocate for what they wanted from companies. Second, the immediacy of convenience created an expectation of on-demand service, placing the importance on how companies deliver their service rather than just what their product is.Even if they’re not your direct competitors, companies like Amazon and Uber have created an expectation of a certain level of guest experience thanks to technology and convenience. Your customers will come to desire and even expect this same level of service and guest experience from you, too.There needs to be a balance with technology use. Some companies implement too much technology, sacrificing the human connection their customers crave. This can prove detrimental to business.As with technology, there needs to be a balance between convenience for customers and convenience for employees/businesses. The goal should be to create convenience for all, but it should definitely be skewed in the customer’s favor. When in doubt, always do what’s best for the customer.


    “It’s simple. If you can combine two things that take extra effort into one… that’s convenience.” - Ford Blakely


    Ford Blakely is the founder and CEO of Zingle. He has been involved in startups, finance, and various entrepreneurial projects for over 20 years.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Ford Blakely. They discuss pursuing your passion,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Mary Drumond. They discuss Mary’s recent article, “Bad Experiences Aren’t Always the Problem for Companies” as it pertains to customer feedback, customers’ expectations, and the entire customer experience.

    The Interview with Mary Drumond:It’s important to look into the reasons why customers make their decisions. Most metrics only look at recommendation potential and satisfaction instead of examining customers’ motivation. That means a huge piece of the puzzle is missing.Customers stop doing business with companies for a number of reasons. The number one factor that drives customers away is when their time is not respected. Customers don’t like having to wait or being kept on hold; do this too much, and you may find your customers leaving to do business with someone who has a higher respect for their time.Why do companies with poor customer service continue to flourish? For certain business models, the most important factor may not be CX—it could be time and/or money. Customers expect an experience equivalent to the company’s price point, whether that is high or low. Additionally, if the starting price is lower, customers using the service who are not price-sensitive will pay more for upgrades.Humans make decisions on a cost vs. benefit and pain vs. pleasure basis. For customers making purchase decisions, this means weighing time and money against quality, product, customer service, etc. The lowest price may not always be the best value.Many companies either ignore or miss out on the most important aspect of feedback: the voice of the customer. Survey questions need to be redesigned to allow the customer to voice the issues that matter to them rather than giving data the company wants. Additionally, surveys need to be conducted in a way that eliminates bias entirely, or the data will be skewed.When customers are inundated with too many surveys, they will be less likely to participate and may become irritated. This phenomenon is known as “survey fatigue.” This also happens when customers feel as though companies aren’t doing anything with their feedback—they don’t want to make the effort to complete the survey if their voices are going to be ignored.


    “There’s nothing worse than asking for a customer’s feedback and then doing nothing about it.”- Mary Drumond


    Mary Drumond is the Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix, editor of the Science Behind Decisions blog, and host of the Voices of CXpodcast.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Mary Drumond. They discuss Mary’s recent article,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Randy Frisch. They discuss how content marketing has changed and what businesses need to do to create the best content experience for their customers. A good content marketing strategy is part of a good customer experience.

    The Interview with Randy Frisch:Content marketing, and consumers’ expectations of it, has changed drastically in recent years. No longer are content marketers responsible for sales only; now, they influence the entire customer experience.In order to create a great customer and content experience, there needs to be personalization. The content that the customers come into contact with must be customized to fit their wants, needs, and interests. Companies like Amazon and Spotify are already doing this well.Before you build and market your content, you must understand who you want to connect with. Who is your intended audience? What do they want and need? Your content must be personalized and meaningful to that audience—think of it as “contextual content.”Successful content personalization can lead to customer loyalty. When customers feel that you truly understand them, they are more likely to make a purchase - and more likely to make repeat purchases. Customers want to do business with companies that understand them.It’s better to have less content that is truly personalized rather than more content that is too general.Quote:

    “It’s not the type or size of audience you care about, but the impact you want to make on them.” - Randy Frisch


    Randy Frisch is the CMO and co-founder at Uberflip, a content experience platform. He is also a host of the Conex: The Content Experience Show podcast and the author of F#ck Content Marketing.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/8b8f1b58-87a9-11e9-8b99-977b0bc277b5/stripped_10fc4657314433f98c82a4b4ac9af0ec.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1311677579.mp3 [size] => 22614936 [duration] => 1884.58 [uid] => CSN1311677579 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/8b8f1b58-87a9-11e9-8b99-977b0bc277b5/id3/f07da227d60e5f1140236d6f3bdef8bb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76306 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => From Content Marketing to Content Experience Featuring Guest Randy Frisch.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => 2019-06-05T13:05:26.454-07:00 [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Randy Frisch. They discuss how content marketing...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Jamie Gilpin. They Discuss how the role of marketers has expanded to include the customer experience, and how social media can positively affect the customer journey.

    The Interview with Jamie Gilpin:

         •The advent of social media has opened new channels for marketers. Marketing is no longer concerned with sales alone; now, marketers must take the whole customer experience into consideration. Social media can provide invaluable insights to marketers for every stage of the customer journey.

         •A company’s brand is not determined by first impressions and advertising alone. It is now affected at every interaction and experience a customer has with a company and is comprised of that customer’s feelings toward the company. Marketers can use social media as a tool to manage customers’ impressions and define the company’s brand.

         •There are many areas in which marketers no longer have control of a company’s brand. Social media puts control into the hands of the customers, which can create problems when customers use social media as a megaphone to advertise their issues with a company. However, handled well, this also creates an opportunity for marketers to take back control, using those channels to steer the impression other consumers will form of the brand.

         •There is a difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Customers become loyal when they’re not only satisfied, but when they feel a true connection to the company. Loyal customers then become advocates for a brand by recommending it to their friends and family.

         •Customers crave authentic, human connection more than anything else, and this is ultimately what drives sales and loyalty. Social media is arguably one of the biggest connection points in the customer experience. Companies must realize this and take advantage of this opportunity to create connection.

         •It’s important to identify and uphold a purpose for your company. If your purpose aligns with your customers’ values, this will drive connection and loyalty. However, the purpose must be authentic; otherwise, it will drive customers away. Listen on social media to what your customers are saying to learn what their values, wants, and needs are.

         •It’s crucial to truly know and understand your customers. Social media is an under-utilized treasure trove of information; use this tool to get to know your customers and connect with them on an authentic, human level.


    “The largest, most unfiltered source of business intelligence for customer knowledge and connection is social media.” - Jamie Gilpin


    Jamie Gilpin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sprout Social, a leading provider of social media analytics, engagement, and advocacy solutions for business. She received her MBA from Northwestern University.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Jamie Gilpin. They Discuss how the role...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Roger Dooley. They discuss his new book, Friction: The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage, and how it applies to the customer experience.

    The Interview with Roger Dooley:Friction is “any unnecessary expenditure of effort to accomplish a task.” This effort can include both time and money and affects both customers and employees. Not eliminating friction can cost you the loyalty of both your customers and your employees alike.Businesses need to develop a “friction-aware culture.” Once you’re aware, not only will you see friction everywhere, but you can start to fix it. A smoother CX results in happier customers, higher sales, and a more productive and engaged team.Trust and friction work in direct opposition to one another. Sometimes we will put up with extra friction to trust in security (i.e., a safety deposit box). But there is often a mismatch between trust and friction, such as complicated online security measures that only frustrate the customer. For your customers to trust you, you must demonstrate that you trust them.Sometimes adding friction can have beneficial results. For instance, moving a candy dish just a few feet further can help someone change their diet. Alternatively, adding a high-friction option results in consumers choosing the low-friction option.Friction and human behavior are linked. Changing friction (usually reducing it) allows you to steer human behavior. It is rare to see positive results from adding friction; if you do add friction, it can’t be too much or you will see adverse effects. There must be a balance.Opportunities can be greater for small businesses because they are less likely to have internal friction and can therefore be more creative.It is crucial for executives and organization leaders to observe their customers, rather than making disconnected assumptions about what’s working and what isn’t. Observation allows you to see where friction exists for your customers so that you can make changes where necessary.Quote:

    “Wasting your customers’ time and effort will cost you their loyalty.” - Roger Dooley


    Roger Dooley is an author and international keynote speaker. He founded Dooley Direct, a consultancy, and co-founded College Confidential, the leading college-bound website.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Roger Dooley. They discuss his new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Wharton School professors Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian Terwiesch. They discuss their new book, Connected Strategy, and how any company can use the concept to improve their customer experience.

    The Interview with Nicolaj Siggelkow & Christian Terwiesch:Connected strategy is a concept that allows companies to connect to customers more holistically. By connecting to and anticipating customers’ needs on a deeper level, more value is added to every interaction and transaction that customer has with the company.Customers may be nervous about giving you and your company data. In order for them to feel comfortable enough to share with you, you need to show them a clear value proposition. It is crucial that they feel their data is helping you provide a better experience for them, otherwise they will feel exploited.There is much friction caused by infrequent customer connections. Repeated connections create a positive feedback loop where you are able to add personalization and eliminate friction.Not every customer will appreciate or desire a connected strategy. Predictive analytics can inform you how much connectivity each individual customer wants. It’s important to not create just one type of connected strategy; there need to be options to suit each type of customer.Connected strategy can drive up efficiency and create a more convenient experience for everyone.Parents are the ultimate example of a good company. Their customers are their children. Not only do they take care of their customers’ wants and needs, they are able to predict those needs ahead of time. They are also able to provide what is best for their customers, whether or not their customers are aware of what that is, because they have their customers’ long-term interests at heart. A good company should operate in much the same way.Quotes:

    “Connected strategies are not just about technology or data. They’re about relieving your customers’ pain points by creating an information exchange.” – Nicolaj Siggelkow

    “Every business has to answer two questions: the what and the how. What are the needs of the customer and how do you fulfill those needs?” – Christian Terwiesch


    Nicolaj Siggelkow is a Professor of Management and Christian Terwiesch is a Professor of Operations and Information Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. They co-direct Penn’s Mack Institute for Innovation Management and cowrote Connected Strategy: Building Continuous Customer Relationships for Competitive Advantage.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/88f809ca-75a4-11e9-8cc8-5754e5eae26e/stripped_37613f11a2f27c53279e06f69dd17010.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4731560424.mp3 [size] => 27946004 [duration] => 1746.63 [uid] => CSN4731560424 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/88f809ca-75a4-11e9-8cc8-5754e5eae26e/id3/7c35c1458d37152614f91196021ea7e1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78424 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Connected Strategy Featuring Guests Nicolaj Sigglekow & Christian Terwiesch.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Wharton School professors Nicolaj Siggelkow and Christian...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Jill Nelson. They discuss her company, Ruby Receptionists, and how to use both technology and humanity to deliver an amazing customer experience. 

    The Interview with Jill Nelson:The driving force behind good customer service should be human engagement and connection. Technology can allow employees to be more helpful, but it should not be the only layer to the customer experience.Even with the many ways a customer can connect with a company, there is still an expectation of instant availability. Customers increasingly prefer to connect with companies via the phone, and phone calls have the highest conversion rate of interaction to sale.The money you spend on marketing will be wasted if you don’t inject care into the customer’s experience beyond getting them to connect with you. Companies need to communicate that they are there for their customers, that they care, and that they’re human, too. At the end of the day, people want to do business with people.It’s important to hire right from the beginning, as is continuous training. Be careful not to “untrain” or demotivate your employees; assume they want to succeed and help their customers succeed, so empower them to do so.Cultivate a mindset where the customer’s needs supersede your own. Use the customer’s success as your compass, and ask yourself what you can help them accomplish and how you can go about doing so.Quote:

    “Hiring right is important, but it’s a waste if you don’t also give your employees the freedom, space, and ability to be human and do great things beyond following the rules.” - Jill Nelson


    Jill Nelson is the founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists. She is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and was honored as the Oregon Technology Executive of the Year in 2017.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/33d1a002-7354-11e9-97bf-83af500f3787/stripped_5607132ba3b43fcf3059e32ed9f1a691.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5583832211.mp3 [size] => 19486564 [duration] => 1948.66 [uid] => CSN5583832211 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/33d1a002-7354-11e9-97bf-83af500f3787/id3/62b48ff630f624c85c9234bfcd3594a6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76230 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Being Human in a Technology-Driven World Featuring Guest Jill Nelson.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Jill Nelson. They discuss her company, Ruby...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Karen Jaw-Madson. They discuss her company, Design for Work Experience; her book, Culture Your Culture; and the most effective work cultures for customer service.

    In Shep’s opening monologue, he talks about the difference between a repeat customer and a loyal customer.

    The Interview with Karen Jaw-Madson:Karen’s book, Culture Your Culture, is intended as a step-by-step how-to guide for organizations looking to design, customize, and sustain their company culture.It’s important to plan your culture with intention rather than letting it happen by accident. Customization also needs to happen instead of copying what other companies have done; culture is nothing without contextual framework. Culture must be intentional and relevant to its intended context.Companies must do three things to hone their culture. First, they must practice organizational mindfulness—i.e., pay honest attention to what’s in front of them at all points of the process. They must have a willingness to follow through on processes. Finally, and most importantly, they must actually change.Changes need to be implemented consistently for companies to get “good”. Organizations need to commit to ongoing behaviors, mindsets, and processes in order to see results.Organizational leaders must demonstrate the changes they wish to see implemented. Culture starts at the top and is felt throughout the whole company and then by the customers.Treat customers as a part of the company, an internal force. The best customer service cultures are flexible, people-centered, and consistent. Remember: we’re all Think about your company’s top goal and priority for culture, and imagine potential consequences if nothing were to change in one year’s time. Let that drive your commitment to change and develop your company-wide culture.Quote:

    “See customers as co-designers of the mission of your company.” - Karen Jaw-Madson


    Karen Jaw-Madson is an organizational expert and versatile leader across multiple fields. She is principal of Co.-Design of Work Experience and the author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences at Work.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/e9d18548-6dc3-11e9-8b3c-5bf8c612247f/stripped_42b0bf6917a9be8b45d381f67c76959d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2918941139.mp3 [size] => 22967902 [duration] => 1913.99 [uid] => CSN2918941139 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/e9d18548-6dc3-11e9-8b3c-5bf8c612247f/id3/2a01970e47c77a3c07c2f1dc535fb161.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77472 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Culture Your Culture Featuring Guest Karen Jaw-Madson.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Karen Jaw-Madson. They discuss her company, Design...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Patrick Campbell. They discuss subscription models, company culture, hiring right, and becoming “customer-obsessed.” 

    In Shep’s opening monologue, he talks about innovative ways to use a subscription model to enhance your business.

    The Interview with Patrick Campbell:Any and every company should consider implementing a subscription model. It brings the relationship with the customer to the forefront and ties it directly to company profit, which has been the trend since the beginning of business.Subscription is the future of business regardless of industry. It creates more convenience for your customers and generates a steady source of income for your business.Companies who nurture and prioritize their relationships with their customers are more likely to succeed and win in business. Companies need to build a culture that is “customer-obsessed.”The two major factors in success are hiring and culture. Culture begins with good hiring; everyone needs to be on the same page so that culture can permeate through the whole business. What’s felt by employees on the inside of a business will be felt by customers on the outside.It can be difficult to hire the right people, but you must prioritize this. Seek employees who are “obsessed with the pursuit of truth.” This means they will be less arrogant, more driven, and more open-minded—all important qualities that will spell out success for your business.Having a relationship with your customers gives you a competitive edge. It grants you a better understanding of what customers want, what they need, and what they value. In an increasingly competitive environment, this can either make or break your company; more often than not, “whoever gets closest to the customer wins.”Quote:

     “Whoever gets closest to the customer wins.” - Patrick Campbell


    Patrick Campbell is the co-founder and CEO of ProfitWell (formerly Price Intelligently). Previously, he has worked at Strategic Initiatives, Google, BridgeBright, and the United States Department of Defense.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/9fda9158-66db-11e9-a4d4-831691e5f20e/stripped_3ffb95ea60165f61dd1119386dc01549.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7122769029.mp3 [size] => 26274743 [duration] => 1876.77 [uid] => CSN7122769029 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/9fda9158-66db-11e9-a4d4-831691e5f20e/id3/1ac90652d0ed82df18042fc52f796811.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76764 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Customer Obsession Featuring Guest Patrick Campbell.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Patrick Campbell. They discuss subscription models, company...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Mike Grande, the founder and CEO of Rock Out Loud and The Staten Island School of Rock. They discuss Mike’s successful philosophies of providing an outstanding experience to his customers.

     The Interview with Mike Grande:Focus on a simple growth philosophy: to grow your business one customer at a time. If you do your job right, you will earn loyalty and then your customers will help your business grow by recommending your business to friends and family.Know the real purpose of your business and how it can impact your customers. To Mike, music is secondary at his school. He and his fellow teachers—called “coaches”—focus on creating leaders and building self-confidence in their students using music as a tool.Change the customer’s state of mind—break the customer’s preoccupation when they walk through your door or call you. For example, whenever Mike’s students enter one of his schools, a motion detector triggers a crowd chant to pump them up and prepare them for a stellar lesson. Prime your customers in a similar way to ensure their interaction with you is the best it can be.Personalization is a vitally important concept in business. Consider giving your customers personalized gifts to show appreciation for their loyalty. Don’t brand the gifts or turn them into a sales ploy; this is an opportunity to insert some humanity into a service interaction. Have the mindset of “this gift is the least I can do for a loyal customer.”It’s crucial for everyone you work with to be on the same page when it comes to your mission statement. Everyone must be in alignment with the vision of the company, and there needs to be total buy-in from all employees. This comes from creating, cultivating, and defending your company culture.Quote:

    “For the leader of an organization to be truly successful, you must know your ‘why’ and your mission.” – Mike Grande


    Mike Grande is the founder and CEO of The Staten Island School of Rock and Rock Out Loud. When he’s not teaching or playing music, he is the CTO and a Certified Ethical Hacker for Owl Rock.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/f34b3c40-62e7-11e9-b6cf-7766fd050dbe/stripped_9b52701ee52ee50bded196c11ffbb099.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1802527435.mp3 [size] => 23998589 [duration] => 1999.88 [uid] => CSN1802527435 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/f34b3c40-62e7-11e9-b6cf-7766fd050dbe/id3/add81636fad28a8af5724ed38bffcb21.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76754 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Music and the Customer Experience Featuring Guest Mike Grande - Copy.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Mike Grande, the founder and CEO of...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Sandy Rogers. They discuss his new book, Leading Loyalty: Cracking the Code to Customer Devotion, and the importance of empathy, responsibility, and generosity in the customer experience. 

    The Interview with Sandy Rogers:During Sandy’s tenure at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, the company focused on improving customer service to drive loyalty. They measured service quality and strove to improve from the bottom up. Over ten years, the company’s customer satisfaction rating grew from 67% to 80%, service quality became more consistent between all branches, and sales tripled. The employees may have stayed the same, but changes in management and expectation directly lead to the improvement.The biggest factor in customer loyalty is empathy. Loyalty is an emotion that can’t always be explained by numbers and figures. Companies need to remember to include the human element when dealing with their customers if they hope to win their hearts, which is the key to winning their business.Empathy and emotional engagement begin inside the company within the employee experience. Companies must respect and empathize with their employees if they want and expect their employees to do the same with their customers. What is felt on the inside of an organization will be felt on the outside.Implement a regular “loyalty huddle” with your team. Use this time to focus on one of the principles of loyalty outlined in the book, such as empathy, responsibility, or generosity. Celebrate successes and create a safe space to discuss things that aren’t working and ideas for improvement.Empower your employees to come up with ideas for improvement and to deliver the best level of customer service they can, even if that means deviating from established policies. It falls to management to lead this charge and advocate for change. Allow good ideas to come from every level of employee, from frontline representative to CEO.Loyalty programs and rewards points may help with customer loyalty, but they’re too easy for competitors to copy. At the end of the day, loyalty will be more driven by empathy and customers’ emotional engagement with a company.There will always be people who will try to cheat the system and take advantage of you. You can’t let those few dictate your business practices, because you will alienate the rest of your customers and lose their loyalty by being difficult to work with. This will only end up hurting your company in the end.As a leader, you must choose to center your company’s culture around the principles of loyalty. Reward and demonstrate the practices you value as central to your goal. You will start to see positive changes not only in your business, but also in your personal life.Quote:

     “We must start by earning the fierce loyalty of our employees by treating them with empathy, responsibility, and generosity.” - Sandy Rogers


    Sandy Rogers is the co-author of Leading Loyalty: Cracking the Code to Customer Devotion and the leader of FranklinCovey’s Loyalty Practice. Formerly, Sandy was the senior vice president at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a03a36ca-5af7-11e9-9602-b3d86df19d61/stripped_748db4464409652800897f8d3dcbcad6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1053078065.mp3 [size] => 23271131 [duration] => 1662.22 [uid] => CSN1053078065 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a03a36ca-5af7-11e9-9602-b3d86df19d61/id3/40e6acfbb87d05c1fa1f28d0033dfa75.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 79338 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Lead with Loyalty Featuring Guest Sandy Rogers.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Sandy Rogers. They discuss his new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Nicholson. They discuss self-service, points of friction and effort, and Jeff’s newest whitepaper, “Achieving Digital Customer Service Transformation.”

    The Interview with Jeff Nicholson:Practically every industry is experiencing a shift to self-service. The result is that previously unknown points of friction are being eliminated, which is good, but it also throws a spotlight on the points of friction that remain.“57 % of consumers dread calling customer service.” Because of self-service, customers now have an expectation that they should be able to find answers on their own via the channels they prefer—social media, texting, websites, etc. Only when they fail to get the information they seek themselves are they finally forced to pick up the phone—and by that time, they’re already frustrated.Friction is a two-sided phenomenon; when a customer experiences friction, employees do too. For example, agents who deal with frustrated customers all day in turn are frustrated themselves. This is one of the reasons why agent turnover is so high. Neither the customer nor the employee wins in this scenario.Companies need to re-think self-service strategies altogether. Ideally, self-service should be integrated and “channel-less”, allowing customers and employees to move seamlessly between channels of communication without the need to repeat information again and again.Customers don’t want self-service; they want proactive service. They want companies to get closer to their moment of need, anticipate problems, and intervene before the need ever arises and they have to reach out. This is also called “predictive maintenance.”Nothing will get solved overnight; friction cannot be eliminated immediately. But you have to start somewhere. Technology is no longer the barrier. You simply need to pick a direction and make changes to move towards results.Quote:

    “57% of consumers dread calling customer service.” - Jeff Nicholson


    Jeff Nicholson is Vice President of CRM Product Marketing at Pegasystems. He is a recognized customer engagement thought leader who frequently presents at CRM industry events.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Nicholson. They discuss self-service, points of...
  • Array ( [id] => 42bee138-5009-11e9-94f0-3b86265e7900 [createdAt] => 2019-03-26T13:53:51.610-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-03-26T13:55:09.136-07:00 [title] => Getting Service Right with Guest Jeff Toister [pubdate] => 2019-04-01T23:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/42bee138-5009-11e9-94f0-3b86265e7900/image/uploads_2F1553620349253-7kczpeflsnm-4f83396792449ef15a647e764b773485_2FJeff%2BToister%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Taking Care of Your Employees So They Take Care of Customers [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Toister. They discuss his book, Getting Service Right: Overcoming the Hidden Obstacles to Outstanding Customer Service, and Jeff offers immediately applicable advice on how to improve your customer service. 

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He discusses the importance of caring for your employees so they can better care for your customers.

    The Interview with Jeff Toister:It’s difficult to not take angry customers personally. The instinct is either fight or flight, neither of which is helpful in a customer service situation. The key is to recognize this instinct, take a pause and a breath, and choose to respond in a different way.Employees are trained to jump straight into offering solutions to angry customers rather than focusing on the emotions at play. Often, angry customers need to vent first. Once they’ve calmed down, they will be more receptive to your ideas for solutions to their problem.Transform your approach from an adversarial stance to the mindset of a partner. If you approach the problem with the customer as a team, they won’t be on the defensive and will be more open to potential solutions.Organization leaders and executives usually don’t spend much time dealing with customers and can therefore be out of touch with their company’s quality of customer service. They may make the mistake of assuming that customer service is both easy and common sense, which it isn’t.People assume that customer service is getting worse when in reality, it’s getting better. The issue is that “good” customer service is what’s expected, and people remember negative experiences more because it’s a deviation from the expectation.When you witness an employee fall short of an expectation, don’t jump straight to conclusions and solutions. Instead, ask “why?” and suspend judgement. Have a conversation with the employee and involve them in problem solving for the present and the future.Quote:

     “Great customer service leaders make it easy for their employees to deliver great service.” - Jeff Toister


    Jeff Toister is a top customer service and experience influencer and the author of three customer service books. He has also created video-based training courses for LinkedIn Learning (a.k.a. Lynda.com).

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/42bee138-5009-11e9-94f0-3b86265e7900/stripped_eb5522a32d9cf5e827695d4cc91150e9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2213354742.mp3 [size] => 23311778 [duration] => 1942.65 [uid] => CSN2213354742 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/42bee138-5009-11e9-94f0-3b86265e7900/id3/a36c2035a4247113e15796235156e272.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77506 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Getting Service Right Featuring Guest Jeff Toister.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Toister. They discuss his book, Getting...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Dr. Natalie Petouhoff. They discuss AI in business—what works and what doesn’t work, how it can help companies and employees succeed, and how we can best utilize it. They also discuss the need for diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He discusses the pros and cons of chatbots.

    The Interview with Natalie Petouhoff:Companies that become too enamored with chatbots, AI, and other technologies can risk losing touch with their customers.AI shouldn’t replace humans; it’s meant to aid and augment both the employee and customer experiences.AI might be more useful to employees rather than customers. It can eliminate mundane, repetitive task for support center agents and help them build better rapport with their customers, which thereby improves the customer experience.Social media has transformed how customers and businesses interact. Having multiple methods of contact, or channels, removes effort from customers, which customers really like.Contact centers and companies alike need to reorient themselves so that the customer is at the center of their operations. They should be less concerned with statistics and more concerned with people.You don’t have to go above and beyond to create an exceptional customer experience. Most customers simply want a quick, easy, and efficient answer or solution to their problems. Providing that is going above and beyond when that isn’t the standard.Companies and employees need to be able to guide and train their AI so it learns better. AI is not meant to operate in an isolated environment; its intelligence is human-inspired.Companies are no longer competing solely against their direct competitor; they’re now competing against the highest standard for service across the board. AI can help power that without customers even realizing it.When companies don’t have an agile mindset, it can be difficult for them to adjust to how rapidly technology changes. Failing to adapt can spell doom for companies if they don’t respond with urgency and a willingness to learn.Quote:

    “AI is meant to augment the problem-solving process.” – Dr. Natalie

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/390d64d2-3b6b-11e9-bc99-3b0930ee11f8/stripped_9ab05c2891079be183523b48460279af.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5442389485.mp3 [size] => 30248594 [duration] => 2160.61 [uid] => CSN5442389485 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/390d64d2-3b6b-11e9-bc99-3b0930ee11f8/id3/ffe96c9f0b776f0cf2987baa70e97900.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76330 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => From AI to “HIMI” Featuring Guest Natalie Petouhoff.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Dr. Natalie Petouhoff. They discuss AI in...
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    Fostering Good Customer Service Habits to Make Your Business Stand Out

    Shep Hyken interviews Mark Copeman. They discuss his new book, Helpdesk Habits, which teaches employees how to turn good customer service practices into routine habits. They also talk about the importance of humanity within the employee and customer experience.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He discusses if and when you should approach the CEO of a company about a problem you’ve experienced.

    The Interview with Mark Copeman:Copeman’s book is written for agents and other employees on the frontline of businesses. Its aim is to help those agents build habits that will result in excellent customer service.One of the habits the books talks about is the “Service Recovery Paradox.” The principle here is that sometimes things will go wrong. What matters most is how you recover from and fix those problems.If something goes wrong in the customer experience, customer loyalty will dip. However, customer loyalty will increase over time if the issue is resolved.Copeman introduces the concept of the “Habit Loop,” which consists of three steps: trigger, routine, and reward. The most crucial step toward building a habit is reward, which must be associated with the routine.Another habit is called “Lay It Out.” Copeman describes this as taking a little extra time to format emails so that the crucial information recipients need is easily accessible at a glance, whether by using bullet points or bold or italic text.Copeman’s overarching theme throughout the book is “Human Customer Service.” The companies that thrive are the ones that allow and encourage their customer-facing employees to be themselves and let their personalities shine through. It takes very little effort, but the human element is what makes the biggest difference in the customer experience.Quote:

    “Stuff goes wrong; what counts is how you fix it.” - Mark Copeman


    Mark Copeman is the founder of Wisecurve, a content and product studio. He refers to himself as a “serial entrepreneur” and just released his first book, Helpdesk Habits.

     Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Fostering Good Customer Service Habits to Make Your Business Stand...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Todd Hopkins. They discuss how having a company-wide culture can lead to better customer service and success for your business.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He talks about what you should do with customer feedback once you get it.

    The Interview with Todd Hopkins:Core values can work like a filter to influence every decision you and your employees make. When faced with a difficult situation, employees can think about the core values and compare them to possible courses of action to determine what will best uphold the company’s values.When a company has a set of core values, the entire organization can align itself together. This allows employees to create a better experience for their customers.To motivate your employees, find out what their dreams and goals are. Help them connect the dots between those dreams and job they have with you, and passion and motivation will follow naturally. Integrate that human connection and you will create loyal, hardworking employees.Establish an upfront agreement with both employees and customers that allows for future feedback free from emotion. This helps customers feel comfortable submitting feedback and allows you to have honest conversations with your employees to fix problems without worrying about hurt feelings. The more honest communication you can have inside and outside of your organization, the better.Aim to be better than satisfactory on a consistent basis. That’s how you create amazing experiences, both for your customers and for your employees.Quote:

     “I like to hire people that come to us with batteries included.” - Todd Hopkins


    Todd Hopkins is the founder and CEO of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, which has over 130 franchise locations in 24 states. He is also the international best-selling author and co-author of four books.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/ac0edd40-41eb-11e9-b574-6ba49a4777d7/stripped_f528e367b6dfe45d6bf91c299d995a3d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1687172500.mp3 [size] => 28287634 [duration] => 2020.55 [uid] => CSN1687172500 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/ac0edd40-41eb-11e9-b574-6ba49a4777d7/id3/296630621a65fe917f5e8a33b3c01a0a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76316 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Core Values and Company Culture Featuring Guest Todd Hopkins.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Todd Hopkins. They discuss how having a...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Horst Schulze, the cofounder and COO of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. They discuss Schulze’s new book, Excellence Wins, and how he succeeded in creating one of the best hotel companies in the world by developing and sustaining a culture of excellence. 

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He discusses the importance of creating a customer-focused company culture and how to go about it.

