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Create An Inclusive High-Performance Workplace Culture

Are you…

  • Leading a company in transition experiencing industry or profitability pressures, or a change of leadership creating culture changes.
  • In need of guidance in saving a struggling star (turning potential into performance).
  • Wondering if it’s possible to measure the performance impact of your talent.
  • Wondering if your training and development strategy is actually delivering the result you need to scale, compete or turnaround your company’s performance.

You’re in the right place to …

  • Identify the intersectionality between the desire to achieve a high performing inclusive culture and the demands dictated by diverse consumers and talent.
  • Diagnosis, develop and implement a talent strategy that ensures you meet the business strategy.
  • Design actions to achieve quantifiably measured improvements in performance.
  • Quickly instill the practical and tactical behaviors your executive teams need to handle the diverse needs of a talented workforce.

The majority of corporate “transformations” fail to meet their objectives. We know it is usually not because of a flawed business strategy, but due to poor people management or style that hasn’t changed, despite the very different business model evolution.

What I’ve found over my 25 years of experience is few capable CEOs, department heads or senior managers have the same level of expertise when it comes to knowing how to change their management approaches during times of change or company transformation.

Give me a call and let me show you how to make the transition possible, design an engaging workshop or be a conference Speaker/Keynote.




Denise is an Executive Trainer, Speaker and HR Coach who has partnered with C-suite executives, department heads, or transitioning individuals to develop practical, specific and tactical leadership skills and behaviors that unblock their personal success, all with an eye to achieving very quantifiable improvements in performance.  She helps create high performing inclusive workplaces, identifies the key differentiating behaviors.

She has contributed to national media outlets including Talent Management Magazine, Mecklenburg Times and NBC affiliate WCNC Your Career Today and featured in the book Thoughts from the Top: Interviews with HR Executives.

  • Benefit from confidential consulting, coaching and training
  • Engage her as Keynote and Workshop Leaders
  • Develop practical, tactical and actionable plans for improving the skills capabilities of your executive and management teams to build an inclusive high-performance culture.