Casie Rivas C-Suite Network Advisor Since June 2021

Casie Rivas, MBA, JD


My passion is strategizing with the intent of growing, excelling, and being pro-actively creative with all of my clients. I am an experienced attorney with a talent for bringing legal synergy into businesses of all sizes. I have a strong practice in Business and Transactional Law, Real Estate, Contracts, Construction Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Licensing, and Business Process Improvement but most of all, I have strong desire to help every business achieve goals with preventative legal care.

In order to successfully support a preventative care model, I believe businesses need consistent and affordable access to legal counsel in all sectors of the business.  That’s why I have structured my firm to provide in-house counsel services for a set monthly fee.  Each of my clients have full access to our firm, including telephone calls, emails, strategy sessions, contract review, and document creation, with no up-charges – it’s all part of your subscription plan!

Imagine the security and assurance of having an attorney on your team that understands your business, your structure, your culture, and your goals – now make it a reality.

Contact me today to start the relationship with your new legal partner. ~ 903.771.0926