David Petts C-Suite Network Advisor Since September 2020

Chief Revenue Officer | SaaS | Business Transformation | Go-to-Market | Customer Success | Board Member | Growth Leader

Marketing & Sales

As an executive sales leader, David has led the customer-facing side of two mid-size scaling companies and divisions within two very large enterprise organizations. He has become especially strong in a number of key areas that lead to highly efficient, performance-oriented sales teams.

  • Quickly rebuild leadership teams to support culture and performance transformations, turning around revenue losses and igniting profitability.
  • Leverage market intelligence and economic forecasting for quick shifts in sales strategy to gain market share and win business from competitors.
  • Accelerate customer adoption of product innovations, directly increasing bottom-line growth.
  • Right-size teams, lower unwanted talent attrition, while increasing sales/head, fast.
  • Stave off the loss of revenue and market share during economic duress, leveraging better sales systems and talent amplification strategies.