The Thought Council is a collaborative network of influencers who create extraordinary outcomes and strategic advantages for each other and their businesses.

This small group of A-listers openly shares their richest business insights, life experiences, perspectives, and unique paradigms. It’s an environment where elevated understanding and accomplishments help galvanize, mobilize and realize enormous performance potential.

This council is dedicated to facilitating a community of services around a member’s needs by:

  • Operating in a safe and trusted environment to learn, discuss and share
  • Teaching state-of-the-art business techniques
  • Developing new business ideas, marketing concepts, and growth initiatives
  • Problem-solving through issues before they arise
  • Facilitating networking that leads to more business and profits


Members of this exclusive council will have the opportunity to learn from fellow Thought Council members and Jeffery Hayzlett himself. Membership is a major benefit of the Thought Council, but it’s not the only one. Thought Council members receive:

  • All meetings and workshops led by Global Business Celebrity, Primetime Television & Podcast Host, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker, Jeffrey Hayzlett
  • Support from influential business leaders
  • Tools to build your community and monetize it using the stage, content, and media
  • Strategies and tips to create a recurring revenue stream around you and your intellectual property
  • Peer learning amongst top influencers
  • Recorded copies of all meetings for future reference and use
  • C-Suite Network member introductions and partner referrals
  • Access to C-Suite Network & Thought Council team as a resource for any questions or input
  • C-Suite Network Advisors Membership + Benefits
  • C-Suite Network Membership
  • 50% Discount on C-Suite Network Media Packages


The true value of the Thought Council comes from a member’s ability to draw knowledge from another member’s experience. To ensure our members are capitalizing on the full potential of the Thought Council we host six events a year.

  • 3 digital meetings
  • 3 in-person meetings

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The Thought Council is an invite-only membership.  If you would like to be considered and think you would benefit from learning from leading influencers at different stages in their professional lives or mutual support, differing perspectives, resources, and accountability – please apply to join today!