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By Tyler Hayzlett

Why We’re All Media Brands Now

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In 2006, Wired Magazine sold to Condé Nast for $25 million.

Later that year, one of the original founders of the magazine, John Battel, was recognized as being one of the first media executives to point out a simple fact – That for the first time in history, there’s absolutely nothing stopping companies from being media brands to attract the audiences we all need.

We all have access to the same tools and platforms.

The New Barrier to Entry For Every Business Moving Forward

When consumers can choose from limitless amounts of content, on their own terms and on their own devices, the battle for their attention has now become the barrier to entry for any business competing online for the same audience.

Companies have recognized these developments overtime and are reaching towards the same conclusion:

We are all now in the media business…



Remember the Yellow Pages?

Before the internet, brands had to rent consumer attention by interrupting someone else’s audience.

Today, brands are focusing on creating content to attract the audiences they want. We’re now behaving a lot more like media companies.

Overtime brands have been gradually moving away from interruptive advertising to creating a digital network of potential buyers.

Building an audience for your business starts with creating content they actually want to consume.

Why We’re All Media Brands Now

On average, US adults are now spending more than 11 hours a day (which is two-thirds of their waking time) consuming media in some form or fashion. Pretty crazy right?

Think about it, if you weren’t reading this right now, you’d be consuming information somewhere else.

The brands who are succeeding now are the one’s creating content to

dominate their industry category.


Ready or not, we’re all in the media business (we just happen to be selling products and services).

Digital media is changing the world. We can either watch it happen or use it to become the biggest digital brands in our industries. Just as it was in broadcasting.

Welcome to the media business.


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