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Anita Winkles is a distinguished expert in real estate investment, banking, and lending with over a decade of experience in transforming the financial futures of her clients. As the founder of WealthRise Network and On Top Funding, Anita has spearheaded innovative training programs that empower both novice and intermediate real estate investors. Her expertise extends to private money lending, commercial lending, and creative finance strategies.

Celebrated as a member of the International Investor Hall of Fame, Anita’s career is marked by her commitment to education and mentorship. She has developed and administered cutting-edge real estate investment programs and has been a sought-after speaker and trainer for esteemed brands like Rich Dad Education, Elite Legacy Education, and Life Surge.

Anita also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at a Credit Union in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, showcasing her deep-rooted knowledge in banking and finance. Her advisory role for the C-Suite Network’s Thought Council further highlights her influence and dedication to fostering economic empowerment and community development.

With a focus on practical, actionable insights, Anita continues to inspire and guide real estate entrepreneurs, helping them achieve financial independence and success.