    The Interview with Horst Schulze:Schulze shares the story behind the famous The Ritz-Carlton Credo, which is “We are ladies and gentleman serving ladies and gentlemen.”There are three things customers want regardless of industry that form the foundation of every customer interaction. Schulze calls these the Three Universals, and they are a flawless product, timeliness, and kindness.The most important of the Three Universals is kindness. Customers may forgive you for minor flaws in the product if you are nice to them. However, they will not forgive you if you are unkind, even if the product is flawless.The next step is to individualize and personalize the Three Universals to each and every customer. Bringing this human connection into the customer experience is what creates above average and excellent customer service and ensures customer loyalty.If you take pride in what you do and always strive for excellence, you will not only create excellence, but earn the respect of your colleagues and your customers.It’s crucial to get every employee into alignment on the standards and mission of your company. This begins with the initial onboarding process and continues every single work day; training must always continue to ensure alignment and company prosperity.You should not simply “hire” employees; you should instead select individuals who you are a good fit for your culture and the specific role within the larger organization. Selecting the best possible people for each position will ensure success for your company.Everything you do in life is a decision. Actively decide to be excellent and pursue it relentlessly.Quote:

     “Everything you do in life is a decision. Decide to be excellent.” - Horst Schulze


    Horst Schulze is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Capella Hotel Group and co-founder and former COO of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. He is also a highly sought after keynote speaker and renowned business leader.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a72f23a4-3ed3-11e9-844e-63d25555f0d5/stripped_3c69334897af5f1b26bbf76a498b533e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4307800753.mp3 [size] => 23123383 [duration] => 1926.95 [uid] => CSN4307800753 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a72f23a4-3ed3-11e9-844e-63d25555f0d5/id3/a5b18f7be614e8bd04324fdcae698608.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77852 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Excellent Decisions from the Cofounder of the Ritz-Carlton Featuring Guest Horst Schulze.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Horst Schulze, the cofounder and COO of...
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    Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Robbins. They discuss the importance of customer feedback, the most effective surveys, and how to use these tools to create customer loyalty and improve your business.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He discusses the best way to get customer feedback.

    The Interview with Jeff Robbins:Customers are better informed about both products and services than ever before thanks to the immediate availability of the internet.Businesses need to check their online reviews often—at minimum, once a day. Negative reviews should be handled immediately. Ideally, positive reviews should also be responded to, as this shows customer appreciation.Make it simple and easy for customers to give feedback on your business. Remind them after the service is completed and enable them to leave feedback.As a general rule, surveys should be sent out to customers within 24 hours of their experience. This will vary by industry; test different intervals to see what nets you the highest response rate.Keep surveys short and simple. People have less time to complete long questionnaires. A good format to consider is a single “yes or no” or an NPS or CSAT type of question followed by one open-ended follow up question.Creating customer loyalty isn’t just about having a good product or a low price; it’s about creating a good customer experience. The experience can be what differentiates your business from others and keeps customers coming back time and time again.Solicit feedback from customers in a way that makes them feel like you genuinely care about what they have to say. Their opinion matters; use it to ensure that your business goals align with the customer experience.


    “It doesn’t matter how good you think the customer service is that you’re providing; it’s what’s perceived by your customers that counts.” – Jeff Robbins


    Jeff Robbins is the Founder and Managing Director of Database Sciences and GuestInsight. He has over 30 years of experience in the marketing research and data management and analysis fields.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/ad63b088-3603-11e9-a71a-033146a280e1/stripped_2b468528590552b9f9c6d73c98410986.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1914076540.mp3 [size] => 23467259 [duration] => 1955.6 [uid] => CSN1914076540 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/ad63b088-3603-11e9-a71a-033146a280e1/id3/3b3999dce3d06c475f3e32a76d93002a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76594 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Customer Feedback 101 Featuring Guest Jeff Robbins.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Robbins. They discuss the importance of...
  • Array ( [id] => 041d3564-3098-11e9-8e23-eb2d8a8f1c9a [createdAt] => 2019-02-14T12:35:07.356-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-02-14T12:36:25.024-08:00 [title] => Are Rating Systems Skewed? Featuring Guest Martha Brooke [pubdate] => 2019-02-18T23:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/041d3564-3098-11e9-8e23-eb2d8a8f1c9a/image/uploads_2F1550176466603-9wss9mjh65t-ccc0962566ff66d6b6f69ff7019bbc00_2FMartha%2BBrooke%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How to Get the Most Out of Your Customer Feedback [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Martha Brooke. They discuss common rating systems implemented by many companies, the faults and flaws of these systems, and ways to improve the feedback process overall.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He talks about the best ways to handle negative online reviews.

    The Interview with Martha Brooke:The way many ratings systems are designed makes it easy to skew results. Customers don’t give honest feedback out of fear of potential repercussions.One reason customers give positive ratings after negative experiences is because they don’t want to feel like they’re punishing someone. However, being honest is more helpful because it improves the community. That is the benefit of deep altruism versus superficial altruism.There is little tangible proof that reviews and ratings are anonymous, so customers may also fear repercussions from rated individuals or that it will be harder to do business with that company in the future.People are inundated daily with requests for feedback. It becomes easier to leave a simple 5-star review rather than a negative one or no review at all.Companies need to define what a 5-star rating means so that their customers are on the same page. People tend to look think of extremes when giving feedback, but what 5 stars means to one person may not be the same for another.The ultimate goal is to get the feedback to accurately reflect the customer experience.Quote:

    “Want great customer feedback? It starts with having really authentic conversations. Open ended questions are where the gold lies.” - Martha Brooke


    Martha Brooke founded Interaction Metrics in 2004 with the mission of dramatically improving the customer experience. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and holds a Blackbelt in Six Sigma.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/041d3564-3098-11e9-8e23-eb2d8a8f1c9a/stripped_6820312d6f925a55cea02a3ccabf02f3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1874518857.mp3 [size] => 27935817 [duration] => 1995.42 [uid] => CSN1874518857 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/041d3564-3098-11e9-8e23-eb2d8a8f1c9a/id3/cdcdef699cd7da2b261b5617607591cd.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76220 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Are Your Rating Systems Skewed - Featuring Guest Martha Brooke.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Martha Brooke. They discuss common rating systems...
  • Array ( [id] => edb69340-2e46-11e9-b8eb-f30eb764e6b8 [createdAt] => 2019-02-11T13:49:38.213-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-02-11T13:50:56.037-08:00 [title] => A Social CRM Featuring Guest Jon Ferarra [pubdate] => 2019-02-11T23:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/edb69340-2e46-11e9-b8eb-f30eb764e6b8/image/uploads_2F1549921541565-o2r2xztz9z7-bec70b0689b2ac9e4e6c026203b07993_2FJon%2BFerrara%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Growing Your Business by Growing Your Soul [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Jon Ferrara. They discuss his company Nimble, the history of CRMs, customer service philosophies, and life.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He considers the balance between the digital and the human experience in customer service.

    The Interview with Jon Ferrara:Jon Ferrara created GoldMine, the pioneer CRM program, by synthesizing existing technologies at the time. His goal was to make it easy for companies to manage not only their customers, but their team collaboration and relationships.Previously, less than 1% of companies used CRMs because they focused more on reporting data rather than the relationships between employees and customers.Good customer service begins from the inside; employees need to be unified in their mission to enhance the customer’s journey.CRM’s help you create positive personal connections, which can only have a positive affect your business.Ask yourself how you can add value to every interaction you have with a customer or an employee, even if it’s as simple as a smile. That attention and focus will help grow your business and fulfill you personally.About:

    Jon Ferrara is the founder and CEO of Nimble and a CRM expert, having created and co-founded GoldMine. He is also a technology entrepreneur and noted speaker about Social Sales and Marketing.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


     “Service is the new sales.” – Jon Ferrara 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/edb69340-2e46-11e9-b8eb-f30eb764e6b8/stripped_25ca435ed6dfc189decdbf8f341727ba.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3465928137.mp3 [size] => 28346148 [duration] => 2024.72 [uid] => CSN3465928137 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/edb69340-2e46-11e9-b8eb-f30eb764e6b8/id3/cacb6e76b6ea450abcfeea813222002b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75240 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => A Social CRM Featuring Jon Ferrara.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Jon Ferrara. They discuss his company Nimble,...
  • Array ( [id] => 8b2d0d22-24b3-11e9-afff-ef7f01910e55 [createdAt] => 2019-01-30T09:21:56.411-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-01-30T09:23:02.667-08:00 [title] => Big Ass Fans Featuring Guest Brian Sprinkle [pubdate] => 2019-02-04T23:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/8b2d0d22-24b3-11e9-afff-ef7f01910e55/image/uploads_2F1548868889478-n34zvqr04o-5e668ecce6dbb860d132d908ab79ef15_2FBrian%2BSprinkle%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Growing Customer Service Alongside Your Company [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Brian Sprinkle. They discuss his company, Big Ass Fans, and their approach to providing high quality customer service to support their industry-leading products. 

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue…

    He compares the profitability of customer acquisition versus customer retention.

    The Interview with Brian Sprinkle:It costs 5 to 7 times more (on average) to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. You can grow your business, in part, by creating repeat customers.If you focus on making the customer want to come back next time every time, that will turn into a lifetime of business.The company makes great use of surveys to assess its customer service. Short surveys are sent out after the initial sale, 90 days after the sale, and after a support ticket is closed.There is a Customer Advocate position at Big Ass Fans whose sole job is to be the voice of the customer within the company. They go through and read every survey and communicate with other departments and employees to make changes and reinforce behavior.Companies need to train and support their customer service agents for those agents to provide exceptional service to their customers.About:

    Brian Sprinkle is the Global Customer Service Manager at Big Ass Fans, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-volume, low-speed fans.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


    “If you can keep your employees happy, they’re extremely likely to make customers happy.” – Brian Sprinkle

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/8b2d0d22-24b3-11e9-afff-ef7f01910e55/stripped_5c0368dcf57581e720df21f58c83e3c3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2612963798.mp3 [size] => 23828845 [duration] => 1702.06 [uid] => CSN2612963798 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/8b2d0d22-24b3-11e9-afff-ef7f01910e55/id3/b09b35d251d636af8d4622aa873786a8.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75436 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Big Ass Fans Featuring Guest Brian Sprinkle.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Brian Sprinkle. They discuss his company, Big...
  • Array ( [id] => 9772e092-1f50-11e9-9eb4-1359c82ad259 [createdAt] => 2019-01-23T12:51:01.012-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-01-23T12:53:34.497-08:00 [title] => Thanks for Coming in Today Featuring Guest Ryan Minton [pubdate] => 2019-01-28T23:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/9772e092-1f50-11e9-9eb4-1359c82ad259/image/uploads_2F1548276333394-i4t6fnxnzr-778be0bc89c7bc11675936b35e9b8657_2FRyan%2BMinton%2B%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Taking Care of Employees So They Can Take Care of Customers [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Ryan Minton. They discuss his new book, “Thanks for Coming in Today,” the hospitality industry, employee and customer appreciation, and the concept of aggressive hospitality.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He discusses current trends in the digital customer service world.

    The Interview with Ryan Minton:Having employees with a mentality of hospitality is always preferable to having employees with technical know-how.A successful business comes not only from having happy customers, but from having happy employees.Make a habit of showing appreciation to everyone in your business—employees, colleagues, and customers. Appreciation goes a long way.Operate with “aggressive hospitality.” Good customer service isn’t passive; it’s active, and you need to pursue it.Look forward to opportunities where you get to be someone’s first boss and use those opportunities to mentor your employees in the ways of good customer service. You get to establish what it means to be great manager or leader.Eliminate the phrase, “let me check with my manager” by giving your employees the tools and trust to handle issues.Empathy is crucial in delivering a positive customer experience. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and allow that to drive your customer service.About:

    Charles Ryan Minton is a customer service and employee experience expert, keynote speaker, author of, Thanks for Coming in Today: Creating a Culture Where Employees Thrive & Customer Service is Alive, and the president of CRM Hospitality & Consulting, LLC.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


     “Take care of the employees, and they’ll take care of the customer.” – Ryan Minton 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/9772e092-1f50-11e9-9eb4-1359c82ad259/stripped_6be285724f40c7a301a702103c97f8c3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9825351452.mp3 [size] => 42944679 [duration] => 1789.36 [uid] => CSN9825351452 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/9772e092-1f50-11e9-9eb4-1359c82ad259/id3/0eadb6e4ef96ab9d302022ea84588092.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76398 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Thanks for Coming in Today Featuring Guest Ryan Minton.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Ryan Minton. They discuss his new book,...
  • Array ( [id] => 67db088c-1910-11e9-bf88-0bebc4b4101c [createdAt] => 2019-01-15T13:56:26.394-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-01-15T13:57:40.267-08:00 [title] => The Habit of Service Consciousness Featuring Guest Mark Samuel [pubdate] => 2019-01-22T02:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/67db088c-1910-11e9-bf88-0bebc4b4101c/image/uploads_2F1547589267042-r7hzxisaha-9131b91425a455ded7d2225cd71940e0_2FMark%2BSamuel%2B%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Pulling Yourself and Your Company Toward Success [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Mark Samuel. They discuss Mark’s new book, which outlines how to achieve success by breaking down silos, creating a vision of success, and emphasizing behaviors over outcomes. 

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He addresses the age-old assertion that “the customer is always right” and argues that “the customer is NOT always right.

    The Interview with Mark Samuel:Mark’s book, B STATE: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results, details a paradigm shift that will lead individuals and companies to success. It’s about getting from point A to point B of success. To get to point B, you must first create a vision of what that B state is for you, then allow that to pull you along rather than trying to push yourself from the A state.By focusing on middle management, cultural changes will trickle down to other areas of company, promoting growth and success.There needs to be a level of human connection and concern in every interaction, and this begins internally in all organizations. More often than not, companies that are rated as good places to work will also be rated positively for their customer service.The customer service industry is changing rapidly. To manage these changes, organizations need to not only handle problems in the present but forecast and strategize for future problems that may arise. The company needs to support the customer through these changes to ensure loyalty.Maintain your own “service consciousness.” When you operate from a mindset of being in service to those around you, it will build positive service habits and ultimately help you deliver exceptional customer service. Find the joy in giving service and making genuine human connections.About:

    Mark Samuel is the founder and CEO of IMPAQ and has over 30 years of experience working with major companies around the world. His most recent book is B STATE: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


     “Are you of service consciousness, or are you just doing a customer service job?” - Mark Samuel 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/67db088c-1910-11e9-bf88-0bebc4b4101c/stripped_a192ff912a6a2d8d710500c917745464.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2773093166.mp3 [size] => 26068480 [duration] => 1862.03 [uid] => CSN2773093166 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/67db088c-1910-11e9-bf88-0bebc4b4101c/id3/0d4171656e9e9ae5a69fb97dbd20c80d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77318 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Habit of Service Conciousness Featuring Guest Mark Samuel.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Mark Samuel. They discuss Mark’s new book,...
  • Array ( [id] => d23c051c-145d-11e9-90e6-135c14ea023e [createdAt] => 2019-01-09T14:28:00.304-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-01-10T09:38:04.186-08:00 [title] => The Business of Emotion Featuring Guest Rebecca Martin [pubdate] => 2019-01-15T01:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/d23c051c-145d-11e9-90e6-135c14ea023e/image/uploads_2F1547071936601-81zxfunt3s7-f1312b8a93fccd436d49af7c27cc8817_2FRebecca%2BMartin%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 2 [episodeNumber] => 2 [subtitle] => Striking a Balance Between Technology and Human Connection [summary] =>

    Striking a Balance Between Technology and Human Connection

    Shep Hyken interviews Rebecca Martin. They discuss the role of technology in customer service, how emotion can drive customer loyalty, and how marketers and contact center workers can help each other in building the ideal customer journey.

    In Shep’s Opening Monologue...

    He gives advice on how to create an amazing customer experience. His number one suggestion (right now) is to start with the culture of the company and the employee experience.

    The Interview with Rebecca Martin:Companies want to insert emotion into the customer experience. Emotion, or human connection, is what drives customer loyalty.There needs to be a balance between technology and human connection. Too much reliance on technology can make customers feel displaced.Chatbots and similar technologies are not replacing call center agents. By handling first-level calls, they are elevating the role of agents. This creates more of a career path within contact centers.There is a higher call volume with more difficult problems reaching contact center agents. Companies need to reflect this change with improved training for their agents, so they can effectively and efficiently handle more difficult calls.The phone is not dead in the support/contact center; it is simply used for different purposes.The top three things that drive customer loyalty are quality products, action from the company in response to a complaint, and ease and efficiency of contacting the company. However, if the last two aren’t in place, customers will take their business elsewhere – even if the product is good.About:

    Rebecca Martin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Calabrio, a customer engagement analytics software company. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the emerging technology industry.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


    “There’s a time and a place for digital interaction. There is always a place for human interaction.” - Rebecca Martin

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/d23c051c-145d-11e9-90e6-135c14ea023e/stripped_206b2b7f814d047e2660d176de99e99a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5455884620.mp3 [size] => 23038537 [duration] => 1645.61 [uid] => CSN5455884620 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/d23c051c-145d-11e9-90e6-135c14ea023e/id3/b121d3649522a86c2a6eaea5a4fb078d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76642 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Business of Emotion Featuring Guest Rebecca Martin.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Striking a Balance Between Technology and Human ConnectionShep Hyken interviews...
  • Array ( [id] => f948e0e6-0fa6-11e9-9ad8-67668fe97063 [createdAt] => 2019-01-03T14:29:03.269-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-01-03T14:30:11.822-08:00 [title] => The Culture of Caring Featuring Guest Claire Boscq-Scott [pubdate] => 2019-01-08T02:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/f948e0e6-0fa6-11e9-9ad8-67668fe97063/image/uploads_2F1546554526475-y5htq91jt0q-78ae470b17269c3b485d801101c6673b_2FClaire%2BBoscq-scott%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience Every Time [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Claire Boscq-Scott. They discuss the importance of a workplace culture of caring and how it can positively impact the customer experience.

    Shep’s Opening Monologue

    In Shep’s opening monologue, he elaborates upon the idea of amazing your employees so that they, in turn, can amaze your customers.

    The Interview with Claire Boscq-Scott:Every employee needs to understand their role as it applies to the customer experience, even if they have no direct contact with the customer.What is felt on the inside of a company by its employees will be felt on the outside by its customers--that’s why it is crucial to create and foster a culture of caring.Claire starts the relationship with her clients with a company audit that addresses three important issues:          1. The first thing to examine is the work environment. Claire audits the environment and implements changes to make it more pleasant to both workers and customers. If the environment is pleasing and inviting, then employees will want to come to work and customers will want to spend money.

              2. The second area of focus is your employees. They need to understand the entire map of the customer journey and how they fit into the bigger picture of the customer experience. If they feel that their company cares about them, they will be more loyal and their performance will be better.

              3. The third thing is, of course, the customers themselves. The goal is to create a positive, unforgettable customer experience every single time.

    Being too focused on results can sacrifice the caring aspect of your business. This will ultimately prove detrimental to the customer experience and to your business.


    Claire Boscq Scott is a speaker, trainer, “coachsultant,” self-described “busy queen bee,” and author of the recent book Thriving by Caring.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


     “If there are no customers, there’s no business!” - Claire Boscq-Scott

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/f948e0e6-0fa6-11e9-9ad8-67668fe97063/stripped_dd5168751b45c6d46124568813421d1e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7540317705.mp3 [size] => 24144091 [duration] => 1724.58 [uid] => CSN7540317705 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/f948e0e6-0fa6-11e9-9ad8-67668fe97063/id3/4e68b6a36a1537d3499acc231b3fec54.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76910 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Culture of Caring Featuring Guest Claire Boscq-Scott.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Claire Boscq-Scott. They discuss the importance of...
  • Array ( [id] => 82db61f4-0a15-11e9-b75c-cfdbeadeef78 [createdAt] => 2018-12-27T12:25:11.741-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-05-28T09:19:54.379-07:00 [title] => The Nine Mistakes Featuring Guest Skip Prichard [pubdate] => 2018-12-31T23:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/82db61f4-0a15-11e9-b75c-cfdbeadeef78/image/uploads_2F1545942279885-gdn3oneocxv-e785cca99f798864e50891245c60039a_2FSkip%2BPrichard%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Finding Your Purpose to Achieve Success Sooner [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken interviews Skip Prichard. They discuss Skip’s new book, The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future, which details the most common mistakes people make in their professional and personal lives.

    Shep’s Opening Monologue

    Shep’s opening monologue addresses the question of how new technologies have changed--and haven’t changed--customer service.

    The Interview with Skip Prichard:Skip wrote The Book of Mistakes for people who are in transition and/or seeking success in their lives.Skip wrote the book as a novel rather than a nonfiction piece, because stories are remembered 22 times more than facts. When backed up by story, facts are more engaging to a reader or audience.Skip shared several of the nine mistakes: The first mistake is “working on someone else’s dream.” It is crucial to find your own unique purpose in life and think about your identity. If you pursue this, you will find more fulfillment in your work.The second mistake is “allowing someone else to define your value.” The nickel analogy helps explain this: nickels cost ten cents to make, but they are worth only five cents because they are stamped with that value.The third mistake people make is “accepting excuses.” Not only do we have a habit of accepting the excuses of others, we create and accept excuses for ourselves. The only excuses that are valid come from things we have no control over.Skip’s team went from being last in the country to first when he asked them what they liked doing best and then incorporated their answers into their jobs. When people pursue things they are passionate about, their work performance drastically improves.Be aware of how you define yourself and how you define your competition. It is crucial to bypass limitations that are placed upon you by others if you want to succeed.About:

    Skip Prichard is an accomplished CEO, growth-oriented business leader, and keynote speaker. He is also the author of The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


    “Your purpose is completely unique to you. How do you design your life to fulfill that purpose?” - Skip Prichard 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/82db61f4-0a15-11e9-b75c-cfdbeadeef78/stripped_c443972fbcf404cc1531527577de5576.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7315734365.mp3 [size] => 28285440 [duration] => 2020.39 [uid] => CSN7315734365 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/82db61f4-0a15-11e9-b75c-cfdbeadeef78/id3/7952356dbe6d3ff81e1934a61ccbe91c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77306 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Nine Mistakes Featuring Guest Skip Prichard.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken interviews Skip Prichard. They discuss Skip’s new book,...
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    Shep Hyken interviews contact center expert Chrissy Cowell. They discuss the concept of the “gig economy,” the utilization of contact centers for freelance employee management, and how on-demand agents can provide cost-effective support and solutions for your customers and your business.

    Top Takeaways:The workforce industry is migrating to the gig economy (also known as the freelance economy), which describes the increasing preference in society for convenience and instant gratification. Businesses have an increased tendency to hire independent contractors and short-term workers, while workers have an increased availability for these types of contracts.In a gig-type model, the need to fully understand your business and forecast its needs is crucial. Third-party contact centers can help large companies navigate freelance workforce management.Resources for freelance workers include Fiverr and Upwork. Freelancers can post their skills and services on these websites, and employers can search the database to find an worker that will fulfill their needs.Gig workers can be a less expensive option to fill gaps in the workforce, allowing organizations to avoid things like payroll taxes and benefits for part-timers.There is difference in impact between the gig worker and the full-time employee. If you’re not forecasting and scheduling gig workers appropriately, it could become a cost for your business. However, when done right, gig workers can prove a very cost-effective way to provide customer support.The gig economy appeals to young workers because it gives them more control over their careers, great experience, more exposure, and faster networking. This allows for better work-life balance, which is a priority for many millennials and Gen Z workers.


    Chrissy Cowell is the Director for Work Force Optimization Product Management at Aspect. Across her 18 year career in the contact center industry, she has worked with various WFOs and BPOs in addition to assuming other roles such as account director, consultant, marketing manager, and quality manager.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


    “It’s important to make on-demand gig employees feel engaged and provide motivation to keep them involved and engaged in your business.” – Chrissy Cowell

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  • Shep Hyken interviews contact center expert Chrissy Cowell. They discuss...
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    Shep Hyken sits down with his longtime friend, Dr. Willie Jolley and discuss the strategies he used to help Ford avoid bankruptcy, why you and your organization should be constantly improving, and the 10 Commandments of Superior Service.


    •Dr. Jolley shared five key points great CEO’s focus on in their organizations:

    Always develop leaders at every level of your organization.Help people understand change is not the enemy, it’s an ally.Don’t have good customer service, have wild customer service.Think like a team and work as a team so you can win like a team.Always grow your attitude and constantly get better.•In his book, Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last!, he talks about keeping the romance alive in your marriage. You should treat your customers the same way by always wooing them and keeping the romance alive by going the extra mile.

    •Dr. Jolley has 10 commandments of superior service:

    Thou shalt serve with a smileThou shalt go the extra mileThou shalt greet, speak and be real sweetThou shalt say thank you and please a lot - A LOTThou shalt be willing to apologize quicklyThou shalt anticipate the needs of your customers and clientsDo what is necessary, not what is comfortableThou shalt take responsibilityThou shalt lighten the linesThou shalt constantly improve and practice the CANEI principle.•The CANEI principle stands for Constant And Never Ending Improvement. Everyone in an organization must adopt an attitude in which they strive to be better today than yesterday.

    •In his book, Dr. Jolley shares his philosophy of Up-Thinking, which means: Think up, show up, stand up, step up, and make up your mind to win.


    Dr. Willie Jolley is an award-winning speaker, singer, best-selling author, and media personality. He’s spoken for companies like Ford, Wal-Mart, GM, Comcast, Verizon, and Marriott. He latest book is An Attitude of Excellence: Get The Best From Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organization.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


    “Great people give great service, good people give good service, mediocre people give mediocre service, and negative people will kill your organization.” - Dr. Willie Jolley 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/938c4230-fd8f-11e8-8f17-db30f8f2e107/stripped_10a99cfd2796a27d66027d2c522208af.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8553793729.mp3 [size] => 24168176 [duration] => 2014.01 [uid] => CSN8553793729 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/938c4230-fd8f-11e8-8f17-db30f8f2e107/id3/1ea6d3f61376caa0d25e947e292bac42.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77688 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Attitude of Excellence Featuring Guest Willie Jolley.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with his longtime friend, Dr. Willie...
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    Shep Hyken sits down with Ty Collins. They discussed how to raise your prices without losing customers, why you should be transparent, and how to give customers the best experience possible.


    Shep’s Opening Monologue:In Shep’s opening monologue he answers the question, what is the difference between a loyalty program and a marketing program?The Interview with Ty Collins:In July 2018, a 25% import tariff forced Rad Power Bikes to increase their prices. Because they created a unique experience and were transparent with their customers about the price increase, this did not affect sales.Rad Power Bikes decided to share their opinion about the trade tariffs publicly. This didn’t make every customer happy, but because they expressed their situation diplomatically, they were able to set the narrative and jump ahead of the issue.Because their customer experience and tech support teams are so passionate and fired up about their industry, it wasn’t difficult for Rad Power Bikes to convey the correct message to their customers.Ty likes to sit in with his customer experience team, answer customer emails, and listen to phone calls. No matter what your position is, everybody needs to spend a little time on the front line to hear the real voice of the customer.Most of Rad Power Bike customers never see the bikes in person before making a purchase. It’s the CX team’s job to ease the customer's concerns, build trust, and give them a memorable experience.Providing good CX doesn’t mean always saying yes. There will be times when you have to make hard decisions and say things the customer isn’t going to want to hear at the moment.ABOUT:

    Ty Collins is the Co-founder and CMO of Rad Power Bikes. He helped increase the company’s revenue to over $40M in just four years despite trade tariffs that forced him to raise his prices.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


    “Some of our greatest customer advocates are customers who’ve had issues that have been resolved. ” - Ty Collins 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/e338ab58-fa69-11e8-877b-bf7477987a29/stripped_45b9a05fa9d141816546a0c1d045d649.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1419445793.mp3 [size] => 27958857 [duration] => 1997.06 [uid] => CSN1419445793 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/e338ab58-fa69-11e8-877b-bf7477987a29/id3/c8c53c230a42d94d3beb5683671289e8.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76532 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Transparency in Business Featuring Guest Ty Collins.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Ty Collins. They discussed how...
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    Shep Hyken sits down with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. They discuss why you should be proactive instead of reactive, how the subscription model is shaping customer loyalty, and why making your customers happy is no longer enough.

     Shep Hyken’s opening monologue is about consistency. Three important points:Your product has to meet the customer s needs every time.Your omni-channel presence must have a consistent experience.The attitude of the employees must be consistent.Top Takeaways:You have to proactively ensure that you’re delivering success to your customers. If you wait until they call you to voice their complaints, it may be too late.Because of the subscription model and the numerous options available to consumers, they don’t have to be loyal to any one company. If you can’t deliver your customer’s desired outcome, they will find someone else who can.Keeping your customers happy isn’t enough anymore. Today, they have to get more value from you than they can get anywhere else. This is why Jeff Bezos says he isn’t scared of his competitors. He’s scared of his customers, because they have the choice to leave every day.Companies are realizing that they need somebody whose job is to ensure customers are getting maximum value. According to LinkedIn, the third fastest growing job title in 2018 is Customer Success Manager.You have to proactively ensure your customers are achieving their desired outcome. Three ways to do that are:Start at the beginning of the process by on-boarding the customer and getting them up to speed on how to use your product/service.Ask them what it will take for them to continue doing business with you in the future.Reach out to them over time to make sure they’re getting value and reaching their desired outcomes.About:

    Nick Mehta is the CEO of Gainsight. In his six years as CEO, he’s secured over $156 million in funding, expanded the employee base to over 500 employees, and been recognized as the third best SAAS CEO out of 5,000 nominees. He also co-authored the book Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn And Growing Recurring Revenue.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/86e89dde-f4c1-11e8-9541-67884be5125e/stripped_c8dc2caa3556e6dea14749562d030520.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7633803371.mp3 [size] => 33652819 [duration] => 2103.3 [uid] => CSN7633803371 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/86e89dde-f4c1-11e8-9541-67884be5125e/id3/4a3b25985219390136446bb7f3fadd2c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77106 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Proactive Customer Service Featuring Guest Nick Mehta.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight....
  • Array ( [id] => faaffa46-eda0-11e8-a77d-6f9df1772f82 [createdAt] => 2018-11-21T07:20:29.109-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-11-30T09:02:15.894-08:00 [title] => It’s All About The Customer Featuring Guest Annette Franz [pubdate] => 2018-11-30T09:01:33.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/faaffa46-eda0-11e8-a77d-6f9df1772f82/image/uploads_2F1542813545033-j1dns35f3p-04a3f882aff1dec59681b0de365cb3b7_2FAnnette%2BFranza%2B2018-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Using Journey Mapping to Put the Customer Back into the Customer Experience (CX) [summary] =>

    Annette Franz returns to Amazing Business Radio to discuss becoming more customer-centric, how to understand your ideal customer, and journey mapping.

    Top Takeaways:The only way you’re going to design a product or service that customers will want and need is to understand their pain points, what problems they’re trying to solve, and what they’re trying to do.Creating a product is grounded in data, insight and customer understanding. Customer understanding can be achieved in three ways:            Listen: Listening to the channels your customers are on and “listen” to existing customer data.Characterize: Developing personas instead of target demographics or segments.Empathize: Walk in your customers' shoes and create a journey map

    Instead of always ending the customer experience with the survey, you can take an extra step by listening to your customers on places like social media. The goal is to be where your customers are when they want to provide feedback.A Persona is a researched-based representation of your ideal customer. Organizations can have multiple personas for customers that have similar preferences, likes, needs, and pain points.Five reasons why every organization should journey map:                                                         1. There’s no better way to understand the experience, what’s going right and what’s going wrong.

                     2. Journey mapping helps you design new and better experiences.

                     3. They are great communication and training tools for employees. You can use journey maps to train employees on what the experience should look like and align your organization around the customer.

                     4. Journey maps allow you to show instead of tell, which increases your chance of getting an executive commitment towards CX transformation.

