Rey Perez C-Suite Network Advisor Since June 2018

#1 Global Branding Expert

Marketing & Sales

Rey Perez is CEO & Founder of Multimedia Marketing & Event Promotions Company, AMP Productions. Rey is a National Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Talk Show Host and Elite Business Coach who leads Masterminds, Marketing Seminars and Socially Infused-Networking Events across the country. Leveraging over 15 years of sales and marketing experience Rey and his team create world-class celebrity brands for top entrepreneurs and professionals who want to dominate their niche or industry. Rey entered the field of branding and marketing after spending years in promoting high-touch VIP events in the Miami’s nightlife scene. He saw how beneficial it was to engage others through photography and video production, and as we moved more into the digital age, the internet sped up the ability for more effective marketing. His goal with clients is to look into the visual and marketing strategy within their brand and capitalize on their unique selling proposition (USP). The riches are truly in the niches. Therefore, he looks at what clients are great at, and why they are great at it. This allows him to make clients a superstar brand. The clients he typically serves include speakers, coaches, authors, consultants, trainers, small biz owners, and entrepreneurs who are personality driven businesses. Rey has had clients break into 6-figures, multiple 6-figures, and even the 7-figure range. The Best way to connect with Rey is on his personal website where you can call, text, email or connect with him on any of his social medias.