Tyler Hayzlett

By Tyler Hayzlett

Can Your Customer Hear You? Start a Podcast Already!

Can Your Customer Hear You? Start a Podcast Already! 150 150 Tyler Hayzlett

It should go without saying, that on the go, mobile audio podcasting, is super convenient!

Most consumers nowadays don’t want to “read all about it” the way we used to. They want useful and entertaining information the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Podcasts have become one of the most popular conduits listeners go to gain knowledge and learn helpful personal and professional insights.

And now, with over 800,000 shows and 30 million episodes as of December 2019 it’s safe to say the audio medium is getting all grown up.

Podcasting is a smart way to develop your reputation on your subject matter expertise

For subject matter experts and businesses, podcasting offers a unique experience to provide highly valuable, in-depth information, to their target audience to enhance their value and brand experience with current and potential customers.

Beyond short-form content like social posts and blog articles, podcasting allows hosts to cultivate deeper relationships with your audience by connecting on shared topics of interest and stories.

It’s fun and effective.

Sharing helpful advice on your subject matter on a consistent basis can position you as an authority in your industry or subject niche.

Podcasting isn’t for hobbyist anymore

They’re a valuable business marketing strategy as an enhanced form of content. They’re more engaging than blogs and articles and they’re evergreen.

Not to mention the volume of decision-makers that are tuning in:

  • 40% of small business owners listen to podcasts
  • 72% of businesses owners with 100-500 employees do too

Here’s a guide to get started podcasting today.