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Mastering Our Craft

Mastering Our Craft 150 150 Marty Wolff

In a recent statement from Tom Petty’s family revealing that his death last October was the result of an accidental overdose of pain medication, Petty’s daughter AnnaKim has reached out to fans to stress that, in her eyes, her father was not addicted to opioids. The statement goes on to say that “Petty wasn’t using his meds recreationally – he was simply doing his best to cope with a crippling injury that was only getting worse, ALL IN ORDER TO LIVE UP TO HIS TOURING COMMITMENTS.  He suffered a hip fracture during his 40TH ANNIVERSARY tour with the Heartbreakers. Let me repeat – he was doing his 40th anniversary tour. Tom Petty loved and mastered his craft. He daughter also said “I love my dad and feel he is an immortal badass.

In 2006 Shawn Askinosie left a successful career as a criminal defense attorney to start Askinosie Chocolate. Shawn Askinosie had perfected his craft as a criminal defense attorney – he NEVER lost a criminal jury trial. He has now mastered a new craft – yes making chocolates, but as the title of his book Meaningful WORK: A QUEST To Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul clearly indicates, Shawn Askinosie is on a new journey. developing mastery in a new craft, one that Jack Stack, founder and CEO SRC Holdings; author of The Great Game of Business describes as “I have witnessed the evolution of Askinosie Chocolate. It has been a courageous journey which had to be guided by a higher authority.”

Chuck Collins grew up in the 1 percent as the great-grandson of meatpacker Oscar Mayer, but at age 26 he gave away his inheritance. He has been working to reduce inequality and strengthen communities since 1982 and in the process, has cofounded numerous initiatives that support his mission. His CRAFT is working tirelessly to reduce inequality in the U.S. and the world.

I did not know Tom Petty, I recently read Shawn Askinosie’s book and interviewed him for my Business Builders Show on C-Suite Radio, I have been blessed to have interviewed Chuck Collins more than once and I have delivered dozens of his books, Born on Third Base, to those who I felt would benefit from reading his work.

Tom Petty, Shawn Askinosie and Chuck Collins were and are masters of their craft. Are we on the path of mastering our craft? Even if it takes 40 years, or giving up a lucrative career as a criminal defense attorney, or giving up a significant inheritance?

BTW – If you ever have the opportunity to say something about me after I leave this earth – I can’t think of any better compliment than to say “he was a real badass.”

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