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Michael Diettrich-Chastain

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Peak Performance for Leaders, Teams & Cultures


Michael is an expert on peak performance in the workplace and is passionate about helping leaders and teams create company cultures of engagement, sustainability, and purpose. As an executive coach, international speaker, and facilitator, he has worked with Global 100 companies with 100s of thousands of employees to family-owned businesses (and everything in between).

Michael is the founder and CEO of Arc Integrated, a leadership development and organizational consulting firm based in Asheville, NC.  With a MA in Counseling, a license as a therapist and multiple certificates in workplace and leadership assessment tools, he brings his 15+ years of experience in transforming the lives of the leaders and teams he serves.

Michael is widely regarded by the various CEO’s and leaders he has worked with as the “go to resource” for helping to transform the company cultures in which he works. His writing has been featured in Time, Money, Entrepreneur and The Washington Post and his first book (CHANGES) released in 2019 became an instant best seller in multiple categories.  Michael’s mission is to help create and maintain purpose driven organizations that elevate the consciousness of all involved.

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