‘JuJu’ Julie Christopher C-Suite Network Advisor Since March 2020

ARE YOU SEEKING GUIDANCE IN BUSINESS AND LIFE? Learn how to unlock your Biztuition, AKA business intuition, to make better decisions!




Julie ‘Juju’ Christopher is the CEO of Biztuition. Juju is also a global speaker, best-selling author, ‘entertrainer’ who is one of the world-renowned experts on business intuition, aka Biztuition.  


Juju has since been widely recognized for her unique contributions to the business world as a mystic entrepreneur.

She has been interviewed on shows like Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, and more. Juju has also been featured as one of the world’s preeminent experts on sites like Forbes and Authority Magazine. Juju is also a regular contributor for Entrepreneur, Thrive Global and other media outlets, and has even graced the set of the popular television show, Shark Tank… not once, but TWICE!


Juju found her path as an entrepreneur first as a professional musician and recording artist in France. It was her heightened sense of intuition that led her to America with only $50 in her pocket, a guitar on her back, and no English. Despite her humble beginnings, Juju had a vision and believed that she could make a difference. Her early struggle only fueled her desire to realize her dream of helping people realize their SELF.


 Born a natural healer with a heightened sense of consciousness, Juju realized that many of her clients were suffering from being overloaded with infobesity, data, and new technology. Many were seeking solutions to quickly handle these challenges, become better decision-makers and conscious leaders.

She has since been called on to assist and guide entrepreneurs on their missions. Today, she helps executives, professionals, and corporate teams develop their own innate skills and abilities —ultimately guiding them into becoming confident leaders who attract love & success.


Throughout her career, Juju has successfully helped entrepreneurs from all walks of life to navigate and overcome the challenges of growing a business. With her psychic abilities, she foresaw decades ago that a quantum shift was inevitable, and she quickly realized the need for leaders to seek help with modern-day difficulties like the Infobesity Epidemic. As a result, Juju created a special combination of teachings to ease her students’ journey towards self-awareness and in the process reveal core strategies for getting to the heart of self-realization, transformation & higher performance. 

She inspires others to lead from a place of Self-acceptance, simplicity, and love to reignite their own self-mastery. She invites you on a 15 mn call discovery! She also invites you to be a guest on her podcast “The Sexy Entrepreneur” and share your light at her next C-Suite retreat & Satsang!