                     5. Journey maps give employees who don’t usually interact with customers a clear line of sight to the customer.


    Annette Franz is the CEO of CX Journey. For the last 25 years, she’s helped companies understand their employees, customers, and what drives engagement and retention.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/faaffa46-eda0-11e8-a77d-6f9df1772f82/stripped_07a0f9f29e7a5844483c368752dc1eae.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1364573583.mp3 [size] => 31677962 [duration] => 1979.87 [uid] => CSN1364573583 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/faaffa46-eda0-11e8-a77d-6f9df1772f82/id3/dac03280ceb43d200ad03eedfefdc7e7.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77670 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => It's All About The Customer - Featuring Guest Annette Franz.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Annette Franz returns to Amazing Business Radio to discuss becoming...
  • Array ( [id] => c6288ca0-e91f-11e8-8d22-dba2265485a2 [createdAt] => 2018-11-15T13:45:31.252-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-11-15T13:47:58.003-08:00 [title] => The Subscription Economy Featuring Guest Tien Tzuo [pubdate] => 2018-11-19T23:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/c6288ca0-e91f-11e8-8d22-dba2265485a2/image/uploads_2F1542318199508-ldev83w0hmk-893aa4b84aa725869ec9aaf6d846bd45_2FTien%2BTzuo%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Why the Subscription Model is the Future and What to Do About It [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken sat down with Tien Tzuo to talk about the subscription model and how companies like Salesforce, Uber, and Caterpiller are helping to make it the future of business. 

    Top Takeaways:The subscription economy is a phrase coined to describe the idea that people don’t have to buy products anymore to meet their everyday needs or to get from Point A to Point B. It allows companies to switch from selling products to selling a service that consumers can use while transforming an industry for the better.The subscription model is a win-win for customers and businesses. For businesses: It scales better, is easier to run, and guarantees recurring revenue. For the customer, it’s less expensive and more convenient.To jump into the subscription economy, start with a view of what your customers are doing with you and track all of the usage and interactions. This allows you to understand how you can broaden your footprint with the customer and create a more meaningful relationship.Anybody can take your product, reverse engineer it, and offer a clone to their customers. If your competitive advantage isn’t based on your product but instead your knowledge of what your customers are doing and the relationships you have with them, that is a much stronger position to be in.About:

    Tien Tzuo is the CEO and founder of Zuora. Previously, he was the 11th employee of Salesforce working as the Chief Strategy Officer and CMO for eight years. He’s also the bestselling author of Subscribe: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future and What to do About It.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/c6288ca0-e91f-11e8-8d22-dba2265485a2/stripped_a7c62c86c95296fcc84009aa4a1bc260.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2883831512.mp3 [size] => 28662386 [duration] => 1791.4 [uid] => CSN2883831512 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/c6288ca0-e91f-11e8-8d22-dba2265485a2/id3/d6a842022ef4daf4fddb1bec51eda6e9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75872 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => The Subscription Economy Featuring Guest Tien Tzuo.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sat down with Tien Tzuo to talk about...
  • Array ( [id] => 760a8998-e466-11e8-aef3-db6b1c5d9676 [createdAt] => 2018-11-09T13:28:55.290-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-11-13T06:21:26.921-08:00 [title] => Back to Human Featuring Guest Dan Schawbel [pubdate] => 2018-11-13T00:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/760a8998-e466-11e8-aef3-db6b1c5d9676/image/uploads_2F1541798843135-lx6v8gajv6-293d2acd0cda0255fc73526877d43e6d_2FDan%2Bschawbel%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How Great Leaders Create Connection In The Age of Isolation [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken sits down with Dan Schawbel to discuss how to use technology as a bridge to a strong customer and employee connection.

    Top Takeaways:We are addicted and reliant on technology, so much that it gets in the way of building real human connections. Human connections matter.Use technology to remove tedious tasks you don’t want to do, and let it lead you to places you can connect in a human way.If you’re in a business meeting or networking event, put your technology away and be present with the people you’re with.Customer service operations are increasingly reliant on technology to scale, save money and remove human error. This is a big mistake because the human touch will always be important, regardless of what technology does.85% of the global workforce is disengaged. To engage your employees, create an experience where they do meaningful work with people who are supportive of them.Consumers want options to connect with you and flexibility with how they interact with your company. You have to meet them where they are and how they want to interact with you. It’s less about you and more about them, their choices and how they want to do business.You must be empathetic towards what customers and employees are going through. People are suffering and are challenged in many ways that you may not physically see.About:

    Dan Schawbel is the research director of Future Workplace and managing partner of Millennial Branding. He’s also a keynote speaker and NYT bestselling author. His new book is Back To Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection In The Age Of Isolation.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/760a8998-e466-11e8-aef3-db6b1c5d9676/stripped_481022cb462dbff0c95bb4799d9efe71.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5177260684.mp3 [size] => 28440868 [duration] => 1777.55 [uid] => CSN5177260684 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/760a8998-e466-11e8-aef3-db6b1c5d9676/id3/e159f9e2f77b98f0dce26081a3c4245f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75882 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Back to Human - Featuring Guest Dan Schawbel.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Dan Schawbel to discuss how...
  • Array ( [id] => bb3c54d2-e147-11e8-9dd1-af75029c6a2e [createdAt] => 2018-11-05T14:11:23.493-08:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-11-09T13:26:13.799-08:00 [title] => Creating A Customer Experience Initiative Featuring Guest Christa Heibel [pubdate] => 2018-11-05T23:00:00.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/bb3c54d2-e147-11e8-9dd1-af75029c6a2e/image/uploads_2F1541452195667-yu53w4s77ds-02a0a260ef4c6ae2a29fc69b4505c50a_2FChrista%2BHeibel%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Owning Your Customer Service Initiative From the Top Down [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken sits down with Christa Heibel to discuss the role the c-suite level plays in creating a CX strategy, how to keep track of your omnichannel presence, and how to measure and improve your customer experience strategy.

    Top Takeaways:Christa says she has yet to find a successful customer service initiative that didn’t involve the C-suite level. It starts with the leadership defining and driving the customer experience initiative and permeates through the entire organization.Christa defines customer experience as any touchpoint between a brand, message, or logo and the consumer all the way through the sales, service, and support process.One of the biggest consumer demands is turn around time. How quickly you respond to emails, answer phone calls, and ship products are all part of the customer experience.You’ll see significant improvement and change to your customer experience initiative when the C-Suite gets involved from the beginning by creating priority, strategy, communication, expectations, and budget.Your customer experience initiative is an ongoing process that must be measured and refined over time.Omnichannel means offering the consumer their preferred channels and methods to communicate with your company. Customers expect companies they do business with to support communication through multiple channels.About:

    Christa Heibel is the founder of CH Consulting Group, a firm that helps organizations execute and implement contact center and customer experience strategies. For the last 25 years, Christa has dominated the contact center as an influencer and C-suite business growth and strategy expert.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/bb3c54d2-e147-11e8-9dd1-af75029c6a2e/stripped_6bf23e498dfb9894d07a2104f5d99d2c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4359390145.mp3 [size] => 30684055 [duration] => 1917.75 [uid] => CSN4359390145 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/bb3c54d2-e147-11e8-9dd1-af75029c6a2e/id3/e62a7a6fc72d551cd066604708cd6dca.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75792 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Creating a Customer Experience Initiative Featuring Guest Christa Heibel.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Christa Heibel to discuss the...
  • Array ( [id] => 4de84400-d962-11e8-82b1-2f2a5bdeed02 [createdAt] => 2018-10-26T14:01:27.179-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-10-26T14:03:07.979-07:00 [title] => Five Myths About Monetary Incentives Featuring Guest Sam Stern [pubdate] => 2018-10-30T02:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4de84400-d962-11e8-82b1-2f2a5bdeed02/image/uploads_2F1540587535531-6t9fyyekbwt-2dcf40e3b6cab1169ebfa61474838dfc_2FSam%2BStern%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Why Giving Monetary Incentives is a Bad Idea [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken sits down with Sam Stern. They discussed Sam’s research on why giving employees monetary incentives for providing good customer experiences is a bad idea.

    Top Takeaways:

    Two years of Sam’s research shows monetary incentives for providing good customer experiences distracts your employees from improving their experience delivery. Instead, they focus on themselves instead of the customer.Sam recommends moving incentives into your employees base pay. If you hire someone to deliver a good customer experience, it should be part of their job description and be reflected in their salary.How a customer remembers an experience will be guided by two factors:The peak moment in that experience, whether it was good or bad.How the experience ended. If you end an experience with a long drawn out survey or an unauthentic pitch to leave a good review, that last experience will be the most salient in the customer’s mind.Sam shared five myths about monetary customer experience incentives and why they’re a bad idea.Signal Myth: A monetary incentive for good CX doesn’t say, “We value great customer experience and our loyal customers above all else. It says, “We value it as much as everything else we have a monetary incentive for.”Control Myth: Companies create boring workplaces with too many rules and restrictions. They then blame employees for being bored and “lazy”.Effectiveness Myth: Even if money influences good behaviors, it’ll only work in the short term and for discreet tasks that rarely make a great customer experience.Motivation Myth: People love to make money, but they aren’t motivated by it beyond their needs being met. Making progress on important work, getting things done that matter, and connecting with peers matter is also important.Retooling Myth: Employees are creative and will always find a way to game any incentive system. You will constantly have to refine and update it to get rid of the bad behaviors the incentives create.About:

    Sam Stern is a principal analyst at Forrester’s customer experience research practice. His research focuses on customer-centric culture, employee engagement, and deploying different research techniques to create better experiences. Sam is also the host of CX Cast, Forrester’s weekly customer experience podcast.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4de84400-d962-11e8-82b1-2f2a5bdeed02/stripped_c06381c28710cb7c135628b7bfdbb25c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2185718223.mp3 [size] => 34355565 [duration] => 2453.97 [uid] => CSN2185718223 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4de84400-d962-11e8-82b1-2f2a5bdeed02/id3/e8f237f9bce188395c0b8a38f926a862.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78331 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Five Myths About Monetary Incentives Featuring Guest Sam Stern.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Sam Stern. They discussed Sam’s...
  • Array ( [id] => 5c72b3c0-d2eb-11e8-a9bb-9fbd11954e43 [createdAt] => 2018-10-18T08:34:54.486-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-10-18T08:36:15.340-07:00 [title] => It's All About CEX [pubdate] => 2018-10-23T02:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/5c72b3c0-d2eb-11e8-a9bb-9fbd11954e43/image/uploads_2F1539876502567-jt54le7e9xr-2f24ef3d354b7b172dee728e6a17db83_2FJason%2BBradshaw%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Building a Community of Champions [summary] =>

     Shep Hyken sits down with Jason Bradshaw to talk about his new book, It’s All About CEX: The Essential Guide to Customer and Employee Experience. They also discuss the compounding effect of being 1% better, how customers and employees measure success, and how to build a community of champions. 

    Top Takeaways:If you focus on improving the customer and employee experience just 1% every day, it’s going to compound into an amazing experience for your employees and customers.Every company focuses on the lifetime value of a customer, but Jason says you should also think about the lifetime value of an employee.What costs more, training your employees, only for them to leave, or risking customers interacting with untrained employees?Customers and employees measure their experience across three key pillars:Success: Could they achieve what they wanted toEase: Could they achieve it with the amount of effort or less than what they expectedConnection: The emotional connection an employee feelsYou don’t have to spend 12 months mapping out the customer journey before you start improving the CX. If you just focus on the feedback you already have from customers and employees, you’ll know where you need to start.A leaders job isn't to do everything. It’s to build a community of people who are committed to the common cause. You can’t improve the employee and customer experience by yourself.


    Jason Bradshaw is the Chief Customer Officer at Volkswagon Group Australia. He created his first business at fourteen, selling telecommunications and computer equipment. Jason’s tested and implemented strategies can be found in his new book It’s All About CEX. He reveals how to generate positive experiences for your customers and employees, win their loyalty, and maximize your profits in the process.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5c72b3c0-d2eb-11e8-a9bb-9fbd11954e43/stripped_579b383634705a82756d8d5c411085b3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5966048560.mp3 [size] => 28386743 [duration] => 2027.62 [uid] => CSN5966048560 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5c72b3c0-d2eb-11e8-a9bb-9fbd11954e43/id3/fe18f4191b3deb2b5b60bd0dbc416a65.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77371 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => It's All About CEX Featuring Guest Jason Bradshaw.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  •  Shep Hyken sits down with Jason Bradshaw to talk about...
  • Array ( [id] => c6a6a602-ce4a-11e8-8255-575691aaeb05 [createdAt] => 2018-10-12T11:15:19.036-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-10-12T11:16:32.036-07:00 [title] => From Like to Love [pubdate] => 2018-10-16T02:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/c6a6a602-ce4a-11e8-8255-575691aaeb05/image/uploads_2F1539368080456-0hnm6ailrnfu-1e3471c3caf6ee70227db8543edabed2_2FKeith%2BAlper%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Inspiring Emotional Commitment from Employees and Customers [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken sits down with Keith Alper to talk about his new book, From Like to Love. They discuss how to create a loving employee culture, the five basic needs of employees, and what millennials want in the workplace. 

    Top Takeaways:

    Keith says that employees have five basic needs. Successful organizations with great employee engagement and culture share a lot of these five basic needs.As an employer, you genuinely care about me.I trust you and you trust me.You listen to me.You appreciate me for who I am and you tell me so.We share a meaningful purpose.Meeting your employees’ basic needs and creating a loving employee culture is a 24/7 commitment from the top all the way down through the organization.Millennials are collaborative and think in groups and tribes. Being able to view their peers in the workplace as a family is important and will move them from like to love.Since people spend most of their time at work, it’s not all about the money. They also care about sharing a meaningful purpose and making the world a better place.Ask your employees what they love and what they don’t love. Two of Keith’s employees at CPG (Keith’s company) said the maternity policy was outdated. Because of their great culture, they were comfortable enough to voice their concerns and a change was made in less than 48 hours.When someone comes to CPG’s office in St. Louis, Missouri, Keith wants them to be in love with what they experience on their visit. CPG puts their names up in lights, music plays, and there’s great food and gifts. Keith wants their clients to love CPG because they love them.


    Keith Alper is the CEO of CPG Agency, which specializes in corporate and employee engagement. Keith has over 30 years of expertise in marketing, communications, event production, entertainment, and strategic leadership. His book From Like To Love draws on real-life examples to present his proven process for turning any organization from appreciated to adored.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/c6a6a602-ce4a-11e8-8255-575691aaeb05/stripped_213f6fb0dc30e3ddfb9c835828a6379f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9726941709.mp3 [size] => 22111190 [duration] => 1842.6 [uid] => CSN9726941709 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/c6a6a602-ce4a-11e8-8255-575691aaeb05/id3/fca0fb854657a08044dfe588344d1d48.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77793 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => From Like to Love Featuring Guest Keith Alper.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Keith Alper to talk about...
  • Array ( [id] => 43368d76-c8e8-11e8-bc9f-831b8b3cae37 [createdAt] => 2018-10-05T14:47:32.030-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-10-05T14:48:47.406-07:00 [title] => Listen To Your Customers… Or Die [pubdate] => 2018-10-09T01:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/43368d76-c8e8-11e8-bc9f-831b8b3cae37/image/uploads_2F1538776027750-p2ehnhbweb-c73337ce130e871de1b6ae9038a5b88b_2FSean%2BMcDade%2B2018-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How to Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken sits down with Sean McDade. They discussed how to create a consistent customer experience, why you should listen to your customers (and what to do with what they tell you), and how you can create a customer-centric organization.

    Top Takeaways:

    Sean defines being customer-centric as, “Consistently listening to customers and empowering your organization to take what customers are saying and do something about it.”Simply listening to your customers isn’t enough. You have to align your organization to enable people to take action towards putting the customer at the center of your company.Great companies who get great ROI out of listening to customers follow up on every bad customer experience. They find out what went wrong and they make it right with that customer. Then they fix the common reasons that caused those bad experiences so that they might not happen again.The customer experience is everything the customer experiences with your company. This includes people, employees, products/services, and websites. A good customer experience has consistency across all touchpoints that a customer has with an organization.If a customer has a positive experience with your organization, ask them who provided that good experience and what they did. This will allow you to recognize good people within your organization and duplicate their positive actions.About:

    Sean McDade Ph.D. is the CEO and founder of PeopleMetrics. For over 20 years, he’s helped companies get closer to their customers by systematically listening and improving the experience. He wrote the book Listen Or Die: 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold.

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/43368d76-c8e8-11e8-bc9f-831b8b3cae37/stripped_32ac64af2df41617e1a8bef6d2dce092.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8576408259.mp3 [size] => 27153920 [duration] => 1939.57 [uid] => CSN8576408259 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/43368d76-c8e8-11e8-bc9f-831b8b3cae37/id3/0019f883c471a1695bf2ccd6a7141873.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76905 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Listen to Your Customers ... Or Die - Featuring Guest Sean McDade.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Sean McDade. They discussed how...
  • Array ( [id] => 7ed9585a-c649-11e8-96ad-470c8f5a9bdd [createdAt] => 2018-10-02T06:45:59.779-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-10-02T06:49:00.935-07:00 [title] => The Convenience Revolution [pubdate] => 2018-10-02T06:48:23.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/7ed9585a-c649-11e8-96ad-470c8f5a9bdd/image/uploads_2F1538487934329-53pbaj20dba-1170fde1b64aa6cd4f01224f7a9f8453_2FTCR%2B2018-%2BABR%2BPHOTO.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => 1 [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How to Deliver a Customer Service Experience That Disrupts the Competition and Creates Fierce Loyalty [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken shares Six Convenience Principles from his latest book, The Convenience Revolution that will either disrupt the market or be disrupted. You don’t have to compete with all six convenience principles but if you can’t find one or two areas where your organization can raise its game, prepare to be disrupted!

    Top Takeaways:6 Convenience PrinciplesReduce Friction – Make doing business with you as easy as possible.Self-service – Let your customers control the transaction/interaction.Technology – Create new processes, tools and ways of interacting that make life easier for customers.Subscription – Establish automated, scheduled delivery of products and services that people use on a regular basis.Delivery – Bring the product to the customer, rather than making the customer go to the product.Access – Be available to your customers by location and/or hours of operation.About:

    Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio. To learn more about the latest book visit www.BeConvenient.com.

    This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions … and more:

    What is the most convenient company to do business with?How can I use convenience to create better customer experiences?How can I be more convenient to create a better customer experience?How can I disrupt my competition?How can I take my customer service to the next level?

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/7ed9585a-c649-11e8-96ad-470c8f5a9bdd/stripped_0a44ad1c0800a1ad96200b99a93b95c6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3147203846.mp3 [size] => 27770514 [duration] => 1983.61 [uid] => CSN3147203846 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/7ed9585a-c649-11e8-96ad-470c8f5a9bdd/id3/229f37270892c2c2f45b596484bdf96c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76729 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Amazing Business Radio-Shep Hyken-The Convenience Revolution.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken shares Six Convenience Principles from his latest book,...
  • Array ( [id] => a2153f04-c03c-11e8-9394-375cd1ef1b0c [createdAt] => 2018-09-24T13:58:48.458-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T14:00:03.632-07:00 [title] => 30 Days to Better Customer Service with Featured Guest Doug Sandler [pubdate] => 2018-09-25T02:00:00.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/a2153f04-c03c-11e8-9394-375cd1ef1b0c/image/uploads_2F1537822687929-za7utpl36s-4692dde16ce00c3686784f5792d34773_2FDoug%2BSandler%2B-%2BABR%2BPHOTO%2B2018.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Shep Hyken sits down with Doug Sandler to discuss journey mapping, important customer service skills and assessing risk and value throughout your customer journey. [summary] =>

    Top Takeaways:

    Doug shared five traits that can improve your customer service skills in 30 days or less. He calls them the Nice Guy 30:Return Every Phone CallReturn Every E-MailDeliver Every PromiseBe on Time, Every TimeConnect Twice a DayA Journey Map is the representation of the entire customer experience, from their first interaction with your organization to becoming a customer or referrer and every interaction in between.Journey mapping allows you to visually represent the experience the customer has throughout the entire process of doing business with you. It can help your management, the people working for your organization and even your customers.Journey mapping allows you to see where your customers are having friction points and where you're having internal friction caused by employee overlap. Once you’ve identified a potential problem, it becomes easier to fix.Consider including your customers in the journey mapping process, because they can look at things from a different perspective. It’s important you speak with happy customers as well as angry “ex” customers.Doug shared a “risk-quadrant” that allows organizations to determine the risk and value of specific steps along the customer journey. Do your best to add low-risk, high-value opportunities and eliminate high-risk, low-value opportunities.High-risk, low-value

    A high-risk, low-value opportunity is a place where your customer is likely to get stuck in your system and not be satisfied with the end result.Low-risk, high-value

    A low-risk, high-value opportunity is easy for you to do and it enhances the customer experience.


    Doug Sandler is a nationally recognized speaker and writer. In 2015, he published the award-winning book Nice Guys Finish First. Currently, Doug is the CEO of Turnkey Podcast Productions. Because of his expertise, he also helps organizations create effective journey maps that improve the customer experience. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.


    “Never ignore the comments that your frontline is making. They are a critical component to improving your customer experience.” - Doug Sandler

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a2153f04-c03c-11e8-9394-375cd1ef1b0c/stripped_fc845afbcde3970855be7ff515cc567e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5713142563.mp3 [size] => 22251625 [duration] => 1854.3 [uid] => CSN5713142563 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/a2153f04-c03c-11e8-9394-375cd1ef1b0c/id3/6f12cc3341243776d9115261643e5a8c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78477 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Central Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => 30 Days to Better Customer Service Featuring Guest Doug Sandler.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Top Takeaways:Doug shared five traits that can improve your customer...
  • Array ( [id] => 2891b93e-bb08-11e8-a54c-070eb8ac40a3 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T23:00:34.940-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:10.580-07:00 [title] => Give Employees What They Crave Most Featuring Guest Gregg Lederman [pubdate] => 2018-09-17T23:00:06.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/2891b93e-bb08-11e8-a54c-070eb8ac40a3/image/artworks-000405498291-7slz7p-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Take Time to Properly Motivate Your Team Shep Hy… [summary] =>

    Take Time to Properly Motivate Your Team Shep Hyken sits down with Gregg Lederman to talk about his new book, Crave: You Can Enhance Employee Motivation in 10 Minutes by Friday (https://www.amazon.com/Crave-Enhance-Employee-Motivation-Minutes/dp/0979587514). They discussed how to replicate your best people and give them the happiness and motivation they crave and deserve. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •Your employees' attitudes and actions are affected by the three things they crave the most: 1. Respect: Respect them for who they are and what they do. 2. Purpose: Give them purpose, help them see that there’s meaning in their work and show them that what they do has an impact. 3. Relationship: Build a trusting and happy relationship with their leadership. •In less than 10 minutes a week, you can replicate what your best people are thinking, saying and doing by recognizing what you want to see more of and spotting the moments where your core values are in action. •There are three chemicals that Gregg calls the happy threesome of brain chemicals; dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. They can increase employee happiness and motivation. •Recognition accelerates results. The first result is employee engagement. Employee engagement drives the work culture, and the work culture drives the customer experience. •Gregg shared a five-step process for building any habit, specifically the habit of recognizing employees: 1. Decide why it’s important to you. 2. Create the routines and schedule it in your calendar. 3. Determine any obstacles that may get in the way (time). 4. Focus on the personal and business benefits of forming this habit. 5. Track your effort daily. ABOUT: Gregg Lederman is an author, speaker, and the president of employee engagement for Reward Gateway. Gregg’s valuable insights are documented in his books Achieve Brand Integrity, Engaged, and his upcoming book, Crave. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/2891b93e-bb08-11e8-a54c-070eb8ac40a3/stripped_e045ebed2afd87d38519cb92db3c2d1b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3366058571.mp3 [size] => 22208366 [duration] => 1850.7 [uid] => CSN3366058571 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/499991643-amazingbusinessradio-give-employees-what-they-crave-most-featuring-guest-gregg-lederman.mp3 [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/2891b93e-bb08-11e8-a54c-070eb8ac40a3/id3/b41b1444ab4c1d8c86544d52318336ff.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76884 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/499991643 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Take Time to Properly Motivate Your Team Shep Hyken sits...
  • Array ( [id] => 477dddb4-bab3-11e8-afd8-eb84d5c05df9 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:52:59.597-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:11.076-07:00 [title] => Ten Ways To Recognize Employees During National Customer Service Week Featuring Guest Bill Gessert [pubdate] => 2018-09-11T00:00:26.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/477dddb4-bab3-11e8-afd8-eb84d5c05df9/image/artworks-000403106589-hn380d-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => National Customer Service Week Is About Customers… [summary] =>

    National Customer Service Week Is About Customers AND Employees Shep Hyken sits down with Bill Gessert to talk about National Customer Service Week (October 1-5, 2018). They discussed 10 ways to celebrate the week-long event, how to create an employee-centric culture, and how to get C-suite executives involved in the everyday culture. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •The International Customer Service Association started National Customer Service Week (NCSW) in 1984 because they wanted to create a meaningful way to recognize the work people do and the impact it has on the customer experience. •In 2018, NCSW will be held on the first week of October. The theme this year is Exceeding Expectations, Every Customer, Every Time. •The people that provide customer service need to get recognized in order to re-energize their customer-centric focus. National Customer Service Week is a great way to have a positive impact on employee engagement. •There are employees that your customers never meet who have a profound impact on your customers’ overall experience. •Organizations that focus on creating a sustainable culture that is employee-centric will eventually become customer-centric. •Bill shared ten ways to recognize and celebrate the value employees bring to the customer experience during NCSW. A few of them included hosting a kickoff breakfast, having C-suite executives trade places with employees, and writing handwritten thank you notes to employees. ABOUT: Bill Gessert is the VP of business growth at Premiere Response and the President of the International Customer Service Association (ICSA). Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/477dddb4-bab3-11e8-afd8-eb84d5c05df9/stripped_c3a82e89d13b5c6fb797a5927ed1310f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4860995090.mp3 [size] => 35631020 [duration] => 2226.94 [uid] => CSN4860995090 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/498089325-amazingbusinessradio-ten-ways-to-recognize-employees-during-national-customer-service-week-featuring-guest-bill-gessert.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/477dddb4-bab3-11e8-afd8-eb84d5c05df9/id3/93b4f0b468c03dfd42ee0017b659d528.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76293 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/498089325 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • National Customer Service Week Is About Customers AND Employees Shep...
  • Array ( [id] => 47d123c0-bab3-11e8-afd8-bf172018f564 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:00.152-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:11.560-07:00 [title] => Bend Over Backwards For Your Customers - Featuring Guest Kim Tucci [pubdate] => 2018-09-04T00:00:06.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/47d123c0-bab3-11e8-afd8-bf172018f564/image/artworks-000397753959-3dgca7-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How to adopt a hospitality mentality within your … [summary] =>

    How to adopt a hospitality mentality within your organization. Shep Hyken sits down with his friend and restaurateur Kim Tucci. They discussed “the hospitality mentality”, how to hire good people and ways to reduce employee turnover. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •You won’t always exceed the customer’s expectations, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at every opportunity. •Kim defines the hospitality mentality in three words, “Anything, most friendly.” This means that you are going to do anything for your guest in the most friendly atmosphere, all of the time. •90% of a good customer experience is about your attitude. If you have a quality product, a fair price, and good service, the only missing piece is a good attitude. •Not everything goes well all the time, but how you handle that situation greatly affects the customer experience and their desire to come back. •When hiring new employees, Kim looks at the way people carry themselves, their mindset, and their trainability. Experience doesn’t matter as much, because they’re going to train people the way they want to, regardless. •Your mission statement should only be three words. For The Pasta House, Kim created the mission statement, “Bend Over Backward”, or B.O.B. Every year, Kim creates B.O.B goals around this mission and rewards employees for a job well done. ABOUT: Kim Tucci, a local legend in St. Louis, Missouri, has been in the restaurant business for 45 years. Before moving into the restaurant industry, he was a teacher for 13 years. His experiences as a waiter and Maitre d’ at a five-star Italian restaurant paved the way for his current occupation. Today, Kim owns a well-known restaurant chain in St. Louis called The Pasta House. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/47d123c0-bab3-11e8-afd8-bf172018f564/stripped_5b017b9f4d14420b6d8c5c913cc06777.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6171164167.mp3 [size] => 38278373 [duration] => 2392.4 [uid] => CSN6171164167 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/493349940-amazingbusinessradio-bend-over-backwards-for-your-customers-featuring-guest-kim-tucci.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/47d123c0-bab3-11e8-afd8-bf172018f564/id3/3c2a458ef32ab1cba7b02b7ca286de84.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76513 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/493349940 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How to adopt a hospitality mentality within your organization. Shep...
  • Array ( [id] => 48214e90-bab3-11e8-afd8-7f3d9d525973 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:00.677-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:12.179-07:00 [title] => Be Nice... Always - Featuring Guest Buddy Rice [pubdate] => 2018-08-27T23:00:06.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/48214e90-bab3-11e8-afd8-7f3d9d525973/image/artworks-000395615952-zigiqj-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Why (and How) to Put Your Customers at the Center… [summary] =>

    Why (and How) to Put Your Customers at the Center of Your Decisions Shep Hyken sits down with his close friend, colleague and customer service expert Buddy Rice. They discussed how he helped Delta Airlines with their customer service culture, what customers are really looking for, and the RATER service quality model. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •Customers aren’t always looking for money or a “yes” to fix their problems. They want a professional that can give them options and solutions to their specific issues. •In certain industires, especially in the airline industry, people are willing to pay extra to be guaranteed better levels of comfort. •Empowered companies have employees with the ability to make a decision that’s right for the customer. If you put the customer at the center of your decision, you cannot go wrong. •RATER is an acronym and model that can help you measure and improve service quality. It stands for: •Reliability: Getting it right the first time •Assurance: Keeping your word •Tangibles: Giving your products/services the best look and feel •Empathy: Understanding and caring about people •Responsiveness: Having a sense of urgency •Creating an organizational mission statement starts at the top with the leadership. The six-step process of creating a vision can be described by The Six D’s, which are: •Define: Leadership defines it •Disseminate: Tell everybody •Deploy: Train people on that vision, and constantly train them over them over and over again. •Demonstrate: The leadership is the role model •Defend it: If somebody or a group is out of alignment •Delight: Celebrate it

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/48214e90-bab3-11e8-afd8-7f3d9d525973/stripped_0e2938e97ceb463e10f4415719d5c028.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6877547167.mp3 [size] => 27123931 [duration] => 1937.42 [uid] => CSN6877547167 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/491517627-amazingbusinessradio-be-nice-always-featuring-guest-buddy-rice.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/48214e90-bab3-11e8-afd8-7f3d9d525973/id3/3a415a0f5934d7189dcc9acc6ccd4f3a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76139 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/491517627 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Why (and How) to Put Your Customers at the Center...
  • Array ( [id] => 48bd5470-bab3-11e8-afd8-537234a94807 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:01.700-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:12.585-07:00 [title] => Amazing Customer Service Tips From A Doctor Featuring Guest Dr. Bob Baker [pubdate] => 2018-08-20T23:00:09.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/48bd5470-bab3-11e8-afd8-537234a94807/image/artworks-000391836162-mgx4pc-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Techniques from the stage to optimize the patient… [summary] =>

