Maurits van Sambeek

By Maurits van Sambeek

The 25th Hour Master Mind

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What would You do with an extra hour a day?

Let’s take some time to mastermind…

It’s a common thing in today’s busy world. All kinds of messages ask for our attention. And we’re easily getting thrown back and forth between responsibilities, dreams or other drivers behind our motivation to get things done.

So, have you also ever had that feeling that there aren’t enough hours in a day?

It would be great then when more hours would easily become available again, right. Yet the proper arrangement of that can quickly become time-consuming in itself. Let’s thus tap into an understanding of time for a moment, in a way you may not have done before…

They say we only have 24 hours in a day. And here on earth it’s generally accepted as true.

There are planets though where the days are differently counted. And closer to our own spheres again, we know there are people in orbit who seem to have much more or less time at their disposal.

How can this be?

Let’s take some time to mastermind about how we define Time for a moment…

  • Time can be defined as the measurement of movement. Then, the movement of the earth for example – its circling around its own axis – allows for us to count twenty-four hours (and a bit) before one spot on it reaches the same point in relation to the sun again.
  • Time can also be defined as the rhythms of change. Then, the rhythms we experience can be perceived as fast paced or as only slowly moving – hence the sense of hurry or a feeling of unnecessary delay.

And so we may come to a preliminary conclusion…

  • Time is both a given as an experience that we gift ourselves with.

Which begs the question…

How much time is given to you, to experience the gift of your lifetime?

Your answer may go in various directions…

  • Either into self-directed mastery over dealing with your day and age and time of your life.
  • Or into an understanding of a pre-given order that allows for your unfolding of being in time.

Now, in the busy reality of our everyday lives, both directions play their role and their part…

We plan and make new plans. We react, respond and anticipate. We handle whatever comes our way. And we rest from time to time, in order to let the natural rhythms of change have their way. And so we can say that there’s something more about our day…

There’s indeed a Master Mind at work that regulates it all. And we can reflect upon it, or feel guided by it, or consciously tap into its counsel. How?

There are many ways, like prayer or meditation or concentrated study and communication. But for the best effects it works best when all these things are shared in an benevolent experience with one another. It’s indeed time to mastermind…

That’s why you’re invited to learn more about The Mastermind Council.

  • It’s a council of consciously aware leaders who found the meaningful space of that extra hour for creating new gifts of a lifetime, without unnecessary extra work or mere busy-ness.
  • In fact, it actually helps you reaching better results even more effortless, thanks to taking some time to think things through.

You can already begin to learn more on what it’s all about right here.

You’re welcome!


Maurits van Sambeek, MA

– Author of Omni-Benevolence.

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