Tyler Hayzlett

By Tyler Hayzlett

Have You Developed Your Speaking Style?

Have You Developed Your Speaking Style? 150 150 Tyler Hayzlett

In the conference industry, where everyone tries to fit in, most in-demand speakers are the ones who don’t.

Conference speakers range from coaches, trainers, keynote speakers, entertainers, to consultants that offer informative talks on niche subject expertise ranging from 15-minute TED-style talks, 1-hour keynote presentations, half-day training programs, to multi-day dedicated retreats. 

While the industry lumps all speakers into the same pool of professionals, there are, in fact, many different types of public speakers with many different styles of communication.

Varying speaking styles:

Event presenters naturally find their own method of delivery to match their energy and panache.

While every speaker has natural tendencies for the way they deliver their talk, there is an art to choosing your style of speaking to compliment the audience and message.

Take Gary Vaynerchuck, for example. To say he is confrontational is putting it lightly.

Gary spoke at a conference we hosted a few years back and dropped no less than 30 F-bombs while delivering a marketing talk to our group of CEOs and founders.

He’s naturally and deliberately brasher on stage than his podcast, for example.

For some, this tact is considered taboo and uncouth in a corporate setting, naturally upsetting to a few.

But for him, it works. And it’s all for a point. Gary’s message is disrupting and upturning old ways of doing things. His message is purposely confrontational. That’s his style. But it isn’t for everyone or every group dynamic.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have speakers like Tricia Benn, VP of the C-Suite Network and General Manager of the Hero Club. She is incredibly poised, a natural team builder who champions diversity and inclusion and focuses on a futuristic, inspirational message and delivery style.

There are many styles of speakers, and it’s important to be intentional to match the style to the audience and message:

Choose a style that works for you and fits your voice:

  • Mentor: Robert Kiyosaki
  • Humble Giant: Jocko Willink
  • Motivator: Eric Thomas
  • TrailBlazer: Barbara Corcoran
  • Futurist: Steve Jobs
  • Technical: Terry Brock
  • Philosopher: Simon Sinek
  • Tough Love: Mel Robbins

The point is that there are endless styles and characteristics.

Being a unique voice to your audience is where the magic happens to make your voice stand out above others with a similar message. It’s more of an art than a science.

Similarly, there are many ways to approach an audience.

Different Approaches:

For example, some speakers open their talks energetically, pacing the entire stage, putting the whole room on notice.

Others speak quietly as if you are the only person in the room, pulling you into a warm conversational tone.

Here are a few tips for nailing your approach:

  1. Pre-determine your energy and tone of voice
  2. Tell a relatable story
  3. Provide a shocking statistic
  4. Use a powerful quote
  5. Make eye contact
  6. Confront the industry elephant in the room!
  7. Get people to do something
  8. Tell a joke!
  9. Timing is everything. Speed up and slow down when appropriate
  10. Provide action items
  11. Remember! Tell people how to find you!

Speaking can be a game-changer for any business. There is no better way to engage potential customers than providing exceptional insights and value from the stage at events.

Speak now, or forever hold your peace.