    Techniques from the stage to optimize the patient/customer experience Shep Hyken sits down with Dr. Bob Baker. They discussed his new book The Performance Of Medicine, how Bob relates his experiences as a magician and doctor to customer service, and how to optimize the customer/patient experience. There is a lot that anyone and any business can learn from Dr. Bob! TOP TAKEAWAYS: • Bob shared four basic techniques that all performers use to create connections with customers. They are: 1. Listening and observing - Listen to what the other person is saying and respond with your full attention. At that moment, be the best version of yourself that you can be. 2. Being in the moment - You want your customer to think that you’re only there for them at that moment. Being present in the moment is the only part of the interaction that you have complete control over. The way you maintain that is by… 3. Staying in character - The character you have to play is the best version of yourself. That character is different than who you are at home or in social settings. 4. Act as if - If you act in a certain way, you will feel it, then you will become it. Act like there is no place that you’d rather be than with that customer. • As a doctor, thinking of people as just patients isn’t enough. It’s the experience that they get that will cause them to come back and refer friends to you. • Bad things are going to happen, the lesson is to own them. Hospitals (and businesses) can decrease malpractice suits (and lost customers) by taking the following steps: 1. Owning their mistake 2. Explaining the mistake to the victim family 3. Explaining what steps the hospital will take to prevent it from happening again 4. Offering some form of compensation ABOUT: Dr. Bob Baker is a retired gastroenterologist. Before medicine, he performed as a professional magician and ventriloquist. He even was a contestant on America’s Got Talent. His experiences in both medicine and performance gave him the knowledge and wisdom that he shared in his book, The Performance Of Medicine. (https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Medicine-Techniques-Experience-Practicing/dp/0999616900) Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/48bd5470-bab3-11e8-afd8-537234a94807/stripped_49a0c1caf8af01514c4c95117c508b56.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1413006137.mp3 [size] => 23728065 [duration] => 1977.34 [uid] => CSN1413006137 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/488187039-amazingbusinessradio-amazing-customer-service-tips-from-a-doctor-featuring-guest-dr-bob-baker.mp3 [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/48bd5470-bab3-11e8-afd8-537234a94807/id3/fa9be3476bdef72b3c29880b99a34d3c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77505 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/488187039 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Techniques from the stage to optimize the patient/customer experience Shep...
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    Get smarter about building your company’s future. Shep Hyken sits down with Tiffani Bova, the global growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce. They discussed her new book Growth IQ, what the carnival can teach you about business, and the 10 simple paths of business growth. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •While growing up in Hawaii, Tiffani worked in a roaming carnival. She learned many valuable lessons about business such as hiring, firing, employee motivation, and customer experience. •According to Tiffani, you can boil down business growth to ten paths. Successful companies are able to maximize at least one of these ten growth paths. •Growth comes down to three things: 1. The context of the market in which someone chose a particular path. 2. The combination of what they did around multiple growth paths. 3. The sequence of how they actually did those things. Context, combination, and sequence make or break the decisions companies make. •By making decisions that lean towards customer experience and radical hospitality, companies like Shake Shack are able to differentiate themselves from the competition. •Starbucks suffered a brand crisis when they overwhelmed their customers by expanding too fast and adding many items to their menu that weren’t congruent with their main offering. They brought back CEO Howard Schultz to course-correct by returning to the customer experience path. •Businesses play a huge role in society. They should choose to do well by doing good, putting  purpose over profit, and becoming better stewards of the people in the world. ABOUT: Tiffani Bova is the global growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce. She spent ten years at Gartner, where she helped companies like Cisco, IBM, and Oracle capture new growth opportunities, win the eyes of customers, and improve the way they take their products to market. Her new book Growth IQ helps companies get smarter about the choices that will make or break their businesses. (For more info on the book - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078G2Z994/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1) Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/48fb83a8-bab3-11e8-afd8-770070f8fd29/stripped_e7923d0a1ef67d4c11ab6d0b14955393.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5331443370.mp3 [size] => 34134725 [duration] => 2133.42 [uid] => CSN5331443370 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/483284478-amazingbusinessradio-the-carnival-of-business-growth-strategies-featuring-guest-tiffani-bova.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/48fb83a8-bab3-11e8-afd8-770070f8fd29/id3/bba2f4ad5bdaba448a77b2c43be6707d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77237 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/483284478 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Get smarter about building your company’s future. Shep Hyken sits...
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    Putting your customer first by putting your employees first. Shep Hyken sits down with James Dodkins to discuss James’s new book, 136 Ideas For Rockstar Employee Engagement,having an employee mission, and the real definition of customer experience. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • James previous experience as a rockstar in a heavy metal band helped him discover that companies can be customer service rockstars, too. • What happens on the inside of a company will be felt on the outside by the customers. That’s why it’s important that you put your employees first. • Your part of the customer's experience is typically a tiny little piece of a much larger puzzle. There’s a lot more that happens across the whole customer journey. • Giving employees an inspiring, empowering, and memorable mission is one of the best gifts you can give them. Employees want to see that they’re making a positive change in customers lives. • Of the 136 ideas for rockstar employee engagement, a few of James’s favorites include having employees meet their customers, writing personal letters to employee family members, and holding fun employee events, such as a a class on how to make cocktails (named after emplyees and departments). • James shares a heart touching story about how Southwest Airlines truly embodies their mission, “Connecting people to what matters most.” • Rockstars don’t have customers. They have fans. Likewise, rockstar companies don’t just have customers, they have evangelists who are willing to share their experiences. ABOUT: James Dodkins is an author and customer experience rockstar. Before he transitioned into his current occupation, he played guitar in a heavy-metal band. Today, James helps companies like Nike, Disney, and Mercedes improve their employee and customer experiences. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/493a1b36-bab3-11e8-afd8-b3c85a5d9d27/stripped_426c7372cb2f2bb9f21526465798fae9.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6802138367.mp3 [size] => 36977266 [duration] => 2311.08 [uid] => CSN6802138367 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/480263904-amazingbusinessradio-delivering-a-rockstar-customer-experience-featuring-guest-james-dodkins.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/493a1b36-bab3-11e8-afd8-b3c85a5d9d27/id3/ca1a93e8f6c057d02e8740cdcd9c7bc1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76623 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/480263904 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Putting your customer first by putting your employees first. Shep...
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    Focusing on Business Intelligence and Customer Experience Shep Hyken sits down with Scott Walker, the CEO of ethosIQ,and discuss three levels of customer optimization, finding the correct customer service metrics to focus on, and why companies should give back to their communities. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •Customers don’t mind staying on the phone longer if it means getting their problem solved on the first interaction. This means that metrics like “average handle time” or “time to resolution” can be misleading. •There are three levels where a company may be at in their roadmap to customer optimization. 1. Intermediate/Operations focused 2. Optimized 3. Strategic •You can’t guarantee you’re going to keep your best people forever. However, by doing your best to take care of them, and giving them the opportunity to do what they love to do, they will do what it takes to engage with the customer on a higher level. •When call centers capture and share customer data across their organization in real time, they can leverage this data for the greater good of the company, which can help drive higher profits. ABOUT: Scott Walker is the CEO of ethosIQ. His company uses disparate data to drive the customer journey down to the detail from the cradle to the grave. Before founding ethosIQ in 2009, he worked with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Ticketmaster, and Nike. He also started the non-profit Orphans To Executives, which provides much-needed mentor-ship to orphans. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4981145a-bab3-11e8-afd8-ffb378174098/stripped_2441dff2ac7c380e8f461a66e023a45f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4784281104.mp3 [size] => 33193063 [duration] => 2074.57 [uid] => CSN4784281104 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/474035751-amazingbusinessradio-leveraging-customer-data-in-real-time-featuring-guest-scott-walker.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4981145a-bab3-11e8-afd8-ffb378174098/id3/7952b4f75928b6ae872ed3245bac9938.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76069 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/474035751 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Focusing on Business Intelligence and Customer Experience Shep Hyken sits...
  • Array ( [id] => 49cdf9f0-bab3-11e8-afd8-6773777f751a [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:03.487-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:14.299-07:00 [title] => The Holy Grail Of Customer Experience - Featuring Guest Craig McVoy [pubdate] => 2018-07-24T00:00:04.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/49cdf9f0-bab3-11e8-afd8-6773777f751a/image/artworks-000375821769-9uq282-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How any sized business can create customer experi… [summary] =>

    How any sized business can create customer experience and loyalty. Shep Hyken sits down with Craig McVoy, founder and Chief Experience Officer at Beyond Brand. They discussed Craig’s new book Beyond Brand, the seven customer experience principles every business must follow and the questions you must ask if you want your brand to compete in 2018 and beyond. TOP TAKEAWAYS: •McVoy shares his proven methodology that can help any business, regardless of size, improve their profitability and audience happiness. Not being a big conglomerate or brand shouldn’t stop you from delivering a great experience. •In the omni-channel world we live in, great customer experience is more than just great service on the phone or in store. The experience is an end-to-end feeling the customer has across all touchpoints and channels across the journey. •McVoy states that you cannot deliver a sub-par employee experience and expect your staff to deliver your customers a great experience. 86% of customers say they want to have a meaningful relationship with brands they use. However, 74% of those people said they couldn’t care less if those brands fell of the face of the earth tomorrow. •There are three audiences that brands must be aware of if they want to improve brand loyalty. •Employees - People who work for your brand. •Customers - People who’ve spent money on your product or service. •Community - People who know about your brand, but aren’t an employee or a customer (and have an opinion about you). ABOUT: Craig McVoy is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Beyond Brand. Before Beyond Brand, he spent 25 years helping brands like BMW and Mercedes deliver a better experience to both customers and employees. Currently, while consulting with dozens of brands, he is writing a book titled, Beyond Brand - Why it's the experience that causes people to fall in love with the brand. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/49cdf9f0-bab3-11e8-afd8-6773777f751a/stripped_34e50ef184c351d6a2e9d6e66d407c54.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4344364615.mp3 [size] => 33226918 [duration] => 2076.68 [uid] => CSN4344364615 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/473489478-amazingbusinessradio-the-holy-grail-of-customer-experience-featuring-guest-craig-mcvoy.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/49cdf9f0-bab3-11e8-afd8-6773777f751a/id3/442de0f6800ff3986f0d79f0c23124fe.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76843 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/473489478 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How any sized business can create customer experience and loyalty....
  • Array ( [id] => 4a195422-bab3-11e8-afd8-d31297d68780 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:03.981-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:14.640-07:00 [title] => Artificial Intelligence Combined With Human Intelligence; The Future Of Business Transformation [pubdate] => 2018-07-17T00:00:14.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4a195422-bab3-11e8-afd8-d31297d68780/image/artworks-000374658894-6jxeyf-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => What can you do to create a smoother effortless c… [summary] =>

    What can you do to create a smoother effortless customer experience? Shep Hyken sits down with Jim Iyoob, the Chief Customer Officer at E-Tech Global Services, to discuss the balance between AI and human interaction and how to deliver a convenient and effortless customer experience. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • In the past, companies owned the narrative and customers had little control. With social media and various omni-channels, the control has transferred to the consumer. Companies like Apple, GoDaddy, and Amazon understand this simple fact and use it to their advantage to gain market share and win customer loyalty. • 89% of customers will stop doing business with you if they have a poor customer service experience. 86% of buyers will pay for a better customer experience. • Throughout history, nothing has changed in customer service from the standpoint that the goal has always been for the customer to walk away saying, “That was a good experience, I’m going to come back.” What has changed is the technology that allows us to offer a different level of service that is faster, more convenient, effortless, and easy. • Jim warns companies against buying technology that makes things easier for themselves without taking into consideration the effect it will have on customers and the agents delivering the experience. ABOUT:Jim Iyoob is Chief Customer Officer at E-Tech Global Services and the author of Delivering Customer Service That Matters. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4a195422-bab3-11e8-afd8-d31297d68780/stripped_40cb91a5db229a0352f9607b9103f452.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6660553356.mp3 [size] => 31336070 [duration] => 1958.5 [uid] => CSN6660553356 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/472470291-amazingbusinessradio-artificial-intelligence-combined-with-human-intelligence-the-future-of-business-transformation.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4a195422-bab3-11e8-afd8-d31297d68780/id3/7f9964526cca8ae67d9ed3dac797fbe0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75999 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/472470291 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • What can you do to create a smoother effortless customer...
  • Array ( [id] => 4a5cfd62-bab3-11e8-afd8-6b4c475bc391 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:04.424-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:14.978-07:00 [title] => Building A Winning Culture From Within Featuring Guest Jim Rembach [pubdate] => 2018-07-10T00:00:04.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4a5cfd62-bab3-11e8-afd8-6b4c475bc391/image/artworks-000371222688-l832ui-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How to create a customer service culture that sol… [summary] =>

    How to create a customer service culture that solves customers problems, increases revenue, and drives loyalty. Shep Hyken discusses frontline leadership, conflict resolution, and customer loyalty with Jim Rembach, the president of Call Center Coach. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • There are six core reasons why frontline supervisors fail. 1. Lack of interpersonal skills 2. Lack of strategic skills 3. Lack of conflict avoidance skills 4. Lack of trust building skills 5. Poor decision-making skills 6. Poor training • Over 80% of people leave jobs because of their relationship with their frontline supervisor. • In today's business world, frontline supervisors are just as important as senior leadership. They interact with customers and employees day in and day out. • Companies who retain their customers the longest establish an emotional connection with them. This includes (but isn’t limited to) being friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and credible. • When a customer has a complaint, find ways to get alongside the customer instead of butting heads and creating conflict. Ask them questions so that they realize you’re on their side and want to help them solve their problems. • According to research, customers who’ve never had a negative experience with you are not as loyal as customers who’ve had a negative experience that was quickly resolved. ABOUT: Jim Rembach is the president of Call Center Coach. He previously helped AutoZone open their call center, which revolutionized the way stores, customers, and customer service agents interact. He is a founding member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and currently hosts his podcast, the Fast Leader Show. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4a5cfd62-bab3-11e8-afd8-6b4c475bc391/stripped_25f75b2c818ee47c21950d4a66878150.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8928004417.mp3 [size] => 36808828 [duration] => 2300.55 [uid] => CSN8928004417 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/469465551-amazingbusinessradio-building-a-winning-culture-from-within-featuring-guest-jim-rembach.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4a5cfd62-bab3-11e8-afd8-6b4c475bc391/id3/a72854d6771a0c67dbe8e8da1185dda1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76401 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/469465551 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How to create a customer service culture that solves customers...
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    How will chat and chatbots transform customer service in the near future? Shep Hyken discusses turning customers into viral promoters, a new customer-focused growth model, and the next phase of automated customer service with Michael Redbord, GM of the Service Hub at Hubspot. TOP TAKEAWAYS: -Redbord shares the five rules of a customer-centric 1) Knowledge of your customer 2) Applying the knowledge 3) Listening and prioritizing 4) Execution 5) Communicating -How to use NPS (Net Promoter Score) to target your best customers, a.k.a. promoters, who are most likely to take the extra time to advocate for you. Then, create a win-win situation for your customers so you can go on the journey of mutual growth together. -Hyken and Redbord both see a trend in customer service becoming more self-service as customers become less patient and want faster access to the answers to their questions. -Redbord urges that making customers more successful is the key to business growth. -The Flywheel model, which takes the traditional business growth model and uses customers to create virality, brand amplification, and scalability. Your customers can be your best marketers and growth engines. -There are three customer-service trends that will likely happen in the future (and already are). 1) Face-to-face communication - As trust diminishes and people feel more disconnected, showing your face is going to be a big deal. 2) Chatbots - People are less patient today, they want answers now, and they expect a 24-hour presence. 3) Self-service - Is an absolute necessity, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4aba0606-bab3-11e8-afd8-b7814e7237f1/stripped_65f034d60a3f8fef62713a75c4117fdb.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2044386078.mp3 [size] => 34477870 [duration] => 2154.87 [uid] => CSN2044386078 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/465241086-amazingbusinessradio-turning-happy-customers-into-brand-advocates-featuring-guest-michael-redbord.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4aba0606-bab3-11e8-afd8-b7814e7237f1/id3/24be97026b72e0328ca8d0f08e5c1268.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76039 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/465241086 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How will chat and chatbots transform customer service in the...
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    How does participation create a customer experience culture? Shep Hyken sits down with Doug Bell, a customer experience consultant and founder and CEO of The Experience Manager, to discuss the benefits of creating a customer experience movement. TOP TAKEAWAYS: -A company customer experience movement starts by giving everyone in the company a way to communicate with leadership. -Customer service must start with a dialogue, giving employees a voice that allows them to share how they want to interact with customers. This process gets everyone engaged, ultimately creating a better customer experience. From the top to bottom everyone has an impact on the customer Someone behind the scenes in the warehouse may never see the customer. But, if they don’t package the product properly and it is damaged when it ships, the customer will have a bad experience when the package is received. Even people that have no contact with the customer can have big impact on the customer -To ensure that employees have a forum to speak to executives about ideas, two things must happen: -Communication must be transparent throughout the entire organization. -Employees should have the ability to share their thoughts anonymously. This allows executives to get the truth to make necessary changes. -There are many ways to begin a customer service initiative. In the beginning, someone must take ownership of the internal customer experience and open up the channels of communication. Employers are tasked with sharing ideas to improve how the company currently operates. Consider using a business social platform that allows employees to share their ideas with the entire company. It creates an open environment ideas are shared in one place. Employees can expand on ideas, share feedback and offer suggestions while executives are able to watch the conversation and learn what employees are thinking. ABOUT: Doug Bell is a customer experience consultant. He is the founder of The Experience Manager, an experience management platform for experience leaders, designers, and producers. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4afb98fa-bab3-11e8-afd8-9bd6ca2510f2/stripped_56ba948f888f9959b3373a87fff1c399.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5335430608.mp3 [size] => 37000253 [duration] => 2312.52 [uid] => CSN5335430608 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/461916138-amazingbusinessradio-everybody-deserves-a-voice-featuring-guest-doug-bell.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4afb98fa-bab3-11e8-afd8-9bd6ca2510f2/id3/b5055326c79f64211816857129dccb61.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77237 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/461916138 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How does participation create a customer experience culture? Shep Hyken...
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    How can you create strong customer loyalty while staying inspired? Shep Hyken is joined by Marilyn Suttle, conference speaker, bestselling author, and coach, to discuss her new book, Color Their World - The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty. TOP TAKEAWAYS: ● The more automated things become, the more important it is to have strong customer service. Automated features can always go wrong, and when they do, someone has to speak to the customers. ● Reinforcement is just as important as training. If an employee does not have the right attitude or behavior, a leader needs to step in and provide feedback. This reinforcement ensures expectations are met. ● In a team, if you see someone who is excited about customer service, that excitement becomes infectious. This makes a greater impression than a manager approaching a team with tips or encouragement. Hearing from a peer, even if it is constructive feedback, has a better impact on employees. Finding a top performer to train their peers improves the employee experience, which in turn improves the customer experience. ● Suttle’s new book, Color Their World - The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty is not your typical book. It’s actually a coloring book that features a sentence starter on each page. For example, “If my best customers described me, they would likely say _____.” The combination of the two activities, filling in the blank and coloring, creates a unique situation that can improve focus and reduce stress, which helps retention of the answers to these powerful sentence starters. Transparency is key. You must be transparent, honest, and upfront with your customers to build trust. Without that trust, there will be no loyalty. Customers will find someone else if they do not have confidence in your business. ABOUT: Marilyn Suttle is a leading authority in service excellence, business and personal relationships, and content marketing. Her latest book, Color Their World - The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty is available now. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4b745524-bab3-11e8-afd8-f3b4a83085cf/stripped_7f3d6aec948c279696f13bc9e4022bc6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8211032849.mp3 [size] => 32329559 [duration] => 2020.6 [uid] => CSN8211032849 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/458974857-amazingbusinessradio-color-your-customers-world-featuring-guest-marilyn-suttle.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4b745524-bab3-11e8-afd8-f3b4a83085cf/id3/88a6bc31ddca177a672e304c40b6e065.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77075 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/458974857 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How can you create strong customer loyalty while staying inspired?...
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    Discover the best tools and software to provide a great customer experience. Shep Hyken sits downwith Jackie Gonzalez, Vice President of Operations at PATLive to discuss the best tools and methods for a customer support organization. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • First, some background on PATLive. Some third-party support centers employ thousands of agents, many of whom are overseas. PATLive agents, however, are all located in Tallahassee, Florida. These agents are trained to be like employees of the companies they represent. They provide their clients’ customers with a personalized experience. • Before choosing a tool or software for a support service, an organization must evaluate it for functionality, cost, difficulty, security standards, and other objective factors. With how much tools have changed, however, there are more higher-level factors to consider, including a balance between a tool’s functionality and the message and brand of an organization. • Evaluating the internal tools in addition to the external tools is very important. If the internal tools being used are outdated or difficult to use, it creates a negative in-house operation and frustrates employees. These frustrations can, in turn, lead to a negative customer experience. • Gonzalez shared eight tools PATLive uses that have improved their support center operation: 1. KnowledgeOwl: a knowledge management tool that keeps internal information organized in one place 2. Articulate 360: lets trainers quickly create online courses that are used to train employees 3. Slack: allows for easy communication and collaboration between team members 4. Trello: a project management tool allowing team members to organize and prioritize information 5. LiveChat Inc.: a live chat software tool allowing agents to chat with customers 6. Formstack: allows anybody to create an online web form to collect information and convert into workflows 7. Sprout Social: a social media management tool 8. Tresta: a phone system that records calls for quality assurance purposes • Though tools are necessary for customer support, you cannot let tools get in the way of creating a good employee and customer experience. To engage another person on a personal level, the tool should just be in the background for additional support. Traditional customer service principles must be the priority. ABOUT: Jackie Gonzalez is the Vice President of Operations at PATLive, the number one rated answering service since 1990. PATLive has a team of live receptionists who ensure great customer service. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4bc2821c-bab3-11e8-afd8-ef4e9e45f557/stripped_f8a2f1de441c056388942fdbf6f9d595.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2148108489.mp3 [size] => 34627917 [duration] => 2164.24 [uid] => CSN2148108489 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/454765896-amazingbusinessradio-tools-of-the-trade-learn-the-tools-needed-to-make-a-great-customer-support-center.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4bc2821c-bab3-11e8-afd8-ef4e9e45f557/id3/438be7bc5ed7141c0ef33356a14ec229.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78245 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/454765896 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Discover the best tools and software to provide a great...
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    Are you ready for a customer service or brand crisis? Shep Hyken discusses handling and preparing for a customer service or brand crisis with Melissa Agnes, the author of Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World. TOP TAKEAWAYS • Melissa explains that ever since she was a kid in Montreal, she’s had the ability to spot and mitigate potential risk. This skill came into play ten years ago when social media first began to rise. While everyone was talking about how great social media was, her mind immediately thought of the risks it presented. She calls this her “a-ha” moment. • Being “crisis ready” means: o The entire organization knows what risk looks like and how to detect it. o They understand how to assess the impact of risks on their brand: is it a crisis or is it an issue? o They can manage the crisis in a manner that still builds stakeholder trust and credibility. • A crisis is a negative event stopping business-as-usual because it extends to the top of the organization and has potential long-term negative impact on people, the environment, business operations, the organization’s reputation, and/or the organization’s bottom line. An issue, however, does not have the risk of a long-term impact. While an issue can go viral, it does not necessarily become a crisis. • Crisis Response Penalty (CRP), a term coined by Melissa, looks at the short-term and long-term monetary and reputation impact a crisis has on a brand due to that brand’s poor and ineffective response. The longer it takes for a business to provide an effective response, the more credibility and trust you lose, the more control of the narrative you lose, and the higher CRP you have. • In order to become crisis ready for something that has not occurred before, Melissa says though we cannot predict exactly how a situation will happen, we can consider the possibilities of a high-risk scenario where an employee goes rogue or does something wrong that can potentially go viral. For example, an employee may be involved with a sexual harassment issue or make an inappropriate response to a social media post. Additionally, taking societal trends into consideration, including the staggering amount of racial discrimination occurring in retail, coffee shops, etc., allows business to know the likelihood that something will go wrong or against the brand’s values. • To respond to a crisis in a way that is emotionally intelligent, a business must put people first. • There is no circumstance when “no comment” is an acceptable response. It goes completely against putting the customer first. A “no comment” response can lead to mistrust and cause customers to choose another brand. If you are crisis-prepared, you already have a comment ready. ABOUT: Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis management and preparedness. Her book, Crisis Ready, published in March 2018, details how organizations can implement a crisis ready culture. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4c07bf58-bab3-11e8-afd8-abc19eb95269/stripped_cb878231403170fc3c5517a75aa0f3ed.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1302157242.mp3 [size] => 39327032 [duration] => 2457.94 [uid] => CSN1302157242 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/452369076-amazingbusinessradio-learn-the-rules-of-being-crisis-ready-featuring-guest-melissa-agnes.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4c07bf58-bab3-11e8-afd8-abc19eb95269/id3/6fb03e10521bdf972c9e1e61f58f73df.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78949 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/452369076 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Are you ready for a customer service or brand crisis?...
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    How can you separate yourself from the competition? Shep Hyken is joined by Gigi Butler, the founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, the largest cupcake franchise in the world, to discuss how she differentiated herself from the competition. TOP TAKEAWAYS: • Branding is the experience a company offers, and to get people on board with a brand, a strong, passionate leader is necessary, along with a product people can connect with. In Butler’s case, she wants people to see, smell, and taste the passion she has for her cupcakes, whose recipes were passed down from generation to generation. • For Gigi’s Cupcakes, Butler wanted each cupcake to have its own personality, so her customers receive an immediate feeling, producing a memory. This is what differentiates one business from another. Companies must create products and experiences that connect with customers. • Butler’s book The Secret Ingredient, which is available for preorder now, describes her journey from aspiring country music singer to cupcake entrepreneur. When music didn’t work out and she found herself cleaning other people’s homes (including Taylor Swift’s), she realized she should turn her passion—baking—into a business. Thus, Gigi’s Cupcakes was born. • If you want loyal customers, you need to remember that “one size does not fit all.” You need to provide options for everyone, even if it means allowing a customizable experience. This will ensure customers keep coming back. Butler does this by offering a wide variety - 278 flavors in Gigi’s Cupcakes’ catalog! • Something as simple as packaging plays an important role in the customer’s experience. Seeing recognizable packaging immediately makes you want that product. Your subconscious tells you there is something special inside it. For example, there is excitement and anticipation in opening the box that reveals your new iPhone – or, a delicious Gigi’s Cupcake. • Butler believes passion is a vital part of creating an excellent experience for customers. Without a purpose, it is nearly impossible to draw customers in and encourage them to come back. ABOUT: Gigi Butler is the founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, the largest cupcake franchise in the world with over 100 locations. Her book, The Secret Ingredient: Recipes for Success in Business and Life, is available for preorder now (https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1501173529?tag=simonsayscom). Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio (https://www.hyken.com).

