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My name is Kim Daly, and for the past 22 years, I have been helping people realize their dreams of personal, professional and financial freedom by leveraging the proven systems of franchise businesses. I am a franchise consultant, business coach, host of KimDaly.tv and the American Wealth Builders in Franchising podcast. I am passionate about helping people break free from the W2 grind or diversity their portfolio by building cash flowing assets that align with their background, interests, skills, finances and life goals.

While helping others achieve their dreams through franchising, I have been achieving my own dreams. In 2011, my 9th year in business as a FranChoice Consultant, I made history in the franchise consulting industry by building the largest business that had ever been built at that time. Since then, I have been mastering my craft, have taught others how to do it and am now coaching franchisees using the same mindset principles that enabled me to build the business and life of my dreams.

Before becoming a franchisepreneur, I was an entrepreneur. I started my first company at 25 years old, an online healthy living marketplace partnered with USATODAY.com. I became a highly sought after consultant to fitness and wellness brands including Denise Austin, Dr. Denis Waitley and eDiets.com.

By degree, I am a nutritional biochemist with a minor in sports nutrition and a personal training certification. Outside of my professional career, I am passionate about nutrition, fitness and holistic medicine.

I am a mom to two teenage boys who love soccer and lacrosse. We live at the beach in southern, NH with our two golden doodle pups.