Meet Dr. Gary McGrath

Leadership is a Responsibility, NOT a Position.

“Dr. Gary” McGrath has been labeled a unicorn in leadership development due to his vast and diverse leadership, educational, and professional experiences. He is sought after for his knowledge and expertise developing leaders and creating impactful practices within companies. Starting Statarius in 2009 Dr. Gary has developed and coached C-Suite leaders to help them retain talent, grow their businesses and thrive in these challenging times. He is committed to Making Good Bosses into Great Leaders with Compassionate Accountability.

After serving in the United States Army, commanding a unit of over 120 soldiers at the age of 25, Dr. Gary began his 40-year business career in manufacturing, information technology, and marketing. He worked with technology start ups and Fortune 500 companies, including Proctor & Gamble, Scott Paper Company, Novell, IKON Technology Services,… In the early 1990’s, he began his business consulting career as an associate with the Covey Leadership Center providing consulting services and training in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and as an instructor with Blanchard Training and Development teaching Situational Leadership.

Dr. Gary’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering, an MBA, and a Doctor of Business Administration degree. In his never-ending quest to learn, he is also a certified Chopra Global Meditation instructor, Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association, and USPTA Tennis Professional (past).

In 2009, Dr. Gary founded Statarius, a leadership development firm, with a mission to Make Good Bosses into Great Leaders with Compassionate Accountability. He created a leadership process, LeaderStep7, which takes a holistic approach to developing leaders at all levels of an organization. His unique program incorporates seven integrated stages including: Selection, Assessments, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Application, and Team Building.

Dr. Gary and his team of ‘Statarians’ have developed, coached, trained, and influenced THOUSANDS of business and nonprofit leaders across multiple industries. He has written two books, has a leadership podcast and is published in several business publications.

My Give To You...

“A CEO’s Journey: The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership”

“Great Scott!” said Doc in Back to the Future when he would experience a Eureka moment of clarity. My goal in this book is to tell a story that will remind you of some of the “Great Scott!” moments in your career or start you on a path of discovery to becoming a great leader. We all have the ability to demonstrate great leadership, given the right time, the right situation, or the right people—if we are prepared.


About Statarius

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Statarius doesn't TRAIN Leaders, we DEVELOP them

Making Good Bosses into Great Leaders with Compassionate Accountability

Statarius develops leadership capabilities from the executive suite to first line supervisors through a holistic process that includes: coaching, assessments, training, mentoring, teamwork, peer accountability, and on-the-job application. Research into ineffective leadership programs and constant feedback from our clients has guided the creation of our world class LeaderStep7 Leadership Development Program. The results achieved on retention, promotion preparation, safety improvements, and cross departmental collaboration have saved far more than the costs of these programs for our clients.


The LeaderStep7 Leadership Development Program

Making Good Bosses Into Great Leaders with Compassionate Accountability

LeaderStep7 is a holistic leadership development program that goes way beyond leadership training.  After 2 years of studying why leadership programs fail it was discovered that there are two major contributors: 

  • Lack of Context – aligning leadership development to culture
  • Lack of Application – few were able to apply what was learned within the organization

LeaderStep7 solve these and many other barriers to leadership development through a comprehensive, intense process that follows 7 stages show in our model.

LeaderStep7 is delivered over a 9-month process that makes a difference in the individuals, their teams and the organization. Not all organizations are ready for LeaderStep7.  The executive team must support the program in order to get the best results.


The LeaderStep7 Executive Coaching

Individualized executive coaching can provide the missing element in an executive’s development to be effective in the C-Suite. The process is the same from selection to Cohort support (teamwork) wherever appropriate.

Leadership Keynotes and Workshops

Dr. Gary is a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association. He provides keynotes on leadership to all size organizations to catalyze an understanding and heightened interest in leadership development. Keynotes are 1-2 hours and workshops 1-2 days based on his book: A CEOs Journey – The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership


Dr. Gary and I have a professional respect that has taken us through three companies together. His enthusiasm, knowledge and attention to detail were superlative regardless of position. Gary was a crucial part of the senior leadership at Novell consulting. I have complete faith in his reasonable, professional and insightful advice. Dr. Gary is simply a world-class businessman.

Bob Jennings, director, IBM

Dr. Gary begin developing leaders at all levels of Baker roofing Company in 2009 through executive planning, coaching, and leadership development. Since 2015, over 70 Baker leaders have graduated from his leader step seven program, which contributed to us being named to the Triangle Business Journal’s fast 50 growth companies in 2016 and 2017. This program has become an Integral part of developing our leaders and has laid the foundation for continued growth for the future.

Brendan Hale, Regional VP and previous Director of Training and Recruiting
Baker Roofing Company


Ever had a bad boss?

Ever had a bad boss?

Ever had a bad boss? Or has your good boss gone bad during Covid? As I’ve always said, “Challenging times do

Trust – Fear – Courage

Dr. Gary Makes Good Bosses int oGreat Leaders through Compassionate Accountability.

Don’t Discount this Leadership Diet

Dr. Gary Makes Good Bosses into Great Leaders through Compassionate Accountability



“About Leading From The Front”

Leadership is a responsibility not a position…so what we need is more people with leadership skills and the capacity to have a voice of leadership when and where needed. We can learn a LOT about leadership from experienced leaders in business, non-profits, government and all industries. This podcast is intended to hear how experienced leaders developed their own brand of leadership and what others can do to develop leadership capabilities. Learning the difficult balancing act of effective leadership through compassionate accountability is at the core of this podcast.

Are you realizing leadership is needed at all levels to face the challenges of today and our uncertain future? What about when the economy opens again, will you be ready? Not if you fail to invest in your leaders today. This is an opportunity to bypass the competition.