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4c606c3e-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b6f4d4965ea/stripped_e64658010f7d5630b6e1d4310ae5bc36.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8295899483.mp3 [size] => 30763048 [duration] => 1922.69 [uid] => CSN8295899483 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/448213587-amazingbusinessradio-create-your-own-secret-ingredient-to-stand-out-from-competition-featuring-guest-gigi-butler.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4c606c3e-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b6f4d4965ea/id3/64d559e65fd5722321eca66a05a81fc6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77909 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/448213587 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How can you separate yourself from the competition? Shep Hyken...
  • Array ( [id] => 4cb231c2-bab3-11e8-afd8-3bdaddf0b857 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:08.338-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:18.033-07:00 [title] => Grow Sales, Revenue, And Customer Loyalty While Improving The Customer Experience [pubdate] => 2018-05-22T00:00:02.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4cb231c2-bab3-11e8-afd8-3bdaddf0b857/image/artworks-000349852047-2qai1h-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How can you create a better online support exper… [summary] =>

    How can you create a better online support experience for your customers? Shep Hyken is joined by Jamie Edwards, Kayako’s co-founder and chief operating officer, all the way from London, to discuss the importance of live chat, and how it can improve the customer service experience. TOP TAKEAWAYS • Live chat can boost customer loyalty - customers are more likely to stay with or become a repeat customer if a company offers live chat support. • Chatbots are with computers and live chats are with people. When using a chatbot, customers can get a response instantly, yet chatbots are not good enough to replace actual people for anything complex. • With Kayako, the live chat conversation is always ongoing – you can start a conversation, step away from it, and you’ll be able to pick up the conversation right where you left off. • For some businesses, around-the-clock live chat staffing may not be practical – or even expected. For “off hours,” include a message providing business hours, frequently asked questions, and assuring a representative will get back to the customer soon. ABOUT Jamie Edwards is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Kayako, a service helping companies improve their customer service. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4cb231c2-bab3-11e8-afd8-3bdaddf0b857/stripped_625a4eb2ef07ff8d2d5e1a7bbea907a5.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7463671253.mp3 [size] => 32615026 [duration] => 2038.44 [uid] => CSN7463671253 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/445859277-amazingbusinessradio-grow-sales-revenue-and-customer-loyalty-while-improving-the-customer-experience.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4cb231c2-bab3-11e8-afd8-3bdaddf0b857/id3/b445e44059a5d60159ae40e90d33c840.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75521 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/445859277 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How can you create a better online support experience for...
  • Array ( [id] => 4cf20dce-bab3-11e8-afd8-938f406651a9 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:08.757-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:18.498-07:00 [title] => The Future is Here Artificial Intelligence and Bots in Customer Service Featuring Guest Joshua March [pubdate] => 2018-05-14T22:01:02.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4cf20dce-bab3-11e8-afd8-938f406651a9/image/artworks-000343864932-paehik-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How will AI and bots transform customer service i… [summary] =>

    How will AI and bots transform customer service in the near future? Shep Hyken discusses the next phase of customer service, automated messaging, with Joshua March, Co-founder and CEO of Conversocial. (https://www.conversocial.com/) Top Takeaways: - March shares his Six Pillars of Customer Service: 1) be prepared for crises in social era; 2) lean into the power of messaging; 3) make effective use of bot technology; 4) deploy AI effectively; 5) adopt a messaging approach to all digital channels; and 6) use social agents as the model of future customer service teams - March gives the history of clients using Twitter or Facebook pages as customer service platforms despite other channels; recent trend is private messaging, which significantly reduces email and chat volumes. - The next evolution in social customer service is artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation, which enable humans and bots to exist in the same conversation in a way that isn't really possible on other service channels. - According to March, private messaging is the first service channel to potentially replace phone-based customer service. Although phone AI misunderstandings can lead to awkward transitions to human representatives, messaging AI can make seamless transitions. - Hyken and March both see a trend in consumers very rapidly starting to expect a messaging option. - March urges entrepreneurs to take baby steps – don’t build a massive chat-bot; instead use machine learning to recognize and respond to the most common questions you currently receive. Automating just 25% creates a huge efficiency gain, speeds up resolution for your customers, and saves your agents a lot of hassle. Small changes can yield big returns. - March sees a future in which AI will handle routine questions, while humans will be top-tier agents who can handle complex issues that require greater access and ability to resolve them, so make sure your human messaging agents have good typing skills. About: Joshua March is Co-founder and CEO at Conversocial, provider of social customer service software for Fortune 500 companies. Marsh is also author of the forthcoming book, “Message Me, The Future of Customer Service in the Era of Social Messaging.” Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4cf20dce-bab3-11e8-afd8-938f406651a9/stripped_b804657c1712773683af59faf86ca3fe.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2650294526.mp3 [size] => 20184555 [duration] => 2018.46 [uid] => CSN2650294526 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/438995334-amazingbusinessradio-the-future-is-here-artificial-intelligence-and-bots-in-customer-service-featuring-guest-joshua-march.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4cf20dce-bab3-11e8-afd8-938f406651a9/id3/f00f12144e9faabe3732753f6ba41c41.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77657 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/438995334 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How will AI and bots transform customer service in the...
  • Array ( [id] => 4d523654-bab3-11e8-afd8-0bd508abdc62 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:09.386-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:19.085-07:00 [title] => Deliver A Customer Experience That Would Make Mom Proud Featuring Guest Jeanne Bliss [pubdate] => 2018-05-07T22:01:06.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4d523654-bab3-11e8-afd8-0bd508abdc62/image/artworks-000343012863-9pyid2-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Shep Hyken sits down with Jeanne Bliss, author of… [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken sits down with Jeanne Bliss, author of Would You Do That to Your Mother? The “Make Mom Proud” Standard for How to Treat Your Customers, and discusses her book and the art of making customers happy. Top Takeaways: • “Make Mom Proud” businesses are companies that are deliberate regarding how they will and will not make revenue, how they will enable employees to do the right thing, how they charge customers, and how they make it easy or hard to do business. • Jeanne encourages listeners to go to make-mom-proud.com to join the #MakeMomProud movement by posting a picture of their mother and writing something they’ve done to make her proud. • Because customers first interact and communicate with a company’s employees, businesses must first have happy employees. • Would You Do That to Your Mother?, which includes 32 case studies, is split into five parts: 1. Be the Person I Raised You to Be  This chapter discusses enabling your employees to thrive. Bliss emphasizes that hiring is the most important decision for businesses. 2. Don’t Make Me Feed You Soap  This part of the book describes the importance of honoring your customers’ time. 3. Put Others Before Yourself  For businesses to achieve their own goals, they must first make it possible for customers to achieve their goals. 4. Take the High Road  Bliss discusses the need to be fair and not take advantage of customers. Instead, businesses and customers become partners. 5. Stop the Shenanigans  This section of the book summarizes the “mom” lens with questions and includes a “Make-Mom-Proud-ometer” to help evaluate your organization and find out how close you are to being having a “Make Mom Proud” business. About: Jeanne Bliss is the Founder and President of CustomerBliss, and the Co-Founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association. She is one of the foremost experts on customer-centric leadership and the role of the Chief Customer Officer. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio. Find the book here: (https://www.amazon.com/Would-You-That-Your-Mother/dp/0735217815/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1525198239&sr=8-1)

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4d523654-bab3-11e8-afd8-0bd508abdc62/stripped_fa7aa0ce40e5f66f288dd8fd9fc151b2.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4487800378.mp3 [size] => 29979375 [duration] => 1873.71 [uid] => CSN4487800378 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/438002073-amazingbusinessradio-deliver-a-customer-experience-that-would-make-mom-proud-featuring-guest-jeanne-bliss.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4d523654-bab3-11e8-afd8-0bd508abdc62/id3/0d370b6ae1b6986d11fb8c833d95b41b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77457 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/438002073 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Jeanne Bliss, author of Would...
  • Array ( [id] => 4d9c0f4a-bab3-11e8-afd8-e783638161d9 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:09.869-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:20.284-07:00 [title] => How to Eliminate Friction and Improve the Customer Support Experience Featuring Guest Brad Birnbaum [pubdate] => 2018-04-30T22:01:06.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4d9c0f4a-bab3-11e8-afd8-e783638161d9/image/artworks-000339582456-zfwtox-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How can you provide a better experience for the c… [summary] =>

    How can you provide a better experience for the customer and an even better one for the agents? Shep Hyken sits down with Brad Birnbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of Kustomer, to talk about how to understand and know everything about your customer. Top Takeaways: • A common problem is when the customer knows that the company has information about them, yet the customer support rep solving the problem doesn’t know anything about the customer. Every support agent should have all the information about the customer in front of them. By having knowledgeable agents, you can increase productivity by 20%. • When you create friction, you end up creating a complaint. To eliminate friction, agents must have the relevant data about the customer at their fingertips, reducing the time of the phone call and the number of emails exchanged. • Consider using a “sentiment rank” to gauge how happy or angry the customer is. Then find all the unhappy customers and reach out to them to try and get them to re-engage. • Chatbots are best used for simple requests and less effective for personal service. Combining a chatbot with a Conversational Form is an effective way to use the chatbot to collect data or conduct a survey. It may feel like a chatbot but is really collecting data along the way. This makes customers feel like they’re immediately in the chat instead of having to make selections to get to the right place. About: Brad Birnbaum is the CEO and Co-founder of Kustomer (https://www.kustomer.com/) and is a 20-plus veteran of the customer service industry. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4d9c0f4a-bab3-11e8-afd8-e783638161d9/stripped_d8d46e7dd4a824162d83bd4a255220f4.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9404425481.mp3 [size] => 21324278 [duration] => 2132.43 [uid] => CSN9404425481 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/434619924-amazingbusinessradio-how-to-eliminate-friction-and-improve-the-customer-support-experience-featuring-guest-brad-birnbaum.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4d9c0f4a-bab3-11e8-afd8-e783638161d9/id3/f16814dd6e020b065f3858a1a7b596a6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76229 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/434619924 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How can you provide a better experience for the customer...
  • Array ( [id] => 4defd9cc-bab3-11e8-afd8-07eabb659d11 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:10.420-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:20.685-07:00 [title] => 7 Secrets for Successful Surveys Featuring Guest Martin Powton [pubdate] => 2018-04-23T22:01:04.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4defd9cc-bab3-11e8-afd8-07eabb659d11/image/artworks-000337843686-gjxho1-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How would you like to provide a better survey exp… [summary] =>

    How would you like to provide a better survey experience for your customers? Shep Hyken speaks with Martin Powton, Marketing Manager at Wizu. They discuss the importance of receiving feedback and how to overcome some potential issues with creating the wrong survey for your business and your customers. Top Takeaways: Seven Secrets of Successful Surveys 1. Personalization – Personalize your surveys, including the customer’s name, for example. Make sure you make it relevant to their experience, following up with relevant questions and avoid asking the unnecessary ones. Creating a more personal experience will make your customers feel as if you value their answers. 2. Timing – Send surveys in a timely manner – at the right time. For example, if a customer is placing an order for merchandise, you would want to wait until their order was received before you sent out a survey. Sometimes the right time is more immediate. Take Uber, for instance. You receive the survey immediately after the ride. That’s the right time, while the ride is fresh in the customer’s mind. 3. Close the Loop – You need to engage your customers, so try acknowledging the issues during the survey. 4. Be Concise – Don’t waste anyone’s time by asking them to repeat information. Make sure every question is important and that you will gain insight from it. 5. Make the Survey Engaging ¬– Create an engaging experience that speaks to the voice of your brand. You can use creativity to add things to the surveys, such as gifs to make them more entertaining and enjoyable, which in turn will help boost your completion rates. 6. Measure Emotion – Emotion is a key component of the customer experience. Through your survey, you should try to track the sentiment of the customer. Go above just collecting metrics, and discover how your customers feel about you and your organization. 7. Utilize A.I. to Improve Surveys – Use A.I. to help analyze your results, group emotions and touchpoints. Discover your gaps, areas to improve and more. About: Martin Powton is the Marketing Manager at Wizu (https://www.wizu.com/), a company that creates engaging, entertaining and conversational surveys. Martin has worked in marketing for over 10 years and is passionate about customer centricity and the importance of measuring and improving the customer experience. Shep Hyken(https://hyken.com/) is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio. Questions this episode will answer: 1. Why do we need customer feedback? 2. What is the best method of getting customer feedback? 3. What are important factors of surveys? 4. How do I increase survey completion rates? 5. How do I create the best customer survey? And much more...

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4defd9cc-bab3-11e8-afd8-07eabb659d11/stripped_0501811261c236bb753a2844dd7cab4b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5096405911.mp3 [size] => 21324278 [duration] => 2132.43 [uid] => CSN5096405911 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/432724713-amazingbusinessradio-7-secrets-for-successful-surveys-featuring-guest-martin-powton.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4defd9cc-bab3-11e8-afd8-07eabb659d11/id3/313bb8eb3cdcda0129ca314b6eeb14dd.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78357 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/432724713 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to provide a better survey experience...
  • Array ( [id] => 4e63391c-bab3-11e8-afd8-b32507b15a6b [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:11.176-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:21.167-07:00 [title] => Ushering in the Next Evolution of Brand Loyalty and Customer Experience [pubdate] => 2018-04-16T23:00:04.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/4e63391c-bab3-11e8-afd8-b32507b15a6b/image/artworks-000334735980-7tsx7o-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => What does the future of brand loyalty look like? … [summary] =>

    What does the future of brand loyalty look like? Shep Hyken sits down with Patrick Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer for SessionM (https://www.sessionm.com/), to discuss how technology is transforming traditional customer loyalty programs into a dynamic and personalized customer experience. Top Takeaways: - In the past, it was enough for loyalty programs to offer a “punch card” with a buy-nine-get-one-free approach. Now, the quid pro quo is that in exchange for personal data, the customer receives experiences they might not otherwise. You can't get keyless hotel entry or automated coffee pickups if you aren't willing to share your “data,” which many times is just basic information such as an email or phone number. - If you are part of the Nike loyalty program, you won’t get a discount coupon, you get access to content and materials that others don't. That's what makes brands so “sticky” and so compelling for so many years. With Nike, if you buy a pair of tennis sneakers, you may receive content that shows how Roger Federer works out on the off season to achieve greatness, which fuses product and content into an experience that you can only get through their loyalty program. It makes customers feel like they’re getting a peek under the tent that they can't get any other way and makes for extremely compelling content. Another example is the ability to purchase new sneakers in advance of anyone else. - You're looking to drive incremental behavior, transforming a single purchase into a second and third purchase. If you’re coming into my coffeehouse every day, why would I you a free coffee every other Friday? Don’t give a discount to someone who would otherwise pay full price. Instead, give an offer that rewards that customer for coming in later in the same day when they don't normally go. - The future of brand loyalty is going to look like everybody interacting with the same brand, but very differently based off their ambitions, purchase behavior, how they want to interact, and so on. It’s like how there is one Netflix, but we all have our own personalized Netflix. - Any loyalty program is a defining opportunity for a business to demonstrate its loyalty to its customers by delivering amazing experiences, not the other way around. About: Patrick Reynolds is Chief Marketing Officer at SessionM, and has over two decades of experience in various businesses, media, and creative leadership positions at multiple top-tier advertising agencies. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4e63391c-bab3-11e8-afd8-b32507b15a6b/stripped_2cfc8deef6f6e28bb3a3cfeba23845bc.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8583329683.mp3 [size] => 21324278 [duration] => 2132.43 [uid] => CSN8583329683 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/429154845-amazingbusinessradio-ushering-in-the-next-evolution-of-brand-loyalty-and-customer-experience.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/4e63391c-bab3-11e8-afd8-b32507b15a6b/id3/8841e80d6b8ee3f27aa2b1646d0615b0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77999 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/429154845 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • What does the future of brand loyalty look like? Shep...
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    How can you get happy customers to become your greatest marketing tool? Shep Hyken sits down with Lars Kristensen, founder of NiceJob, to discuss the importance of customer reviews and making them effective marketing tools. TALKING POINTS: - Lars explains how marketing is often based a company’s budget, not the kind of work or product they delivered. With NiceJob, the marketing hub isn’t an overpriced agency, but the individual customer who becomes a vocal fan of the company. This approach increases trust and reach for a fraction of an agency’s cost. - Customers who have a special experience will want to give a glowing review online or share with family friends. After a customer referred a friend, a NiceJob employee found their favorite NFL team on their FB page and ordered them a team jersey. That customer made multiple recommendations since then. Shep emphasizes there’s no need to send branded merchandise, as customers will never forget where a sincere gift came from. - Only 13% of companies ask for feedback. Compared to a referral, Google or Facebook reviews reach every one of the customer’s friends on social media, plus people they’ve never met before. Reviews can refer thousands of people through one awesome review. - Lars explains the best way to ask for a referral is to start by making it personal, not a form email, and to use the customer’s name. Then frame the request to emphasize how a referral will both help the company and their friends and neighbors. - When asked about the best way to ask for a request, Lars explains that customers rarely follow up on a verbal request. Give a verbal head’s up, then contact the customer preferably through mobile since it’s in the customer’s pocket at the point of peak excitement. - Lars says to include specific instructions and the link for leaving a review. The easier you make it, the more likely the customer will follow through. Shep asked if a company should do something with the written review. Lars suggests choosing a powerful review and using it on social media and website along with photo of the customer service experience, which creates social proof. Posts with photos get triple the engagement. - A bad review is an opportunity to show the kind of company you truly are. How you deal with a bad review creates a story you can use over and over. You can transform any negative to really positive review. to win the argument, it's to win the customer. Instead of making it good again, make it exceptional, and make it public, so others will see what you're willing to do to make it right. - For his final thought, Lars emphasizes the importance of turning your customers into fans. It's not enough that you do that great service – you've got to take those customers and get them talking. ABOUT: Lars Kristensen is the Founder of NiceJob, a marketing service that helps companies improve their public reviews and use them to reach a broader customer base. Kristensen used his marketing agency experience to create a low-budget marketing app that yields big returns. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How can you get happy customers to become your greatest...
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    What could virtual power teams do for you? Shep Hyken sits down with Peter Ivanov, author of Virtual Power Teams, and discusses the benefits of teams that are spread across the globe but joined by one central focus. Top Takeaways: • A virtual power team is a team that has a strong gravity, a group of people bound by one central purpose, working together toward one central goal. • There are three groups of people who can benefit from virtual power teams: 1. The team members – This option allows employees to not have to relocate because of a project. They can work from wherever they like. 2. The manager – He or she is given access to the best experts in his or her given field. The manager is not bound by one location to find the best team members. 3. The organization – The organization can get outstanding results because it is able to have a hand in every market worldwide, because of team members working from all over the globe. • 10 key success factors for retaining the gravity in a virtual power team: 1. Personality and focus 2. Strength metrics 3. Interdependent goals 4. Structured communications 5. Knowledge management 6. Regular feedback 7. Recognition 8. Diversity 9. Winning spirit 10. Next generation leaders About: Peter Ivanov is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, business consultant, executive coach, and author. He has led virtual teams of 100+ people spread across Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. His teams have won multiple prestigious corporate awards. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • What could virtual power teams do for you? Shep Hyken...
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    How do you never lose another customer? Shep Hyken sits down with Joey Coleman to discuss how to “Never Lose a Customer,” which happens to be the title of his amazing book. Transform a single sale into a lifetime of loyalty. Top Takeaways: • Joey’s greatest insight is that regardless of the industry, somewhere between 20% and 70% of new customers will quit doing business with you before reaching the 100-day anniversary of becoming a customer • Brain science tells us when we make a purchase, our brain floods with dopamine because we've made a decision that we believe is going to solve our problems, answer our prayers, be the product of our dreams, and be the service we've always hoped for. When the dopamine recedes, those feelings of joy and euphoria and excitement are replaced with feelings of fear, doubt and uncertainty. This is what we call buyer's remorse. • Joey Coleman’s eight phases of the customer journey: 1. Assess – When customer decides whether to do business with you or not. Your job is to preview the experience of being a customer. 2. Admit – When customer raises hand and admits they have a problem or need your business can solve. This is when the clock starts ticking. 3. Affirm – There's a gap between purchase and when they experience your product or service. The gap is so great between the euphoria or purchase and the creeping doubt immediately following that you must immediately address it. 4. Activate – Energize the interaction with the customer to let the customer know that doing business with you is unlike any business experience they've had before, whether an amazing unboxing experience or a kickoff meeting. Sets the tone going forward. 5. Acclimate – Hold the customer's hand and get them used to doing business with your company. Directions in the box don't count. Do you read the directions before you use a new product? Do you read every contract? Statistically you don't. 6. Accomplish – When customer achieves the goal they had when they originally decided to do business with you. Most businesses don't take the time to ask what the actual goal is. Don't sell a shirt without asking what it's for? If you know the intention, you can track whether the customer achieves that and remind them that's their goal. 7. Adopt – When customer says "I'm loyal to you and I'm taking responsibility for the relationship. I achieved my goal, I want to give you more of my business." These are the loyal fans every customer is hoping for. 8. Advocate – When your fans become raving fans and referral sources, telling everyone they know to do business with you. Quotes: “All the research shows, somewhere between 20% and 70% of your new customers will decide to quit doing business with you before the 100-day anniversary.” “Most businesses don't even know what their defection rate is and when they lift up the hood they realize they're hemorrhaging customers.” “You spend all this time, money, and effort driving people to your door and they're running out the back door as quickly as you get them in the front.” (steph) “Don't ask for feedback too soon. It's like going on a first date and asking to meet the parents.” About: Joey Coleman is an award-winning speaker at both national and international conferences, and author of “Never Lose a Customer.” A former criminal defense attorney, Joey has offered counsel and advice to small start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike, and he’s an expert on developing customer retention strategies. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio. For more information on Joey's book please go to: https://www.amazon.com/Never-Lose-Customer-Again-Lifelong/dp/0735220034/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1521576268&sr=8-1&keywords=Joey+Coleman&dpID=41OT94NCxmL&preST=_SY344_BO1,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

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  • How do you never lose another customer? Shep Hyken sits...
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    How can accountability create Moments of Magic®? Shep Hyken sits down with Sam Silverstein to discuss the importance of fostering a culture of accountability, which empowers employees to give truly amazing customer service. Top Takeaways: • Sam says that to have great customer service, you need accountability from all employees – especially leadership. • Accountability isn’t about doing things, it's a way of thinking – you’re responsible for things and accountable to people. Sam gives an example of a company with customer service in their mission statement, but has notoriously bad customer service. Fixing a problem isn’t accountability, that’s just being responsible. The problems are caused by lack of accountability in the first place. • Some companies can't migrate into a culture of accountability because they are acclimated to unaccountability. • A perfect example of accountability is Happy State Bank, where Sam once saw a man walk into a bank after closing time at 5:15 p.m. He learned that Happy State Bank, even though they close at 5:00, leaves the doors unlocked until 5:30. Why? Because we all hate that feeling of showing up right at 5:00 and the doors are locked. There’s a huge difference between saying you believe in accountability and showing it. • Organizations need to be willing to fire people who don’t live up to its commitments, even if they’re the top salesperson. Not enough employees are firing their companies fast enough when they don’t believe in the organization’s commitments. Why stay somewhere where they don't get it? • Disney practices a high level of accountability, so the people want to work there. If you create an environment where people want to be accountable, you attract the best and you employ the best. This reduces turnover, and improves both customer service and productivity. • Many leaders are focused on their bottom line, not their people. Yes, you need to make a profit, but if you're focused on your people, you create a culture where everyone is focused on the bottom line. • You can't fake accountability. Care about your people, and create an environment that's emotionally safe for them. Care for people like they're your children. When leadership practices accountability, it's going to show up in the culture. About: Sam Silverstein (http://samsilverstein.com/) is a leadership keynote speaker and author of seven books including “Making Accountable Decisions” and “Non-Negotiable.” A former executive of manufacturing and distribution companies, Sam writes, speaks, and consults with organizations around the globe to think differently, work with renewed purpose, and achieve record-breaking results Shep Hyken (https://hyken.com/) is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How can accountability create Moments of Magic®? Shep Hyken sits...
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    Engaged Employees Make Happy Customers - Featuring Guest Julie Ann Sullivan by Shep Hyken

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/503c690c-bab3-11e8-afd8-eb697c436c45/stripped_37ee9d0665b51baff385d4a59bd5a03c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5717972300.mp3 [size] => 22067723 [duration] => 2206.77 [uid] => CSN5717972300 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/411327201-amazingbusinessradio-engaged-employees-make-happy-customers-featuring-guest-julie-ann-sullivan.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/503c690c-bab3-11e8-afd8-eb697c436c45/id3/103914f1e1a817c38823955950323147.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 72899 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/411327201 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Engaged Employees Make Happy Customers - Featuring Guest Julie Ann...
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    What if you knew the “Magic Words” to use with your customers? Shep Hyken sits down with Tim David to discuss the impact that words have on human connection and customer service. Top Takeaways: • TIM’S GENEROUS GIFT: To start with, Tim has offered a free video course on body language. Just visit here - https://www.udemy.com/body-language/?couponCode=dyvg53. • Seven words that motivate, engage, and influence: 1. Because – Studies show that when this word is used, the answer is changed. When not used, the answer may not be the desired one. However, when you add the word “because,” people’s minds change. 2. Yes – The more often we say yes to someone, the more we feel like we like them. The brain loves to use shortcuts, so if it associates a person with the word “yes,” then the relationship is strengthened. Starting the conversation with agreement puts the person on the other end at ease right off the bat. 3. But – When the brain hears this word, everything that came before it is automatically erased as if it were never said. If you’re going to use this word, consider the order in which it comes in a sentence. The meaning is the same, but what’s remembered is different. 4. If – This word engages imagination and frees people up to say what they really feel. When you use “if” and “like” (e.g., “If I had a magic wand, what would be an ideal outcome for you?”) you force the brain to focus on positive outcomes rather than on problems. 5. Name – Using someone’s name allows for a connection to take place. 6. Help – Human connection is a natural reaction. Part of our success as a species comes from working together. But we often have a hard time asking for help. When we do that, we rob people of the opportunity to do what comes naturally. Value the word “help” and create space for it. 7. Thanks – There is so much power behind gratitude. When it is removed, you feel its absence immediately. 8. BONUS WORD: Us – When this word is used, the customer feels as though you are in this together, that you empathize with them. About: Tim David is the author of "Magic Words: The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words That Motivate, Engage, and Influence." An ex-professional magician, he now teaches salespeople and leaders the magic of prioritizing human connection at work and in life. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • What if you knew the “Magic Words” to use with...
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    Are your brand and culture clearly defined? Shep Hyken sits down with Denise Lee Yohn, to discuss her new book, Fusion, and discusses the importance of congruency creating a clearly defined culture, which positively impacts the customer experience. Top Takeaways: • Brand is your external identity and culture is your internal operations. Many companies deal with them as though they are two separate entities. When that happens, a lot of power gets lost. This leads to a disconnect with how the company is run. • As a manager, it is your obligation to treat employees how you would like to be treated. That’s the fundamental level. Once that base is covered, work on engaging your employees the same way you want them to engage your customers. • The problem with mission statements is that many times they are not relevant to employees, and definitely not to customers. They are written for annual reports and are too business-y. If there is a disconnect with the mission statement and the brand of the company, employees get confused when it comes time to make decisions. They are not sure if the decision should be based on the mission statement, or on the brand. When this happens, the employees are not set up for success. • A mission statement should be a filter, a lens in which you see everything through. It should serve as a clarifying, unifying, and motivating idea for everyone who is impacted by the company. • In order to cultivate the desired culture within your organization, leadership must take responsibility for it. So much of what employees communicate comes as an example from leaders, who set the tone. • Do sweat the small stuff: rituals, artifacts, policies and procedures. These things seem like mundane elements, but they are little things that make a big impact. • Ignite your transformation: kick off your culture statement and then sustain the momentum for employee brand engagement. You don’t just want happy and productive employees, you want happy and productive employees that create extraordinary experiences. The only way they can do that is if they truly understand the company’s mission. • Build your brand from the inside out. When your culture is healthy, you can take what you are doing on the inside and then make it meaningful to customers. Make that part of your identity. About: Denise Lee Yohn is the go-to expert on brand-building for national media outlets, an in-demand speaker and consultant, and an influential writer. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/50cac83c-bab3-11e8-afd8-a3e88e3b3fc4/stripped_2d4952a960f764205ca703fb933db30b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2406573297.mp3 [size] => 18953404 [duration] => 1895.34 [uid] => CSN2406573297 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/404120703-amazingbusinessradio-company-fusion-rather-than-company-confusion-the-importance-of-a-clearly-defined-culture.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/50cac83c-bab3-11e8-afd8-a3e88e3b3fc4/id3/f2449559bbc7d246bb418e12f0a3fcf9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78061 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/404120703 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Are your brand and culture clearly defined? Shep Hyken sits...
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    Shep Hyken sits down with Tom Karinshak, Executive VP of Customer Service at Comcast, to discuss the importance of investing in training and equipping employees so that they can better serve customers. Top Takeaways: • Your customers know what good customer service is. They aren’t usually comparing your service to a direct competitor. They are comparing it to any company that gives them good service, no matter what the company is selling. • Look around and take notes from companies that are giving great service. You are a customer as well. When you have a great experience, implement those strategies into your own business. • Meet your customers where they want to be met. This could be social media, chat, phone calls, email, etc. In whatever way your customers want to reach you, make sure you are there. • It’s so important to get things right the first time around so that there doesn’t have to be a second time. • Employees must be armed with the proper tools, technology, and training so that they are able to give great customer experiences. • Consistency amongst employees is so critical. When customers ask questions, there should be consistent answers, no matter who they talk to. • Ask your customers for feedback on how you can be better. But also ask your employees for feedback on how the company can be a better place to work. About: Tom Karinshak serves as Executive Vice President of Customer Service for Comcast Cable. Tom oversees call center operations including phone, chat and social media agents, in addition to other key touch points and service channels with customers. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/511abcca-bab3-11e8-afd8-db0185110bf9/stripped_bffcb8291727a2744c328e63fbc74a99.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5175289169.mp3 [size] => 23020408 [duration] => 2302.04 [uid] => CSN5175289169 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/400613802-amazingbusinessradio-great-customer-experiences-start-with-great-employee-experiences-valuable-lessons-from-comcast.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/511abcca-bab3-11e8-afd8-db0185110bf9/id3/237c625fd97835a77e18b04ad35137f6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76323 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/400613802 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken sits down with Tom Karinshak, Executive VP of...
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    How well do you deal with angry and complaining customers? Shep Hyken talks with Skip Cohen about the best ways to solve problems and deal with unhappy customers. Top Takeaways: • When you empathize with an unhappy customer, this immediately lets them know that you are there to help and they feel valued. Tell them you understand their frustration and let them know that you would feel the same way if you were in their shoes. Then, let them know the problem stops here, that you are here to resolve it. • Three keys to offering a great customer service experience: 1. Fast response times – How fast is fast enough? As soon as you come into contact with the customer you should respond. So, as soon as you see that email or as soon as you listen to the voicemail, that is when you get back to them. 2. Have the solution – Be equipped to solve the problems and resolve the complaints you are getting. 3. Listen – When you listen to the customer and really hear them out, you get a clearer picture of where they are at and exactly what they need. • Don’t be afraid to hear what is wrong with your company. It’s in the complaints that you are given the great opportunity for change and innovation. About: Skip Cohen is co-host of the webcast Mind Your Own Business, and is the founder of SkipCohenUniversity (http://www.skipcohenuniversity.com/), considered one of the fastest growing educational sites in professional photography. He is the co-author of six books on photography. Shep Hyken (https://hyken.com/) is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/51695236-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b03775c8b70/stripped_5f6b76daff8d55e4e8e0980c14289127.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5167646917.mp3 [size] => 22115004 [duration] => 2211.5 [uid] => CSN5167646917 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/396529881-amazingbusinessradio-backing-your-customer-off-the-ledge-featuring-guest-skip-cohen.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/51695236-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b03775c8b70/id3/8fc07ba200297dabe78c5ea47de29ae9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76101 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/396529881 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How well do you deal with angry and complaining customers?...
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    Are you where your customers want you to be? Shep Hyken sits down with Murph Krajewski, discussing the importance of knowing what channels your customers want you to be on. Top Takeaways: • Omni-channels today are more of a mindset than a definable term. It’s about being wherever a perspective customer is. Omni can be synonymous with multi, meaning there are multiple ways customers can connect with a company. • It is crucial for a company to be on as many channels as possible in order to be easily accessible by its customers. • The big difference between marketing and customer service is that marketing is looking to give messages, whereas customer service needs to be ready to receive messages. It’s a company’s responsibility to know how their customers want to reach them. • A practical thing that companies can do when it comes to channels, is to stop thinking about channels. Reject the assumption that omni-channel is a list of features. It is simply a concept. • Let the customer define what the perfect experience is. It doesn’t matter how you think your customers want to reach you. It’s what they want that matters. • Find technology that fits what you need rather than trying to mold your company to a certain technology. About: Murph Krajewski is VP of Marketing at Sharpen (https://sharpencx.com/), a cloud-based contact center platform. He has been in the contact center industry for nearly 20 years, in a variety of roles. These days, Murph is focused on creating better experiences for contact center agents. Shep Hyken (https://hyken.com/) is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/51aa7dba-bab3-11e8-afd8-633f01708d83/stripped_9ce142d3555902655ae671226025dcff.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7556211575.mp3 [size] => 20117159 [duration] => 2011.72 [uid] => CSN7556211575 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/392036655-amazingbusinessradio-hitting-the-reset-button-on-omni-channel-customer-service-featuring-guest-murph-krajewski.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/51aa7dba-bab3-11e8-afd8-633f01708d83/id3/9f1c625e31a20e493dcf608a0a0c288d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76283 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/392036655 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Are you where your customers want you to be? Shep...
  • Array ( [id] => 5206677e-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b3cec79d230 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:17.278-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:26.536-07:00 [title] => How Speaking Your Customer’s Lingo Makes You Irresistible Featuring Guest Jeffrey Shaw [pubdate] => 2018-01-29T11:15:27.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/5206677e-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b3cec79d230/image/artworks-000290731413-m80u6n-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => What if you could be speak your ideal customer’s … [summary] =>

