Tim Nichols

Author | Speaker | Marketing Strategist | Influence Coach

Founder of 3 Million Percent

I train business owners and professionals in the strategies

that I used to grow my independent financial practice by 3,000,000% in 12 months

in a new town where I knew no one.

In 2012, Tim Nichols left the big-name banks and brokerage firms to open an independent financial practice in a town where he knew no one. Beginning with $0 in Assets Under Management, he had grown his practice to $3,000,000.00 in Assets Under Management within his first 12 months. He had grown his practice by 3,000,000% with no print, radio, digital, or social media advertising. It was the sole result of his “3,000,000% Process.”

A firm believer in the Zig Ziglar ideology that you can have everything you want in life if you’ll help enough other people get what they want, he began mentoring other business owners to grow as he had grown. By 2018, Tim had authored a book and developed a training curriculum that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals to overcome challenges of creating strategic relationships, networking frustration, marketing confusion, building credibility, and self-isolation.

In April 2019, Tim found that the demand for his relationship marketing strategies had progressed into a stand-alone business that required his full attention. After 17 years as a Financial Advisor, Tim sold his financial practice to transform business professionals into dynamic influencers.


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