Imagine Yourself

Imagine Yourself 150 150 David Newman


1. Imagine you’re focused

2. Imagine it’s working

3. Imagine you’ve mastered marketing

4. Imagine you truly enjoy selling

5. Imagine clients must qualify for you

6. Imagine you’re worth premium fees

7. Imagine you have unlimited prospects

8. Imagine money flowing easily to you

9. Imagine punching people in the face with value

10. Imagine your money worries fading away

11. Imagine a clear game plan that you execute on daily

12. Imagine your business doubling, then tripling

13. Imagine working only when you want

14. Imagine doing only work you want to do and delegating or outsourcing everything else

15. Imagine you are #1

16. Imagine you’re a rock star in your industry

17. Imagine you’re booked solid

18. Imagine you have your pick of high-profit projects

19. Imagine moving from five figures to six figures – or from six figures to multiple six figures on your way to seven!

20. Imagine speaking to hundreds of people regularly

21. Imagine partnering with other experts whom you look up to as role models and now are lucky enough to call friends

22. Imagine generating thousands of web visitors

23. Imagine building a huge tribe of loyal followers, fans, and subscribers

24. Imagine doing this all in 18 days, 18 weeks, 18 months, or if you’re really slow and silly (like me) 18 years

25. You can do it.

Do your future self a favor: