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What is a Personal Branding Expert? …And Do You Need One?


What is a Personal Branding Expert?

…And Do You Need One?

I was recently named one of six top branding experts to watch in 2022 by The American Reporter. Since receiving that honor, I’ve been asked by colleagues “just what IS a personal branding expert?” In general, a personal branding expert is one who clarifies and polishes the way their clients present themselves to the world of work –  their personal brand –  to increase their client’s visibility and influence. Typically, people who identify as personal branding experts have backgrounds in marketing or communications with a strong client-centric focus. While they may specialize in a particular type of personal branding assistance (e.g. online branding via LinkedIn, thought leadership, social media management, public speaking, video communications, personal appearance and apparel, etc.) most are able to meet a broad range of client needs either themselves or with referral partners.

Do YOU Need a Personal Branding Expert?

Clients of personal branding experts tend to be executives, business owners, influencers, and celebrities – people who can afford one-of-a-kind, tailored-for-them work. Clients may seek personal branding assistance because they…

  • Need to publicly showcase their leadership style to attract and retain top talent
  • Wish to up-level their personal marketing collateral (LinkedIn profile, resume, etc.) to demonstrate that they are ready to move to the next level in their career
  • Need to prepare for an executive job search
  • Want to change the direction of their career and are in need of a new public narrative
  • Would like some help in crafting and preparing for a very important presentation
  • Need assistance “looking the part” following a promotion or to be a credible contender for a promotion
  • Need some communications coaching to improve the way they interact with others

What Do I Do as an Executive Branding Coach?

The word executive in my title refers to both the kinds of clients I work with and the level at which I work. My primary focus is on expressing my client’s brand online on LinkedIn because today every serious business discussion starts with both parties probing each others’ LinkedIn profiles. I ensure that everything is ready so that my client’s profile conveys exactly the message and impression they’re aiming for. I’ve helped countless C-level clients over the past ten years to frame conversations, attract talent and customers, and make positive impressions before their first conversation takes place with new customers or business partners.

I bring to my efforts world-class marketing communications experience for a Fortune 500 company, deep understanding of the LinkedIn platform (I literally wrote the book on the expression of executive brand on LinkedIn), experience working with an elite clientele, and interviewing and listening skills.

Every engagement begins with an interview to reveal the client’s brand and narrative so that I can write in their voice. After adjusting LinkedIn’s under-the-hood settings (what you don’t see CAN hurt you) I use every applicable section of the LinkedIn profile to tell my client’s story to its best effect. I write to the margins, emphasizing their keywords, to give my client the very best chance of being found by the LinkedIn search algorithm. Together we examine opportunities to incorporate visual elements that reinforce their brand story, including the selection of their profile’s banner image. I also teach my clients how to use the LinkedIn platform effectively to achieve their goals in relationship building, increasing their visibility and influence, sharing their thought leadership, etc.

Beyond their LinkedIn profile, many of my clients have needs for other personal marketing collateral such as executive resumes or curricula vitae, cover letters, bios for speaking or websites, website text, etc. I also mentor clients to help them develop posting skills, use LinkedIn capabilities in nurturing relationships, and creation of opinion and thought leadership pieces. As a trusted advisor to my clients, I address other needs through my well-vetted team of referral partners. [eut_single_image image_type=”image-link” image_mode=”medium” image=”32023″ link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fc-suitenetwork.com%2Fexecutive-membership|||”]

Clients who work with me experience these benefits:

  • Their profile is always ready to make a positive impression online
  • Their personal business story is communicated with authenticity, tact, and power, showcasing their business passion, purpose and principles effectively
  • The power of their profile attracts ideal-for-them opportunities passively 24/7
  • The foundations of KNOW, LIKE and TRUST are built into their profile, shortening the sales cycle
  • They learn strategies for nurturing their important connections, increasing their visibility and influence, and sharing their thought leadership via the LinkedIn platform

If you find that it is time for you to up-level your online brand, I can make it easy for you. For one-on-one assistance with your online brand, contact me through my website: https://carolkaemmerer.com.



You can contact me to speak to your group either virtually or in-person on the topic of personal branding via LinkedIn. I am a member of the National Speakers Association, a Certified Virtual Presenter, an Advisor to the C-Suite Network, and Executive Leader of LeadHERship Global.

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