Todd Williams C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Value Creation through Innovation, Technology Enablement and Cultural Alignment

Digital Technology

A strategic transformation into a digitally-based business enterprise first requires an understanding and definition of the term “digital”.  Digital is a business activity, not simply a technology or marketing activity.  As a C-Suite Executive, prioritizing digital investment decisions should be a “top down” approach, and based on gaps compared against capabilities and strategic goals.  Ask yourself…

  • Strategy and Business Model – What are the Corporate Goals and likely business model changes in the next 3-5 years required to maximize value creation for our customers and maintain competitiveness?
  • Business Imperatives – What are the priorities, given the corporate goals?
  • Business Capabilities – What are the key capabilities that will maximize value creation in the business?

Once these questions have been answered, integrate 1) operational processes and organization and 2) technology and data assets requirements to support strategy execution, based on the following questions:

  • What processes and organizational elements do we need to enable the business capabilities?
  • What technology and data assets do we maintain and need to support these capabilities?

As a former C-suite Executive (CEO and CMO positions) for US and Internationally-based public and privately-held firms, Todd has gained valuable insights and experience with enabling digitally-based businesses by integrating operations, sales, business development, marketing, financial, risk management, and intellectual property development business functions.  Todd has an engineering degree, and completed the Harvard Business School – Advanced Management Program.