    What if you could be speak your ideal customer’s language? Shep Hyken sits down with Jeffrey Shaw to discuss his new book LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Language and Make Your Business Irresistible. Top Takeaways: • Go deep and horizontal in your area of expertise. The new “niche” is an expansive business model. Decide who you want your customers to be, and then build a brand around them. Once you nail that down, you can then go horizontal because there will be multiple audiences who want what you’re offering. • Lingo, by definition, is the language between a community. When it comes to your business, who is your community? Once you figure that out, you can decide what language you are going to speak. Lingo is also understanding what isn’t said, the unspoken. When a business speaks to that, the customer feels like the company really understands them. • Rather than build a business you want and try to cram customers into it, build a business with your ideal customers in mind. • When you think of your customers as a community rather than just a data base, that changes the way you see them. That causes you to care for them. • Understand that each of your customers, though they all may have some things in common, are unique individuals and want to be treated that way. • Realize that customers no longer want you to define their experience for them. They want to create their own. You’re setting the stage, but allowing them to make it what they want it to be. • Every customer is a valued one, whether they buy frequently or once, or whether they spend a lot of money or a little. We don’t have to buy into the 80/20 rule that says only 20 percent of customers make up 80 percent of sales. If you are marketing to your ideal customers, this number should not exist. • The process to developing the secret language of your ideal customer: 1. Perspective – Understand how they see the world. 2. Familiarity – Create comfort in your environments, in everything the customer does to interact with your business. 3. Style – Customers resonate with style and whether or not it matches their own. You want to emulate the style of your ideal customer so that it draws them in. 4. Pricing Psychology – This should attract your ideal customer, not scare them away. Pricing creates the right perception for what you offer. 5. Words – If your words aren’t chosen carefully to draw a specific kind of customer, you end up getting whoever comes along. About: Jeffrey Shaw is the author of LINGO, a book focused on helping businesses stand out (https://www.amazon.com/LINGO-Discover-Customers-Language-Irresistible/dp/0999518704), attract their ideal customer, and create brand loyalty that supersedes price. He is also a portrait photographer whose work has been featured in People Magazine and on The Oprah Show. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5206677e-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b3cec79d230/stripped_8a6a65eef11e0846427cd94543fa8a8f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3036736174.mp3 [size] => 20735217 [duration] => 2073.52 [uid] => CSN3036736174 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/389132616-amazingbusinessradio-how-speaking-your-cust.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5206677e-bab3-11e8-afd8-3b3cec79d230/id3/350697d32746b827d2a682dfb7feaaa8.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78813 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/389132616 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • What if you could be speak your ideal customer’s language?...
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    Shep Hyken Interviews Jeff Day, CEO of Bluewater Technologies What if you could be face-to-face with your customers, anytime, anywhere? Shep Hyken sits down with Jeff Day, discussing virtual reality and how companies are using this technology to better serve their customers. Top Takeaways: • Virtual reality uses a headset to have multi-projected environments of a space create the realistic sensation of physically being somewhere. It’s being somewhere without actually being there. • Augmented reality projects in a physical space items that are not physically there. This uses more camera and sensory technology. • Google created Google Cardboard, a small headset device made out of cardboard that turns your mobile phone into a virtual reality headset. In 2016, 88 million units were sold. • The Kindle Fire Mayday Button allows you to instantly have a person pop up on your screen and be there to guide you through your problem. It’s not a recording. It’s a real live person in a call center speaking directly to you, on your device, helping you out. • Microsoft HoloLens allows you to take and pin virtual display monitors in the air, so that they don’t occupy any physical space. When the glasses are worn, the images hover in the air in front of you and allow you to manipulate and move the images. • People want to see and experience something before they buy it. Think about what your customers would like to see, in virtual reality or augmented realty, and ask yourself if you can bring that experience to life virtually for them. About: Jeff Day is the CEO of Bluewater Technologies (http://bluewatertech.com), a Detroit-based technology company that specializes in experiential marketing and events. Jeff and his company want to help enterprising brands better tell their stories. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/524cdae2-bab3-11e8-afd8-233bfa40caa5/stripped_952fb36874427a972dc5ad3d7caf4395.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8953849290.mp3 [size] => 22782955 [duration] => 2278.3 [uid] => CSN8953849290 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/386078489-amazingbusinessradio-when-virtual-reality-becomes-your-customers-reality-featuring-guest-jeff-day.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/524cdae2-bab3-11e8-afd8-233bfa40caa5/id3/247319392643c1db1f7d2ffc9197b775.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76669 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/386078489 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken Interviews Jeff Day, CEO of Bluewater Technologies What...
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    The Smallest Things Can Make the Biggest Difference to Your Customer Shep Hyken Interviews Chris Smoje, Founder of DIME Customer Service What can you be doing to make a big difference for your customers? Shep Hyken and Chris Smoje discuss how the smallest actions can make the greatest impact on your customers. Top Takeaways: • The DIME Customer Service approach: Deliberate Interactions Memorable Experiences • Four stages of service: You can’t have one without the other. They must all go together, like steps or levels. 1. Habitual – This goes hand-in-hand with being deliberate. Great service must be practiced all the time, and it will become habit. Great service doesn’t happen by accident. It is intentional. 2. Enjoyable – Giving customer service is like giving a gift. Doing it should bring joy. It creates a positive emotion, and the gift giver expects nothing in return. 3. Remarkable – To get customers’ attention, something remarkable must happen. This doesn’t have to be something big; it just needs to stand out. 4. Transformational – There is so much more to a sale than just making a sale. In some way or another, each interaction with a customer leads to some kind of change in their life. It goes so much deeper than just what is seen on the surface. • The five values of a service-focused team: AEIOU 1. Accountable – Every member of the team must be on the same page, and must be held accountable. 2. Energetic – In front of customers, there’s a particular way you must behave. Staff members need to bring energy into each interaction. 3. Innovative – You don’t have to have a lot of resources, or a huge staff to give great customer service. Empower the people you do have so the leadership can focus on the tasks they need to get done. 4. Optimistic – When an organization knows what it’s doing, there is clarity and purpose. It’s important to internalize and really understand what works best for you. Since customer service is a long-term game, evolution is always happening. In order to get through this, optimism is critical. 5. Unique – Leaders must be connected to their customers. This allows the leaders to understand that each customer is unique. In turn, the customers can be served better. About: Chris Smoje is the founder of DIME Customer Service where he works with organizations to achieve service excellence through their culture, interactions, processes, and experiences. He is a regular media commentator on customer service in Australia. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/529328c6-bab3-11e8-afd8-17a9726e09fe/stripped_0dabf52509c82bd6d7b34aa9f486665d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3709310139.mp3 [size] => 21466906 [duration] => 2146.69 [uid] => CSN3709310139 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/382237667-amazingbusinessradio-the-smallest-things-can-make-the-biggest-difference-to-your-customers-featuring-guest-chris-smoje.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/529328c6-bab3-11e8-afd8-17a9726e09fe/id3/ce3493d3e35bd2f9adb0ccf85e30ba31.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78107 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/382237667 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • The Smallest Things Can Make the Biggest Difference to Your...
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    Doing the Opposite of Normal Can Lead to Better Customer Service Shep Hyken Interviews Jesse Cole, Author of Find Your Yellow Tux Featured Interview: Do your “fans” come first? When customers come first, success follows. Shep Hyken speaks with Jesse Cole about how to stand out from the competition and create perfect customer service experiences for your customers. Top Takeaways: • To stand out in business, do the opposite of what is normal. Do what the competition is not doing. • Three areas where you need to find your “Yellow Tux” 1. Yellow Tux yourself – Have a mirror moment. Figure out what frustrates you about your life and how you can start over. Then, figure out what you are best at and run with it. 2. Yellow Tux your business – Have the same mirror moment. Focus on the areas you are best at, and don’t force yourself to do the things you aren’t skilled in. 3. Yellow Tux your legacy – Think about the difference you make, and not just on your accomplishments. Significance over success is what you should be after. • Six steps to creating attention, standing out, and creating the perfect customer service experience: 1. Have a mirror moment – Look at where you are and where you would like to be. 2. Ask the best question – What can you and your company be the best at? 3. Embrace the different mindset – Whatever is normal, do the opposite. 4. Hello world moment – Create attention to stand out. 5. Love your customers more than you love your product. 6. Make reinvention part of your DNA – Change constantly in order to create attention. About: Jesse Cole is the owner of Fans First Entertainment, who owns and operates the Savannah Bananas and the Gastonia Grizzlies. Cole is the author of Find Your Yellow Tux – How to Be Successful by Standing Out. He is also the host of the Business Done Differently podcast. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/52d027b2-bab3-11e8-afd8-87b722be8ade/stripped_83587408562ee20b18f2ef30dcccbb00.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9438656064.mp3 [size] => 19212800 [duration] => 1921.28 [uid] => CSN9438656064 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/378872219-amazingbusinessradio-doing-the-opposite-of-normal-can-lead-to-better-customer-service-featuring-guest-jesse-cole.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/52d027b2-bab3-11e8-afd8-87b722be8ade/id3/4e9e886b999c653cd4a75f8533c61499.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76863 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/378872219 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Doing the Opposite of Normal Can Lead to Better Customer...
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    Do your customers trust you? Shep Hyken sits down with David Horsager, discussing the importance of trust and how gaining it from your customers is the most significant thing you can do. Top Takeaways: • Trust is a confident belief in a product or an organization. When there is confident belief, everything changes. When trust goes up, creativity and loyalty do as well. Cost and suspicion goes down. • When employees get treated properly, it trickles down and the customers feel that. • 8 pillars that hold up the trust edge: Without just one, you could lose trust. All 8 are necessary to gain trust. 1. Consistency – If you do something consistently, customers will come to expect you to do that, whether it be good or bad. 2. Clarity – People trust the clear, and mistrust the ambiguous. 3. Compassion – If customers believe they are cared about, they will trust you. 4. Character – Do what is right, not what is easy. 5. Competency – Stay fresh and relevant, and capable of being trusted. 6. Commitment – Companies that are trusted most are ones that stick with it. 7. Connection – How we connect and collaborate is vital. 8. Contribution – Trust comes to those who get results, those who perform. About: David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE, is the CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute, national bestselling author of The Trust Edge, inventor of the Enterprise Trust Index, and director of one of the nation’s foremost trust studies: The Trust Outlook. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/53105e4a-bab3-11e8-afd8-e78bc8e7ba00/stripped_998ca93343abcde49861678e32728d80.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8507131496.mp3 [size] => 28257071 [duration] => 2354.76 [uid] => CSN8507131496 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/375369731-amazingbusinessradio-the-most-important-business-strategy-create-trust-featuring-guest-david-horsager.mp3 [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/53105e4a-bab3-11e8-afd8-e78bc8e7ba00/id3/026da4a19bfcd0374b38bf7afbc3eef2.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76063 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/375369731 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Do your customers trust you? Shep Hyken sits down with...
  • Array ( [id] => 534feace-bab3-11e8-afd8-77930f474ab2 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:19.438-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:28.456-07:00 [title] => Companies Grow When Customers are Treated as Unique Individuals Featuring Guest Eddie Yoon [pubdate] => 2017-12-26T04:48:33.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/534feace-bab3-11e8-afd8-77930f474ab2/image/artworks-000273477815-axqo4y-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Shep Hyken Interviews Eddie Yoon, Author of Super… [summary] =>

    Shep Hyken Interviews Eddie Yoon, Author of Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy, and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth Do your customers feel like friends, or just transactions? Shep Hyken speaks with Eddie Yoon, an expert in growth strategy and marketing. Top Takeaways: • Leaders of organizations need to have strong personal brands for the employees to rally around and get behind. Not only is this important for entrepreneurs, it is better for large organizations to have leaders with strong personal brands as well. • You don’t have to create an entirely new product or service. You just need to reinvent the way that it is being offered, and reinvent the way it gets delivered. That’s the key. • Disruption completely changes the way an industry works. You don’t have to be as big as Uber or Amazon. You just have to think about what can be done that the competition isn’t doing. • A company that thrives is one that knows that not every customer is the same. They empathize with customers and strive to delight them. These companies know they have a lot to learn from the customers. • Superconsumers are your customers who come back over and again, your loyal customers. They want and deserve sympathy, respect, and generosity. When the company delivers what the customer wants, the results will be dramatic and bigger than ever imagined. • Social media is a great place to find your superconsumers. About: Eddie Yoon is the founder of EDDIEWOULDGROW, a think tank advisory firm on growth strategy. Eddie is the author of the acclaimed book Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy, and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth (Harvard Business School Press, 2016). Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/534feace-bab3-11e8-afd8-77930f474ab2/stripped_cbbbf9990c6da87f31af2a9589fd0529.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1125095583.mp3 [size] => 20835004 [duration] => 2083.5 [uid] => CSN1125095583 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/372799166-amazingbusinessradio-companies-grow-when-customers-are-treated-as-unique-individuals-featuring-guest-eddie-yoon.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/534feace-bab3-11e8-afd8-77930f474ab2/id3/2e03ca2d7a344ff724cd4809be8f71d0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76429 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/372799166 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Shep Hyken Interviews Eddie Yoon, Author of Superconsumers: A Simple,...
  • Array ( [id] => 539e3e72-bab3-11e8-afd8-1fb7f482b97a [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:19.951-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:28.836-07:00 [title] => Meeting Your Customers Where They Are, Will Cause Them to Stay Where You Are [pubdate] => 2017-12-18T07:35:29.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/539e3e72-bab3-11e8-afd8-1fb7f482b97a/image/artworks-000270392063-9kam6p-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How would you like a perfect way to reach your cu… [summary] =>

    How would you like a perfect way to reach your customers and keep their attention? Personalizing the customer experience is a hot topic. Shep Hyken sits down with customer personalization expert, Jim Steinberg, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships at LoyaltyPlant. Top Takeaways: • There is an engagement crisis happening among marketers. Most marketers have the proper tools, but they aren’t using them properly. Sending something to a customer is all about when and where you send it. The crisis occurs when the wrong customer gets the wrong information, or when they get it at the wrong time or in the wrong place. • The four R’s of Marketing: 1. Get the RIGHT MESSAGE 2. To the RIGHT CUSTOMER 3. At the RIGHT TIME 4. In the RIGHT PLACE. -If this formula is properly implemented, the customer is going to be absolutely delighted. And, mobile is really the only medium that can do this properly. • Don’t confuse the concept of personal information with personalized information. Personalization is about one-to-one marketing. It’s getting specific and personalized message to a specific individual. Customers don’t mind sharing personal information in order to receive a personalized and relevant experience. About: Jim Steinberg is Senior Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships at LoyaltyPlant. He is passionate about transforming the face of mobile marketing for restaurant chains using the disruptive force of the LoyaltyPlant platform. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/539e3e72-bab3-11e8-afd8-1fb7f482b97a/stripped_97ea388f82762eb8d5d710e5ab25b15d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8325625075.mp3 [size] => 19443723 [duration] => 1944.37 [uid] => CSN8325625075 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/370098245-amazingbusinessradio-meeting-your-customers-where-they-are-will-cause-them-to-stay-where-you-are.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/539e3e72-bab3-11e8-afd8-1fb7f482b97a/id3/abd6f41b9836e9b04d97460b023083b7.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76003 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/370098245 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like a perfect way to reach your...
  • Array ( [id] => 53fc8a86-bab3-11e8-afd8-4f852b6c1a81 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:20.569-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:29.215-07:00 [title] => Know Your Customers. Understand Your Customers. Keep Your Customers. Featuring Guest Shannon Bell [pubdate] => 2017-12-11T09:40:08.000-08:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/53fc8a86-bab3-11e8-afd8-4f852b6c1a81/image/artworks-000267072884-b25ub8-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Know Your Customers. Understand Your Customers. K… [summary] =>

    Know Your Customers. Understand Your Customers. Keep Your Customers. Shep Hyken Interviews Shannon Bell, Head of Product Management and Strategy at Amdocs Featured Interview: How are you using Artificial Intelligence to better understand your customers? Shep Hyken interviews Shannon Bell, digital intelligence expert, discussing the importance of integrating AI into business and how it benefits the customers and the company long-term. Top Takeaways: • Customers crave personalization. Meet them where they are. Who are they? What do they like? Can you suggest something to them? Stats show that customers buy more when the sale is personalized. It’s the ethical upsale. • In this day and age, generic promotions should no longer exist. Make sure you don’t give everyone the same blanket promotions. Create specific promotions based on the personal preferences of your customers, this not only can create an upsell, but customer loyalty. • Bots won’t understand 100% of everything. It’s critical that the transition from bot to human is seamless when this happens. • AI is best used to handle the generic queries. Within call centers, the questions that are asked most frequently are best answered by bots. These are the simple interactions. For the more complicated situations, this is where a human steps in. • The goal within AI is to get to a point where every interaction can be handled through digital channels. Then it becomes up to the company to decide which interactions get handled by humans and which by non-humans. • Know the customer. Understand the customer. Don’t recommend the wrong items. About: Shannon Bell leads product management, strategy, and go-to market for Amdocs’ digital, intelligence, and BSS portfolio as part of Amdocs Technology. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/53fc8a86-bab3-11e8-afd8-4f852b6c1a81/stripped_66b3d9673e510df398728747a2a3a0be.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6916343458.mp3 [size] => 19666286 [duration] => 1966.63 [uid] => CSN6916343458 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/366902210-amazingbusinessradio-know-your-customers-understand-your-customers-keep-your-customers-featuring-guest-shannon-bell.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/53fc8a86-bab3-11e8-afd8-4f852b6c1a81/id3/8359907299677bac861156e4be01dc1c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76655 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/366902210 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Know Your Customers. Understand Your Customers. Keep Your Customers. Shep...
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    Create a Culture Where Employees Come First Shep Hyken Interviews Terry Cain and Steve Church, Co-authors of “The Pinwheel” Featured Interview: How would you like to create a culture and working environment that is better for your employees, which in turn is better for your customers? Shep Hyken sits down with not just one but two guests, Terry Cain and Steve Church. The co-writers of “The Pinwheel” and partners in business, Terry and Steve discuss the importance of involving employees in creating a culture that is better for everyone: leadership, staff, and customers. Top Takeaways: • Involve employees in the creation of values. • Employees must come first. When employees are happy, they treat customers well, which causes them to come back time and time again. • 5 core values 1. Integrity 2. Customer Service 3. Accountability 4. Teamwork 5. Innovation • If employees aren’t part of the process, they may not want to buy in to the values. This creates problems for the leadership. • Some companies have “heroes,” people who create an amazing experience for the customer. However, the next time that customer comes back, they could be dealing with a different employee and have a completely different experience. A good company will have consistency, and all employees will be great, eliminating the hero idea altogether. • The 7 Veins of the Pinwheel: These are required to create a culture where all employees understand the importance of delivering great experiences to each customer. 1. Vision 2. Attitude 3. Knowledge & Skills 4. Systems & Processes 5. Accountability 6. Passion 7. Integrity & Values Pick the one that seems most important to your company and work on that one first. Once you seem to have a good handle on that one, you can move on to the next. Never try to attack or take on all seven at a time. Go one at a time. About: Terry Cain: Terry’s “dream position” as VP responsible for global customer engagement led to the co-writing of the book “The Pinwheel.” His experience includes 30 years in sales, business development, process mastery, change management, and customer engagement. Steve Church: At Avnet, Steve has held positions as Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Chief Human Resources Officer, Corporate Strategy Officer, Corporate Business Development Officer, and Chief Operational Excellence Officer. Steve co-wrote “The Pinwheel” with Terry Cain. Terry and Steve left long careers at Avnet to create their own company, Pinwheel Partners, which focuses on helping executive management teams create cultures that are better environments for the employees. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Create a Culture Where Employees Come First Shep Hyken Interviews...
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    The Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Experience Shep Hyken Interviews Jeff Nicholson, Customer Engagement Thought Leader Featured Interview: Jeff Nicholson enlightens listeners to what he refers to as The Seven Deadly Sins of the Customer Experience Journey. He shares the importance of understanding what customers need, meeting those needs, and the best methods of delivering it to them. Top Takeaways: There are seven deadly “sins” along the journey of meeting customers’ needs: 1. Proximity – Are you aware of, or are you close enough to, your customer’s moment of need? Customers want to be able to cognitively offload their need onto the company. The resolution or fulfillment may not come immediately, but the offload of the need can happen sooner and the customer will feel better knowing it’s being taken care of. 2. Accessibility – Your service, is it fit for function, and in the way that the customer wants to consume it? Companies often offer services in a way that works well for them, without keeping the customers’ needs in mind. They offer answers on their own terms, not on the terms of the customer. 3. Duration/Expediency – How fast can you resolve an issue? Some processes will take time, but where can you speed up the process? Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that you rush your customers. 4. Visibility – Are you transparent? Customers want to know where they stand. Even if something is not yet resolved, customers want to know what step of the process they are at. If something can’t be quick, let the customer know; keep them in the loop. When they are informed, they feel valued. 5. Disconnectedness – Is there continuity across all channels? Is your business consistent on the website, on social media, et cetera? Can customers find all of the same information no matter the chosen source? 6. Irresolution – How accurate are you? Did you resolve the problem, or just resolve the call? Is the customer all set, or will they have the same problem again? Are you in such a hurry to resolve the situation that you fail the customer in their journey? Never leave a customer needing more help. 7. Amnesia – How well do you remember the customer and their information? When the customer returns to a channel, does their info get saved or is everything lost, causing them to start over from scratch? About: Jeff Nicholson is Vice President of CRM Product Marketing at Pegasystems. Jeff leads Pega’s CRM market on vision and strategy. A recognized customer engagement thought leader, Jeff works closely with industry analysts and has been a frequent presenter at CRM industry events on subjects including consumer engagement strategy, customer analytics, digital marketing, and customer journey best practice. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Experience Shep Hyken Interviews...
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    AI Fuels Virtual Assistants in the Customer Service World Shep Hyken Interviews Robert Weideman on the Merging of AI and Customer Service Featured Interview: How would you like to utilize innovative technology that makes your business more efficient in order to create better customer interactions? Shep Hyken sits down with Robert Weideman, a leader in merging customer service and Artificial Intelligence. Robert gives insight into what customers want and need, and how businesses can deliver it most effectively with the help of AI. Top Takeaways: • Chatbots differ from virtual assistants in that virtual assistants can do more and provide more information. There is more data that goes into a virtual assistant than a chatbot. Chatbots are much simpler and geared toward one specific platform. • AI is measured on a spectrum. A chatbot could be compared to an elementary school student, and a virtual assistant could be compared to someone with a PhD. Virtual assistants are able to have conversations, whereas typical chatbots cannot connect separate sentences. • Virtual assistants are intended to be mimicking a human. In order to do that, the following must happen: o Understanding the words being spoken o Ability to talk back using text to speak o Ability to identify someone by their voice o Understanding what is meant within the context o Ability to have a conversation through advanced dialogue systems • Combining AI with human interaction leads to a much more effective interaction with the customer. The customers questions can be answered or problems resolved much faster than if done by human alone. • As a company, you must automate to all channels because that’s what customers want: to be able to reach you on Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. They want to be able to reach you in the platforms they are already using daily. Customers want control of how and when they connect with companies. • When multiple platforms are used, customers become “friends.” They can text a simple message, in the same way they could to a family member, and get the necessary response. About: Robert Weideman is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Nuance Enterprise Division, responsible for customer self-service solutions that are used by leading organizations around the world to automate and optimize the customer care experience – from the call center to the Web and mobile devices. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/54e9759e-bab3-11e8-afd8-d78c19eb1207/stripped_d19dac085e7d8a14663b1efab44a042c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9874990699.mp3 [size] => 23083102 [duration] => 2308.31 [uid] => CSN9874990699 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/358546508-amazingbusinessradio-ai-fuels-virtual-assistants-in-the-customer-service-world-featuring-guest-robert-weideman.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/54e9759e-bab3-11e8-afd8-d78c19eb1207/id3/84fa98cebac02aa2d33ecec80858e63d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77969 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/358546508 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • AI Fuels Virtual Assistants in the Customer Service World Shep...
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    Turn One-Time Purchasers Into Lifelong Customers Shep Hyken Interviews Joey Coleman, Author of “Never Lose a Customer Again” Featured Interview: How would you like to never lose a customer again? Award-winning speaker Joey Coleman shares the secrets behind not only gaining new customers, but also how to make them customers for life. He shares his 100 Days principle, and discusses his new book “Never Lose a Customer Again.” Top Takeaways: • The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience: Customer service is usually reactive, or the detailed, tactical steps taken when dealing with customers whereas customer experience is usually proactive consisting of the interactions, perceptions, and the feelings and emotions created with a customer. • Customers for life are built within the first 100 days. The 100 Days principle is a strategy for running a business, starting from the moment a customer decides to do business with your company. From there, it’s a ticking clock from day 1 to day 100. This is an opportunity to navigate the customer through a journey. • Social media should be used more as a listening device than as a megaphone device. You should be listening to what your customers are saying at an individualized level on social media so that you can personalize their experience versus using social media as megaphone for you to blast your content and message out to the world. • After closing the deal with the customer, the job is not done. Continually nurture the relationship, rather than just walking away after a sale is made. That is how you create loyalty. About: Joey Coleman helps companies keep their customers. An award-winning speaker, he works with organizations around the world ranging from small startups to major brands such as Deloitte, Hyatt Hotels, Zappos, and NASA. He is co-host of the “Experience This” podcast with customer thought leader, Dan Gingiss. His First 100 Days methodology fuels the remarkable experiences his clients deliver. In his upcoming book, “Never Lose a Customer Again,” (scheduled for publication March 2018) he shares strategies and tactics for turning one-time purchasers into lifelong customers. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5527018e-bab3-11e8-afd8-9b959015ec46/stripped_5f7f0361b2363f9d26f5cf563c733a14.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3316120228.mp3 [size] => 20902923 [duration] => 2090.29 [uid] => CSN3316120228 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/353972063-amazingbusinessradio-turn-one-time-purchasers-into-lifelong-customers-featuring-guest-joey-coleman.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5527018e-bab3-11e8-afd8-9b959015ec46/id3/bc8a139b8a1e0459581285ffe73b92b7.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77443 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/353972063 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Turn One-Time Purchasers Into Lifelong Customers Shep Hyken Interviews Joey...
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    Wouldn’t you like to learn a few tips from a company that sees over 35 million customers a year? Shep and Steve Hockett, President of Great Clips, discuss the importance of knowing your customers and delivering a consistently amazing customer service experience. Steve shares how information about roughly 35 million customers’ information each year are put into a database, so that each and every time they return, the salon knows exactly how to best serve them individually. As President of Great Clips, Inc, Steve preaches the importance of consistency on every level so that every customer has an predictably amazing experience. Top Takeaways: -There is much we can learn from the Great Clips Approach: customers are coming primarily as customers of a Great Clips salon, not to a specific stylist. The Great Clips experience is about the brand, not an individual that works there. -Great Clips knows their customers, when they last came in for a haircut, and when they need to come back for the next one. They understand what the customers want and what’s important to them. -The Great Clips Five Steps to Customer Care: 1. Greet the customer when they come in, with eye contact. 2. The consultation – ask the customer what they want. 3. Create the cut, and talk product. 4. The confirmation – make sure they are happy. 5. Thank the customer and invite them to come back. -Great Clips is hyper-focused on what they do best. They cut hair. They don’t do manicures, pedicures, or massages. They offer quick, efficient, high quality, moderate price haircuts, and are able to repeat that experience every time. -Great Clips is using technology to connect with their customers. They call it Clip Notes… notes about each customer’s specific details. What clipper guard number was used , what kind of neckline, etc. It’s all stored in the cloud. So, when a customer comes to Great Clips, if they’ve ever been there before, no matter the location, all the details of the previous haircut show up. Also in the Clip Notes are personal details of the client… did this customer just get married, or recently go on vacation…? That all helps build rapport. -The power of managing the wait time is given to the customer. The Great Clips app allows their customers to know exactly how long the wait time is so that they can avoid the busiest times. -Great Clips knows it can’t be all things to all people. It’s about simplicity and staying in their lane. About: Steve Hockett is President of Great Clips, Inc, soon to be CEO beginning in January 2018. Steve began his career with Great Clips, Inc. in 1988 and has spent 20 years with Great Clips in three separate segments, serving in various positions starting as a franchise owner. During his experience, he has worked extensively in marketing and operations, and was heavily involved in the massive growth of the system from 150 units to now over 4,200 operating salons in the United States. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Wouldn’t you like to learn a few tips from a...
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    When it comes to receiving complaints, there are many people who would view this as a negative occurrence. However, Josh Liebman encourages companies to seek out complaints, saying that there are likely many other people who feel the same way, but will never say anything. Without complaints, you never know what needs improving. Shep speaks with Josh Liebman, an expert in handling complaints. Josh is a fanatic about the benefits of hearing complaints. He encourages companies to seek out constructive criticism in order to improve their way of doing business. Josh also explains how to recover from service failures and gain loyal customers. If you have customers (and I know you do), this this is a powerful must-listen-to episode of Amazing Business Radio! Top Takeaways: In addition to amazing information about mystery shopping and managing customer complaints, Josh Liebman shares his LTAST formula for managing service failure: • L – Listen: Understand and process the complaint. Validate the customer’s comments even if you don’t agree with what is being said. • T – Thank: Thank the customer for the complaint. Don’t get defensive. This will tear down the wall between you and the customer. • A – Apologize: Apologize, but don’t apologize for the cause of the complaint; apologize for the effect. If you apologize for the cause, this only places blame on someone or something. • S – Solve: Provide specific service recovery that fits the complaint. • T – Thank: Thank the customer again, this time for the opportunity to make it right. Also, thank them for future business that will result because of the solution. About: Josh Liebman is the Director of Business Development at Amusement Advantage, Inc. (http://www.amusementadvantage.com/). In this role, Josh has enabled numerous attractions to improve how they meet and exceed expectations, and then follow through by harnessing satisfaction and converting it to lifelong loyalty. With more than 12 years of experience in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Attractions Industry, Joshua specializes in guest experience training, feedback analysis, mystery shopping, and quality assurance consulting.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/55b20626-bab3-11e8-afd8-4f54bb04e671/stripped_eb4fb9f85fec498ae5bdf802f889ff7d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1787442250.mp3 [size] => 22249013 [duration] => 2224.9 [uid] => CSN1787442250 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/349308735-amazingbusinessradio-josh-liebman-encourages-running-toward-complaints-not-away-from-them.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/55b20626-bab3-11e8-afd8-4f54bb04e671/id3/71d4db3e8371d9f7556c794a5f8880c4.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77049 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/349308735 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • When it comes to receiving complaints, there are many people...
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    There seems to be a lot of talk about artificial intelligence lately, but what do we really know about it? Is it anything like what we see in the movies, like computers taking over the world, or is it something else entirely? Mikhail Naumov shares in-depth what AI is and what it can do for companies when it is properly partnered with human interaction. Featured Interview: Shep talks to Mikhail about artificial intelligence, and how it can be a tool for customer service employees. Mikhail shares with listeners the benefits, and value that using AI can bring to every type of company. At his company, DigitalGenius, the main focus is tying AI to customer support. Top Takeaways: • AI is best used when it is teamed up with real people – the combination is better than the sum of its parts. • Some companies want AI to be used for everything, but successful companies use it to focus on one thing, one function. In the case of DigitalGenius, that one focus point is customer support. • AI is a tool for customer service representatives, in the same way that a calculator is a tool. • AI does not eliminate the customer’s interaction with a human customer service representative; rather it adds to it, fueling the knowledge behind the agent. • When done properly, the integration of AI and human interaction is so seamless that the customer is completely unaware of its existence. • AI can range in capability, depending on the size of the company using it. It can do more for bigger companies, but that doesn’t mean smaller companies can’t join the AI revolution. • AI isn’t magic. It is simple mathematics based on history. The machine learns and understands based on past interactions with customers, and then knows what information to deliver that is most useful and helpful. About: Mikhail Naumov is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of DigitalGenius, a venture backed artificial intelligence company focused on transforming customer service and brand communications. He is the leading voice in the Human+AI movement, which focuses on the seamless interaction of human and machine intelligence in business applications and everyday life. Mikhail was recognized as Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology. He is passionate about bringing emerging technologies to life. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio. (www.hyken.com)

