The Ultimate Choice for Every Business Leader

The Ultimate Choice for Every Business Leader 150 150 C-Suite Network

The Ultimate Choice for Every Business Leader

With Guest

Daniel Stones C-Suite Network Advisor

Dan Stones

Founder & Co-Creator of Shifting Peers

How do you elicit the maximum contribution from the people you lead in order to achieve the objectives of your organization?

Or put more simply; how do you drive your team to deliver results?

The most impactful moment for any team and the biggest factor in determining team performance, rests on a leaders ability to understand their options and consistently communicate this decision to the rest of the team.

As a team leader, the ramifications of this choice are just that powerful, and the most effective leaders take advantage of this pivotal moment to move their teams in the right direction and create thriving team cultures that deliver positive results…day in and day out.

During this session, Daniel will be joining us to explore this critical lesson and the guiding framework that he uses to teach businesses leaders all over the world.

The truth is, how you decide to drive your team – the way you encourage and elicit team results – will impact almost every element of team (and company) performance. It is the key factor in determining the culture of your team, they dynamics of how people work together and can even be used predict whether your team will stay together!

You need to learn HOW to avoid what Daniel calls “team drift”, that state of going through the motions, hoping for something to turn up or turn around in the next month or next quarter. Team drift, confusion and the perceived unwillingness of team members to take more ownership are all tell-tale signs that you might need to do some work on your ultimate choice.

You want to learn how to drive your entire team forward, with every member of your team showing up ready to play big…and deliver even bigger!