Rhett Ullmann C-Suite Network Advisor Since September 2020

CMO of MELT Music & Media Agency. Author, The Rise & Fall of The Influencer, Spring 2021.

Marketing & Sales


Rhett is an entrepreneur and a marketer who focuses on brand building and influencer marketing. He is a micro-influencer who has managed the social media channels for influencers across a number of industries, such as hip-hop, thought leadership, E-Sports, and polo. He is currently running the marketing division of his family’s agency, MELT Music & Media Agency, and has his own boutique cryptocurrency and influencer marketing agency and consultancy, Bitfluence, which fuses unique growth strategies with effective monetization models.

Having gotten his start in apparel, Rhett was introduced to the world of influencer marketing through his start ups, where he worked with celebrity influencers, like Waka Flocka and Mark Healey, at just 16 years old. Rhett was also the co-host of the Reel Heroes Mentorship series, where he spoke with industry leaders like Tommy Hilfiger, Daymond John, and Steve Forbes. Now, he is the host of C-Suite Radio’s Do More, Be Better podcast, where he interviews industry leaders, influencers, and disruptors across a plethora of fields, and talks about business strategies and opportunities for maximizing revenue.


He is currently writing a book on how to build and leverage a following and the risks of influencer culture, The Rise & Fall of The Influencer, coming out Spring 2021.


If you’re looking for help growing or monetizing your personal brand, contact him through LinkedIn and schedule a consultation.