What We’re Not Talking About in Companies

What We’re Not Talking About in Companies 150 150 C-Suite Network

What We’re Not Talking About in Companies

With Guests

Tina Greenbaum

Optimal Performance Specialist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker and Workshop Leader


Sr. Recruiter, Marketing and Communications for Dropbox

Laura Maish

Chief Performance Officer for Beaconforce

Today’s workforce is a different breed from the dedicated 9-5’ers of yesteryear; this makes employee retention an entirely new ballgame.

Decades ago, 40 hours a week at a menial job could buy a house, a car, and a middle-class lifestyle for an entire family. Those days are over. Today’s workers may not intend to create a family and sustain it in the traditional sense; both partners in a relationship usually go to work every week. Therefore, the landscape of employees’ expectations has changed, as they attempt to derive deeper satisfaction from employment than ever before.

In this webinar, we’ll look at what employees are really saying. A whopping 71% of employees are unhappy with their managers and 65% are saying they would give up a pay increase for a better boss.

Through several case studies from 3 professionals coming from different sectors of the corporate arena, we’ll look at some typical problems facing both the employee and employer and offer some very practical solutions.

The Presenters:

Tina Greenbaum, LCSW is an Optimal Performance Specialist, Holistic Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker and Workshop Leader. With over 35 years of experience, she helps CEO’s, leaders and aspiring leaders to be as effective as they can be by guiding them to find their own blind spots, both personally and professionally, and then teach them how to get the best from the teams they lead; ultimately, leading to happier employees, increased retention and greater productivity.  Using cutting-edge technologies, she combines the latest in neuroscience with ancient traditions of the East. She is the creator of the program Mastery Under Pressure, an executive coaching program that teaches Olympic-level mindset skills for peak performance in high-stakes and high-stress environments. She is also an advisor to the C-Suite Network.

Laura Maish is Chief Performance Officer for Beaconforce, an advanced people management platform that gives companies real-time, continuous visibility into their peoples’ perception of their work and recommends actions to promote higher engagement and preempt unwanted turnover and malfeasance.  Laura has over 20 years’ experience in financial services at several large global banks, consulting and higher ed.  She is also the founder of Empowered Interviewing, a coaching practice that emphasized authentic conversations.  She is impassioned with transforming work by cultivating emotional intelligence throughout organizations to help them keep pace with expectations of younger generations, continuing globalization and the increasing impact of change.

Sarah Mills-Krutilek, also known as SMK is a recruiter with 15 years of experience recruiting and building teams in Silicon Valley. She has worked with companies such as Tesla, Charles Schwab, Louis Vuitton, Twitter and currently Dropbox to develop hiring practices and strategies for successful teams. Her passion projects include running inclusion and unconscious bias training workshops and most recently has built a women’s club in San Francisco for female thought leaders called the Cove CI.