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What is International Business Culture and why it matters?


By Gustavo Oviedo GO GLOBAL Consulting Group

The relevant effect of globalization continues to progress throughout the world challenging borders, regulations, manufacturing costs and supply chain management among other topics. The effect increases exponentially when your projects extend to several countries.

In many areas of the world business culture constitutes a crucial portion of the understanding among the parts, effectively adding clear and valuable understanding to any  business interaction.

An even higher degree of complexity is added in cases where technology transfer, science materials and/or intellectual property are part of the overall scope.

My extensive experience in Asia, specifically in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand has taught me the importance of consistency. A familiar face goes a long way facilitating the process. I cannot stress enough the value of steady commitment and the understanding of basic cultural drivers for each of the countries involved. Mastering their history, education and habits is by no means less important.

Emotional intelligence, trust and know-how transfer drivers become simpler, faster and much more effective when one person is familiar to  another or to a group.

As well, an interesting process strategy of repeating one same concept several times becomes extremely valuable in order to thoroughly cover all possible angles contributing to a valid approach that furthers understanding.

If you are in Tokyo, Mexico or Paris, ask yourself one simple question: Why?  This will help you narrow down diverse concepts to concrete facts, numbers and may even contribute to effectively round down economic ratios. As well, the process will cover each relevant step that matters to your counterpart and facilitates the avenue to successful partnership relationships.

Rich bilateral benefits surface as cultural aspects deepen, nurturing an increasingly positive and everlasting interaction.

Take the opportunity to share cultural experience time as well as business time in each country your projects evolve. This will only enhance and create a level of value that will add to your overall objective.

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