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Helping busy professionals amplify their SLEEP APTITUDE™ so they have more energy, increased productivity and a reflection in the mirror they love!

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Does this sound like you?

You’ve nailed down your sleep hygiene but you STILL do not have the energy, productivity and “YES!” feeling you want and need.

What went wrong? Did you somehow fail?


The problem is you were given “half a solution.”

What does half a solution look like? Imagine if you needed to charge your cell phone. If someone gave you a plug but NO WIRE to connect the plug to the phone, you’d have half a solution. And you’d soon have a phone in low power mode–or worse.

The reality is that half a solution is what you get with other sleep programs: they focus only on sleep hygiene strategies. As a result, you end up spending your days in low power mode, and you feel it physically, mentally and emotionally.

What will help you power up? What’s going to give you the energy you need?

My program gives you what you need for one simple reason: you  get the full solution. You get more than sleep hygiene strategies. You get Sleep Integrity™ strategies. 

When you combine sleep hygiene and Sleep Integrity™, you amplify your SLEEP APTITUDE™.

Sleep Hygiene + Sleep Integrity™= SLEEP APTITUDE™

When you AMPLIFY YOUR SLEEP APTITUDE™, you have more energy, increased productivity and a reflection in the mirror you love.

When you’re ready to AMPLIFY YOUR SLEEP APTITUDE™, reach out!