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/56115d24-bab3-11e8-afd8-cbe416da05a2/stripped_839f2117c2e9f23e57da1cf20b16e66c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3321897574.mp3 [size] => 22003357 [duration] => 1833.61 [uid] => CSN3321897574 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/348258328-amazingbusinessradio-mikhail-naumov-discusses-how-ai-is-a-tool-for-customer-service-not-a-replacement.mp3 [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/56115d24-bab3-11e8-afd8-cbe416da05a2/id3/1ebfb64253d5660a27db0a94831c0e0a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77707 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/348258328 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • There seems to be a lot of talk about artificial...
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    It is common belief that the customer’s needs should always come first, but what if employees’ needs were put first in order to ensure customer satisfaction? James Dodkins shares his ideas on what a company looks like when the employees are made top priority, so that in return they can be best prepared to treat customers as their main focus. Featured Interview: Shep speaks with James Dodkins about his idea of what it looks like for companies to put employees first and customers second. James shares seven key components to creating a working culture that best allows for customer success, when the employees are taken care of first and foremost. Giveaway: Download James’ book Foundations for Customer Centricity at no charge! (URL - http://www.jamesdodkins.com/books.html) Top Takeaways: Seven components to creating a culture of outstanding customer experience: 1. Vision: Have a core understanding of who your customer is, what their needs are, and what a successful outcome would be. 2. Align: Align the vision around the delivery of those specific things. 3. Capability: Make sure the people within the company are skilled enough to make the vision come to life. 4. Workplace: Have the right environment for the right employees, to ensure the best work is being done. 5. Incentive: Make sure workers are getting paid for doing the right and important things, not just doing mundane tasks. 6. Resources: People within the company must have the budget to be able to make the right things happen for the customer. 7. Empowerment: Without this key component, the rest don’t work. Workers must feel confident that their decisions will be supported by leadership within the company. About: James Dodkins helps companies create outstanding and unforgettable customer experiences. He travels the globe learning the secrets of the world’s best performing companies, and he uses that information to help organizations replicate that success. He specializes in customer experience and customer centricity. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5677c30c-bab3-11e8-afd8-c3ba177c9e7e/stripped_ef5ee1047f40261b1771126541696591.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1744141036.mp3 [size] => 21542661 [duration] => 2154.27 [uid] => CSN1744141036 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/346604606-amazingbusinessradio-james-dodkins-on-putting-the-employee-first-the-customer-second.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5677c30c-bab3-11e8-afd8-c3ba177c9e7e/id3/5f4276ba13c328b52bc7f23896ecf9a3.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77077 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/346604606 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • It is common belief that the customer’s needs should always...
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    How would you like to be able to anticipate your customers’ needs before the even ask? Featured Interview: Shep Hyken interviews Daniel Burrus, author of The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change Into Opportunity and Advantage, in which he explains how to predict what customers need rather than simply waiting to be asked. They discuss understanding the difference between anticipatory customer service and reactionary customer service. Daniel shares with listeners the importance of being able to predict problems before they occur, and how to predict game-changing opportunities to redefine and reinvent customer service. Top Takeaways: • Know the difference between assumption and fact. • Look at the big problems like you would an onion, and peel back the layers until you get to the core. • Anticipating doesn’t have to be based on a feeling. It can be based on fact. • Two types of trends to help you anticipate: 1. Hard trends – based on future facts. These can’t be stopped. 2. Soft trends – based on assumption. These can be changed. • Look at the hard trends and look to create opportunities based on facts. • Predict where your customer is going so that you can meet them at the next intersection. About: Daniel Burrus is considered one of the World’s Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/56ddc328-bab3-11e8-afd8-6f8f62c5e716/stripped_82d86dfa185bbba43a134cb9141a82ef.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8512365073.mp3 [size] => 20339461 [duration] => 2033.95 [uid] => CSN8512365073 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/346159583-amazingbusinessradio-daniel-burrus-sha.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/56ddc328-bab3-11e8-afd8-6f8f62c5e716/id3/2fb32338770b2a9558444e5f80415ce1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75983 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/346159583 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to be able to anticipate your...
  • Array ( [id] => 5730134e-bab3-11e8-afd8-8b70ed08bf70 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:25.941-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:33.577-07:00 [title] => Doug Bell Discusses Improving the Customer Experience [pubdate] => 2017-10-02T14:43:39.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/5730134e-bab3-11e8-afd8-8b70ed08bf70/image/artworks-000245300867-kcgwjw-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Would you like every employee to know how they fi… [summary] =>

    Would you like every employee to know how they fit into your company’s customer experience? Shep Hyken interviews Doug Bell, founder of The Experience Manager, a system that helps manage and unify the entire customer experience. Featured Interview: Shep and Doug discuss the importance of unifying the customer experience throughout an entire company, Every employee must understand how they fit into the customer’s journey. Top Takeaways: • Decide how your company wants to interact with your market. What do you want your customers to experience when they do business with you? Whatever the answer, it must be packed into every touchpoint the customer has with your company. This is the beginning of “experience management,” • The true problem with managing the customer experience comes when employees don’t understand how they fit into the overall customer experience. • The customer experience must be evaluated and managed EVERY DAY. You should always ask yourself, “What can we learn from today’s experience that can make tomorrow’s even better?” • The best way to change the way a company manages its customer experience starts with unifying your customer experience vision throughout the entire company. About: Doug Bell is a CX consultant and the founder of The Experience Manager, a platform that allows companies to build their customer journey map, and in turn, keep ALL customer interactions that your company is managing known to across all departments. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5730134e-bab3-11e8-afd8-8b70ed08bf70/stripped_79095054fbdb5980cad640c8072c4ce6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8268718813.mp3 [size] => 22387043 [duration] => 1865.59 [uid] => CSN8268718813 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/345063502-amazingbusinessradio-doug-bell-discusses-improving-the-customer-experience.mp3 [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5730134e-bab3-11e8-afd8-8b70ed08bf70/id3/7aa4e5cba256fba65a869bb41ab684da.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 75969 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/345063502 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Would you like every employee to know how they fit...
  • Array ( [id] => 5782caa8-bab3-11e8-afd8-fb5d729770ac [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:26.482-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:34.014-07:00 [title] => Robert Spector Shares The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence [pubdate] => 2017-09-25T14:50:15.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/5782caa8-bab3-11e8-afd8-fb5d729770ac/image/artworks-000244270908-of2ipi-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How would you like to be the Nordstrom of your in… [summary] =>

    How would you like to be the Nordstrom of your industry? Well stay tuned and you’ll learn tips to help you do just that! Shep Hyken interviews Robert Spector, author of The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence: Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture. Featured Interview: Shep and Robert discuss the impact Nordstrom’s values and culture have on their customer and employee experience. Robert shares a bit about the history of Nordstrom – like the facts they have been around 116 years – they’ve survived two world wars, made it through The Great Depression, and more. Nordstrom sets a standard above the rest by making trust their number one value and by constantly innovating and adapting to the changing consumer buying habits. This is all about customer service and creating a customer focused culture that makes customers want to come back again and again! Top Takeaways: • Don’t try to convince employees to share your core values – you want to attract employees who already instill your core values. • Trust – it is the basis for all relationships. Nordstrom demonstrates how it trusts it’s employees through their unique employee handbook which is on a 5 by 7 card that reads on one side, “Welcome to Nordstrom we’re glad to have you with our company, we have only one rule…” Turn it over to reveal that one rule, “Use good judgment in all situations.” • Three Incredible Truths 1. Most people want to do a good job. 2. Most people want to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. 3. It’s up to management to make that happen. • Innovation and Adaptation – Nordstrom has been around so long due to its ability to innovate and adapt. They started as a shoe store. They moved into selling clothing and accessories. They moved from just the big store anchoring a mall to the addition of Nordstrom Rack, an online presence and several forward-thinking concepts. And throughout all of this they never lost sight of the importance of the customer. Everything is about the customer! • Define and live your values – If you want to instill a culture of employee and customer focus, you have to identify your values and then hire, attract, and coach to those values – that’s how you become the Nordstrom of your industry (and you have to emphasize that every day). About: Robert Spector is and author, teacher, co-founder of RSI consultancy and the co-author of The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence: Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5782caa8-bab3-11e8-afd8-fb5d729770ac/stripped_e3e13ee180ab53822f5fd5cf7e5164f2.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3048841565.mp3 [size] => 24621140 [duration] => 2051.76 [uid] => CSN3048841565 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/344015637-amazingbusinessradio-robert-spector-shares-the-nordstrom-way-to-customer-experience-excellence.mp3 [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5782caa8-bab3-11e8-afd8-fb5d729770ac/id3/d543066bf99a4499518e5866da8101ac.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78013 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/344015637 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to be the Nordstrom of your...
  • Array ( [id] => 57dfa9d0-bab3-11e8-afd8-f37b7708adde [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:27.091-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:34.418-07:00 [title] => Judy Hoberman Shares Tips for a Better Customer Experience [pubdate] => 2017-09-18T10:27:58.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/57dfa9d0-bab3-11e8-afd8-f37b7708adde/image/artworks-000242788690-bozfnl-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Are you looking to deliver a better customer expe… [summary] =>

    Are you looking to deliver a better customer experience? Then you are in the right place! Shep Hyken interviews Judy Hoberman, President of Selling in a Skirt – international speaker, trainer, coach, mentor, and author, who has a passion for customer experience. Featured Interview: Shep and Judy Hoberman discuss how S.K.I.R.T. and K.I.S.S. can help you create better customer experiences for your organization. Judy shares how building relationships is the key to gaining and keeping your customers. Top Takeaways: • S – Standing Out – We live in a noisy world, you need to figure out how to stand out as an expert in your field. When you give someone an experience it has to be something that they love so much that they are going want to do it again and bring back their friends. Do the best that you can do – then do even a bit more, that’s how you create walking ambassadors (customer advocates). • K – Keys to Success - You have a toolbox you work with every day. There is something in that toolbox that you’re going to use that is going to make sure your customers are getting the experience that you want them to get. Judy’s keys to success focus on asking questions. You don’t want to be interesting to your customer, you want to be interested in your customer. If you show somebody you care, then they will want to gravitate towards you and bring you into their circle – which makes them your customer advocate. • I – Inspiration - Sometimes we need to be inspired to do the best job we can do. And, sometimes we inspire others, without even knowing we are inspiring them. Something as simple as an image posted on social media can inspire someone. • R – Results – Everything is judged on results. Everyone looks at results. Decide how far you want to push yourself. Don’t make the goal too hard or too easy. You need to set yourself up for success. • T – Time Management – It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone struggles with some sort of time management. Put the cell phone down, be in that moment, and show someone enough respect by truly being present. • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – If you’re trying to get people to have a great experience you have to make it easy and you have to make it obvious. You also have to know what it is that your customer is really looking for. If you’re not 100% sure – ASK – people will tell you exactly what it is that they want. Make it simple, exciting, and motivating. About: Judy Hoberman is the President of Selling in a Skirt, an international speaker, trainer, coach, mentor, and author. Judy’s mission is to help her clients live the S.K.I.R.T. philosophy while having fun! She is the author of ‘Selling in a Skirt,’ ‘Famous Isn’t Enough,’ ‘Pure Wealth’ and her upcoming book is called ‘Walking on the Glass Floor.’ Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/57dfa9d0-bab3-11e8-afd8-f37b7708adde/stripped_9534ae5ca70417d0df27d412ef979f1b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7216879271.mp3 [size] => 17189355 [duration] => 1718.94 [uid] => CSN7216879271 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/342536717-amazingbusinessradio-judy-hoberman-shares-tips-for-a-better-customer-experience.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/57dfa9d0-bab3-11e8-afd8-f37b7708adde/id3/533263156c90a07f768e1e40c6a2af62.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78591 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/342536717 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Are you looking to deliver a better customer experience? Then...
  • Array ( [id] => 581f6aca-bab3-11e8-afd8-ef0eb5b0acd4 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:27.509-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:35.458-07:00 [title] => Murph Krajewski Shares Keys to Creating Better Customer Support Experiences [pubdate] => 2017-09-11T07:01:34.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/581f6aca-bab3-11e8-afd8-ef0eb5b0acd4/image/artworks-000241662807-vm8t0j-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => Do your customer facing employees have everything… [summary] =>

    Do your customer facing employees have everything they need to do their jobs properly? Shep Hyken interviews Murph Krajewski, VP at Sharpen, a cloud based service company that strives to create better agent experiences in support centers by merging technologies and relationships. Featured Interview: Shep and Murph Krajewski discuss how Sharpen started by wanting to fix the root problem in customer service. Murph explains that the problem starts with the customer service agent’s experience. They discuss how the needs of an agent (both technological and human) must be met to allow that agent to be in a position to properly serve the customer, and Murph shares numerous examples. Giveaways: In this whitepaper, “Exposing the True Cost of Legacy Contact Center Software” Sharpen gets real about the true impact it can have for your operations, agent satisfaction, and customer service. (Link: www.SharpenCX.com/ABR) Top Takeaways: • A person in distress can’t help anyone. Murph explains that if you don’t give the people on the front line, the tools (training/technology), they can’t give your customers the best experience possible. • Don’t get stuck in the past. New technologies should be embraced. As older technologies fade away new technologies are created and then new standards are set. When the original iPhone came out ten years ago, it was nothing short of amazing. But, today hardly anyone is using an original iPhone, which many consider to be an antique piece of technology. We’ve moved on to faster and updated versions like an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. • Create a better experience for your support or front-line staff. Customer service jobs are one of the lowest rated jobs in the country; due to the hours, the pay, the stress levels, etc. These employees shouldn’t be undervalued and underpaid, they are responsible for making your most important asset – your customers – happy. • 92% of customers say that an agent’s mood effects their experience. That is a tough statistic to ignore. A business must figure out how to improve the agent’s experience to be as good as, if not better, than their customer’s experience. Customer service is, after all, a service job. You need to create a service culture, and embrace those team members who need and want to serve, which is all of your front line and support center agents. About: Murph Krajewski is VP of Marketing at Sharpen, a cloud based contact center platform. He’s been in the contact center industry for nearly 20 years, in a variety of roles. These days Murph is focused on creating better experiences for contact center agents. He believes this will make for happier customers, and could one day change the world. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/581f6aca-bab3-11e8-afd8-ef0eb5b0acd4/stripped_8ca9f7a1a130ea1347e8e2141ad47b84.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8021355972.mp3 [size] => 19581649 [duration] => 1958.16 [uid] => CSN8021355972 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/341331883-amazingbusinessradio-murph-krajewski-shares-keys-to-creating-better-customer-support-experiences.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/581f6aca-bab3-11e8-afd8-ef0eb5b0acd4/id3/1e2db0cef4892a7c342ef1797fc8ebf1.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78457 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/341331883 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Do your customer facing employees have everything they need to...
  • Array ( [id] => 58865cb2-bab3-11e8-afd8-471718ed45ac [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:28.184-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:35.945-07:00 [title] => Matt Peterson Shares Tips on Delivering Amazing Service [pubdate] => 2017-09-05T06:17:09.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/58865cb2-bab3-11e8-afd8-471718ed45ac/image/artworks-000240897761-lhvomg-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How would you like to know how to set yourself ap… [summary] =>

    How would you like to know how to set yourself apart from the rest of your industry? Shep Hyken interviews Matt Peterson, CMO and co-founder of Jive Communications, a worldwide cloud based communication company that offers VoIP, video conferencing, and contact center support. Featured Interview: Shep begins the interview by talking to Matt about NPS (Net Promoter Score) and he made that an important focus in his company. Matt explains why he feels NPS is the right method for his company, and how it helped Jive elevate their service above the rest of their industry. Top Takeaways: • Measure your customer satisfaction. Matt knows the important of measurement, especially in the area of service and satisfaction. He also emphasizes how important it is to make a satisfaction score an important part of the company’s culture and mentality. • Don’t automate customer care. There are certain things that you can automate but you shouldn’t dehumanize the experience. You should use automated intelligence properly and allow for a smooth natural transition to a human when the automated support can no longer handle the issue properly. • Communicate the way your customers want to communicate. You don’t need to be everywhere, but you need to know where and how your customers want to communicate with you, whether it’s via social media, email, chat, etc. Customers should be able to communicate with you however is most convenient and comfortable. • Get out of the “Ivory Tower.” You need to stay connected to your customers, so get out there meet with them. Get their opinions and feedback. You won’t be able to do that if you never leave your office. About: Matt Peterson is Co-founder and CMO of Jive Communications, one of the highest-rated communications companies. Matt is responsible for designing the marketing strategies and processes that drive Jive’s growth, it’s obvious he cares about his customers. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/58865cb2-bab3-11e8-afd8-471718ed45ac/stripped_62e0f302a134595bda82c16b0b6bde0b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1852858034.mp3 [size] => 24639321 [duration] => 2053.28 [uid] => CSN1852858034 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/340529484-amazingbusinessradio-matt-peterson-shares-tips-on-delivering-amazing-service.mp3 [bitrate] => 96 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/58865cb2-bab3-11e8-afd8-471718ed45ac/id3/bbe361302830fc9fdfd9e84b8e0d043c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 76795 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/340529484 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to know how to set yourself...
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    How would you like to increase customer loyalty? Shep Hyken interviews Nick Francis, CEO of Help Scout and thought leader in the customer service support world. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on introducing Nick Francis and his company Help Scout, and the recent fireside chat they had at a recent customer service and support conference. Featured Interview: Shep begins the interview by asking Nick Francis about Help Scout, which provides customer support assistance to small businesses. They discuss how important customer service is to your business and why it’s vital to set yourself apart from your competition. After all, word-of-mouth is by far the best advertising you can get. Nick shares his tactical steps to creating a better customer experience. They discuss the importance of customer trust and how to regain it if it’s lost. Top Takeaways: • Tactical Steps to Improve Your Customer Service 1. Create a customer service vision – or as Shep calls it, a customer service mantra. This is a vital step for anyone who wants a customer-focused organization. 2. Make it easy for your customer – don’t just make it easy for the customer to find you and contact you but make it easier by providing different methods of contact. Nick suggests focusing on only a couple of channels to start until you master those, then expand to the channels where your customers are. 3. Don’t just collect data – do something with it! You not only need to get customer feedback, you need to do something with it. Eliminate pain points for customers, create a list of FAQs. Leverage the customer feedback – Pay attention to both the qualitative and quantitative data, as these will help with ensuring adequate staff and by preventing potential customer complaints from being repeated. • Ensure your interactions are human. Be empathetic and most importantly be authentic when speaking with your customers. • Trust is key – Don’t make anything about you. Make it about the customer. If you make a mistake own it, and then do everything you can to regain their trust. Nobody’s perfect - mistakes are bound to happen. It’s how you handle them that counts. • Content is important to any business. It enhances the customer experience. Help Scout has a customer service blog they post at least twice a week. About: Nick Francis is Co-founder and CEO of Help Scout, where he is on a mission to make every customer service interaction a more human one. Nick lives and breathes product design, customer experience, and building a thoughtful, thriving company. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/58d374a2-bab3-11e8-afd8-573e85f2808d/stripped_e7d090d1acff966f00ad188b37aeb11c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4846379768.mp3 [size] => 18361992 [duration] => 1836.2 [uid] => CSN4846379768 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/339512014-amazingbusinessradio-nick-francis-shares-how-to-create-a-customer-centric-company.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/58d374a2-bab3-11e8-afd8-573e85f2808d/id3/7d93a63eb56742b06019eba3c9124bd5.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78095 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/339512014 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to increase customer loyalty? Shep Hyken...
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    How would you like to know how to build your own personal brand to become a thought leader in your industry? Shep Hyken interviews Nicky Billou, internationally best-selling author of Finish Line Thinking: How to Think and Win Like a Champion. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on how thought leadership applies to everyone. He explains how managers and individuals can be thought of as an expert in their company and industry. This ties into Shep’s concept that when it comes to customer service, everyone can be a leader. Featured Interview: Shep begins the interview by asking Nicky Billou about his definition of a thought leader and how everyone could be considered the “go-to” person or expert in their company. Shep then introduces why getting your customers and coworkers to trust you is an important part of building your personal brand and for being known as an expert. They discuss how everyone has an opportunity to be considered a thought leader by knowing the answers; or if you don’t know, knowing where to find the answers. Top Takeaways: • Anyone can be a thought leader. Thought leadership is not just for authors or speakers, everyone can be known for their expertise within their area of genius – especially in customer service and support. • Create champions. – As a manager, you need to find those champions and nurture them to become the experts you know they can be. You can help bring out the best in your people. • The Four Phases of being a thought leader. o Wannabe Phase – This person has not yet figured out what their expertise is. o Unconscious Expert – They intuitively know they have some level of expertise, but they aren’t quite clear on it yet. o Conscious Expert – You know you have expertise and you are actively applying it. o Known – This is the final stage where you are known as an expert/thought leader. • Build your personal brand. – You need to find your area of expertise and create a LinkedIn profile. Everyone has a brand – you should consciously create your own brand. • Your customers are the only people who can tell you what your brand is. You not only need to create your own brand you need to also ensure what your customer’s perception of you is. At any given time, anybody in your organization that is dependent upon you for anything is also your customer. About: Nicky Billou is Cofounder of eCircle Academy, Cohost of The Business of Thought Leadership Podcast, and #1 International Best-selling Author of Finish Line Thinking: How To Think & Win Like A Champion. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/592aed36-bab3-11e8-afd8-7b848b382b99/stripped_1b99c1750f9f9d9e5e013f6964ee39b6.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3259027882.mp3 [size] => 17151478 [duration] => 1715.15 [uid] => CSN3259027882 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/338867834-amazingbusinessradio-nicky-billou-on-how-to-think-and-win-like-a-champion.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/592aed36-bab3-11e8-afd8-7b848b382b99/id3/3cba0dd4a0b18e6a27a04ade33a36128.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78027 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/338867834 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How would you like to know how to build your...
  • Array ( [id] => 598623fe-bab3-11e8-afd8-0b712ec7e090 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:29.859-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:37.489-07:00 [title] => Jason Bradshaw Explains Wow is Not About Champagne, Caviar, or Fireworks [pubdate] => 2017-08-14T06:46:49.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/598623fe-bab3-11e8-afd8-0b712ec7e090/image/artworks-000237748976-6cy4z4-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How can you create the best experiences for your … [summary] =>

    How can you create the best experiences for your customers? Shep Hyken interviews Jason Bradshaw, the Director of Customer Experience at Volkswagen Group Australia, who believes that you become great by thinking small. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on how you should strive to be number one and deliver the best possible customer service, but your real goal should be ranked in the top tier within your industry. Even the best sports teams don’t win championships every year, but they are still considered to be elite. Do you always pursue what’s best for your customers? What do you do to drive the love of your customers? You need to be number one for whatever they need. Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview by asking Jason Bradshaw about his experiences as a young entrepreneur. Jason explained that he had major disadvantages. First, he was a new start up, and second, he was young – just a teen ager. How did he compensate for these supposed disadvantages? By loving his customers more than anyone else. This fueled his passion for creating the best experience for his customers. Shep and Jason discuss that by creating trust with your customers, you create loyalty And, you do that by delivering a personalized experience that is consistently above average. Jason adds that the small things matter. So, rather than focus on creating big changes you should focus on making smaller changes that are easier to implement. Small things can make a big difference. Top Takeaways: • Your first customer is always your team. Be consistent with them. Empower them so they can achieve what they desire while delivering a consistent experience for your customers. • The key is not in being perfect; the key is to be human. When something doesn’t go perfectly, respond quickly to fix it, improve or to do what you need to do get back on track. • Wow is not about Champaign, caviar, or fireworks. Wow is about connecting with your customer and delivering just a little above their expectations - all the time. • You don’t build customer loyalty by having the cheapest product. You build loyalty by giving an experience that the customer values. • Think Small – If you don’t pay attention to the smallest details, then everything else will unravel. Your customer is looking for consistency and wants an easy experience. • Tenacity - Never give up in your pursuit of delivering the best customer experience possible, one that, at a minimum slightly exceeds your customers’ expectations. About: Jason Bradshaw is the Director of Customer Experience at Volkswagen Group Australia. At just fourteen-years-old, he started his own telecommunications and hardware distribution business. This first foray into entrepreneurship gave him a taste of how to offer customers an experience, not just a product. It was there he began a lifelong passion for customer experience. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author, and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/598623fe-bab3-11e8-afd8-0b712ec7e090/stripped_27322667ad94985209d986283cff6a93.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6505772008.mp3 [size] => 18773159 [duration] => 1877.32 [uid] => CSN6505772008 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/337315214-amazingbusinessradio-jason-bradshaw-explains-wow-is-not-about-champagne-caviar-or-fireworks.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/598623fe-bab3-11e8-afd8-0b712ec7e090/id3/efe23f58b791c2d49f1f50c409b90948.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78765 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/337315214 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • How can you create the best experiences for your customers?...
  • Array ( [id] => 59d29e3c-bab3-11e8-afd8-c77ac9de9f36 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:30.361-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:37.919-07:00 [title] => Gadi Shamia Discusses the Latest Trends in Customer Service and How to Create a Better Experience [pubdate] => 2017-08-07T15:37:44.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/59d29e3c-bab3-11e8-afd8-c77ac9de9f36/image/artworks-000237336631-ljk2tk-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments discuss … [summary] =>

    First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments discuss the company Talkdesk, their upcoming roadshow, and how to improve your customers’ experiences. Featured Interview: Shep Hyken interviews Gadi Shamia, COO of Talkdesk, about how you can improve your customer service. The interview begins with Gadi sharing some background on himself and  Talkdesk, a cloud based contact center platform that connects their support team to their customers. Gadi gives us the backstory on Talkdesk and shares some examples on how Talkdesk has improved upon existing technology to create a simpler cloud solution for support agents. That leads to a fascinating conversation about how technology has impacted customer service, and what tools and solutions you can use to make for a better customer experience. Top Takeaways: Make it easier for the customer. You need to ensure what you’re doing impacts the customer in a positive way. Provide self-service options for your customers. Empower your team. – Using current technologies, we have the power to make customer information available to our teams to allowing them to assist the customer the best way they can. Knowledge is power! We can’t teach empathy, but we can provide agents with more information so they can be empowered to understand the customer’s issue from the start. Don’t deflect calls. If a customer is calling, take advantage of the opportunity to resolve the customer’s issue yourself. Do not send a customer to a website or a self-service option. Nowadays most customers only call when self-service options have already failed them, whether they couldn’t find the solution or they couldn’t understand the self-help option. This is your opportunity to connect with the customer and build a relationship. Spend less on marketing and more on customer service. Once you get a customer through the door you can do a lot to retain them, which is much more cost effective than trying to always focus on new customers. About: Gadi Shamia is the Chief Operating Officer at Talkdesk, the world’s leading call center software start-up. Gadi has had much success throughout his career working for such great companies such as Adobe, SAP, and Reach Local - just to name a few. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio. "(Today most people use self-service options first) So, when you call customer service you don’t do it because you have to, you do it because self-service failed you.”  – Gadi Shamia

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/59d29e3c-bab3-11e8-afd8-c77ac9de9f36/stripped_432a7f35afb00ccab6e13d72882eef68.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7516716011.mp3 [size] => 18812082 [duration] => 1881.21 [uid] => CSN7516716011 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/336908945-amazingbusinessradio-gadi-shamia-discusses-the-latest-trends-in-customer-service-and-how-to-create-a-better-experience.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/59d29e3c-bab3-11e8-afd8-c77ac9de9f36/id3/80b5f87b851c70f6d530224fea364d7a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 77837 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/336908945 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments discuss the company Talkdesk,...
  • Array ( [id] => 5a2eaf06-bab3-11e8-afd8-83852f573d32 [createdAt] => 2018-09-17T12:53:30.965-07:00 [updatedAt] => 2018-09-24T12:01:38.551-07:00 [title] => Jeff Nicholson on What Consumers Know (and Don’t Know) About Artificial Intelligence [pubdate] => 2017-07-31T11:39:52.000-07:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/5a2eaf06-bab3-11e8-afd8-83852f573d32/image/artworks-000235312209-bp6dat-original.jpg?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => How will artificial intelligence (AI) enhance the… [summary] =>

