Make Your Business Famous With Social Media

Make Your Business Famous With Social Media 150 150 C-Suite Network

Make Your Business Famous with Social Media

With Guest

Mr Rock Executive Advisor C-Suite Network

ERock Christopher

CEO of BizFamous

This month’s topic is all about marketing. Businesses are defined by their digital presence. Consumers discover, research and purchase online. You’ll be surprised to learn how the brain really works and the science behind capturing someone’s attention and nurturing it into a real human connection. So, what is your business doing to leverage the power of website design and social media?

Eric Christopher, famously known as ERock, is an innovative marketing strategist and respected business advisor. He’s worked with a wide range of enterprises, including local businesses, national franchise chains, respected cryptocurrency companies, and world-renowned brands, including Shark Tank companies and even a Shark Tank investor. Currently, ERock is the founder and CEO of BizFamous Media Group, a media consultancy designed to promote large brands and enterprises and Local Business Rockstar, a company dedicated to empowering small businesses in their markets.

Join him to discuss unique strategies to increase lead generation from your website and tools that will enhance your brand by leveraging the power of automation.