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Nancy Giere

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Entrepreneurship, Women In Business


After a lifetime in the corporate training world, Nancy knows how businesses operate. Her unique perspective, combined with 30 years of experience, has empowered her with fresh insight and the industry’s best-kept secrets that she’s ready to share with the world. She wields the power of storytelling with a light-hearted humor-edged sword to create engaging, fun, and interactive programs.


With many years of experience in the training universe, she knows a thing or two.

  • Viewer expectations of your materials are higher:
  • Dumbed-down explainer videos don’t stick.
  • “So what?” webinars are not enough to engage your audience.
  • People are tired of seeing thinly-disguised sales pitches claiming to be training.
  • A lengthy resource list is not going to cut it.
  • A video focused on features is no longer enough when clients want to know about advantages and benefits.


Additionally, it’s even more challenging to:

  • Showcase your value in an increasingly crowded market space.
  • Keep your audience engaged when there are competing demands for their attention and valuable time.
  • Attract the quality leads that are primed to be your target audience.


On a lifelong campaign against boring training and marketing, she figured out the answer.

Great training starts with a great design.

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Nancy’s step-by-step approach has made the course creation doable. She has a wealth of experience working with entrepreneurs like me, as well as corporations. I highly recommend her!
Kimberly Harden, Ed.D.
Founder & CEO, Harden Consulting Group, LLC


Nancy and her team know their stuff in terms of curriculum design; they saw the possibilities and opportunities that I could not see because I was too close. The team’s recommendations were fantastic and led to more ideas. It was definitely the greatest, most important investment I’ve made this year.
Cristina (Tina) Garza
Xero Ambassador


Nancy is a rockstar! After working alongside Nancy for the past few years, I got to witness how poised, professional, and absolutely funny this woman is. She can instantly bring people’s guard down which allows for smooth communication and easy collaboration. If you have the opportunity to work with Nancy - seize it!