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What Can a Sales Conversation Teach You About How to Write Your LinkedIn ABOUT Section?

By Carol Kaemmerer

What Can a Sales Conversation Teach You About How to Write Your LinkedIn ABOUT Section?

What Can a Sales Conversation Teach You About How to Write Your LinkedIn ABOUT Section?

The image that leads this article was part of Mimi Brown’s presentation at the National Speakers Association INFLUENCE conference in July 2022 on ways for speakers to increase their sales. The point Brown made is that so many sales conversations start right off with the details of our products and services. That, says Brown, is a fatal flaw that dooms most sales conversations from the beginning. What she says the customer wants to know first is who you are and whether they can know, like and trust you enough to want to buy anything from you. Only when they “buy YOU” will they be interested in knowing about your products and services.

Brown is onto something here. Her point is consistent with how I coach, speak and teach about writing your narrative on LinkedIn: your LinkedIn ABOUT section should be about YOU – not about your company or its products and services. Of course your company and its products or services are important, but the place for that is in your Experience section under your current position. The ABOUT section should be all about YOU because you need to establish your personal credibility and the know, like and trust factors that are critical to all sales.

“I’m not IN sales,” you say? The principle still applies. Whether you’d like to be deemed worthy of promotion, you’re looking for other businesses to partner with, or you’re searching for a new job, people need to know more about you before they are interested in taking the next step with you.

So how do you go about writing a great ABOUT section that is actually about YOU? This section is a maximum of 2,600 characters and spaces, equivalent to around 4 to 5 paragraphs – and the most compelling ABOUT sections will be approximately this long. When we write about ourselves we will naturally use our keywords in context, and that helps LI’s search algorithm find us. People are interested in more than surface information about you; they can see in other areas of your profile your job titles, companies you’ve worked for, and education, so a chronological bio is not necessary. They want to know what makes you tick. Because you will do best by communicating as though you are speaking to a new business acquaintance, I recommend that you write this section in the first person. Yes, you get to use “I” here.

For your ABOUT section to be powerful, start with introspection and planning. Begin your personal brainstorming with these questions:

  • What is my PURPOSE (my WHY)?
  • What is my business passion?
  • What are my principles?
  • What are my differentiators?
  • What three things do I want to be known for in the business world?
  • Is there a thread that unifies my career that might not be apparent to others that I should point out?

Now consider how you will use each of your paragraphs to address these items. Write an outline, then begin filling it in.

If all this sounds beyond you, and you are a candidate for executive branding services, I can help. But, if you will be writing for yourself, remember these basics:

  1. Your ABOUT section should focus on YOU
  2. You have 2,600 characters to work with

Tell us something more about yourself that we can’t intuit by looking at the rest of your profile so that we can know, like and trust you
To your success!
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