[Private] Investing in Real Estate 2022

[Private] Investing in Real Estate 2022 1024 627 C-Suite Network

[Private] Investing in Real Estate 2022, a Deep Dive

Investing in real estate allows for high ROI when we source locations in emerging, under-developed neighborhoods with high potential. This is a basic strategy, but it is much more complex than just property-hunting.  The key to success is understanding how to identify those opportunities.

Tune in and listen to the C-Suite Network Wealth Council Powered by BG Wealth Group™ continued conversation around achieving financial freedom. Learn about Investing in Real Estate 2022, a deep dive conversation.

You may choose active investing where the development, concept and management of the property is something you are heavily involved in OR you can do what we often do: create and participate in passive real estate investment where a central service unit manages the projects for maximum efficiency. We discussed the science of transformation: how to approach property renovation and the importance of a resourceful creative business strategy.

Meeting Takeaways Include:

  • Real Estate Investment:  2022 Outlook
  • Getting Started:  When and where the right time is for you
  • Property Transformation
  • Franchise Development