C-Suite Network™

The C-Suite Manufacturing Council is dedicated to improving manufacturing in the United States by gathering thought leaders who identify problems, find solutions, and take action. Manufacturing is an integral part of the country which stresses the importance of assembling leaders who can tackle issues like:

  • Supply Chain – Strengthen the development of product through innovation, access to national suppliers, flexibility to move as demand shifts, and expedite the process from beginning to end.
  • Workforce – Find the right people through presenting what manufacturing looks like today. Change the perception of manufacturing to one of a modernized, technology-driven, career-growth opportunity. Work alongside entities that education and produce skilled workers.
  • Connecting Manufacturers – Access information with all manufacturers, large and small, in the U.S., enabling them to secure multiple resources for their supply needs.
  • Policy – Adapt to government leadership changes and government policies.

Council Benefits

Members of the C-Suite Manufacturing Council receive:

  • Collaborate with other great minds in the industry to formulate practical solutions
  • Ability to produce thought leadership content
  • Access to content created by the Council
  • Invitations to council events and working groups
  • Develop partnerships with top leaders across the nation

Members may also opt for additional C-Suite benefits by becoming an influencer, leader, or participant in Council decision making.

Council Events

The C-Suite Manufacturing Council conducts digital forums monthly, with presentations featuring experts in the manufacturing industry along with Q&A time. Some events include break-out sessions for members to interact and build relationships.

The council itself meets monthly or more if needed, to tackle and provide solutions to issues the industry is facing. The Manufacturing Council has relationships with industry leaders across the nation, enabling the council to identify and engage in problem solving and implementing solutions.


The C-Suite Network Manufacturing Council is looking for executives and/or owners of U.S. manufacturers, large and small, who endeavor to be highly successful in the industry. They recognize to achieve that takes alignment with quality leaders who have the outlook of relevancy, reach, and reciprocity.