3 Ways to Drive Consistent Prospect-to-Client Experiences

With Guest

Executive Leadership Networking

Jacqueline Jasionowski

Founder of Shift Awake Group

As business owners, it can be easy to get caught up in the hunt. You roll out the red carpet for your prospective client, lure them in with promises, which ultimately leave you overextended. This approach often frustrates your employees and compromises your client experience.

Jacqueline Jasionowski in this  Executive Briefing “3 Ways to Drive Consistent Prospect-to-Client Experiences”. You’ll learn: 3 tips to create a consistent prospect to client experience that will lead to a more productive team, more satisfied customers and a future of increased referrals and greater profitability.

Jacqueline believes innovation is created through awareness. Without awareness, status quo is accepted, even if your inner voice tells you differently. After 17 years at BMW Group, Jacqueline pivoted to create Shift Awake Group with a focus to awaken your company’s growth & profit potential by transforming the experience of the clients you serve. She partners with organizations that are ready to differentiate themselves from their competitors beginning with an inward focus on the employees that create and deliver your client experiences.

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