What if your activities of daily living could be performed
with more comfort and ease every day?

How could your loved one’s life change for the better
if they felt more secure with their level of mobility?

Meet Harout

Harout Markarian is the founder of Markarian Robotics, the author of the book Mobility & Inclusion, and the host of the podcast Mobility & Inclusion. As an aerospace engineer and a former professional athlete and dancer, Harout has always approached life with a contagious passion and unrelenting determination. That’s why he understands exactly what it takes to help and inspire others and change things for the better: always giving your best, no matter what.

After his grandparents became dependent on family members and caregivers to perform daily living activities, Harout knew there had to be a better way—for his grandparents and for the disability community. He knew he needed to go big if he was going to make a difference. So, he dug deep into the reservoir of passion and drive that had propelled him throughout his life and established Markarian Robotics in 2019. It was the manifestation of Harout’s mission to provide mobility-challenged individuals with enhanced independence through efficient and affordable assistive technology.

Harout furthers this mission through his podcast by highlighting challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities and the many ways of building a more inclusive environment. He also consults with organizations that aspire to become more accessible and effective by using these same principles.

Harout currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in robotics from California State University, Northridge and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He considers himself a lifelong learner.

An accessible world is an inclusive world. Let’s make life accessible for all

Access a chapter from my book here, on “mobility and inclusion” when no one gets left behind everyone moves forward.

About Markarian Robotics

When my grandparents became utterly dependent on caregivers, it ignited a massive passion in me for solving mobility issues, which became the foundation of Markarian Robotics. From day one, the impetus behind the company has been a deeply personal one. The journey began from my family’s home in the middle of a global pandemic. We knew that if our family was struggling with a lack of access and options for our loved ones, there must be millions more families looking for solutions just like we were. And we wanted to do something about it. We pooled our resources together to find a way to empower mobility-challenged individuals and their families to experience greater independence through efficient and affordable robotic platforms.

Markarian Robotics is committed to serving people with disabilities in our local Los Angeles community as well as aggressively expanding our reach and services across the country. Our motivation is to improve quality of life for people with disabilities and their families in every state. And we believe making the world more accessible makes excellent business sense. It enables a broader group of people to access goods, services, education, employment opportunities, and participation in civic life. It's everyone's responsibility to create an accessible world.

As we embark on this journey of working with people with disabilities to increase and enhance their independence, we recognize the importance of maintaining trust with the community and our customers. We strive to do so with uncompromising integrity, innovation, and expertise in our field.

Markarian Robotics services mobility challenged individuals and families of people with disabilities.
Markarian Robotics also works with investors familiar with robotics and medical devices and businesses who want to embrace accessibility and hire people with disabilities.
We exist to help those with disabilities find more common ground.

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Markarian exists to help people become less dependent on caregivers, and to reduce the negative attitude of people with disabilities.

Markarian services mobility challenged individuals, families of people with disabilities, wheelchair manufacturers, other mobility products companies, (canes, crutches, walkers, exoskeletons), and investors familiar with robotics and medical devices, businesses who want to embrace accessibility and hire people with disabilities.

We exist to help those with disabilities find more common ground.


As the Engineering Manager of a large aerospace company, I have worked closely with Harout Markarian for over three years and have been able to witness firsthand his abilities as a Mechanical Designer. More importantly however, I have witnessed his ability to organize and work multiple, sometimes disparate assignments at once. He is an effective researcher and a highly motivated, self-starting, creative thinker, well-suited to entrepreneurial endeavors. Harout is a positive, collaborative force who can work closely with others and integrate their ideas with his own and he does so without ego. I therefore feel privileged to have been asked to work with him to support his efforts to develop assistive technologies to aid those with disabilities. His motivations are genuine and aimed toward helping others. I have no doubt that he will contribute positively to society to through the technologies he will develop and the awareness he will raise of the needs and the means to help others.

- Bob Myles, Director of Engineering, Aerospace Supplier

I am a disability advocate as well as a person with a disability who has the pleasure of knowing and working with Harout Markarian for the last three years. Harout's passion for the betterment of our disabled community has reignited my own interest in disability endeavors. His multi-faceted projects are a testament to how his vast knowledge of how to grow and succeed as an entrepreneur is actually done. I was honored to write the Forward to Harout Markarian's book MOBILITY & INCLUSION. He invited me to be a guest on his podcast of the name. Harout has sought my advice on every aspect in the development of his assistive technology company MARKARIAN ROBOTICS. This was to ensure that his work was in full compliance with disability standards and nomenclature. Harout was indeed absorbing everything disability and in turn uses it perfectly in all his work and interactions with our disability community. Harout Markarian is an outstanding business leader who has a commitment to improve and increase the lives of those who may have been overlooked by society in general. As one of those lives, I truly appreciate and trust in Harout Markarian and all of his endeavors on behalf of our community of persons with disabilities.

- Vince Staskel, Advocate for Performers with Disabilities

"I have known Mr. Harout Markarian for approximately 4 years, and he continues to amaze me with all the hard work and dedication he puts into professional undertakings. As a fellow Engineering Professional, I know that Harout is well-known and respected in the Engineering community. We all know that pushing the technology envelope is not easy, yet Harout makes it seem effortless, due to his seasoned and accomplished background. Mr. Markarian constantly comes up with great ideas and is always thinking outside the framework. I can truly state, that Harout dedicates himself to whatever pursuit in which he becomes involved; be it family, career or volunteer work, and works diligently to achieve outstanding results. Harout is what an Engineering – Business professional is all about; unquestioned and unmatched."

- Thomas Ruberto, Engineering Program Director (retired)