Stormie Andrews C-Suite Network Advisor Since January 2019

Stormie Andrews, Founder of Yokel Local and creator of The Worlds Best Buyer Persona

Marketing & Sales

Stormie Andrews is the Founder of Yokel Local Internet Marketing, an award-winning marketing agency. He the creator of the Worlds best Buyer Persona and an award-winning international author and host of the popular highly rated podcast Bizruptions.

Prior to the formation of Yokel Local, Stormie had an accomplished career in sales and recognized as one of the top salespeople in the consumer electronics and home building industry. He also served as Vice President of Business Development and Training for a mortgage bank and Director of Sales and Marketing for a home builder.

He is a Licensed Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Forbes contributor, member of the Forbes Agency Council, Hubspot Agency Partner, Master Graduate of Rapport Leadership International, UNLV Presidents Corporate Council Member, National Speakers Association board member- Las Vegas chapter, and the 2015-2016 Member of the Year of the American Marketers Association.