Tyler Hayzlett C-Suite Network Advisor Since December 2018

Helping Business Leaders Share Their Expertise

Marketing & Sales


For the last decade, Tyler has been working on the front lines in the speaking industry booking over 1,300 speaking opportunities, coordinating book launches that sold several hundred thousand copies with some of the industry’s biggest traditional book publishers, including McGraw Hill, Hachette, and Entrepreneur Press. He has extensive experience coordinating and managing and investing in the following sales and marketing strategies:

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Click funnel software and double comma ad agencies
  • Digital advertising
  • PR and marketing agency management
  • Book marketing

Tyler’s been a member of speaking associations, attended and coordinated industry events and manages many relationships with leading keynote speaker bureaus. Spending many years investing, building and managing a speaking and book business doing tactical marketing, selling and pitching and learning first-hand the results of what works and what doesn’t.

As VP of branded services at the C-Suite Network Tyler applies his marketing experience of the speaking industry to C-Suite Advisors. The trusted experts for the C-Suite Network.

The C-Suite Network’s mission is to provide a peer community, networking events, relevant content and services to support leading executives to achieve professional success.
C-Suite Network offers invitation-only events as well as custom-tailored content through all its numerous media entities: C-Suite TV, C-Suite Radio, and the C-Suite Book Club.