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The Thought Council is a special group of invite-only peers and thought leaders committed to building strong, scalable businesses that complement one another! This program will share the tools and techniques Jeffrey Hayzlett and his team have used, with a great deal of success, to build his brand. As C-Suite Network Chairman, Primetime TV Host, and five-time Hall of Fame Speaker and Sales & Marketing Pro, Jeffrey and his team reveal what’s behind the curtain to create a thought leadership empire.

The Thought Value Chain is the roadmap for thought-leading professionals who want to grow their businesses and more fully monetize their intellectual property across a variety of content channels. Progressing along the Thought Value Chain with offerings increases the impact – and cost – to the customer, enabling thought leaders to get out of exchanging time for money and genuinely scale their businesses. The Thought Council is a very select collaborative group that works together to build their own communities and monetize their expertise using the stage, the page, the screen, and those all-important face-to-face connections.

This council is dedicated to facilitating a community of services around a member’s needs by:

  • Operating in a safe and trusted environment to learn, discuss and share
  • Teaching state-of-the-art business techniques
  • Developing new business ideas, marketing concepts, and growth initiatives
  • Problem-solving through issues before they arise
  • Facilitating networking that leads to more business and profits

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Magic truly happens when you get a group of talented people together to share, learn, and cheer with each other. The Thought Council is a collection of talented peers who genuinely support and encourage each other as we grow and scale our thought leadership practices up the Thought Value Chain.

This private group is comprised of professionals who want to build sustainable businesses and communities they can monetize and grow. We are very collaborative and hands-on (providing specific how-tos), giving you and other members a way to follow a plan that can win for you. We are here to help you build a growing, recurring revenue stream around you and your intellectual property. And we want you to add some zeroes at the end.

Members of this exclusive council will have the opportunity to learn from fellow Thought Council members and Jeffery Hayzlett himself. Membership is a major benefit of the Thought Council, but it’s not the only one. Thought Council members receive:

  • All meetings and workshops led by Global Business Celebrity, Primetime Television & Podcast Host, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker, Jeffrey Hayzlett
  • Support from influential business leaders
  • Tools to build your community and monetize it using the stage, content, and media
  • Strategies and tips to create a recurring revenue stream around you and your intellectual property
  • Peer learning amongst top influencers
  • Recorded copies of all meetings for future reference and use
  • C-Suite Network member introductions and partner referrals
  • Access to C-Suite Network & Thought Council team as a resource for any questions or input
  • C-Suite Network Advisors Membership + Benefits
  • C-Suite Network Membership
  • 50% Discount on C-Suite Network Media Packages


The Thought Council includes (2) day-and-a-half face-to-face meetings a year (6/4-5 in Vegas, 12/3-4 in DC) with Jeffrey and the whole group that coincide with our C-Suite Conferences to which you also get an invitation. Joining us will be some of the best in the business. In addition to opening up the books or looking behind the curtain, our team will be available for any questions and input as part of this very private group.

In addition to our intimate face-to-face events, we also have regular Digital Discussions and Thought Leader Webinars where we meet via video conference to keep us on track, accountable, and inspired!

And if that’s not enough, we have a business development component!

We will be hosting a series of four “invite only” Executive Leadership Forums — exclusive luxury gatherings with real-world learning and executive insights from successful CEO’s, founders, and leaders. Each Leadership Forum is a high-caliber executive experiential event where you get to be on the faculty.

Imagine what you could do with your business if you had access to dozens of relaxed c-suite leaders enjoying themselves a high-end experiential forum learning about you and your expertise! Faculty participation in one Forum is included as part of your Thought Council membership! We will be positioning all Thought Council Faculty as world-class experts, coaches, and advisors to some of the biggest businesses in the world. Leadership Forum attendees will get to sit down with industry hall of fame speakers, best-selling business authors, business commentators, success coaches, and world-class business consultants, all available to answer any questions or provide insights they will need to succeed.

You’ll get to engage with them through workshops, Meet the Expert events, and sometimes over wine! This up-close-and-personal access to top-tier business executives will give you a perfect showcase for your brilliance. For more information on our Executive Forums, visit

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Thought Council is for thought leading professionals who want to monetize their valuable intellectual property to scale their businesses and move beyond the model of exchanging time for money. We invite only those members who truly want to be a part of a collaborative, interdependent group of high performers who are committed to giving just as much as they are asking.