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The ability to operate calmly, think clearly and remain focused in stressful situations is key to being a dynamic leader—and can eventually lead you to the top of your company and your profession. Those skills can be learned.

Over the years we’ve worked with top business executives, politicians, performers, artists and world-class athletes—and we’ve identified nine skills they all have in common that make them people you admire, respect and want to emulate.

In an engaging, interactive session, host Steve Lishansky welcomes leadership expert Tina Greenbaum, Founder and CEO of Mastery Under Pressure, who will benchmark those insights and give you the tips and tools top executives use so you can start to use them yourself. More than just theory, it’s real-time application of skills for job, with your clients and in your personal life, as well.

About Tina Greenbaum: Tina is an Optimal Performance Specialist and Sports Psychology Consultant. Her expertise has helped hundreds of business leaders and professionals achieve optimal results by removing career and leadership barriers.

The C-Suite Leadership Effectiveness Council is designed to support CEO’s, CIO’s, and all C-Suite executives in being highly successful business leaders of their organization. This is for executive teams and leaders who recognize that continuously growing your leadership and communication skills are essential for advancing and attaining their organization’s best results.

The focus of the group is inspiring the insights and innovations required for attaining the highest level of strategic leadership in their organization. That includes polishing the principles and practices that increase your impact, value, and results as a key strategic business leader.