It’s Time to Bring Manufacturing Back to America

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It's Time to Bring Manufacturing Back to America

Time to Act. That’s what many companies are feeling now that manufacturing risks and vulnerabilities have been exposed by the pandemic. Parts shipments have been delayed from Asia. Freight rates have doubled. Markets have changed and demand has shifted wildly. The economy is uncertain. What do we do now?  During the presentation you’ll hear about global manufacturing strategies and reshoring of manufacturing and sourcing. It’s time to rebuild manufacturing in America.

The presenter was Rosemary Coates, Founder and Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute.

The C-Suite Manufacturing Council is dedicated to improving manufacturing in the United States by gathering thought leaders who identify problems, find solutions, and take action. Manufacturing is an integral part of the country which stresses the importance of assembling leaders who can tackle issues like Supply Chain, Workforce, Connecting Manufacturers, and Policy. Contact us today to learn more or join the C-Suite Network Manufacturing Council to participate in ongoing collaboration in the Council.