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3 Critical Skills Behind All Winning Cultures

Winning cultures move beyond mission, vision, and values. Successful leaders realize corporate culture is a tapestry of the beliefs and behaviors of all employees, managers, and leaders. A recent study found that 64% of employees feel they don’t have a strong work culture. The irony of this research is that your employee is the root driver of culture.

We’ve partnered with our thought leader partners at BlueEQ™ to create a complimentary mini learning journey that can help you boost 3 skills most critical to the psychological safety behind all winning cultures.  Sign up for the journey here.

The secret to a winning culture is simply this: Have all your employees, managers and leaders focus on improving the behaviors that drive a high-performing culture. This is where psychological safety  – a factor of emotional intelligence or EQ – enters the process.

A winning culture doesn’t just happen by default. It’s created by design. Don’t take the risk that your culture will somehow grow organically over time.

Here are 3 behavioral skills that are critical to all winning cultures, what they mean, and a quick assessment to check on how you’re doing.

1. Openness

Openness means you are:

  • Willing to listen and receive feedback.
  • Open to differing opinions and points of view.
  • Teachable.
  • Free from bias or prejudice.

2. Relationship Management

High-performing relationship management means you are able to:

  • Build a meaningful attachment between two people
  • Maintain a human connection.
  • Create and sustain a social and emotional bond.
  • Build friendships and interdependence with others.

3. Impulse Control

Having good impulse control means you are able to:

  • Resist or delay an impulse.
  • Avoid rash behaviors and decision-making.
  • Exercise restraint over an abrupt inclination.
  • Think before you act.

Assess your EQ skills with our mini learning journey here.

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