    How will artificial intelligence (AI) enhance the relationship you have with your customers? Shep Hyken interviews Jeff Nicholson, the Vice President of CRM Product Marketing at Pegasystems, about how AI technology will help companies serve their customers even better. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on artificial intelligence and how it can use data to create meaningful interactions with customers. Once people become more comfortable with AI, they’ll begin to understand how useful it can really be. Currently, there are some common misconceptions that people have about AI, especially the kinds of AI that they are already seeing in their day-to-day lives. Giveaways: • To view the PDF of the Pega Study, “What Consumers Really Think About AI: A Global Study” discussed on the episode - go to https://hyken.com/wp-content/uploads/what-consumers-really-think-about-ai.pdf Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview by asking Jeff Nicholson about Pega’s recent global consumer study, “What Consumers Really Think About AI.” Pega published its study after surveying 6,000 consumers across six countries. AI is poised to transform how customers interact with businesses, but some customers must first overcome some educational and emotional hurdles. They must feel comfortable enough to use AI to its full extent. Jeff suggests rather than being omnichannel, be channel-less. Don’t focus on the channels individually, but use AI to streamline the customers’ experience across all channels. Jeff provides an example explaining how if you are on amazon.com you can easily transition to any computer, or even their mobile shopping app to continue your shopping with the same consistent experience. Some key findings from Pega’s Study: • Only 33% of respondents think they use technology with AI, but 71% actually use an AI-powered device or service • 70% are fearful of AI, yet 71% are open to businesses using AI with them if it makes life easier • 33% said that AI is never going to know them and their preferences as well as a human being When the respondents were asked, “How do you describe what AI can do?”: • 51% said AI could think logically • 37% said AI could interpret speech • 35% said AI could replicate human interaction Those are realistic responses, yet some respondents erroneously identified what AI could do: • 14% said AI could feel emotion • 10% said AI will take over the world • 8% said AI controls your mind Top Takeaways: • AI doesn’t get rid of customer service jobs. It changes them, for the better. With the help of AI, customer service representatives will be able to devote their time to helping customers better, adding value to the relationship. • AI systems will interpret customer data, compare it to customers with similar histories, and work to understand the customer’s mental state. Based on that, AI will recommend to the customer service representative good ways to handle the interaction. This concept is called Next Best Action. • AI will be the employee’s “wingman”, making suggestions for the agent to share with the customer. About: Jeff Nicholson is a recognized customer engagement thought leader. Jeff works closely with industry analysts and has been a frequent presenter at industry events on subjects including consumer engagement strategy, customer analytics, digital marketing and customer journey best practice. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, “New York Times” best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How will artificial intelligence (AI) enhance the relationship you have...
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    How can we move from just satisfying our customers, to making them truly happy, which results in loyalty? Shep Hyken interviews Chase Clemons, a highly-experienced customer service professional at Basecamp, who tells us how to go above and beyond for your customers. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on how, when your customer calls you, they need to know three things: 1. That you know them. 2. That they like the information that you give them and trust that it is accurate. 3. That when they get off the phone they’ll be able to do what you tell them to do. If you can do that quickly, or if it takes longer, they don’t care. They need someone they can rely on. As the old saying goes, “People like to do business with companies and people they know, like, and trust.” Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview by asking Chase Clemons how he goes above and beyond answering his customers’ questions. Chase explains that when people use Basecamp, it’s not really about Basecamp. It’s about what Basecamp does to make their lives easier. They want to take whatever they are working on, get in, get out, and get back to running their business. So, the more he can help with that the process the better. “Go the extra little bit,” Chase advises. Be a partner rather than just a business. Find the information that truly solves the customer’s needs, rather than just answering the question that they raise. This includes thinking proactively and resolving issues that may arise later on, before they happen, while assisting them with their initial issue. Solve the short-term problems, but address long-term issues. Chase also explains that you can be clear and concise, whether on email, a phone call, or live chat, and still be human. The biggest key is to not have a standardized reply for every part of the interaction. Yes, have templates (Chase calls them “snippets”) that you can work with. But those should just be building blocks for creating a personal experience with the customer. The dialog should be unique for each customer. Top Takeaways: • The best thing you can do for your customers is to surprise them. If they have an issue, after you fix it, and you notice they have been a customer for a long time, give them something. Give them a free month, send them some flowers, chocolates, or a book. Don’t tell them you are going to do it Let it be a surprise. That’s the next step in getting the loyalty you are after, and establishing and deepening the relationship. • Don’t just resolve the customer’s initial question at face value. Ask questions and dig further to find out the details of their request. This will not only allow you to answer their initial request, but will open the door to resolve other potential issues, and will allow you to make the best suggestions for them as well. • Make sure you take time for yourself. You’ve got to put your oxygen mask on first – meaning you have take care of yourself first or you’ll burn out and you won’t be good to anyone. Chase believes, “Work a good 40 hours a week.” It’s important to make sure you and your employees have a good work-life balance. About: Chase Clemons is a hands-on “in the trenches” with his customers in his role as a customer support pro at Basecamp. Basecamp is project management software that helps their clients stay organized as they work through projects. Chase is also the host of the Support Ops podcast, a popular show for people in the customer support industry. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How can we move from just satisfying our customers, to...
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    What should you do when someone posts a negative review about your company or your products or services? Shep Hyken interviews keynote speaker and author Mason Duchatschek on steps you can take to protect your online reputation. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on why it is important for any business, not just a retail or online business, to protect their online reputation. There are now online review sites for virtually every industry (even B2B businesses), which although they may not be as visible as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Amazon, they are every bit as influential within that industry. People within each niche can now consult these sites before making a buying decision. Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview by asking Mason Duchatschek, “What should you do when a customer posts a negative review - a rant - about you and your company on the Internet?” Mason refers to this reviewer as an “Internet Boogeyman.” Mason’s response is that the goal is to not have them rant in the first place. The best way to solve problems is stopping them before they occur. And you do that by implementing a four-step process: 1. Hire good employees. 2. Train them in customer service. 3. Have good policies and use good judgement in the absence of policies. 4. Be nice and do what’s right. If (or when) an Internet boogeyman rants online, the first step is to respond immediately, either by direct message or by phone. Mason points out that you should never discuss the issue with the Internet boogeyman in a public forum, although you should update the progress toward a resolution on that forum, so that others can see the positive actions you have taken. Top Takeaways: • Business owners can’t solve problems they don’t know exist. Go to Google Alerts (www.google.com/alerts) to set up a free, early warning system for your name, company name, and product or service names – any text consumers would type into a search engine to find your company, products, or services. Any time something is posted on the Internet about those items, Google will send you an email alert along with the link so that you can check it out. If people are saying good or bad things about you, you’ll know it, almost in real time. You can monitor and then respond quickly to circumstances, before they cause unnecessary harm to you or your business. • If companies don’t get their online reputation right, customers won’t buy from them, no matter how good their products or services are. • Online reputation is critical; it creates credibility and builds trust. In the absence of a personal relationship, few things (if any) are more important. When people did business face-to-face, they would use their own judgement to determine if they liked and trusted you. Now, in the absence of that personal encounter, they now look to see what others have said online before making a buying decision. About: Mason Duchatschek is a #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur and professional speaker. His ideas have been featured in Selling Power, Entrepreneur, The New York Times and Fox News. He is the author of Defeating an Internet Boogeyman: Simple Secrets of Reputation and Crisis Management Using Social Media and Web Marketing Strategy. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, New York Times best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • What should you do when someone posts a negative review...
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    Are your employees fulfilled, appreciated, and understood? Shep interviews Carol Lee Andersen, the President of Questback North America, about the importance of listening to not just your customers, but also to your employees. And, she shares the advantages and occasional difficulties of doing so. First Up: Shep starts off by introducing Tiny Pulse, a company that has created a simple software program to gain an ongoing “pulse” of your employees with quick, short, and simple surveys for employees. This frames the discussion for the entire episode on customer and employee feedback. He discusses a key fact about collecting feedback – you need to use it, or you will leave employees and customers dissatisfied. Featured Interview: Shep begins the show by asking Carol Lee about Questback’s history. Carol Lee explains that the company got started with a quest for gaining feedback. They discuss the importance of customer and employee feedback, and stress the importance of not only collecting the feedback but also taking action – you must do something with it. Otherwise, your employees and customers will suffer what Carol Lee calls feedback fatigue, which is when customers or employees fill out too many surveys and don’t see anything come out of it. She goes on to explain that when you collect feedback from employees and actually use it, employees feel valued; they feel they are being listened to, and that in turn creates trust. Otherwise, if an employee feels their concerns are falling on deaf ears, then the employee can feel unfulfilled, unconvinced, and even disengaged. They conclude the show with Carol Lee’s final thoughts which are; think before you act, use the appropriate tools, get some advice from the right people, and be thoughtful in your process. Top Takeaways: • Engage Your Employees – Create dialog with your employees. Even if the feedback is unsolicited, if your employees want to provide you with feedback – take it! Employees can frequently pick up on potential issues before they become a big problem. • Avoid Feedback Fatigue – If you collect data you must do something with it. Collecting feedback and not doing anything with it is worse than not collecting at all. If you collect it and take action on the feedback, then employees and customers feel they are being listened to, and that creates trust. • Think Before You Act – Feedback has to be deployed strategically to succeed. It is not enough to have highly engaged employees, you want highly engaged employees that are working towards the same goal. About: Carol Lee Andersen is president of Questback North America and voted as one of the Top 150 Most Powerful Women in New Zealand. She leads a diverse team in crafting and delivering a feedback platform that helps enterprises make better decisions, mitigate risk and avoid costly failures through redefining relationships with the most important people: customers and employees. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • Are your employees fulfilled, appreciated, and understood? Shep interviews Carol...
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    Would you like to know how to better handle difficult customer service situations? Shep interviews Laura Baxter, author of Dealing with Divas and other Difficult Personalities: A Mindful approach to Improving Relationships in Your Business or Organization!. First Up: Shep begins the show by discussing difficult customers. He briefly goes over his Five Step Process to dealing with customer complaints, and explains how some customers are more demanding or sometimes more unreasonable than others. Sometimes, we need to understand our customers’ personalities to resolve their complaint. That’s what customer service is all about – understanding who your customer is and trying to adapt to their personality. Featured Interview: Shep begins the interview with asking Laura for her definition of “Diva.” Laura provides a bit of history about the word Diva, as well as her own definition. She then continues to explain how a Diva doesn’t have to be female. A Diva can be a man, customer, co-worker, or anyone you have issues with. Laura then discusses her new book, introduces the acronym D.I.V.A., and shares how to overcome difficult customers. They discuss the importance of how a Diva or difficult customer interaction must not negatively affect the rest of your encounters. You need to find your triggers and be able to reprogram yourself to react more calmly in tough situations. The key is to adapt to the difficult personality. Stop, look, and listen to discover the needs of the difficult customer so you can better assess how to take care of the Diva/difficult personality, and connect with them. Top Takeaways: • DIVA stands for: o D – Define the situation o I – Finding your Inner strength o V – Valuing yourself and the other person (understand them) o A – Associating with the Diva • Stop, Look, and Listen before dealing with the difficult customer. o Stop – Pause for a moment and make sure you are centered and calm in this moment. o Look – Watch what they are doing. Watch how they are, and what signals can you get from their behavior that show their needs? Perhaps even hidden needs. o Listen - Listen to the words they say and how they say it and mirror back what they are saying to you. • The Four Most Powerful Mental States - Try to master being in these states and you will be successful. o Love o Gratitude o Forgiveness o Play About: Laura Baxter is an American opera singer, author, and performance coach. She has studied the effects of the voice and body on non-verbal communication and leadership for over 25 years, and she brings this experience together to help her clients perform and communicate better. She is the coauthor of several German books and sole author of her new book, “Dealing with Divas and other Difficult Personalities: A Mindful approach to Improving Relationships in Your Business or Organization.” Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5b786f14-bab3-11e8-afd8-57030d30ee67/stripped_a4eb5b7879d97f226401faedd0ea3bc8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6395334537.mp3 [size] => 18829061 [duration] => 1882.91 [uid] => CSN6395334537 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/331001599-amazingbusinessradio-laura-baxter-shares-tips-on-how-to-deal-with-divas-and-other-difficult-personalities.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5b786f14-bab3-11e8-afd8-57030d30ee67/id3/6998b5aee3a86c00aa9108b4ccfbf2cb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78689 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/331001599 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Would you like to know how to better handle difficult...
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    How do you create a customer experience that doesn’t just get business, but keeps customers coming back for more? Shep Hyken interviews customer experience futurist, Blake Morgan, about her life, her book, and how to do more for your customers. First Up: Shep discusses his history with Blake, compares her book “More is More” with his amazement concepts, and mentions the importance of exceeding customer expectations — including the expectations that they don’t yet know that they have. Featured Interview: Shep begins the episode by sharing some information about Blake and her new book More is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences. Shep starts the interview by asking Blake how she got started in customer experience. Blake goes on to discuss her definition of the customer experience, and shares some great tips from her book on how to improve the customer experience by implementing strategies at the company level. She shares examples of how some of the best companies, like Airbnb and Amazon, set the bar for creating amazing customer experiences. It’s about building simple, beautiful customer experiences; Blake says, “If you’re not adding value, you’re dead in the water.” You have to do more to set yourself apart from your competition. Top Takeaways: • Do More – This acronym is from Blake’s book. These are some principles that the top companies follow to “do more” for their customers. o D – Design something special o O - Offer a strong employee experience o M - Modernize with technology o O - Obsess over the customer o R - Rewards responsibility and accountability o E - Embrace disruption and innovation • Hold leaders to a higher standard. Leaders need to be more focused on the customer experience and long-term success, rather than focus on just immediate profits. • Outwork your competition. Every company needs to find passionate excited employees who want to work harder (and smarter). You’ve got to be thoughtful and work harder for the customer. About: Blake Morgan is a customer experience futurist. Her first book is “More is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences.” She is also the host of The Modern Customer podcast and a weekly customer experience video series on YouTube. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How do you create a customer experience that doesn’t just...
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    How do you increase your influence with your customers? Shep Hyken interviews John Hall, author and CEO/co-founder of Influence & Co., a content marketing agency that helps brands and individuals leverage expertise to create, publish, and distribute content. John shares how everyone can overcome trust barriers and build confidence and top-of-mind awareness through content marketing. First up: Shep’s opening comments focus on creating trust and confidence with your customers. The old saying is people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. The knowing and liking are easy, but the trust takes more. Trust requires your customers to see you as an expert, and they must value your knowledge. In order to influence your customers, trust is crucial. Featured Interview: Shep begins the interview discussing with John Hall how to influence your customers. John discusses trust barriers, and how to overcome them by creating trust in another way, with content marketing, which includes articles, blogs, videos, and more. Look for content triggers (which are ah-ha moments that reveal ways you can provide content to help your customers) to spark ideas for key points to focus your content on. Your goal is to add value for your customers to be able to engage with you and stay relevant in their minds. John introduces us to the term moment of vulnerability, which is a moment that emotion is tied to an interaction. This moment will most likely be remembered – it is up to you to manage that moment into a positive interaction, or a Moment of Magic®. These emotional moments, or moments of vulnerability, can lead to trust by helping a customer at the right moment. Top Takeaways: • Consolidation. This happens when you move from the customer’s short-term memory into long-term memory. It is easiest to make this happen by having an emotion tied to an interaction or a moment of vulnerability. • Build trust. Consistently work on building trust with your customers, whether it's through content marketing, a gift, or even a simple phone call – keep your customers engaged. • Engage your customers. Stay “top of mind” with your customers. The easiest way to do this is to consistently provide engaging content to your followers and prospects. Important Note: It’s not necessary to create all the content yourself. It can be an article written by and/or about someone else, but it’s of interest to your customers. The key is to provide valuable content regularly. About: John Hall is the CEO and co-founder of Influence & Co., a tech-enabled content marketing agency that helps brands and individuals extract and leverage their expertise to create, publish, and distribute content to gain influence, visibility, and credibility with their key audiences. John has been called “one of the most powerful people in media that you’ve never met” by Inc. and a “must-see keynote speaker” by Forbes. He is the author of the book “Top of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter To You.” Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How do you increase your influence with your customers? Shep...
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    What makes Amazon great? Shep Hyken interviews John Rossman, author of The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles of the World’s Most Disruptive Company and former executive at Amazon. John shares how Amazon creates a culture of operational excellence and innovation – and why you should, too. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on Amazon, and how when it started, it was only selling books. At first, nobody thought much about them. But soon that started to change. Major book retailers started to struggle; some even went out of business. The internet was starting to change how buying books worked, and Amazon was ahead of the curve. Jeff Bezos showed the book industry – and the rest of the business world – the importance of constant innovation. Why is it so important? Somebody in your industry, like Jeff Bezos, is likely going to find a way to do things better, quicker, cheaper, faster or more conveniently. Because of its innovation, Amazon went from an online bookseller to the leading e-commerce company. And, even today at the top of their game, they’re still constantly pushing the envelope to become even better and more efficient. Featured Interview: Shep begins the interview by asking John Rossman what he believes has made Amazon great. John shares that one of the big differences between Amazon and other companies, is that at Amazon’s leaders are empowered and expected to make changes and to do the right thing. They avoid the mentality of “this is my job, and that is an issue outside of my job, so I am going to ignore it or leave if for somebody else.” In short, they’re expected to engage issues rather than respond to them with an excuse. When you are dealing with hard, new, innovative concepts, it is always easy to come up with reasons why something can’t get done. But the expectation of a leader and innovator at Amazon is to get it done – to make something new and bigger. And they get there by constantly forcing themselves to figure out how to create a better experience for their customers. Top Takeaways: • Obsess over your customers. Leaders at Amazon work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. • Invent new capabilities and simplify things. Making things simple for the customer can be as hard as inventing new capabilities. Simple is not always easy to do. • At Amazon, the customer experience is never done. When you think of the customer experience as being broader than just what your products or services provide, you will come up with new ideas on how to expand your business. That’s how Amazon grew from being just an internet-based seller of books to the e-commerce giant that it is today. • Deliver hard results, despite dependencies and setbacks. When you set the expectation that there is no choice but to succeed, then leadership and employees will find ways to succeed that they had never expected. About: John Rossman is the author of The Amazon Way book series, and a Managing Director at Alvarez and Marsal (A&M), a global professional services firm. John is an expert in innovative and digital business models and organizational change, including internet of things (IoT). Prior to A&M, John was an executive at Amazon.com where he launched their third party selling business, which today is over 50% of all Amazon units and supports over 3 million sellers. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • What makes Amazon great? Shep Hyken interviews John Rossman, author...
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    How can your business be more like Amazon? Shep Hyken interviews Bryan Eisenberg co-author of the book, Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on how any company can improve their customer service, by thinking about how they can become more convenient for their customers. The reason that Amazon has become so successful is that they have developed a way to create customer convenience. Shep gives an example of how, in areas where Amazon offers two-hour delivery, a product could arrive at your home faster than the time it would take you to drive to the mall to purchase it. Featured Interview: Shep begins the interview by asking Bryan Eisenberg about the four secret ingredients to making a great presentation, which are: 1. Provide entertainment – tell a story. 2. Present a Big Idea. 3. Give the “How to’s.” 4. Give the audience or the reader the hope that they, too, can do it. Bryan continues his “rule of four” by telling you exactly how you “can do it,” by discussing the four unifying principles of how to successfully run your business: 1. You must be customer-centric. 2. You must have a culture of innovation. 3. You must be agile. Execute, test and fail quickly, so you can keep learning. 4. You must continually optimize by shaving costs and adding value. Top Takeaways: • Don’t “water the soup.” Putting a little water in the soup may give you more soup, but it takes away from the great taste. It’s not smart to do things that produce an immediate profit if what you are doing isn’t in the best interest of the customer. • Don’t think short term. An example Bryan gives is when Starbucks payment system went down, they gave away the coffee. Most coffee shops would have shut down until they could take payment for their coffee. But, not Starbucks. They knew the cost of free coffee was better than losing customers – and it showed how committed Starbucks is to taking care of their customers. About: Bryan Eisenberg is the co-founder of BuyerLegends. He is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and New York Times bestselling books “Call to Action”, “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?”, “Always Be Testing” and “Buyer Legends.”. Bryan is also a professional marketing keynote speaker. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How can your business be more like Amazon? Shep Hyken...
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    How can you create a purpose-driven, values-based, socially-conscious company that can deliver both success and significance? Shep Hyken interviews Nick Friedman, co-founder of College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving about how to develop a customer-focused, values-based company that can benefit you, your employees and your customers. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on how delivering great service is about being a little bit better consistently, with special opportunities to step up whenever there is a complaint, problem or a chance to create a Moment of Magic. To illustrate his point, Shep related a story of Cesar Larios, a student at The Art Institute of Florida and a part-time employee of College Hunks Moving, who was inside an elevator with a 79-year-old resident of an assisted living facility when the elevator got stuck. The resident didn’t think she could stand long enough until the two could be rescued. So, Cesar dropped to his hands and knees to turn himself into a human bench until they were saved. Shep then quoted Nick Friedman, president of College Hunks, as saying, “I thought this was a great example of old-fashioned service and helping your fellow neighbor. Our mission is to move the world, both literally and emotionally. This was a perfect example of a brand coming to life.” Featured Interview: Nick Friedman started the College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving in college with his childhood best friend, now business partner, Omar Soliman in a beat-up cargo van and has grown to over 100 franchises nationwide. So, Shep begins his interview by asking Nick Friedman how can a relationship survive with someone who is both a business partner and best friend? Nick answered by saying that the long-term reason for their success and partnership is because their vision and values have always been in alignment. The partners communicate regularly, openly and candidly. Any time that they do disagree on how they are going to accomplish something, they have a discussion then decide to commit to that decision, even if one of the partners doesn’t fully agree. Nick then explained how his company’s brand promise, which comprises the acronym H.U.N.K.S., standing for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, and Service has made a huge difference. Top Takeaways: • Emotions matter in any service industry, especially with a stranger coming in to the home (or office). • The two emotions that matter most to a homeowner are trust and care. (This applies to anyone in any business.) • You want to provide people a stress-free experience that will lead to the three R’s: repeat, referral and reputation. • In your employee training, don’t just show what has gone wrong and how to fix it, but also celebrate what has gone right, and ask how can we make more of THIS happen? About: Nick Friedman is the President and Co-Founder of College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving, the largest and fastest growing junk removal and moving franchise opportunity in North America with over 100 franchisees. He has been named among the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in America Under 30 by Under30CEO.com. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How can you create a purpose-driven, values-based, socially-conscious company that...
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    What are some ways that you can show your customers, and your employees, that you are truly customer focused? Shep Hyken interviews Megan Singh, Project Management Director at Squaremouth, a four-time Gold Stevie Award winner for Customer Service Department of the Year, to get ideas that you can implement in your organization. First Up: Shep Hyken begins his opening comments by asking, how easy are you to do business with? Part of that easiness is how you guarantee what you sell. You want to create confidence and trust, because those feelings will convert to customer loyalty. The old saying is, “People want to do business with people they know, like and trust.” The knowing and liking is easy. The trust part is hard. It comes from predictable and consistent experiences. And, it doesn’t hurt to guarantee your products and services, either! Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview with Megan Singh by asking about Squaremouth’s guarantee, known as the Zero Complaint Guarantee. Megan explains that Squaremouth sells travel insurance policies through their comparison website. So, anything through Squaremouth is actually another company’s insurance policy. Squaremouth wants their customers to feel comfortable with the company they have chosen, so they ask all the insurance companies they represent to comply with their Zero Complaint Guarantee. Squaremouth promises every customer that if they have any complaint at all about their claim, Squaremouth will get involved and mediate with the provider on the customer’s behalf. As a result, this policy gives their customers confidence in Squaremouth’s offerings, and it gives Squaremouth a good working relationship with their providers to make sure that all claims are mediated fairly. In addition to their customer-focused guarantee, Megan attributes much of the company’s success to their amazing employee culture, from the various employee perks like unlimited vacation time and a boat for employee happy hour cruises, to having every employee spend time once a week directly interacting with customers. For Squaremouth to be totally customer-focused, everyone in the organization must feel connected to the customer. Squaremouth aims to exceed everyone’s expectations – even their employees! Top Takeaways: • Develop a customer service mantra, credo or vision for your company. Squaremouth’s credo is “We want to be the best place for our employees to work and the best place for our customers to buy products. Period.” • To be one of the best places to buy from, you also need to be one of the best places to work. Squaremouth treats their employees the way they want to them to treat their customers. Maybe even a bit better. • To have all employees understand the customers’ needs and wants Every employee in their St. Petersburg headquarters (even the CEO) at some time during the week, works in customer service, communicating directly with the customer. • ‘Downsell’ the customer. Many of Squaremouth’s customers are shocked by this policy, but Squaremouth will not sell the customer more coverage than they need. As a matter of fact, they often suggest less expensive policies. The least expensive policy can often be the best one. About: Megan Singh is the Project Management Director for Squaremouth, and like all members of the Squaremouth team, Megan remains close to the customer base by taking customer phone calls on a weekly basis. Squaremouth helps travelers easily and instantly compare travel insurance products from every major U.S. travel insurance provider. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • What are some ways that you can show your customers,...
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    How can you improve both customer and employee satisfaction? By getting customers to provide feedback on individual employee service performance. Shep Hyken interviews Kevin Berk, creator of a new customer rating platform called ServiceGuru, about how using services like these can improve your company revenues. First Up: Shep Hyken begins his opening comments by asking, “How much does bad service cost your business?” and “What is the value of a customer who leaves you?” If you multiply the value of a customer by the number of customers who leave you, you have a good estimate of what losing those customers cost you. Now, not all customers leave because of poor customer service. Some of them leave for reasons beyond your control. Sure, new customers can help negate some of the effects of lost customers, but not only do you lose the business of unhappy customers, you also lose when those customers share their negative feedback with everybody else. Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview with Kevin Beck, Founder and CEO of ServiceGuru, by discussing some customer service statistics. According to studies by Bain & Company, 80% of businesses believe that they are delivering superior customer service, but only 8% of customers agree. $62 billion is the amount of business companies lost last year as a result of bad customer service. That’s up 50% from two years before. The laggards simply aren’t keeping up with the companies that are doing it right. Kevin asserts that great service is paramount to the success of any business. Since it is six to seven times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an existing customer, it makes sense to invest in the customer service experience and to make sure that we are meeting, if not exceeding the customer’s expectations. One way to find out if the company is meeting their customers’ expectations is through online reviews. However, Kevin states that when it comes to leaving reviews about the service customers receive, most people don’t leave reviews because they don’t think anyone is listening. They don’t think that anybody cares. They don’t think it will make a difference. But, Kevin explains why ServiceGuru, his new and revolutionary platform, does make a difference. Instead of a customer reviewing the company, ServiceGuru allows the customer to review the employee who delivered the service. Not only is this valuable feedback for the company, but the employee sees a system dedicated to tracking, measuring, and improving customer service by reviewing the employee who is delivering the service – not the company. There is a big difference, and the responses from the customers are overwhelmingly positive. Top Takeaways: • Companies spend $80 billion to $90 billion each year on marketing, but only $8 billion annually on customer service. • How much can bad customer service cost your business? It could cost you your business. • Only one out of every 26 customers who has a complaint will let you know. Instead, they will tell everybody else. • The best marketing you can have involves your customer walking out the door after an amazing experience, talking about you with everyone else. • The number one component of employee job satisfaction is recognition. • Customer feedback on employees can be even stronger than feedback on the company. About: Kevin J. Berk, the Founder & CEO of ServiceGuru, has been involved in startup organizations for over 25 years. He is focused on the success of ServiceGuru, which can allow you to improve customer service and increase repeat visits to your business. You can collect service feedback from your customers and use the Service Guru platform to drive repeat visits and increase revenue. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert, best-selling author and your host of Amazing Business Radio.

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  • How can you improve both customer and employee satisfaction? By...
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    A convenient, frictionless experience is something that consumers want and need, and are willing to pay for. Shep Hyken interviews noted business writer and sought-after speaker, Matt Dixon, to define the effortless experience. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on how important it is to create an easy experience for your customers. Delivering convenience is going to be the battleground for what future customer service is all about. Shep talks about a list of the top retailers who create the best customer service list, provided by Bruce Temkin, co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Ace Hardware, which tops the list, also understands the importance of creating customer convenience. For example, one of the ways they deliver this convenience is through “rock star” parking. Parking spaces just steps from the store’s door can help make shopping effortless. Having smaller stores that are easier for customers to navigate is also a way Ace delivers a convenient experience. Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview by asking Matt Dixon how can we build a differentiating, loyalty-building service experience? Dixon says that in this market where so many consumers look at products as commodities, there are four steps you can take: 1. Next issue avoidance – How can we resolve the issue the customer is calling about, but also resolve the next issue that they don’t even know they may be calling back about. 2. Too many choices lead to confusion – Too many choices overwhelm the customer, so they fall back to asking for help to solve the problem by calling support, which leads to increased call volumes. Instead, develop a clean and intuitive web experience, which may also result in spending less on technology. 3. Train your people to use language in a much more principled way – By using words and language properly, your reps can get people to do things they wouldn’t do naturally. 4. To get control of the customer service experience, give more control to the frontline customer service reps- This comes down to who you hire, how you equip those people (with the proper training and tools), and allowing them to use their own judgement to best serve the customer. Top Takeaways: • Most service interactions actually drive disloyalty. On average, any service interaction is about four times more likely to make a customer disloyal. The things that can make a customer disloyal – callbacks, transfers, repeating information, and treating customers in a generic, robotic kind of way – are sources of low customer service effort. • The real way to delight your customer is to deliver an effortless experience. If you can create an effortless, no friction, easy-to-do-business-with, convenient experience, you are on track to meeting or exceeding expectations.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5e148e6a-bab3-11e8-afd8-0b6ff9e161b5/stripped_9ca21cb9e8a7f0bc9177b06463ffba44.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6462066456.mp3 [size] => 20581617 [duration] => 2058.16 [uid] => CSN6462066456 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/321596222-amazingbusinessradio-matt-dixon-discusses-new-ways-to-win-the-battle-for-customer-loyalty.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5e148e6a-bab3-11e8-afd8-0b6ff9e161b5/id3/e32d1c2a87aaac292aa9a3d70c01b1e0.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78345 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/321596222 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • A convenient, frictionless experience is something that consumers want and...
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    Can listening to your customers’ needs and wants actually provide a new strategic direction for your business? Shep Hyken interviews Chris McCann, the President and CEO of 1-800-Flowers, who talks about how they built their business to more than a billion dollars in revenue based on customer feedback. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on 1-800-Flowers’ competitive strengths, which all companies should be focusing on to provide outstanding customer service: 1) Provide amazing response times. 2) Think outside the box (or, in the case of 1-800-Flowers.com, thinking “outside the vase”). 3) Make doing business easy and seamless. 4) Exceed customers’ expectations, especially when responding to customer’s questions, problems, and complaints. Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview with Chris McCann, president and CEO of 1-800-Flowers, by asking what has given his company a unique advantage over other florists or other floral networks. Chris said that from the beginning, they tried to stay in touch with their customers to understand why they were doing business with them, and what customers expected and wanted. By listening to customers, they expanded their product line to include gourmet foods (rather than only floral arrangements) which has become more than half of their business. They found that as they added these products, the customers didn’t buy less flowers, they only bought more often. The company constantly works to figure out, how to enhance the value that they bring to their customers? As a result, 1-800-Flowers went from being a retailer selling a product to becoming a value-added service solving customers’ gift-giving needs. Top Takeaways: • Getting thousands of independent business owners to join a network – When 1-800-Flowers started out, they weren’t trying to build a network of thousands of florists. Instead, they started working with people who knew the industry, who had design capabilities, and were hired for their commitment to customer service. Once they mastered that strategy, they expanded their network into thousands of independent business owners that represent their brand. • Response times – 1-800-Flowers has a service level target of handling 80 percent of phone calls within 20 seconds (3 rings). They respond to an email within two hours. Customer expectations on social media are very different. The company’s initial response target is 5 minutes. As Chris McCann says, “We’re in the business of delivering smiles. A smile for some emotional reason. People can’t sit and wait, wondering what is going to happen when they try to tell a loved one ‘I love you’.” • Gifts When You Need (GWYN) – 1-800-Flowers worked with IBMs’ Watson platform to create GWYN, an early-stage artificial intelligence (AI) product. GWYN gives customers the ability to interact with her via text in a conversational manner to find the right gift for the right person at the right time. Further, the amount of learning they are getting from GWYN allows them to constantly tweak their questions based on the responses they are getting from their customers.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5e56de96-bab3-11e8-afd8-13d7b724777d/stripped_cc432626879671841b53f1818e94ed20.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8257680874.mp3 [size] => 19264000 [duration] => 1926.4 [uid] => CSN8257680874 [originalUrl] => http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/320373588-amazingbusinessradio-chris-mccann-ceo-of-1-800-flowers-on-how-to-gain-the-competitive-advantage.mp3 [bitrate] => 80 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => mono [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => 4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449 [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/4662fa7c-bab3-11e8-8186-b7c42bfb0449/episodes/5e56de96-bab3-11e8-afd8-13d7b724777d/id3/f8bb0f7481910c3a9780e3c55ac2ba74.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 78943 [parentId] => [guid] => tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/320373588 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Can listening to your customers’ needs and wants actually provide...
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    Can your business do better by doing good? Shep interviews Scott Moorehead, co-author of Build A Culture of Good: Unleash Results by Letting Your Employees Bring Their Soul to Work, who discovered that it is possible, as he went through a process that reignited passion and loyalty in his employees. First Up: Shep Hyken’s opening comments focus on the benefits of being part of something bigger than yourself – when you give back to your community, if not the world. And, when you do this right, two things happen: 1. Your customers appreciate that you are willing to give back and reciprocate by doing more business with you. 2. It creates a feeling of fulfillment, especially to your employees, when they recognize that the company they work for is doing something bigger and better than just trying to make money. Our willingness to give back to the community may be our best measure of our success. Featured Interview: Shep begins his interview by asking Scott Moorehead to tell about his journey which led him to create a Culture of Good. Scott shared that when you have a company with under a hundred employees, it’s easy to have camaraderie, trust, and fun and he didn’t want to lose that as his company grew. As Scott’s company got larger, none of the new employees knew what it was like to be part of the experience in the beginning. What used to be a very small, family-owned, Midwestern values-based company was becoming a big company with a lot of bureaucracy and less trust. Policies and procedures needed to be implemented. The environment began to feel more robotic. People started to feel less valued. So, Scott set out to create a Culture of Good for his company, the largest Verizon Authorized Retailer’s (3,000 employees at 800 stores) in the U.S. What began as a movement—in which employees have done everything from dressing up as superheroes for a children’s hospital to distributing hundreds of thousands of backpacks for kids—has grown into a business teaching other companies that inspired employees can ignite positive change in the world and at the same time, positively impact the bottom line. Top Takeaways: • Scott knew what his employees were signing up for (a paycheck), but if he expected them to stay, he also had to give them a why. • Your why is all about what is making the people who work for your organization want to stay and want to care. • Scott needed to determine the answer to two key questions: 1) What is our company purpose? 2) What is our company’s greater mission? If the mission was simply to make more money, that mission will not keep people in their jobs. About: Scott Moorehead, co-author of Build A Culture of Good: Unleash Results by